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Season 3

24 Sep. 1989
That's No Lady, That's My Mother
Michael is dating Zach's recently divorced mother. And despite being told by Joey that he's the man whom she is seeing to get over her break up, he continues to see her. And it causes problems for Nicole and Zach.
15 Oct. 1989
Love and Learn
Nicole is dating a slightly older guy. When the guys hear about this, they forbid her to see him. She sneaks out to see him. They follow her and discover her getting her heart broken.
22 Oct. 1989
You Can Count on Me
Shelby is dating a guy whom Nicole says is a creep. But Shelby ignores her. So to prove it to her, Nicole goes on a double date with them and the guy's friend. And sure enough his true self comes out but Shelby finds it hard to accept.
5 Nov. 1989
It's the homecoming dance at Nicole's school. And the teacher in charge goes to see Joey and Michael to see if they have any suggestions. They're both taken with her and they come up with a girls asking out the boys. And Nicole finds herself in a delicate position cause this where she decides if she wants to be with Cory or Zach. And when she makes her choice, someone else asks him out.
29 Nov. 1989
10 Jan. 1990
Power Struggle
Frustrated by how much time Nicole is spending with Zach -- and by the fact they seem to be invisible when the two are together -- Michael and Joey declare that she must date someone else for awhile. To convince them they're wrong, Nicole decides to pick the worst possible boy to date: a guy named Jordan, who "reads" people's handshakes, and "collects" rats. Unfortunately, he turns out to be annoying enough that even she soon wants to get rid of him -- but she is hoping to hold out long enough that Michael and Joey will throw him out first, because otherwise it will ...
2 Apr. 1990
You Only Surprise the Ones You Love
When Wilbur is about to receive an honor, the guys feeling as if that some of her friends and family should be there decides to do a little snooping. They learn of a guy who appears to be a friend, so they invite him without telling Wilbur. When he arrives he assumes she knew and when she sees him, she tells him to go. That's when she reveals that he's her ex-husband.
23 Apr. 1990
When You Wish...
A TV show offers to give a viewer a chance to go out with a music star. And to insure that the viewer's parents approve, they offer to give the parents to live out their dream. And for Joey is to play pro basketball and what they offer him is a chance to play one on one with his idol Dr. J. And for Michael is to perform on piano. Things seem to be OK except Zach doesn't like it.
30 Apr. 1990
See You in September?
Joey's ex comes back to town to marry someone else but he's not over her yet.

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