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Season 2

14 Oct. 1988
Cutting It Close
After an accident, Stephanie is convinced she's a jinx.
21 Oct. 1988
Tanner vs. Gibbler
Danny becomes a talk show host on Wake Up San Francisco.
28 Oct. 1988
It's Not My Job
Jesse tells his father he's leaving the family bug-killing business. Stephanie gets her first cavity.
4 Nov. 1988
D.J.'s Very First Horse
D.J. and Kimmy buy a horse. Jesse strikes out in his attempts to date Rebecca.
11 Nov. 1988
Jingle Hell
Jesse and Joey start working together, while D.J. and Stephanie fight because Stephanie breaks some of D.J.'s stuff.
18 Nov. 1988
Beach Boy Bingo
The Beach Boys are in town and D.J. wins a radio contest where she and a guest can see the Beach Boys in concert. Problem is, Danny, Jesse and Joey want to go and D.J. has to decide who will go with her. When she makes her decision, Danny has hurt feelings because he isn't chosen. Now D.J. is upset because of that and she doesn't know what to do.
25 Nov. 1988
Joey Gets Tough
After an interview with Miss Kadota Fig, Jesse and his band are guests on Danny's and Becky's morning talk show. Joey experiences the tough side of raising a child.
9 Dec. 1988
Triple Date
Danny is overjoyed when he meets a woman in the produce aisle at the store. Her name is Denise and she will be coming to his house for a dinner date. In addition, she will bring two of her friends; Zoey and Cheryl for Joey and Jesse, so it will be a triple date. Jesse isn't thrilled that he will be on a blind date, but he agrees to be part of it. While getting ready, DJ asks Danny if she can babysit Stephanie and Michelle during the dinner date and Danny agrees. In addition, Danny is pondering if he should take his wedding ring off. Jesse says he should, so Danny ...
16 Dec. 1988
Our Very First Christmas Show
The family gets snowed in at an airport on Christmas Eve. Meanwhle, Stephanie worries that Santa won't be able to find her.
6 Jan. 1989
Middle Age Crazy
Steph gets a crazy feeling of being 'middle' aged as her two sisters run with all the attention. A garden wedding with Harry as groom and Jimmy as minister takes some of the heat.
13 Jan. 1989
A Little Romance
Becky gets the guys to participate in a date auction, and DJ gets her first boyfriend.
20 Jan. 1989
Fogged In
The fog rolls in and so does everyone else.
3 Feb. 1989
Working Mothers
After Jesse and Joey are offered full time jobs at an ad agency, they struggle to decide if they can do the job and still be moms to the girls.
10 Feb. 1989
Little Shop of Sweaters
The family prepares for Valentine's Day and all the girls get a beautiful dress to wear in advance. D. J. takes hers on when going to school where it's molested. The girls go to the shop to buy one more themselves but it's too expensive. Then Steph sees a sign.
17 Feb. 1989
Pal Joey
Joey and Danny recall the day they first met.
24 Feb. 1989
Baby Love
Michelle develops a crush on Rebecca's nephew.
10 Mar. 1989
El Problema Grande de D.J.
DJ gets a "D" in Spanish. Danny goes to try and find out what was going on and talks to the teacher. The teacher explains that DJ just wasn't trying. She comes over to the house later and labels things in Spanish. then she and Danny kiss. Dj and her friends come home and see them kissing and everyone laughs at her. Then Danny has to decide whether to continue to see the teacher or to respect DJ and her feelings.
24 Mar. 1989
Goodbye, Mr. Bear
It's spring cleaning time, otherwise known as "Christmas" for Danny. As the kids are gathering up toys they don't play with anymore to give to charity, Joey thinks he accidentally placed Stephanie's Mr. Bear in the bag, along with the other toys being given to charity and as he tried to retrieve it, all the toys they donated were given away. Stephanie is very heartbroken over the loss and everyone is wondering why she's so attached to Mr. Bear, but eventually, everyone learns why.
7 Apr. 1989
Blast from the Past
Joey gets a phone call from an old girlfriend he had at college ten years ago. Kimmy 'spellbinds' DJ and Steph to a very close co-existence that lasts a lot longer than originally anticipated. Danny's obsession with tax codes inspires Michelle to do some monstrous cleaning.
14 Apr. 1989
I'm There for You, Babe
Jesse's birthday, 26, starts with presents that are quickly followed by demands to help the girls, Danny and Joey. In the evening he's to have a concert but his band has left for another town.
28 Apr. 1989
Luck Be a Lady: Part 1
Danny and Becky have their morning talk show live for the first time at a casino hotel at Lake Tahoe. Jesse dreams of romantic moments with Becky are threatened a film star and Joey and the girls turn to gambling.
5 May 1989
Luck Be a Lady: Part 2
Jesse and Becky decide to marry each other secretly right away. DJ and Steph are easily aware that they are hiding something and play detectives.

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