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6 Sep. 1987
Four's a Crowd
With Angie made redundant Nick's offer of a gallery display comes at a good time and he and Sam go to the pub to celebrate. Whilst they are out Giles, now on the run, turns up, seeking refuge with Daphne who eventually relents. However Sam is returning with his friend Wilf, who is homeless, and, even given Giles' pledge to give himself up next day, there is a very full house.
13 Sep. 1987
One Flew Over the Perimeter Fence
Daphne accompanies Giles to the police station and he is granted bail, informing her that in court he will conduct his own defence. Meanwhile Sam goes to the zoo with Wilf and acquires a dead crocodile, which he brings home for stuffing. Daphne is not amused to find it in their bath.
20 Sep. 1987
Truth and Consequences
After intervening on behalf of Angie, who believes Nick is getting too conceited, Sam makes a bet with Daphne - if Giles is found guilty he will take her to the pub. At court Giles defends himself in a melodramatic way but is still found guilty. Shocked to hear that he has a string of previous Daphne accompanies Sam to an idyllic country pub - and enjoys the experience.
27 Sep. 1987
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Giles is serving a three month sentence but Daphne rips up the begging letter he sends asking her to visit. Despite Angie's attempts to speak up for him she is again cool towards Sam, believing his recent kindness was purely a ploy to have his wicked way with her. Nick's photographs are exhibited at a gallery to scornful remarks from pompous critics but Angie is spotted by a famous fashion photographer who offers her a three day shoot as a model in the Seychelles - and she accepts.
4 Oct. 1987
Jailhouse Shock
Sam is having to prop up both Wilf, dejected that his acting career has yet to take off, and Nick, who feels inferior as Angie flies out to the Seychelles. Indeed both Daphne and Sam are in agreement that she should not go and come near to sharing an intimate moment. Daphne also makes it clear to Giles, who has staged a rooftop protest to get her to visit him in prison, that she never wants to see him again.
11 Oct. 1987
Come Sail with Me
Though Nick can do without Angie going on about her time as a model, a day at the seaside with their parents and Joe seems to be a pleasant diversion. Once on the beach and having got her out of an awkward situation Sam prevails upon Daphne to go sailing with him but when she falls overboard and he saves her life by giving her the kiss of life her response is a typical mixture of gratitude and accusation.
18 Oct. 1987
Life and Death
As Angie's new career as a model further frustrates Nick Daphne travels to Cheltenham to visit her old nanny, who is terminally ill. Much to Daphne's surprise the old lady is living her final six months to the full and advises Daphne that she too should unbend and particularly should seize her chance of happiness with Sam, who she has heard is a good man who cares for her. Unfortunately when Daphne, having taken these wise words on board, returns home she finds Sam about to move in next door with new friend Rhonda.

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