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25 Jan. 1988
Tales of the Undead
Ryan believes that a half-man, half-monster comic-book hero has come to life and is responsible for the murder of a shopkeeper.
1 Feb. 1988
Micki and Ryan search for a cursed scarecrow that may be responsible for murder.
8 Feb. 1988
Faith Healer
An unscrupulous faith healer discovers a powerful glove that turns him into a killer.
15 Feb. 1988
The Baron's Bride
Micki and Ryan are transported to 1875 London where, aided by an adventurous young writer, they set out to reclaim a cursed object from a bloodthirsty killer.
22 Feb. 1988
Micki is terrorized by a man looking for a magic lantern that has the power to find buried treasure.
29 Feb. 1988
Vanity's Mirror
A girl finds a compact mirror that has the power to make others adore her and uses the cursed object to seek revenge against her sister.
7 Mar. 1988
A compulsive gambler discovers a way to increase his winnings, but the method proves to be deadly.
18 Apr. 1988
The Electrocutioner
A dentist uses a cursed electric chair to seek revenge against those who wronged him.
25 Apr. 1988
Brain Drain
A man seeks to increase his intelligence and become a world-renowned scientist, but his quest results in the deaths of other researchers.
2 May 1988
The Quilt of Hathor
Micki and Ryan pose as members of a religious sect to track down a patchwork quilt that is thought to have deadly powers.
9 May 1988
The Quilt of Hathor: The Awakening
Ryan learns that a woman is using a deadly quilt to murder members of a religious sect, but the tightly-knit group blames him for the killings.
16 May 1988
Double Exposure
Ryan suspects a news anchor of murder, but the man has a solid alibi that makes it nearly impossible to prove he is the culprit.
27 Jun. 1988
The Pirate's Promise
Micki and Ryan travel to a seaside village to retrieve a cursed foghorn that is being used by a town resident to summon the ghost of a vengeful pirate.
5 Jul. 1988
Badge of Honor
A police officer uses a deadly sheriff's badge to seek revenge against a mob boss for the murder of his wife.
11 Jul. 1988
Pipe Dream
A frustrated dreamer turns to the supernatural to achieve success, using an ornate pipe to eliminate anyone who gets in his way.
18 Jul. 1988
What a Mother Wouldn't Do
A woman is driven to murder when her newborn's cursed cradle seeks revenge.
25 Jul. 1988
Bottle of Dreams
Jack tries to rescue Ryan and Micki when they're locked in a vault with a cursed urn that conjures up torturous nightmares.
26 Sep. 1988
Doorway to Hell
A cracked mirror threatens to suck Micki and Ryan into the underworld.
3 Oct. 1988
The Voodoo Mambo
The spirit of a dead voodoo priestess strikes out at the ones who supervised her death.
10 Oct. 1988
And Now the News
A psychiatrist secretly accounts her miraculous success rate to a unique antique radio that delivers cures and advice during the nightly news.
17 Oct. 1988
Tails I Live, Heads You Die
A reporter trails a violent cult of devil worshipers calling people back from the dead.
31 Oct. 1988
Symphony in B#
Micki and Ryan investigate a series of murders at a concert hall, only to discover that a violinist who was presumed dead may in fact be alive.
11 Nov. 1988
Master of Disguise
Micki learns beauty is only skin deep after she falls for a mysterious movie star who relies on an antique makeup case.
14 Nov. 1988
Wax Magic
Ryan and Jack are intrigued by a traveling wax museum that boasts an exhibit of axe murderess Lizzie Borden.
21 Nov. 1988
Read My Lips
A ventriloquist's dummy becomes a vessel for evil when it comes to life and demands that its master commit murder.

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