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3 Jan. 1990
In the Still of the Night
Derek gets Jake to look into things, when the sister of a good friend is arrested for possession of drugs. She says they were planted by her mother-in-law, who is angry with her son for trying to take control of the family company, and at her for marrying him.
10 Jan. 1990
You Turned the Tables on Me
McCabe and Jake are unaware that one of the office's prosecutors is in bed, figuratively and literally with a criminal they're trying to get. And she later goes to Jake whom she rebuffed earlier and learns about one of his informants who has info on the criminal. She then tells the criminal about the informant who takes the guy out. Jake wonders how the criminal found out about the guy. And he suspects the prosecutor.
17 Jan. 1990
One More for the Road
Derek is involved in a hit and run accident and Jake has to prove it wasn't an accident.
31 Jan. 1990
Who's Sorry Now?
While Jake is away McCabe is abducted by the brother of a cop killer, he convicted on the mainland, who's about to be executed. He demands that his brother's sentence be commuted. A cop from the mainland whose partner is the one the brother was convicted of killing, arrives and tries to help find McCabe. It's while McCabe is with the man that he admits the truth about what happened when the cop was killed.
7 Feb. 1990
I'll Dance at Your Wedding
When Jake goes to attend his sister's wedding, he discovers her fiancé is in some kind of trouble. He tries to help him but a cop tells him to back off.
14 Feb. 1990
My Buddy
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28 Feb. 1990
By Myself
Max's trainer whom McCabe has feelings for is assaulted by a serial rapist. McCabe tries to find him while trying to convince her to testify which she is uncertain if she wants to.
7 Mar. 1990
I Ain't Got No Body
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14 Mar. 1990
Put Your Dreams Away
Jake is undercover on a plane transporting drugs, when his real identity is discovered. The pilot wounds him and jumps out with the only parachute. From the control tower McCabe tries to keep Jake conscious by talking about their previous adventures while the plane flies toward the airport.
28 Mar. 1990
If I Didn't Care
To avenge the death of his son, a godfather sends an old high school friend of Jake's to Hawaii to kill Jake.
4 Apr. 1990
You're Driving Me Crazy
After brutally stabbing his wife, a husband pleads temporary insanity, but McCabe and Jake set out to prove there was method to his madness.
25 Apr. 1990
You Took Advantage of Me
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9 May 1990
Danny Boy
McCabe's son, Dan who is in prison is beaten. When McCabe goes to see him, he is belligerent so McCabe leaves. Later when some convicts escape Dan goes with them. Upon learning of this McCabe orders that his son be found.
16 May 1990
Chinatown, My Chinatown
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12 Sep. 1990
God Bless the Child
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19 Sep. 1990
The Tender Trap
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26 Sep. 1990
Exactly Like You
When a man is murdered. Jake gets a lead on a suspect and when they pick him, he doesn't try to deny his guilt. McCabe notices a few inconsistencies in his statement. So they try to find out for sure if he is the one who did it.
3 Oct. 1990
'Round Midnight
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24 Oct. 1990
Only You
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31 Oct. 1990
My Boy Bill
When a fence is arrested, McCabe assigns the case to Trish one of his best prosecutors. The man upon being informed by his lawyer that he doesn't have much of a defense. So he gives his lawyer a number to call and to tell them they're in this together. Trish is later offered a bribe to throw the case which she balks. Later at the man's trial, something happened to the evidence. McCabe tells Jake to check it out and all evidence leads to Trish but Jake wonders why because if it was for money why did she turn down the offer. It must be for another reason.
7 Nov. 1990
More Than You Know
McCabe and Jake are looking for a someone who is killing women. A reporter interviews McCabe and when Jake comes in to tell him about the perp, McCabe asks the reporter to leave and they talk. When she comes back and upon the conclusion retrieves a recorder which she planted to record their conversation. And she manages to find out something they've been keeping to themselves. She then kills a woman and using the info she got, she makes it appear the killer killed her. But McCabe and Jake notices a few anomalies.
14 Nov. 1990
Night and Day
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28 Nov. 1990
When a drug dealer is murdered in Honolulu, Jake follows a trail to the mainland which leads to possible corruption. After Jake is framed for murder, it's up to McCabe, Jake and Derek, with the help of and old friend, to clear his name and expose the crooked officials.
12 Dec. 1990
I Know That You Know
When a socialite is murdered, and the prime suspect is a cat burglar who broke into her house at the time she was killed. Later when the man is caught he claims that there was someone else who went into the house before he did. McCabe doesn't believe him and places him on trial and gets him convicted. But after the trial McCabe thinks something is wrong because the man is not known to be violent and later discovers something that proves he is innocent. So he thinks that someone else killed her, like the person the cat burglar saw enter the house or her husband.

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