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Season 1

11 Jul. 1987
Grad student Eric Cord's roommate and best friend Ted gives Eric a gun with silver bullets and confesses that he is a werewolf, bitten while he was working on a boat owned by Captain Janos Skorzeney. A pentagram appears on his palm a few hours before he changes. The only way to end the curse is to kill the original werewolf in this bloodline. Eric ties Ted up but he changes, breaks free and bites Eric, who is forced to shoot him. Charged with murder, Eric jumps bail and begins searching for the werewolf who bit Ted, who turns out to be Skorzeney. Eric is pursued by "...
18 Jul. 1987
Eric tracks Skorzney to a shadowy boatyard and begins to keep a journal. He steals a revolver and gets some silver bullets, hoping to kill Skorzney to end the curse. But Eric is captured by sailors who plan to turn him over to Alamo Joe.
25 Jul. 1987
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
Eric, wounded by Alamo Joe, is saved by a young boy fascinated by monsters, werewolves in particular. But things get hairy when Mom's abusive boyfriend starts slapping her and her son around and Eric saves the day.
1 Aug. 1987
The Black Ship
Eric locates Otto Renfield, a crippled old sailor who knows Skorzeny and promises to help Eric find him. But Renfield betrays Eric and traps him in the hold of his ship for Skorzeny.
8 Aug. 1987
Spectre of the Wolf
Eric seeks help from college professor Dr. Victor Degoethels who has written a book about werewolves throughout the ages. But Alamo Joe has already warned him about Eric and his crimes.
15 Aug. 1987
The Wolf Who Thought He Was a Man
Tired and worn out, Eric accepts the hospitality of an old man at his home in the woods. He becomes attracted to a young woman named Margaret, but he fears that he may be responsible for a series of brutal murders in the area.
29 Aug. 1987
Nothing Evil in These Woods
Eric meets a good witch in the woods who offers to cure him. She gives a love potion to a girl who's boyfriend dies after taking it. The boys dad, blaming her, shows up with his buddies and burns her house down, with her in it.
12 Sep. 1987
Running with the Pack
Eric, working in a Mom-and-Pop diner, has to save the day when a gang of bikers show up to terrorize Mom, Pop, and a pretty customer. Soups on, werewolf style.
26 Sep. 1987
Friendly Haven
Eric sets out after Janos Skorzeny following the rumors of a Bigfoot sighting. After a ferocious battle with a stronger werewolf, Eric finds sanctuary in the home with a woman named Mary who has a strange and supernatural secret of her own.
3 Oct. 1987
Let Us Prey
Eric seeks safe haven in a monastery, but the monks there have secrets of their own. In the past, the werewolf Skorzeny paid a visit to the monastery and turned at least one of the monks.
10 Oct. 1987
A World of Difference: Part 1
Alamo Joe catches up with Eric in a small town jail, then attempts to grill him about his lycanthropy. Eric tells him he still has hopes for a cure, but later turns into a werewolf, escapes from the jail and Alamo Joe is forced to kill him.
17 Oct. 1987
A World of Difference: Part 2
With Eric apparently dead in the morgue, Alamo Joe recovers from his wounds in the hospital and reevaluates his life decisions. He fears he was bitten and will now become a werewolf. Eric returns from the dead and escapes from the morgue.
25 Oct. 1987
The Unicorn
Eric tracks the werewolf Janos Skorzeny to Hollywood where Skorzeny has been killing prostitutes. But Eric is mistaken for the killer.
31 Oct. 1987
All Hallow's Eve
On Halloween, Eric sees the pentagram appear on his hand and knows his transformation into a werewolf is imminent. He locks himself in an abandoned house, not realizing that a disfigured recluse still lives there.
1 Nov. 1987
Blood on the Tracks
Taking a job with the railroad, Eric meets and befriends a former prize fighter who was a childhood idol of his, who is on the run from the mob after he refused to throw a fight. But a bar-room brawl draws the mob's attention to the man.
8 Nov. 1987
Nightmare at the Braine Hotel
In a run down hotel in a town where a slasher has killed 7 people, Eric checks in after inquiring about Skorzeny. He meets several people staying at the hotel, including a man in black who reveals that he is also werewolf born in 1468.
15 Nov. 1987
A rancher comes after Eric when he befriends a she-wolf who earlier had attacked the rancher.
22 Nov. 1987
Blood Ties
While working as a grounds keeper on a large estate owned by a kindly old lady, she is brutally murdered in her own home. Both her granddaughter and granddaughter's husband implicate Eric. But Eric knows he didn't do it and knows who did.
29 Nov. 1987
Big Daddy
Eric is kidnapped by a corrupt Southern politician who is dying of cancer and wants Eric to cure him and make him immortal by turning him into a werewolf.
6 Dec. 1987
Eye of the Storm
Eric is stranded by a thunderstorm in an isolated log lodge with six other people who are being killed off one by one.
17 Jan. 1988
Nightmare in Blue
While passing through a small town, Eric is shot and buried by a deranged cop-wannabe who is murdering vagrants while impersonating a police officer. Alamo Joe catches up to Eric and Eric convinces him that the phony cop is a serial killer.
24 Jan. 1988
Eric comes into a town looking for Skorzany after hearing about several murders by a 'skinwalker'. He learns from a Native American medicine man that there may be a cure. In the end, Eric finds out that the cure was a lie and he moves on.
7 Feb. 1988
King of the Road
Eric jumps a train in his quest for Skorzeny. He finds a band of hobos who are suspicious of him when one of their members has his throat slit while they sleep.
14 Feb. 1988
A Material Girl
When a werewolf murders some homeless kids, Eric tracks it to a mall and finds a homeless girl living there. He runs out of silver bullets and fashions a silver crossbow arrow, slaying the werewolf. Only to find that it's the homeless girl.
21 Feb. 1988
To Dream of Wolves: Part 1
Eric slays Slorzeny and discovers that he is not the head of the werewolf bloodline and his death will not cure him of the curse. He meets Professor Nicholas Remy, the ancient head of his werewolf line - the one who must die to cure Eric.
28 Feb. 1988
To Dream of Wolves: Part 2
Eric confronts the werewolf Nicholas Remy and discovers that he is more formidable an opponent than Skorzeny ever was.
6 Mar. 1988
Blind Luck
Eric comes to the aid of a blind woman with a talent for trick shooting he meets while working at a carnival when he learns that her fiancé plans on killing her for the insurance money.
13 Mar. 1988
Gray Wolf
Eric teams up with an elderly homeless man who is also a werewolf in an effort to defeat Remy. But discovers that the 'Gray Wolf' hungers for human flesh.
22 May 1988
Amazing Grace
Eric feels responsible for an elderly woman who is committed to a mental institution by her daughter after she reports to the police she saw Eric in his werewolf form. He takes a job as a custodian at the institution to look after her.

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