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5 Jan. 1988
South by Southeast
Gary is in love, but as things start to get serious he receives a series of threats on his life - and the likely suspect is a jealous psychology professor.
12 Jan. 1988
Elliot and Nancy seek professional help for their troubled marriage; Michael finds it hard to keep it a secret.
19 Jan. 1988
When an important client makes it clear that he prefers Elliot to Michael, Michael finds himself growing increasingly more envious of his partner.
26 Jan. 1988
Elliot temporarily moves in with Michael and Hope after separating from Nancy.
2 Feb. 1988
I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love with a Wonderful Gynecologist
Competing for the attention of the same man jeopardizes the new found friendship between Ellyn and Melissa.
9 Feb. 1988
Business as Usual
Michael's hopes for a joyous reunion with his father are destroyed when he discovers the real reason for the visit.
1 Mar. 1988
Accounts Receivable
A rocky relationship between Michael and his brother Brad is further strained when Michael learns the family business is almost bankrupt.
15 Mar. 1988
Whose Forest Is This?
Nancy and Elliot's separation takes its toll on their son; Elliot prepares for a blind date with a chiropractor.
22 Mar. 1988
Nancy's First Date
Melissa's burgeoning romance slows when she learns he doesn't want any more kids. Nancy has her first date since the separation.
12 Apr. 1988
Michael's old girlfriend from college pays a visit.
3 May 1988
Gary evaluates the fate of his academic career as he undergoes tenure review at the college. Ellyn learns her building is going co-op, leaving her to decide whether to buy her apartment.
10 May 1988
Born to Be Mild
Ellyn and Woodman's weekend is ruined when they are forced to babysit Janey.
6 Dec. 1988
We'll Meet Again
While cleaning out the house, Hope comes across the World War II era diary of the house's previous owner: a young nurse who was waiting for her husband to return from the war.
13 Dec. 1988
In Re: The Marriage of Weston
Elliot and Nancy continue with divorce proceedings as each reflects back on some of the happy times of their relationship.
20 Dec. 1988
The Mike Van Dyke Show
Michael struggles with the Christmas season and Hope finds out she's pregnant. Michael views the events similar to the a black and white Dick Van Dyke this case the 'Mike Van Dyke.'

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