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Mary-Kate Olsen is left-handed and Ashley Olsen is right-handed. That is why throughout the show, Michelle uses both of her hands to write and eat.
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen were chosen for the part of Michelle because they were the only twin babies that didn't cry at the audition.
Uncle Jesse's original name was "Uncle Adam", until the actor who played Jesse, John Stamos, decided that he liked "Jesse" better.
By the age of six, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, the twins who shared the role of Michelle, started to look so different that audiences could tell them apart. It was considered to chose one twin over the other, and have just Mary-Kate Olsen play the role. However, their fan base at the time was so huge, and co-star John Stamos didn't want one twin to leave the show, so both girls were kept in the role.
The house used as the façade of the Tanner's home is the largest and oldest of seven houses in San Francisco known as the Painted Ladies. In 2014, the house was sold for $3.1 million, $900k below its original asking price, which the old owner bought in 1975 for $65,000. It is one of the city's most photographed tourist attractions.
While a number of blooper reels were shown on TV show compilations, a rough quality tape was leaked on the internet. The video prominently consists of some cast members accidentally swearing during taping.
In order for the character Michelle to get involved with comedic and serious moments, Mary-Kate Olsen chose to do the former while Ashley Olsen did the latter.
Bob Saget spoke the first and last lines of the entire series.
The show initially was going to have a ninth season. However, the ninth season was to be on the (then) new WB Network as an old, "classic" show to help launch the new network and lineup. John Stamos (Jesse) did not like how the show was being dropped from ABC, a top three network, and moving to a fledgling new network and announced that the eighth season would be his last. Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.) also planned on the eighth season as her last, doing sporadic guest appearances during the ninth season as her character D.J. came home to visit from college during the holidays, as Cameron in real life was planning on going to college after season eight. After these two announced their departures, the others decided that it was time to call it quits, and the writers decided the series had gone as far as it could go, and the eighth season on ABC (1994-1995) ended up being the final season for Full House (1987).
At first, the producers didn't want people to know that Michelle was played by twins, so in the beginning, they were credited as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen. In the last season, they were credited as Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.
The season eight episode "Comet's Excellent Adventure" is the only one to be actually taped in San Francisco.
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen appeared together onscreen four times during the show's run.
The mannequin in the alcove in Joey's room always wears the exact shirt as Joey (Dave Coulier) in the first season.
You can tell when Ashley Olsen plays Michelle because, as a child, she had a freckle above her lip.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen nearly left the show after the first season because their real-life mother was concerned about them missing out on having a "normal" childhood. After a significant raise in salary from the show's producers, she agreed to let them continue. Their mother also let them stay due to the fact that they became so popular.
The Tanner address is 1882 Girard Street. The exterior shots of the Tanner house are actually from a house located on 1709 Broderick Street.
According to the show's website, John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin are the only cast members to appear in all 193 episodes (including unaired pilot) of the series.
In the first season, Jesse's last name was Cochran, but in the second season it was changed to Katsopolis because of John Stamos' Greek heritage. The reason for the change was addressed within the series in an episode in that the last name "Cochran" was a pseudonym Jesse was using to make his name sound more like a rock star.
Joey carries a lot of Detroit Red Wing paraphernalia, including a Red Wings jersey. In real life, Dave Coulier is from the Detroit area.
The original premise of the show was three single stand-up comedians living together and the theme was more of an adult-oriented sitcom titled "House of Comics". However, with shows like The Cosby Show (1984) and Family Ties (1982) doing well with family-oriented themes, the show was changed to incorporate family morals and values and the name was changed to Full House (1987).
D.J.'s junior high school (Van Atta Junior High) is named after the producer of the show (1992-1995).
The mom of the girls was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident
In the unaired pilot episode, John Posey plays the role of Danny Tanner. By the time the series went to air, Bob Saget landed the role.
The show was nearly cancelled after its first season.
Full House is coming back as a Netflix Original in 2016. It will contain almost all of the characters as the original. It will have 13 episodes and DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy will be in all thirteen while the others will be spread out throughout the season.
At no point in the series do we ever see Kimmy or Steve's family even though they are mentioned.
The Tanners' phone number is 555-2424.
D.J.'s private phone number is 555-8722.
Bob Saget and Paul Reiser were on the top of show creator Jeff Franklin's list to play the role of Danny Tanner, but at the time Saget was under contract for The Morning Program (1987) on CBS and Reiser opted for the role of Michael Taylor on My Two Dads (1987). Eventually Saget became available and he got the role immediately.
Jesse Frederick was the sound of ABC's TGIF lineup, having written the themes to Family Matters (1989), Step by Step (1991), Perfect Strangers (1986) and Full House (1987).
All of the Tanner kids attended Frasier Street Elementary School.
Every single show that had Elvis music, they played "Heartbreak Hotel," except at Jesse and Rebecca's wedding, when their first song was "Jailhouse Rock."
Lori Loughlin was originally going to appear in only six episodes, all of which the first six were in her debut season.
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All of the shots of the actual San Francisco were filmed in one day.
Initial title of the show was "House of Comics" due to stand up comedians Bob Saget and Dave Coulier living in the house. Decided to change it to Full House (1987) when it was realized it was more a family-orientated show.
With the exceptions of Candace Cameron Bure, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Ashley Olsen, the entire cast of this series would go on to have speaking roles in the mockumentary Farce of the Penguins (2006).
Full house and Fuller House both have twins playing one person
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Lori Loughlin (Rebecca) wears her own wedding dress when she and Jesse get married.
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In the first episode, D.J. says Kimmy has three sisters. In later seasons, Kimmy says she has one older brother named Garth.
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Harry tells Lloyd, (listing his sacrifices over his achievements in their lifetime friendship) that he's watched every episode of 'Full House' (1989). This was a real life jab at actor Jeff Daniels-as fans have often mistaken him for series star Dave Coulier.
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Full House used to be on ABC and now it's on Nick@Nite since 2003.
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Tahj Mowry, who portrays Teddy, is exactly three decades younger than Bob Saget.
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