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Revealing mistakes 

Their TV sat on a TV stand with wheels, and was usually kept against the back wall, and rolled out in front of the furniture only when they watched TV. How did they watch TV? Without any visible power cords trailing every time they moved it, the TV was clearly not attached to a power source.
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Character error 

Steve is first introduced as Steve Peters. Later on his name changes to Steve Hale.
In the first seasons of the show Jesse's last name is Cochran but in the later seasons Jesse's last name is changed to Katsopolis.


Jesse was supposed to be a High School drop out, however in the episode _"Full House" One Last Kiss (1990)_ when Jesse is at his High School reunion, while he is dancing with his old girlfriend there is a flashback, during the flashback he rides his motorcycle into the gym when his girlfriend says "Jesse, you're going to get in trouble." Jesse replies "I graduate tomorrow, what are they going to do, expel me?" Jesse has also mentioned that he refused to wear his graduation cap because it would mess up his hair.
In numerous episodes throughout the series, on the first floor of the house, there are two staircases leading up to the second floor; one from the kitchen and one in the living room. But on the second floor, there is only one staircase leading down. And it doesn't matter which one they use, they still end up coming upstairs in the same place.
In later episodes, the door to the attic is located before the last set of stairs in the upstairs hallway. But in earlier episodes, there is no door. Instead, there's just a wall with a picture hanging.
In the episode where Joey is playing in a charity hockey game, the whole gang goes to the ice skating rink. When Jesse is first stepping out on to the ice, he already has big wet spots on his knees.
The upstairs of the Tanner house sometimes has a bathroom next to Stephanie and Michelle's room and sometimes that is Danny's room.
When zooming into the girl's room at various points in the show, they zoom through the front window. In a couple of episodes, that window (the only window in the room) is sometimes facing the back of the house and at other times, facing the side of the house to see into Kimmy's yard.
When Comet gets lost, he runs away from Michelle with his leash still attached to his collar. However, when we see Comet with a female dog in a later scene, his leash is gone.
In the first scene of "I've Got A Secret" (from the last season of the show), Michelle and three of her friends jump on the beds in Michelle and Stephanie's room. When they jump off the beds and are on the floor talking, Michelle is wearing only one sock. A couple of shots later she's wearing two socks, but then it goes back to only one.
In "Joey Gets Tough", when Joey is talking to D.J., at the end of the show, there is a hanger on the closet door behind them. The hanger keeps changing from behind the door to in front of the door.
Throughout the series, when the camera zooms in on the front door of the house, the door has a dead bolt on it. But on the set of the house, the front door doesn't have a dead bolt on it.
In numerous episodes throughout the series, they have cars or trucks in the back yard; and yet the space between their house and the house next door is about two feet.
In the episode that Jesse and Becky are trying to get their twins into the upscale pre-school, Jesse leaps to get the admissions letter out of the garbage and knocks the table lamp over. In the next shot, the table lamp has been picked up and placed back where it belongs.
In "Half a Love Story" (episode #1.14): when Joey is "cooking" and Stephanie comes in and grabs the Chinese carton, she is holding it by the metal but in the next shot she is holding it by the bottom and it goes back and forth.
In the episode where Danny turns 30, when a lady is putting Michelle back in her crib, she switches from being in the crib to the lady's arm between shots.
In "The Big Three-O", Bullit has white-wall tires when Jesse goes to get the seat covers. The tires are solid black when the car is towed back to the house.

Crew or equipment visible 

In the basketball episode where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar helps Jesse find his "sweet spot", when Jesse tells the family to leave the court and let him try and figure everything out himself. When he's supposedly alone shooting around, he shoots an air ball and a hand appears quickly in the scene, catches and throws the basketball back to him.

Plot holes 

In "Our Very First Promo", In the first scene, the girls and Kimmy are seen in the garage and later Joey's belongings are seen in the alcove. However, the garage was renovated into Joey's room two episodes prior to this one ("Joey's Place").

Revealing mistakes 

Even before the garage is renovated into Joey's room, there are two sets of stairs that lead to it. Most of the time, the cast use the stairs on the left, which leads to the kitchen. There isn't anywhere else in the house that the right staircase could lead to, although Stephanie went up it once in Season 2.
The Tanners' house number is 1882. But whenever the front of the house is seen, the number clearly says 1892.
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