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Season 2

6 Oct. 1988
Dr. War Is Hell
Jalessa and Whitley have new roommates; Dwayne tries to avoid a dreaded course.
13 Oct. 1988
Two Gentlemen of Hillman
Dwayne and Ron's friendship is strained when they work together on a research paper.
27 Oct. 1988
Some Enchanted Late Afternoon
Walter and Jalessa are apprehensive about starting a romantic relationship.
3 Nov. 1988
Dream Lover
Whitley is upset by the romantic dreams she has been having about Dwayne.
10 Nov. 1988
Three Girls Three
Jalessa and Whitley are given the chance to become back-up singers for Gladys Knight.
17 Nov. 1988
If You Like Pilgrim Coladas
Whitley takes a homesick Kim to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.
1 Dec. 1988
A Stepping Stone
Whitley wants to be the team leader in an interdormitory step competition.
8 Dec. 1988
Life with Father
Dwayne falls for his calculus teacher's daughter.
15 Dec. 1988
All's Fair
Whitley is squeezed out when Kim's boyfriend monopolizes their room.
5 Jan. 1989
Radio Free Hillman
Whitley is caught in the middle when Dwayne stages a sit-in at the dean's office.
12 Jan. 1989
It Happened One Night
Whitley offers her support to Kim when she fears that she may be pregnant.
26 Jan. 1989
I've Got the Muse in Me
Freddie turns to alcohol when she lacks inspiration in her writing.
2 Feb. 1989
Risky Business
Clair Huxtable gives a business etiquette seminar at Hillman.
9 Feb. 1989
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Couples at Hillman College experience broken hearts and discord as Valentine's Day approaches.
23 Feb. 1989
For She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage
Whitley's mother is determined to find a boyfriend for her daughter.
2 Mar. 1989
It's Greek to Me
Dwayne and Ron's friendship is strained after they pledge a fraternity.
9 Mar. 1989
The Thing About Women
Walter becomes jealous when Jaleesa's ex husband, Lamar, shows up.
16 Mar. 1989
High Anxiety
Kim takes on too many responsibilities; Mr. Gaines moves in with Col. Taylor.
23 Mar. 1989
Take This Job and Love It
Kim gets Whitley a job at the Pit to help pay for the car she damaged.
30 Mar. 1989
No Means No
Dwayne fears that Freddie may face date rape when she goes out with an aggressive athlete.
27 Apr. 1989
Citizen Wayne
Ron claims that Dwayne has Jesse Jackson's endorsement for student government president.
4 May 1989
There's No Place Like Home
As the semester comes to an end, students make plans for the summer.

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