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Author: liderc from Austria
8 April 2002

Wow. I saw this when it was aired for the first time on an Austrian or German TV-Channel. I was still a child then, and I couldn't get it out of my head. This is a very well done mini-serial with a very good plot, and it would deserve a DVD release. If you can get the soundtrack album released on CD by RCA, get it! The music is so wonderful and brought back so many memories...

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Amazing! Leaves you speechless...

Author: Master T from Tel Aviv, Israel
10 November 1999

Usually one can watch a mini-series once or maybe twice. I saw this one 8 times! It`s absolutely amazing, everyone can enjoy this film. I watched this mini series with my family, including my 70 year old grandma and 10 year old sister and everyone enjoyed. A must!

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A haunting drama

Author: paul-carlier from United Kingdom
14 November 2005

The Secret of the Sahara is the type of drama that Hollywood has long since abandoned. The story is original, the location (and sets) are breath taking and the cast is first class, with outstanding performances from Michael York as the obsessive archaeologist Desmond Jordan and Ben Kingsley as Sholomon, the Polish Jew who has found peace in the desert. David Soul provides a real sense of menace as Lieutenant Ryker and steals almost every scene from his co-stars. Andie MacDowell is slightly under used as are the other female cast members, but the director Alberto Negrin keeps the story moving along at a brisk pace, aided by a hauntingly beautiful musical score from Ennio Morricone. There are some obvious limitations to the production which are easily over looked; Ryker seems to cross the desert to the same two or three locations to dizzying effect, and some of the dialogue feels a bit out of place but these are only minor points. All in all this is a quality drama and I only wish that more of this calibre were made.

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Once upon a Time there were Secrets in the Sahara desert

Author: Rabensblut from Slovakia
29 April 2008

When I was ten Years old this was the best series ever going on the Slovak (Czechoslovak ???) TV. Thanks god I found this series again (two DVDs althogether 360 minutes and 4 parts cca 2,50 Euros for both DVDsin Lacne knihy shop) I nearly began to cry. My god. I understand that the people from States or Australia will not like this kinda stuff, because this is no Hollywood at all (Thanks God Almighty). It is typical Italian romantic adventure series just as the tower of the firstborn but ten times better. Michael York was always one of my most favourite actors because he was not taking only Hollywood roles (he even played a role in one Slovak film !!!). Here we can even see Andie Mac Dowell and Ben Kingsley as well. Plenty of good actors. I really recommend this movie to the fans of the Mummy, so they can finally see what mystery, adventure and romantic means. I despise films without atmosphere and idea (rubbish like mummy and mummy returns). This is a must see for fans of films like Indiana Jones (Can' t wait to see the fourth instalment). Not so much adventure though, more mystery.

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Thoroughly enjoyable!

Author: (bobola) from Patras, Greece
27 March 2001

I have seen the Secret of the Sahara a number of times since it's release, and I can't say that it's lost its attraction. If you enjoy the whimsy of a fairy tale, set in an extra-ordinary location such as the Sahara, good against evil, a little romance thrown in, a little jealousy, handsome leads, then the Secret of the Sahara is just the ticket!

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A excellent film or mini series

Author: jarodreu from France
22 November 2005

2 versions exist in commerce : - a DVD which isn't in french but English with subtitle German, it's the mini-series of 6 hours, unfortunately don't find in France. - a record VHS of 2h05 which is a movie.

I remember to see this series at the television but I don't record it. I know all many people would like to watch again. I paid 54 € for a VHS of this movie.

Then a series unforgotten where there are love, venture and science-fiction with many actors like Michael York, David Soul , Mathilda May,...

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The secret of the Sahara

Author: ragazzir from Canada
9 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this movie long time ago, when I was still leaving in Italy. It was a good movie. In this movie, you will see a mix of very good actors, Italiens, Americans, Middle East. The story is a little an realistic, but at the same time more you watch it more you want to know what the end will be. This is the magic story of an English scientist who goes to the Sahara to discover the secret of the "Speaking Mountain". He will not be the only one to have this interest,a Capitan of the French Legion and a powerful men of the area are also after the same secret. The story will be full of battles, love and intrigues. The English man will be come blind after a battle with one of his enemies.The love of Anthea (Wife of the king who's is protecting the secret of the Speaking Mountain) will safe him.

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I was dreaming about it all life!

Author: Rob_Hollywood from China
29 October 2007

God, i don't know how to describe the feeling when i finally found this TV on IMDb, have tried many times before but all failed. i was a child When first time watched this on TV, that was 11 or maybe 12? And for the first time that i remembered, i cried and touched by some emotions about love, not like from parents, but grownups. And as i remembered, the photography and music was so beautiful that i took a cushion an sit in front of TV seriously, as if it was some sacred moment. Maybe from that time on, watching movie became an ceremony to me.

For years i've been looking for this movie, and if it's not having a look an the score list of master Ennio Morricone, i couldn't found it.

Just what to say thanks to Morricone and IMDb, you've really completed me in this part.

Recommendate this movie to all.

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Sahara's adventure

Author: radiador from Madrid, Spain
15 September 2000

Enjoyable adventure in the Sahara's desert with a powerful international cast but the movie is very long and it is one of the disadvantages of the film, also, the star, Michael York ( "Austin Powers" ) doesn't convince in his role and this is strange because he is a good actor.

On the other hand, the special effects are very poor. All of this is supplied for a fabulous cast. Good performances of Soul, Bosé, McNamara and, of course, Ben Kingsley. Special mention for two women: Andie MacDowell, great as Anthea, a year before of "Green card", and the beautiful spanish actress, Ana Obregón ("Bolero", "La vida alegre", "La mirada del otro"... ), in a small role as Tamamet.

Finally, this is a good movie of adventures and original cast in a graceful place, the desert of Sahara.

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So magical!

Author: std01077 from Greece
25 October 2016

I first saw this film as a kid; It got etched in my memory so profoundly that after 20+ years I would still remember it fondly. Not memories, but images and feelings of awe. For years I didn't even know the name of the film (mini-series); All I knew was "Jordan" and the "Singing Mountain". And the haunting leitmotivs!

And then one day I decided to track it down - And what a movie it was! It's a unique experience, a mysterious world that I tasted last when I played Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis or when I read the book of MYST and watched the original stargate - A SciFi-Fantasy romance, one of those rare things that has the power to carry you to some alternate reality, not overly complicated, but inspiring and beautiful - even now, I couldn't help feeling sucked in to the naively romantic world of my childhood!

Highly recommended!

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