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17 Jan. 1988
Nightmare in Blue
While passing through a small town, Eric is shot and buried by a deranged cop-wannabe who is murdering vagrants while impersonating a police officer. Alamo Joe catches up to Eric and Eric convinces him that the phony cop is a serial killer.
24 Jan. 1988
Eric comes into a town looking for Skorzany after hearing about several murders by a 'skinwalker'. He learns from a Native American medicine man that there may be a cure. In the end, Eric finds out that the cure was a lie and he moves on.
7 Feb. 1988
King of the Road
Eric jumps a train in his quest for Skorzeny. He finds a band of hobos who are suspicious of him when one of their members has his throat slit while they sleep.
14 Feb. 1988
A Material Girl
When a werewolf murders some homeless kids, Eric tracks it to a mall and finds a homeless girl living there. He runs out of silver bullets and fashions a silver crossbow arrow, slaying the werewolf. Only to find that it's the homeless girl.
21 Feb. 1988
To Dream of Wolves: Part 1
Eric slays Slorzeny and discovers that he is not the head of the werewolf bloodline and his death will not cure him of the curse. He meets Professor Nicholas Remy, the ancient head of his werewolf line - the one who must die to cure Eric.
28 Feb. 1988
To Dream of Wolves: Part 2
Eric confronts the werewolf Nicholas Remy and discovers that he is more formidable an opponent than Skorzeny ever was.
6 Mar. 1988
Blind Luck
Eric comes to the aid of a blind woman with a talent for trick shooting he meets while working at a carnival when he learns that her fiancé plans on killing her for the insurance money.
13 Mar. 1988
Gray Wolf
Eric teams up with an elderly homeless man who is also a werewolf in an effort to defeat Remy. But discovers that the 'Gray Wolf' hungers for human flesh.
22 May 1988
Amazing Grace
Eric feels responsible for an elderly woman who is committed to a mental institution by her daughter after she reports to the police she saw Eric in his werewolf form. He takes a job as a custodian at the institution to look after her.

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