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9 Jan. 1990
Pulling Away
When Michael is promoted to Creative Director he doesn't know how to handle his new position and creates some tensions between himself and Elliot.
6 Jan. 1990
Another Country
Nancy finds out she ovarian cancer.
23 Jan. 1990
After Nancy's surgery, the family is united in their desire to see Nancy conquer cancer, yet they struggle with fear.
6 Feb. 1990
Once a Mermaid
Ellyn restarts her affair with Richard, this time in earnest.
13 Feb. 1990
Fathers and Lovers
Melissa peruades Lee to take a job at the DAA, while she resists her father's pressure to make a real estate investment.
20 Feb. 1990
Her Cup Runneth Over
Jeffrey and his daughter come to live with Ellyn after his marriage breaks up and all threee of them face some rough times.
27 Feb. 1990
Good Sex, Some Sex, What Sex, No Sex
Melissa and Lee are experiencing a high point in their relationship, when things begin to unravel.
20 Mar. 1990
The Other Shoe
Nancy gets involved with some new friends who also have cancer and unintentionally ostracizes her family.
3 Apr. 1990
Three Year Itch
Michael is so consumed with his career that he is not aware Hope feels drawn towards John Dunaway.
10 Apr. 1990
I'm Nobody, Who Are You?
Gary takes a teaching job and both he and Susannah contend with resentment towards their affluent friends, Michael and Hope.
17 Apr. 1990
Michael and Hope visit her parents and are inspired to come to grips with their drifting relationship.
1 May 1990
Going Limp
Elliot has to overcome self-doubt and the skepticism of others when he directs a television commercial.
15 May 1990
The Go Between
Michael fails as a mediator for a company in their attempt to buy out Miles, and he fires Elliot as part of a new plan to take over the agency.
22 May 1990
Samurai Ad Man
Elliot and Michael secretly help Minnesota Brands take over DAA; Miles fights the move.
25 Sep. 1990
Prelude to a Bris
Michael and Hope debate over a bris for Leo; guests Barbara Barrie, Alan King.
2 Oct. 1990
Life Class
Nancy's constantly changing sexual feelings affect her marriage; Hope feels overwhelmed by two children.
9 Oct. 1990
A photography assignment brings Melissa and Miles together; Jeffrey and Ellyn look for an apartment.
16 Oct. 1990
The Distance
Susannah's New York job offer threatens her relationship with Gary; Ellyn ponders her relationship with Jeffrey.
30 Oct. 1990
The Haunting of DAA
A founder haunts Michael after Miles orders him to cut DAA's staff.
13 Nov. 1990
The Guilty Party
Hope throws a surprise party for Michael to ease her guilt over attention to the baby; guest Renee Taylor.
27 Nov. 1990
Photo Opportunity
Family and career demands pull Melissa in opposite directions; guests Phyllis Newman, Joe Maher.
4 Dec. 1990
Never Better
After beginning an unlikely relationship with Gary, Ellyn is attracted to a former date.
11 Dec. 1990
Guns and Roses
Nancy's problems with cancer therapy affect her relationships with her children; Elliot is jealous of award-nominee Michael.
18 Dec. 1990
Happy New Year
A mysterious phone call changes the Steadmans' reminiscence-filled New Year's Eve party.

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