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Alright! T.G.I.F-Friday!
Kristine11 January 2004
I remember the days when I couldn't wait for Friday, I was just 2 years old when Full House began, but I remember for some odd reason just watching this show from day one. Full House has always brought back great memories for me, it's the one show I absolutely loved as a child and couldn't miss. I think because I always wanted to be apart of the Tanner family, they always seemed to have it together, have fun, and could solve any problem within half an hour, lol. Now, I still watch the show, I admit, it's an ultimate guilty pleasure. But I think I have a different out look on the show now.

At the time when 80's comedy shows came, it seemed like the popular thing was the single dad bit. Danny Tanner is a widowed father who has three young beautiful daughters: DJ(Donna Joe), Stephanie, and Michelle. His rock and roll brother in law, Jesse, comes to help him out having to abandon his living on the edge life style to take care of his little nieces. And Joey, Danny's life long best friend also moves in, a struggling comedian who brings a little humor and kindness to the family. Together they all go through life and it's little problems, but shows the bright side to each one.

The positives about this show is that it always had good morals, in some sick way, I think this helped me stay as a clean cut kid. It had typical problems that a lot of people knew how to relate too, including for kids growing up. The humor was also a plus, yeah, it's a bit cheesy at times compared to today's sitcoms, but it's still in all good fun like Leave It To Beaver style. Also many people could easily love most of the characters on the show or could relate to them. I always loved Stephanie personally, she always made me laugh and just seemed like the person I'd like to be friends with.

The negatives, problems were solved a little too well, where it could make you believe life was that easy, or at least you would wish it to be so. Then some of the characters got a little annoying, like Michelle, she went from a cute little baby to a spoiled brat, and the show became more about her in the later seasons, which I didn't appreciate. Then the twins that Jesse and Rebecca had were again little brats that were more annoying than cute.

But this show is a huge hit with our pop culture, it still plays on TV today. It also had major career boosts for John Stamos and of course, the Olsen twins. This is a very fun show that will always bring back awesome memories for me. I still watch it, I honestly have driven my mother insane with Full House, I probably will drive my children insane with it as well, but I can't help it, this is a fun show that I think is an honest classic. It always makes you feel good about yourself and about life, as cheesy as that sounds, you'll like it, I'm sure.
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I Love It!
Amanda_G26 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I think Full House was and still IS a great show! It is family-safe and you are always guaranteed a good laugh at SOMETHING, whether it be Jesse's comments to Danny...Kimmy's rude behavior...it's just a hilarious show. The plot is very believable. A father of 3 daughters who's wife dies from a drunk driving accident, so the father calls his brother-in-law and best friend to help him out a bit. This show isn't a normal sitcom. It's the #1 sitcom. If you don't fall in love with this show, you'll fall in love with one of the actors. Almost everyone who watches Full House has a favorite character. Mine is John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) I'm telling you all, watch this show!! It makes you laugh, cry, and go "WOW! That was so corny!" It's 30 minutes well spent. That's why I give Full House 5 stars! Watch this show everyone. It's worth it.
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Full House will live forever!
MarkN_188 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have never seen a show as good as Full House. Full House puts all of the newer shows to shame, big time! Anyone who has never seen it, which I don't see how it is possible, should see it. It is a great show for anyone of any age. Full House will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will amaze you. True, some people feel that there are some "cheesy" aspects to the show, but, the positive aspects out weigh all of the "cheesy" aspects. Full House ran it's first episode on September 22, 1987 entitled "Our Very First Show" and ran it's last episode on May 23, 1995 entitled "Michelle Rides Again Part II".

The plot of the show is very believable. Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) losses his wife, Pam, in an accident involving a drunk driver. Danny has his brother in law, Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos), which is Pam's younger brother, and Danny also brings in his best friend Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) to help him raise his three daughters. Danny's daughters are named DJ (Candice Cameron-Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen).Joey and Jesse plan on moving in with Danny and his three girls for a few months just to help out and end up living with them for eight years; which is the number of years the show ran for.

The following is a short description of some of the characters and the actor/actress who played him/her: John Stamos (Jesse): John Stamos is a great actor. He plays Jesse. Jesse is a rock star waiting to get his big break. In Full House, John Stamos does a great job portraying his character. He looked and played music like his idol, Elvis Presley.

Bob Saget (Danny): Bob Saget is also a great actor. He looses his wife in car accident involving a drunk driver. He has to raise three girls without a having the girl's Mother. Bob Saget does a great job portraying a single parent who works full time and still has time to raise his three girls.

Dave Coulier (Joey): One word can describe Dave Coulier, funny. He is great. Playing the character of Joey was perfect for him. He does a great job playing the stand-up comedian waiting for his big break.

Candice Cameron-Bure (DJ): She is a tremendous actress. She plays the oldest sister, DJ which is short for Donna Jo. She is one of the best actresses I have ever seen. Her acting ability in Full House was very believable.

Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie): Two simple words can describe Jodie Sweetin, incredibly amazing! I wish I could say every thing that I would like to say about Jodie, but, I would use up the 1,000 word maximum just on her. She got her start in a kids show called Mother Goose Stories and when she came to Full House, she blew the audience's and creator's mind. Her great looks and absolutely amazing acting ability helped to make the show the success that it was. According to Dave Coulier, Jodie was supposed to be the star of the show. It was supposed to be where she was going to get her big break. Jodie, at five years old when the show first aired, could hit every line perfectly. She showed great enthusiasm. Most young kids can't do this. As you can probably guess, Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) is my favorite character in Full House.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Michelle): Great actress. Full House is where they got their start. They received the part of Michelle because they were the only babies who did not cry while in front of a camera.

There are many more cast members that should be recognized. These are the original characters from when the show first went on the air in 1987.

The only negative thing that I can say is how Full House became The Michelle Show towards the end. I think it was to focused on her towards the end. Especially when I think Jodie and Candice were much better at acting.

Full House is a great show for everyone. It can teach you a lot. One of the biggest things it can teach you is that everyone can live a great life even if a tragedy, such as loosing a family member, occurs. Full House continues to attract new fans. With all this said, there is only a couple things left to say; Full House will never die, and, thank you, the cast of Full House, for giving everyone a show that they can enjoy.
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A show that will go on forever
Aeris4ever29 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I really think "Full House" is going to the next "Brady Bunch" when it comes to longevity. Even after it's final episode in 1995, you can catch at least four episodes of it daily on cable TV. Kids love this show and it's easy to see why. It's inoffensive, very cute and of course, the Olsen girls bring in the audience.

Most people will say that FH was the cheesiest show ever made. While the last 1-2 seasons were borderline horrific, in my opinion, it wasn't that bad a show. Being a year younger than Candace Cameron, I followed this show from its first episode and watched until the final episode. It was one of the last true family shows of the 90's and was unfortunately replaced with the trash we see today. It made the child actors a big part of the show; Michelle had her own storylines starting at 2 years old. Compare that to child sitcom actors nowadays who are basically props or part of the background. I also admire how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played Michelle for the entire series when in most cases, baby actors are dumped after a year or two. I really didn't care much for the adults on the show; I won't go into detail of their annoyances because I'll never shutup.

The show ran 8 seasons, which is pretty good. I'm glad the show ended when it did because it was tanking by the 8th season. The boy twins weren't nearly as good at being cute as Michelle was. Michelle was too old to be cute, so the writers turned her into a smart aleck "Stephanie jr". Stephanie lost her smart mouth to Michelle and pretty much lost her entire personality and became boring. D.J. was too responsible to be funny anymore. And the adults had all gotten worse as the years went by. Still, kids are going to be watching this show in reruns for years and I think it's because kids like watching other kids. That's why the "Brady Bunch" has done so well with each new generation and I don't see "Full House" stopping anytime soon.
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Mind Numbingly Bland but I LOVE it!
timmauk21 May 2004
In this crazy world in which we live full of overwhelming/underpaid jobs, prejudice/hate, rape/murder, war/torture, and those nutty quirky politicians, we need something to watch to get away from it all. You need something so mind numbingly stupid and bland to put yourself into a quiet peaceful vegetative state.

In the world of "FULL HOUSE" their most terrible disaster would mean nothing to us. Golly, Jessie has a gig tonight and after using his new hair spray his hair won't cooperate! OMG, DJ and the most popular girl wore the same dress to the BIG dance!! Yikes, Michelle is helping Joey do the laundry and used too much soap!!! Don't worry people; it all will work out in the end. PHEW!!!!

The characters of "FULL HOUSE" are just too much. Uncle Jessie with all that hair and strutting like Elvis was just sooooo cool. Uncle Joey just says the funniest things and Danny tries just so gosh darn hard to be a good dad. Then you have those wonderful girls. DJ tries to act like a grown up and know it all, but really still needs help from her Uncles and Dad. Stephanie is just so cute and perky but always has her opinions. Then of course it's those "I wanna pinch those cheeks cause their so darn precious" twins. Boy has those Olsen's grown. Danny, get them some food because they are WAY too thin!!

Of course the acting and writing would never win anyone any Emmy's, but "FULL HOUSE" wasn't trying to prove anything except that they were a wholesome family show and it was. So just sit back and wish your life was as bad as theirs.
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Really Really Really sweet and wonderful show
ShowStoppar16 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well what can I say about Full House. It was, is and always will be favorite show of all time. There was something really really special about Full House. It wasn't like any other show. Usually now we see shows filled with mindless and adult humor, but this was something everyone, from a 2 year old child to a 70 year old grandparent could enjoy. People could relate to the love, compare the small and day to day problems to their own. It was amazingly sweet. It had a magical feel towards it which, in my opinion no other show will ever have.

Various critics have termed the show as overly sweet or too good to be true. Something as a perfect family. It IS partly true. But I believe that this over sweetness made the people feel more happy watching the show. It was certainly not corny and cheesy as many other shows and movies are. You wouldn't feel like gagging in any of the Full House episodes.

Maybe I'm just being nostalgic but my heart flutters at any mention of Full House or something related to it. Full House created an impact in not only America but around the whole world where it was and still is telecasted. It provided a happy heaven or secure bubble for people who were feeling low. The Full House family was and is the Worlds Family. Everyone associated with Full House was and is special. Be it the cameraman or the whole cast. They were all special. Full House is something as falling in love. This may and probably does sound really really corny and cheesy but thinking about watching Full House brings back good memories and makes you feel happy and nostalgic. I hope anyone who watched the show enjoyed it.

Full House along with humor provided daily lessons which a child and an adult may familiarize themselves with. It didn't face as major problems as people expected it to, but really there are very few families who face as major problems as people expected it too.

People grew up and still do grow up watching Full House. I hope there is a reunion show again.
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One of the BEST shows ever!
meloda11 August 2001
This show was excellent! It is one of my favorite shows of all time, and was great for people of all ages. My favorite character was always the middle child, Stephanie. I guess you could say that she and I grew up together, because we were the same age, and she and I had a lot in common. She was played by the very talented young actress, Jodie Sweetin.

As a child, this show taught me quite a bit. It had many different parts to it such as happy times, sad times, adventurous parts, and most of all, extremely hilarious scenes! Every now and then, I continue to watch re-runs, and can see it from an adult's point of view. I get a kick out of every character.

After Danny's wife died, his brother in-law Jesse moved in to help raise the girls, along with Danny's best friend Joey. Although Danny was kind of strange, he was a very kind man, and was an excellent father. Jesse was a pretty cool guy, although was often kind of grouchy. He really improved his life by moving in and helping raise the girls, and even met a lovely woman who he married. Played by the beautiful and talented actress Lori Loughlin, Rebecca began as Danny's co-host when he was promoted from sports caster, to a morning talk show host. Jesse got to know Rebecca, and they married and had two twin boys. Joey was very good friends with Danny, and I got a kick out of him! He was into comedy, and was a kid at heart, but a great guy. The oldest girl D.J was an excellent big sister to Stephanie and Michelle, and I always wished my sister had been that great! Stephanie was a great girl, very smart, and funny. Michelle (played by the Olsen twins) was extremely smart, and was always so cute! She was extremely fun to watch, and I still enjoy watching the re-runs of her growing up. I often become a kid at heart watching this show, but as an adult, it gives me some good ideas for when I'm a father someday. It ran for eight years, and should have run longer! It was so much fun to watch the kids grow up, and grow up with them as I watched it all those years, as well as seeing the adults improve themselves.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this show a 10, and a grade A! If you like a good comedy with lots of laughs, as well as learning experiences, I highly recommend this great show for you!
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What a Show!!!
Nair Haile17 September 2008
oh boy, i grew up a huge fan of Full House when it first aired on ABC to its final episode.... the entire cast had great chemistry, and the relationships on the show where very genuine, loving, and heartfelt,

and you never got bored or tired of watching a single episode or rerun of Full House, because it was such a very charming, lovable, sweet, and entertaining sitcom, and considered to be one of the most popular TV sitcoms of all time...go figure! I really never get tired of Full House, I'm happy to say that I own all 8 seasons on DVD...it was a great investment.

i loved every single character on the show

they all had there moments, including that annoying, but sometimes hilarious Kimmy Gibbler.

Thank God Full House is still in syndication

and you can catch it on ABC Family weekday mornings

and enjoy this magical treat from ABC.
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Used to be my absolute favorite show.
Registered_User16 August 2002
Back in the day, I was crazy about Full House no matter how cheesy I or anybody else regards it now. It's the perfect 11-year-old girl show. My favorite character was always Stephanie, although the Olsen twins are more my age. The network used to show back-to-back episodes every weekday on WGN after school (right after Blossom) and I was in my glory. Much like the X-Files, I went through a stage in my life where everything was Full House related. I even went so far as to tape it. Kimmy Gibler was a favorite of mine, probably because she was such a weirdo and makes me think of many people I know. Never cared for D.J. or Michelle very much and sadly Danny reminds me a lot of my mother who is also detergent crazy. Recommended for nostalgic reasons and to little girls.
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A Wonderful Show
book_maniac15 May 2006
I am only 11 years old but I discovered Full House when I was about five and watched it constantly until I was seven. Then I grew older and figured Full House could wait and that I had "more important" things to do. Plus there was also the fact that my younger brother who watched it faithfully with me for those two years started to dislike it thinking it too "girly."

Then I realized every afternoon at five it was on 23 and I once again became addicted to it. Full House has made me laugh and cry. It's made me realize how nice it would be if our world was like the world of Full House plus a mom. I have heard people say Full House is cheesy and unbelievable. But look at the big picture: three girls whose mom was killed by a drunk driver. The sisters fight and get their feelings hurt. The three men who live with the girls can get into bickers at times. What's any more real than that?

If anything the show has lifted me up when I'm down and brought me up even higher when I thought I was at the point of complete happiness. I have howled like a hyena at the show and gained a massive obsessiveness over Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. (Of course Hilary Duff has now taken that spot but they were literally the cutest babies I have ever seen. They are great actresses and seem to be very nice people.)
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