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15 Mar. 1989
Wish You Were Here
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22 Mar. 1989
I'll Never Smile Again
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5 Apr. 1989
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Jake investigates a robbery of a transportation company, and gets involved with its owner.
12 Apr. 1989
Why Can't You Behave?
McCabe's son whom he hasn't seen because of something he did, comes to see him and McCabe is not ready to forgive him. They then investigate a plane crash and in turns out that it was caused by defective parts. And among the persons involved with the company that sold the parts is McCabe's son.
19 Apr. 1989
Poor Butterfly
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26 Apr. 1989
It Ain't Necessarily So
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3 May 1989
Someone to Watch Over Me
A young woman is found dead on the beach from a drug overdose. The immediate suspect is her ex-boyfriend, Sonny, so Jake goes pick him up for questioning. But a mysterious gunman is also interested in Sonny, and tries to kill him before Jake can get to him.
10 May 1989
They Can't Take That Away from Me
Jake and two friends participate in a drug bust that goes sour. The next day those friends are found dead - killed by a shotgun blast while they were in their car at the docks.
17 May 1989
Side by Side
McCabe and the son of a friend go fishing, and discover a bomb on the their boat. Unable to disarm it they jump in the sea and swim to a nearby island. Meanwhile Jake and Derek presume they're dead, and go looking for the bomber.
24 May 1989
The Secret Service gets help from Jake in catching a money counterfeiter, who trades his product for cocaine. It becomes personal for Jake when a friend is killed during a failed raid.
20 Sep. 1989
I Only Have Eyes for You
A newly released convict starts terrorizing the woman who witnessed against him. She goes to McCabe for help, who was prosecutor who put him in jail.
27 Sep. 1989
The Lady in Red
When a friend of McCabe's who is an ex-cop who is now a P.I. is killed when it appeared he was driving while drunk. But McCabe notices some inconsistencies so he has Jake check it out. When Jake goes to his office to check it out he's roughed up a cop, who says he's investigating the man's death. When he tells McCabe about the cop he learns that he's the brother of the dead man's wife. They learn that McCabe's friend was investigating an old case--the murder of woman, whom the man may have been involved with.
4 Oct. 1989
Easy to Love
Jake and Stg. Danoho (a LAPD cop) are transporting a prisoner to Los Angeles, when the prisoner escapes and Danoho is killed. Danoho's partner, Sgt. Walker, goes to Hawaii to assist in the investigation and it turns out there's bad blood between her and Jake.
11 Oct. 1989
The Way You Look Tonight
A young lady is acquitted for killing her mother, and wants to hire Jake privately to find the killer. Jake turns it down because he's on his way to a vacation, but then McCabe refuses to let him take any days off. So Jake quits his job and takes the assignment.
25 Oct. 1989
Dancing in the Dark
Jake works with a reformed cat burglar to clear his name and help reunite him with his son.
1 Nov. 1989
It All Depends on You
Derek gets his first case - a drunk driver who assaulted a police officer. But the driver is a powerful man, and suddenly Derek's main witness lies and the judge dismisses the case.
8 Nov. 1989
Out of Nowhere
Jake and the FBI go after Victor Potemkin, a suspected drug smuggler. But when they raid his house they find no drugs, but Jake finds someone he knows - a woman who disappeared overnight just as he was about to propose to her.
15 Nov. 1989
Sweet Leilani
An unknown girl washes up on a beach murdered, and a friend of McCabe, the newspaper columnist Leilani Simmons, takes an unusual interest in the case.
29 Nov. 1989
My Shining Hour
An old hero of Jake's claims that he witnessed a murder while flying his vintage plane.
6 Dec. 1989
Long Ago and Far Away
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13 Dec. 1989
What Child Is This?
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