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3 Jan. 1989
Trust Me
Melissa and Gary contemplate having a baby together even though Michael, Ellyn and Hope are against.
10 Jan. 1989
No Promises
Ellyn must face some difficult truths about herself and her complicated relationship with her parents.
17 Jan. 1989
Michael and Elliot take a job working for a political candidate whose reputation is questionable.
31 Jan. 1989
Elliot and Michael's ad agency founders toward bankruptcy as Melissa's career takes off with an assignment to photograph Carly Simon.
7 Feb. 1989
First Day/Last Day
Michael and Elliot relive their past while they look for work and close down their company.
14 Feb. 1989
About Last Night
Gary and Susannah attempt to come to terms with accidental pregnancy.
28 Feb. 1989
Elliot's Dad
Elliot is forced to re-evaluate himself as a man when his father, Charlie, arrives for a visit.
7 Mar. 1989
Payment Due
Ellyn is hospitalized for a bleeding ulcer and estranges her friends and lover.
21 Mar. 1989
The group discovers some things about themselves when the girls go camping and the men stay home with the children.
4 Apr. 1989
Michael Writes a Story
Michael takes a writing class, but the quality of his writing improves only after he deals with some other areas of his life.
11 Apr. 1989
New Job
Hope competes with Michael's new job for his attention after the miscarriage of their baby.
25 Apr. 1989
Be a Good Girl
Melissa discovers the controlling motivation behind her grandmother's love when she becomes heir to a used clothing store.
2 May 1989
Courting Nancy
Elliot challenges Matt to an unspoken competition for Nancy's love.
16 May 1989
Best of Enemies
Hope writes an article which initially antagonizes, then reconciles Gary and Susannah to the Steadmans.
19 Sep. 1989
Nancy's Mom
Nancy's mom comes to visit and she and Elliot vie for Nancy's time, affection and future.
3 Oct. 1989
Love and Sex
Michael and Hope temporarily lose sexual attraction for one another but after a series of circumstances, their romance is rekindled.
10 Oct. 1989
Mr. Right
When Melissa uses a video dating service service to find the ideal date, she learns that the not-so-ideal date is the one she really wants.
24 Oct. 1989
New Baby
Susannah gives birth to a baby girl after struggling with many fears.
24 Oct. 1989
Michael plans a dinner party for his boss, which does not have the anticipated effect, and Elliot and Nancy decide to remarry.
7 Nov. 1989
Melissa struggles with her love for a younger man and her embarassment over their age difference.
21 Nov. 1989
Elliot moves back home and Ethan is afraid he will leave again.
28 Dec. 1989
The Burning Bush
The long-time friendship Hope and Ellyn share withstands the present conflict between them when Ellyn gets involved with a married man.
5 Dec. 1989
New Parents
Gary and Susannah confront issues surrounding their return to work and the care of their new baby.
12 Dec. 1989
Michael's Campaign
Michael and Elliot are working on a new account at DAA at the same time Hope is working with a group to protest a waste disposal plant being in the area.

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