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stjudeflagship5 March 2009
Was on before "I Married Dora" on Friday nights in...1987! Loved the big for Paul sported, was sorry to see it go...he also did good work on "Facts of Life" briefly as the administrator of some type of shelter I think (which didn't always have a payroll from its employees). The best part of this show was Wendel Meldrum as the shy Margaret Callahan. The show was finally getting good (Paul and her were about to realize they had Chemistry)...and I agree, Brian Keith was wasted here. Maybe after such a full career he wanted a role where he could coast, because using him as the obligatory curmudgeon only was indeed a waste. Loved that Paul drew his pep talk-inspiration from a pre-HIV-revealed Magic Johnson - a guy who was always and will always be likable for his great personality.
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Amazingly nondescript for such a noteworthy cast
budikavlan24 June 2002
Thoroughly forgettable sitcom with an academic setting, focusing on Paul Provenza as a young professor, Brian Keith as the gruff authority figure, and Judie Aronson (a true beauty who never quite hit it big) as Keith's daughter, the obligatory love interest. This was gone in the blink of an eye, and the blink was more entertaining.
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