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7 Jan. 1992
Play It Again, Jess
When Becky returns to work, Jesse is uncomfortable with being a stay-at-home father to Nicky and Alex.
14 Jan. 1992
Pop singer Tommy Page performs at Stephanie's 10th birthday party.
28 Jan. 1992
Stephanie participates in a spelling bee.
11 Feb. 1992
Too Much Monkey Business
Danny's zoologist sister pays a visit with her pet chimpanzee.
18 Feb. 1992
The Devil Made Me Do It
When Michelle's disobedience lands her in the doghouse, the little bow-wow in her wants to bite back. Meanwhile, D.J. plays buffer between a bickering Stephanie and Kimmy.
25 Feb. 1992
Driving Miss D.J.
Newly permitted D.J. is eager to get behind the wheel, but she must first go out with a licensed driver, and unfortunately, Danny and Jesse prove to be rigid teachers. Meanwhile, Stephanie delights in torturing an annoying Michelle.
3 Mar. 1992
Yours, Mine and Ours
Jesse and Becky disagree on how to raise Nicky and Alex.
17 Mar. 1992
The Trouble with Danny
Danny is overzealous about spring cleaning.
31 Mar. 1992
Five's a Crowd
Danny, Jesse and Joey search the drive-in for D.J., who is out with a boy who's never heard the word "No", while Kimmy Gibbler has been left to babysit Nicky and Alex, but it's Stephanie who ends up doing all the work.
28 Apr. 1992
Girls Will Be Boys
Michelle feels that her gender is to blame when her male friends exclude her.
5 May 1992
Captain Video: Part 1
A record company wants to shoot a music video for Jesse's cover of the Beach Boys' song, "Forever."
12 May 1992
Captain Video: Part 2
Jesse faces conflict when a record company asks him to change his image.
22 Sep. 1992
Come Fly with Me
Stephanie and Michelle stow away on a plane to New Zealand.
29 Sep. 1992
The Long Goodbye
Michelle and Danny both mourn their long-distance relationships.
6 Oct. 1992
Road to Tokyo
Jesse performs in Tokyo, where his single tops charts.
13 Oct. 1992
Radio Days
Jesse and Joey are offered a job as radio DJs.
20 Oct. 1992
Lovers and Other Tanners
DJ's responsibilities take a back seat as her relationship with Steve escalates.
27 Oct. 1992
Educating Jesse
DJ and Kimmy are doing a program that encourages kids to stay in school, so they ask Jesse and Joey to talk about it on their radio show, but Jesse refuses. When Jesse admits that the reason he won't do the show is because he didn't stay in school, the family encourages him to finish school. Unfortunately however, when he goes back to high school, his teacher turns out to be the teacher that caused him to drop out of school. When his teacher embarrasses and insults Jesse, Jesse asks for the bathroom pass and says "See ya in 10 years". When Michelle, who is learning to...
10 Nov. 1992
Trouble in Twin Town
Becky's snobby cousins come to town to enter their daughters in a twin contest; Jesse is determined to show up Donald Donaldson and enters Nicky and Alex as well. Meanwhile, at the contest, Stephanie meets twin boys and pretends she's a twin to be with them.
17 Nov. 1992
The Play's the Thing
Michelle thinks she's got the lead role of her first grade play in the bag when Jesse and Joey volunteer as directors and Stephanie signs on as choreographer. But when a more talented classmate auditions and the guys give the role to him, Michelle turns bitter. Meanwhile, Steve gets ticked off with DJ, who has gotten in the habit of speaking on his behalf.
24 Nov. 1992
Nice Guys Finish First
Stonewall Binkley, an old rival of Joey's, humiliates him on his and Jesse's radio program, and challenges him to an upcoming hockey game; Joey's hesitant at first but ultimately decides to have his revenge on Stonewall.
1 Dec. 1992
I'm Not D.J.
Stephanie wants to pierce her ears so she can wear real earrings like her friends, the three Jennifers. Danny forbids her from doing so until she begins junior high, just like D.J. Steph doesn't want to wait and is so desperate, she turns to Kimmy Gibbler for help, whose brother just happens to work in an earring shop.
8 Dec. 1992
Designing Mothers
Danny meets Vicki's mother, an interior designer, who redecorates Stephanie and Michelle's room without consulting him and it leads he and Vicki to argue and break up.
15 Dec. 1992
A Very Tanner Christmas
While Michelle and Stephanie are busy making extra long Christmas lists, other members of the Tanner household are not feeling so cheery. Danny misses Vicki, Rebecca misses the white Christmases of her childhood, and DJ worries that she will miss Steve after he decides to attend college on the East coast.

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