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22 Sep. 1987
Our Very First Show
When Danny Tanner's wife Pamela is killed in an auto accident, he finds himself left all alone to raise his three daughters: D.J., Stephanie, and baby Michelle. Fortunately Danny's hair-obsessed, rock-star brother in-law Jesse Cochran, along with Danny's flamboyant, cartoon loving friend Joey Gladstone, move in to help Danny raise his girls. On the first day, D.J. runs away, and Jesse and Joey find extreme difficulty and anxiety in changing Michelle.
25 Sep. 1987
Our Very First Night
Jesse takes the rap for DJ and Stephenie after they take advantage of him and stay up too late. Michelle gets her first tooth.
2 Oct. 1987
The First Day of School
Danny, Jesse and Joey try to convince Stephanie that school is cool while DJ tries to make a clean escape!
9 Oct. 1987
The Return of Grandma
An untimely visit from the guys' mothers turns the house upside down.
16 Oct. 1987
Sea Cruise
Danny's all-male fishing trip turns into a love-boat cruise.
23 Oct. 1987
Daddy's Home
Danny realizes that he misses special moments with his daughters and decides to take a family fun day - twice. Jesse's current girlfriend is in town.
30 Oct. 1987
Knock Yourself Out
While broadcasting a national fight, Danny lets some information about the fighter's home life slip out that could get him in a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, on the home front Joey and Jesse worry when Michelle develops a cough.
6 Nov. 1987
Jesse's Girl
On a stormy night, the family is up telling a bedtime story about a girl that caught the eye of both Jesse and Joey. The girl was being tutored by Jesse, but fell hard for Joey.
20 Nov. 1987
The Miracle of Thanksgiving
It's a turkey of a day when everyone teams up to prepare the Thanksgiving feast.
4 Dec. 1987
Joey's Place
Joey fears that the family doesn't need him anymore when they give him a too-joyful send off. But in reality, they are planning a way to surprise him with space of his own. Meanwhile, Jesse learns that Joey's job as child care provider and housekeeper is not an easy one.
11 Dec. 1987
The Big Three-O
Danny suffers great anxiety on his 30th birthday when he comes home and finds a big birthday party waiting for him, as well as his destroyed car.
18 Dec. 1987
Our Very First Promo
The Tanner family is thrilled when they are chosen to appear in a local promo at Danny's TV station.

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