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4 Jan. 1990
Under One Roof
The Dean invites Fedsy and Whitley over for her freshman tea and they both fight over the Dean's approval. While Dwayne and Ron get a house guest that does all their chores for them when Walter tells them all their chores for them when they suspect that he is a thief from a story they heard.
11 Jan. 1990
Here's to Old Friends
Dwayne's old friend comes to visit and convince Dwayne to come to his college because he believes you become the best by being with the best and starts to judge Dwaynes best friend Ron, While Kernal Taylor and Mr. Ganes go to a get together for people who were once in the army.
18 Jan. 1990
The Power of the Pen
Twain writes a palm about his greatest passion--math--but Whitley thinks it's about her. Freddie feels guilty about seeing two different guys.
25 Jan. 1990
Pride and Prejudice
While shopping for her father's birthday present, a jewelry store clerk discriminates against Whitley. Civilians Dwayne and Walter go on a ROTC weekend trip with Col. Taylor and Cadet Sgt. Ron.
8 Feb. 1990
Success, Lies and Videotape
Mrs. Clair Huxtable Denise's mother, comes to videotape and interview Hilman's students while Freddy finds part of the underground rail road.
15 Feb. 1990
A World Alike
Freddie and transfer student Julian's plans to protest South African apartheid cause Kim to reconsider accepting a need scholarship.
22 Feb. 1990
That's the Trouble with You All
Whitley fixes Dewayne up with another girl, but then has trouble dealing with it.
1 Mar. 1990
A Camp Fire Story
Dwayne and Walter weave a tall tale about their basketball-recruiting trip, which took some strange turns.
8 Mar. 1990
Hillman Isn't Through with You Yet
Whitley has a touch of "senioritis", but it's her job prospects that look a little sickly. Ron's sister, Rachel visits.
15 Mar. 1990
21 Candles
Whitley is Little Miss Lonely when she thinks everyone's forgotten her 21st birthday.
29 Mar. 1990
Sweet Charity
Whitley, Jaleesa, and Freddie secretly plan to raise money for Kim; and Dwayne and Ron portray hoopsters in a commercial.
5 Apr. 1990
Soldier Boy
Awaiting an ROTC dinner where Col. Taylor is to be roasted, Ron sweats bullets over the choosing of "cadet of the year"
19 Apr. 1990
Getaway: Part 1
While on vacation, Dwayne and Ron gain possession of some drug peddlers' cash and drugs. Part 1 of two.
26 Apr. 1990
Getaway: Part 2
Conclusion. Dwayne and Ron try to thwart the drug dealers by posing as girls.
3 May 1990
Perhaps Love
Dwayne's mom visits when Dwayne is inducted into an honors society. Julian asks Whitley to spend summer with him in DC.
20 Sep. 1990
Everything Must Change
Whitley finally decides to hook up with Dwayne when she finds out that he did not just bring a souvenir for her back from Japan, but he also brought himself a souvenir, one that is a living human being, and it's female. Meanwhile, Whitley also decides to bunk with Juleesa.
27 Sep. 1990
How Bittersweet It Is
Whitley uses Ron as a pawn in her love match with Dwayne; Freddie tries historics and dramatics to get into a history class.
4 Oct. 1990
Blues for Nobody's Child
Freddie befriends an orphan and suggests the possibility of adopting the boy to Prof. Randolph.
11 Oct. 1990
Whitley's Last Supper
Kim moves into high gear for practice med-school exam, While Whitley downshifts her spending.
18 Oct. 1990
The Goodwill Games
Dwayne helps Whitley prepare for an academic competition, but one thing leads to another during a study session.
25 Oct. 1990
Tales from the Exam Zone
Dwayne, Whitley, and Freddie find themselves in a different dimension--"The Exam Zone".
8 Nov. 1990
Good Help Is Hard to Fire
Dwayne's mother walks in on a squabble between Kinu and the apartment's new maid - Whitley.
15 Nov. 1990
Love Thy Neighbor
Dwayne and Whitley finally sit down and discuss their budding romance. Ron discovers that the homeless population is not what he thinks.
29 Nov. 1990
Time Keeps on Slippin'
As Whitley and Dewayne get back together they start to study together and it affects them both different ways in their life academically.
6 Dec. 1990
The Apple Doesn't Fall
Col. Taylor feels he's made a hole in one when asked to join the once segregated country club.
13 Dec. 1990
I'm Dreaming of a Wayne Christmas
Whitley joins Dwayne in Brooklyn for his family's Christmas. However she runs into trouble with a crooked Santa while shopping for a gift for Dwayne's mother.

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