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11 Jan. 1989
Blast from the Past
Zach, a boy whom Nicole knew moves to New York and comes to see her. And Cory is not comfortable with her being with him.
18 Jan. 1989
Who's on First?
When Nicole asks her more experienced girlfriend for kissing tips, Michael and Joey prepare for a fathers daughter talk by enrolling in a sexuality awareness seminar attended by a group of angry women over 30.
1 Feb. 1989
Macho, Stupid Guy Time
With Nicole away for the weekend, Michael and Joey resume a 15 year old bet that one of them can get their high school "no" queen of all time to say "yes" to a date.
8 Feb. 1989
The Man in the Pink Slip
Lifestyles and temperaments change dramatically in the Taylor/Harris household when Michael loses his job and Joey goes to work.
15 Feb. 1989
Fallen Idol
A visit from her rock and roll idol Malcolm O'Dell leaves Nicole star-struck until the musician loses his music making ability.
22 Feb. 1989
Story with a Twist
When 14 year old Nicole comes home with liquor on her breath, the Dads employ their own brand of shock therapy: a vivid and frightening demonstration of the dangers of alcohol abuse.
1 Mar. 1989
Playing with Fire
When a man whom the judge sent to prison sends her death threats, she's assigned someone to protect her--Bull Shannon from Night Court.
8 Mar. 1989
Dirty Dating
Nicole rebels when Joey ignores her objections to his dating a hot but condescending woman. Her revenge? She goes out with every fathers nightmare someone named Chopper.
15 Mar. 1989
The God of Love
When Nicole finds Joey in bed with a woman, her public bragging fuels Joey's already red hot reputation and gives Nicole, by association, a red hot reputation of her own.
22 Mar. 1989
In Her Dreams
Through a series of dreams, Nicole has a chance to see what life would have been like if her mother had married either Michael or Joey.
29 Mar. 1989
Together We Stand
Michael is excited and Joey apprehensive as they begin their jobs together at a new financial magazine, but emotions mix when they meet their boss, Karen, an attractive and assertive woman.
5 Apr. 1989
The Courtship of Nicole's Fathers
In order to distract her over protective dads, Nicole introduce then to a beautiful new neighbor.
12 Apr. 1989
Shelby's crush on Michael wreaks havoc in her friendship with Nicole, then leads to heartbreak when Shelby mistakes a casual conversation for a romantic overture.
19 Apr. 1989
Basket Case
When Nicole fails to make the basketball team, Joey confronts her coach who turns out to be a very competitive woman both on and off the court.
7 May 1989
You Love Me, Right?
Michael's uncle shows up and he's not exactly pleased to see him. It seems he has a habit of making promises that he doesn't keep. And he's making some to Nicole.
29 Jul. 1989
Getting Smart
Nicole decides to drop out of an advanced English class - with best friend Shelby's encouragement, after overhearing Michael and Joey disdainfully discussing their "smart" boss, Karen.
24 Sep. 1989
That's No Lady, That's My Mother
Michael is dating Zach's recently divorced mother. And despite being told by Joey that he's the man whom she is seeing to get over her break up, he continues to see her. And it causes problems for Nicole and Zach.
1 Oct. 1989
Say Goodnight, Gracie
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15 Oct. 1989
Love and Learn
Nicole is dating a slightly older guy. When the guys hear about this, they forbid her to see him. She sneaks out to see him. They follow her and discover her getting her heart broken.
22 Oct. 1989
You Can Count on Me
Shelby is dating a guy whom Nicole says is a creep. But Shelby ignores her. So to prove it to her, Nicole goes on a double date with them and the guy's friend. And sure enough his true self comes out but Shelby finds it hard to accept.
29 Oct. 1989
Joey Gets Pinned
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1 Nov. 1989
Story in Development
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5 Nov. 1989
It's the homecoming dance at Nicole's school. And the teacher in charge goes to see Joey and Michael to see if they have any suggestions. They're both taken with her and they come up with a girls asking out the boys. And Nicole finds herself in a delicate position cause this where she decides if she wants to be with Cory or Zach. And when she makes her choice, someone else asks him out.
8 Nov. 1989
Dad Patrol
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15 Nov. 1989
Pop, the Question
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22 Nov. 1989
Thanks for the Memories
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29 Nov. 1989
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