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Season 2

17 Sep. 1987
Lillian Loses the Kids
To keep them quiet, Lillian turns the children into mannequins, but she's unable to change them back.
24 Sep. 1987
The Charmings Go Plastic
When Snow gets a credit card the family goes on a shopping spree not realizing they have to pay. And when the bill comes they're shocked at how much it it. Snow and Eric have a big fight. Lillian magically gets her own credit card but because of the information she placed on it, she is audited by the IRS.
1 Oct. 1987
The Witch Is of Van Oaks
Snow and Eric set up Lillian with a new neighbor, but they quickly come to realize that he's actually the devil. Meanwhile, Luthor gets an ego boost regarding his short stature from the children.
8 Oct. 1987
The Fish Story
After Lilian uses magic to restore a broken lamp, the children decide to use her spell-book to revive their recently deceased pet fish. Meanwhile, Eric faces Snow's wrath when he misses her wildlife preservation meeting.
15 Oct. 1987
Cindy's Back in Town
Lillian's attempt to zap herself back into the Enchanted Forest goes awry, landing Cinderella in the Charming home. Cinderella's arrival doesn't bode well with Snow -- particularly when "Cindy" makes a play for Eric.
29 Oct. 1987
A Charming Halloween
Embarassed by his family's antics, Thomas neglects to tell Eric about a father/son car wash. But the family causes even more humiliation for the lad when Eric insists on hosting the neighborhood Halloween party.
12 Nov. 1987
Trading Places
Luthor expresses his envy of Eric's looks, so Lillian casts a spell to make the dwarf as handsome as a prince. The catch is that Luthor and Eric switch bodies and can only return to normal if Luthor wishes -- and sincerely means it.
19 Nov. 1987
Lillian Loses Her Powers
As a result of Cory passing the flu to the family, Eric becomes a hypochondriac and Lillian loses her magic powers (and as a non-witch, she has to say goodbye to her Magic Mirror).
26 Nov. 1987
The Charmings and the Beanstalk
Lillian throws out some beans and they sprout into a beanstalk and a giant comes down. When they chop the beanstalk down the giant finds himself stuck. At the same time Snow and Eric are having problems. And the giant takes a liking to Lillian. Eventually the giant's wife follows him but he refuses to go back with her.
17 Dec. 1987
Yes, Lillian, There Is a Santa Claus
Lillian tries to ruin Christmas by telling the children that there is no Santa Claus but gets a shock when Santa does arrive at the Charming house only to find no "believers" left there. Since Santa only delivers gifts to true believer, Lillian must use her powers to try to correct the damage she has done.
7 Jan. 1988
The Charmings Get Robbed
After two teen crooks rob the Charmings', a Eric over-zealously protects their home. Meanwhile, Lillian tries to track down the family's stolen possessions, but finds it difficult, having lost her spell-book and beloved Magic Mirror in the robbery.
14 Jan. 1988
Birth of a Salesman
Eric gets a job working as a salesman for Donny. And on his first day, he's just too nice that Donny tells him, he better shape up. So before going Snow wishes that Eric wasn't so nice so Lillian casts a spell that turns Eric into a crude salesman.
21 Jan. 1988
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Lillian puts a spell on Eric to make him tell the absolute truth. Meanwhile, Don winds up rooming with the Charmings after he and Sally have a fight; and Lillian transcribes all of her spells into her computer.
11 Feb. 1988
The Woman of His Dreams
Eric denies that he ever fantasizes about other women, so Lillian puts a spell on him to make his fantasy woman appear whenever he thinks of her.
28 Jan. 1988
Lillian's Protege
Amused by a devious shoplifter, Lillian takes her in -- but has a change of heart when the girl sets up Thomas to get caught stealing. Meanwhile Snow and Eric question their parenting skills in the modern world.

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