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Season 5

18 Sep. 1991
Where or When: Part 1
An ex-cop turned P.I. says he came across a man who was stabbed. But the man he says was stabbed is identified as a wealthy businessman McCabe knows who turns out to be alive. McCabe thinks he was inebriated but Jake who knows his reputation tries to help him. They think it might have to do with one of the man's businesses weapons. So Jake goes undercover as a weapons dealer.
30 Oct. 1991
Street of Dreams
A young graffiti artist who witnessed a murder paints himself into a corner when the killers identify him.
13 Nov. 1991
I Could Write a Book
A writer whom McCabe knows is found dead. It looks like a suicide but McCabe isn't sure. He knows the man hasn't been able to publish anything for ten years. But he learns from the man's agent that he was writing something, a roman a clef. The writer's secretary has a copy of the book and gives it to McCabe and upon reading it learns that his friend uncovered a case of fraud and corruption. He thinks he knows who the persons the writer was writing about so he sends Jake to find out.
20 Nov. 1991
Two Different Worlds
Someone plants a bomb in Jake's car and his girlfriend is injured. Jake then gets a note from the person saying he's not done yet. But upon examination of the note, Jake thinks that the person is a woman, so he tries to run down every woman he arrested.
1 Jan. 1992
Last Dance
While in the midst of a murder trial, a man comes forward claiming to be the actual murderer. McCabe is incredulous about his claim but decides to look into it. And despite more evidence turning up against him, McCabe is doubtful that he did it.
8 Jan. 1992
Come Closer to Me
Some pickpockets snatch the wallet of a hit man which contained who his next target is. When one of them wants to tell the police, the leader nixes it. When the guy is killed, McCabe sends Jake to join their team to find out what they know.
11 Mar. 1992
There'll Be Some Changes Made
A rock singer is considering making a comeback after spending time in rehab to overcome her alcohol and drug addictions. However a stalker is out to kill her.
18 Mar. 1992
Pennies from Heaven
Someone is giving the proceeds of a bank robbery to the poor and to those who did good deeds.
8 Apr. 1992
Ain't Misbehavin'
Ethel Mae Haven is a feisty bail bonds woman, who personally tracks down anyone who skips on her. A guy whom she bailed out who was charged with murder and is being prosecuted by McCabe, goes on the run. She finds him and he claims to be innocent. For some reason she believes him and sets out to prove it.

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