Burt Reynolds asked that his name be left off the series' credits, since he was doing it as a favor to the producers. At the time, he was busy with another hit series, Evening Shade (1990).
The old standard tune, "Swinging on a Star", was the series' theme song.
The opening credits of this series feature the starfighters from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) as the alien ships. Also the shots that show the aliens on their homeworld in the opening series them wearing the ceremonial robes of the Time Lords from Doctor Who (1963).
During the second season, actress Donna Pescow became pregnant. Since it could not be explained how her character became pregnant while her husband was away fighting a war, Pescow was filmed using only close-up shots or position so that something was hiding her pregnancy.
The theme song, "Swinging on a Star", is an adapted version of Bing Crosby's number one hit of the same name in the summer of 1944. The original lyrics are a moral message about self-improvement and achievement in life ("swinging on a star"), while the alternative (a life of underachieving) is depicted using animals. However, in the modified lyrics, the animal is replaced with "an earthling" and the song compares human life on Earth with alien life in space; representing the two aspects of Evie herself.
Christina Nigra was the original choice for the role of "Evie" on Out of This World (1987), but the producers changed their minds at the last minute and gave that part to Maureen Flannigan. The role of "Lindsay" was created especially for Nigra, at the eleventh hour, as a compensation.
TV ads for "Out of this World" were used in station breaks in a fictional news broadcast for the "Kongfrontation" ride at Universal Studios, accompanied by a crawl warning residents of New York City to stay indoors as military and police forces are on the lookout for King Kong.
Steve Burton, who played Chris Fuller, went on to star in the science fiction miniseries Taken (2002), which revolved around a young girl whose great-grandfather was an alien. The girl has some powers similar to Evie's, such as the ability to stop time.

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