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Season 1

23 Mar. 1987
Episode #1.1
Eric Forrester puts on his latest fashion show. Bill Spencer demands that Ridge stop dating his daughter, Caroline. Det. David Reed questions Brooke Logan about the two men who tried to rape her.
24 Mar. 1987
Episode #1.2
Eric tells Stephanie their marriage has gone stale. Ridge tells his parents he and Caroline are getting married. Brooke searches through mugshots to find her attackers.
25 Mar. 1987
Episode #1.3
Beth Logan reassures her daughter Katie about her complexion. Stephanie informs a stunned Thorne that his brother Ridge is getting married. Brooke confides in her sisters Katie and Donna about her attack. Caroline introduces Ridge to her father and tells Bill she is marrying Ridge. Bill who knows of Ridge's constant womanizing via Margo Lynley tries to hide his rage.
26 Mar. 1987
Episode #1.4
Dave tells Brooke he wants to use her as bait to catch the rapists. Brooke is worried. Thorne suspects Ridge is marrying Caroline to spite Bill. Eric informs a shocked Margo that Ridge is now engaged. Bill tries to convince Caroline that Ridge is no good for her but she refuses to stop her wedding plans.
27 Mar. 1987
Episode #1.5
Caroline urges Bill to accept her feeling for Ridge. Brooke tells Dave she will act as a decoy. Though he is reluctant, Dave agrees. Stephanie and Eric have their first meeting with Bill and offer to use their home for the wedding. To lift Katie's spirits, Storm asks Donna to set Katie up with a date. Bill hires a private detective to uncover Ridge's indiscretions and to stop his daughter from marriage.
30 Mar. 1987
Episode #1.6
Dave proposes to Brooke but she asks for time to think about it. Bill pressures Margo to tell him about Ridge but she refuses. Storm and Dave argue about using Brooke as a decoy. Eric confronts Ridge about whether or not he loves Caroline.
31 Mar. 1987
Episode #1.7
Stephanie calls her daughter Kristen in New York. Kristen tells Stephanie she won't be able to attend the wedding. Donna meets Rocco at the library and convinces the young hipster to ask Katie out. Katie is overjoyed when Rocco calls. Thorne meets Caroline and feels initially attracted to her. Meanwhile, Stephanie gets a suspicious phone call...
1 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.8
Stephanie believes Eric and Margo are having an affair. Rocco arrives for his date at the Logan house but is disappointed in Katie's looks. Eric and Stephanie argue about their absent daughter - who Stephanie chastises as having an unhealthy proximity to Eric - as Caroline convinces Kristen to come to the wedding.
2 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.9
Ridge receives a call from his old flame Alex Simpnson who convinces him to go out on date upon her return to Los Angeles. Caroline talks Bill into giving Ridge a chance. Bill then unsuccessfully tries to reach Conway Weston. He leaves a message to call off the investigation on the P.I.'s answering machine. An overjoyed Katie returns home from her date with Rocco. Brooke isn't ready to marry Dave just yet.
3 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.10
Eric urges Stephanie to come clean with Kristen. Caroline daydreams about her wedding. Ridge manages to have Thorne cover for him at Forrester Creations and takes off the Café Russe where he meets Alex. Alex gets Ridge to reminisce about all the good times they had together. Conway gets the message that Bill called off the investigation but proceeds: He breaks into a hotel suite and takes pictures of Alex and Ridge making love...
6 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.11
Thorne finds Caroline having a first fit in her wedding dress. Bill tells Margo to confess all about her relationship with Ridge or to drop the subject. Storm reads aloud about the upcoming Forrester wedding. Beth pauses and wonders if Eric - who she seems to know - remembers her. Ridge is worried about Conway's picture. Thorne confronts Ridge about his late-night disappearance but Ridge doesn't tell him about Alex. P.I. Weston fails to get a hold of Bill to inform about his coup.
7 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.12
Kristen arrives in L.A. and meets with Caroline. Alex approaches Ridge again but he tells her he only loves Caroline and is worried he will lose her because of the picture. Later, Bill tells Ridge he now accepts his relationship with his daughter. Brooke tells Storm how much she envies Caroline's wedding. She is still undecided about Dave's proposal. Conway gives Bill the picture.
8 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.13
Caroline and Kristen get along fabulous and she asks her future sister-in-law to be her matron of honor. Bill is furious when he sees the picture of Ridge and Alex. Ridge and Caroline have a press conference about the wedding where he confesses his love. After a long time away, Kristen returns to the Forrester mansion where she runs into her mother. Their conversation is as icy as ever. Bill shows the picture to Margo and asks her what to do.
9 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.14
Eric is glad to have his daughter Kristen back in town. Brooke continues to be amazed by the Forrester wedding. This prompts Beth to tell her daughter that she knew Eric Forrester in college. Bill's dinner party for the newly engaged couple begins. Margo can hardly hold Bill who is raging mad back. Eric and Stephanie wonder how well Margo knows Bill. Dave and Brooke have a romantic dinner. Brooke is angry when Dave admits Storm talked him out of the decoy plan. Bill tells Ridge he wants to speak to him after the party.
10 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.15
Donna realizes Katie is upset that Rocco hasn't called her and convinces him to ask her out again. Bill confronts Ridge with the picture. Ridge tells Bill it was a mistake but Bill wants the wedding called off immediately!
13 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.16
Ridge confesses to Thorne his indiscretion but maintains that he loves Caroline. After some soul-searching Ridge decides not to tell Caroline anything. Donna informs Beth about Rocco's true interest in Katie. Later, Rocco tells Donna he wants to date her not Katie.
14 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.17
Stephanie argues with Kristen about her love life. Brooke and Storm worry about their grandmother living alone at her high age. Kristen and Caroline continue to bond. Storm tries to convince Grandma Logan to move in with the rest of the family. Ridge informs Bill he will have to tell Caroline the sordid truth himself because he refuses to hurt her.
15 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.18
The big day has arrived: Ridge and Caroline have a trial ceremony where the Minister is surprised that the father of the bride is not present. Bill is still at his apartment and ponders his next move with Margo. Meanwhile Ridge says to Thorne that he hopes Bill won't tell Caroline about Alex. Caroline is thrilled about the wedding. When Bill finally arrives at the Forrester Mansion, he goes to straight to Caroline and informs her that there is something important he has to tell her.
16 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.19
Stephanie is astounded that Margo is attending the wedding. Eric urges his wife to focus on the happiness of this days instead of any hostile feelings. Brooke tells Storm that she cannot forget the day when she was mugged. She still plans on acting as a decoy as Dave is planning. Bill tells Caroline about Ridge and Alex and she is heartbroken. Caroline decides to go through with the wedding anyway but collapses at the altar...
17 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.20
Ridge rushes Caroline to the hospital. Though Dr. Adams informs the waiting family that Caroline is fine physically but very much torn up, so he had to give her a sedative. Rocco comes to the Logan house see Donna but is caught by Katie. Margo is shocked that Bill told his daughter about Ridge's indiscretion. Ridge and Thorne learn the same via Kristen who mentions that Bill spoke to Caroline just before she collapsed.
20 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.21
Brooke acts as a decoy but the plan traps the wrong men. Kristen tells Bill that she doubts that the excitement of the wedding caused Caroline's collapse. Meanwhile Brooke and Donna read about the wedding in the paper and decide to go to the hospital to get in on the tumultuous events regarding the Forresters and Spencers. Bill lets Ridge know that it is over between him and his daughter. Caroline wakes up and begins to cry. Thorne comforts her.
21 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.22
Donna is having second thoughts about going to the hospital to see a woman they never met before. Brooke however is certain that it is a chance for them to feel a brisk of the life of the rich and famous. Eric asks Kristen to stay in town. Due to hostility with Stephanie Kristen refuses. Thorne begs Caroline to give Ridge another chance. Stephanie and Eric wonder about what caused Caroline to collapse. Brooke actually walks into Caroline's room and the two woman have a friendly chat.
22 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.23
Upon her release form the hospital, Caroline tells a shocked Kristen the wedding is canceled permanently. Brooke narrates to her mother how she went to the hospital last night and actually met the Forrester brothers and Caroline Spencer. As Brooke mentions how interesting it would be if Beth had known Eric Forrester better at college, Beth has a thoughtful look. Thorne urges Ridge to talk to Caroline but Ridge is reluctant. Caroline asks Bill how he could be so cruel as to break the news of Ridge's infidelity to her on her wedding day.
23 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.24
Caroline tells Bill that she won't forgive him for his cruelty. She plans to turn her life around and become independent. Hence she is moving out.The wedding is canceled indefinitely. Stephanie is deep in thoughts and ponders to tell Ridge a huge secret. Ridge decides to talk to Caroline but is devastated to find her gone. An argument as to who is responsible ensues but most importantly Bill and Ridge wonder where Caroline went.Caroline rents her own apartment.
24 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.25
Storm is catching up with his old flame Alex at Café Russe. Brooke is having a romantic dinner with Dave but is taken aback when he gives her an engagement ring. Katie and Donna make dinner for Rocco. When Katie leaves the room, Rocco tries to kiss Donna. She likes it despite her efforts not to.
27 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.26
Ridge and Stephanie cross-question Kristen about Caroline's whereabouts. Kristen claims ignorance and reveals nothing. Donna attempts to make Rocco jealous by making out with Mark. Rocco turns the tables by kissing Katie as Donna watches.
28 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.27
Kristen meets with Caroline in an attempt to convince her to make up with Rick. Caroline explains that the move was also a way of escaping her overbearing father. Rick pays Caroline an unexpected visit.
29 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.28
Ridge begs for Caroline's forgiveness by proclaiming his love and promising never to hurt her again. Caroline rebuffs his apology then calls off their engagement. Thorne and Kristen exchange opinions about Ridge's feelings for Caroline.
30 Apr. 1987
Episode #1.29
Kristen tells Eric and Stephanie about Ridge visiting Caroline. Ridge phones home to convey some bad news. Margo's attempt to comfort Bill ends with kissing. Ridge assures Bill that Caroline is alive and well while withholding her location.
1 May 1987
Episode #1.30
Storm informs Brook that it's the 7th anniversary of the day their father abandoning them. Storm later disparages their father in front of Beth. Eric tells Stephanie to be nicer to Kristen. Kristen tells Thorne that Caroline was robbed.
4 May 1987
Episode #1.31
Helen blames Beth's love of Eric for Stephen abandoning his family. Eric confronts Stephanie about her jealousy of Kristen. Stephanie theorizes that had she not been pregnant with Ridge, Eric would have married his true love, Beth.
5 May 1987
Episode #1.32
Beth tells Storm about Helen's theory of why Stephen abandoning them. Mulling over Caroline distracts Ridge at work. Caroline fails to find gainful employment. The arrival of roses sent by Ridge ruin Thorne's visit with Caroline.
6 May 1987
Episode #1.33
Tensions over the Caroline situation results in an argument between Ridge and Margo. Thorne cooks dinner for Caroline. Stephanie looks into a catering service for her planned party. Bill invites Stephanie over to discuss Caroline and Ridge.
7 May 1987
Episode #1.34
Ridge shows Thorne the diamond ring that he bought for Caroline. Ridge apologizes to Caroline then presents the ring to her. Eric is impressed by Kristen's fashion designs. Beth has reservations about accepting Stephanie's catering order.
8 May 1987
Episode #1.35
Donna makes Rocco jealous by kissing Mark in front of him. Afterward, Mark asks Donna out on a real date. Caroline accepts Ridge's gift but refuses to commit. Eric asks for Margo's assistance in recruiting Kristen into the family business.
11 May 1987
Episode #1.36
Bill unexpectedly visits Caroline. Bill apologizes to Caroline but receives no forgiveness. After noticing her ring, Bill asks Caroline about Ridge. Beth decides to decline Stephanie's catering order but Ruth overrules her.
12 May 1987
Episode #1.37
Dave and Brooke discuss their wedding date. Brooke and Storm deduce that Beth is catering for Stephanie's dinner party. Eric tries to persuade Kristen to work for the family business. Eric notices Beth but she avoids him by slipping away.
13 May 1987
Episode #1.38
Storm and Brooke speculate that Beth may be having financial problems. Brook asks Beth about the Forresters. Stephanie complains to Eric that her party was boring. Eric disagrees then asks Stephanie for the name of the catering service.
14 May 1987
Episode #1.39
Alex pays Ridge a surprise visit. Ridge resists her advances. Bill tells Margo that he's overprotective because of the way his father treated his mother. Caroline breaks down in tears after being rejected after an interview.
15 May 1987
Episode #1.40
Dave calls Brooke to set a definitive wedding date. Eric works on convincing Kristen into accepting his job offer. During Stephanie's party, Beth tries to avoid being seen by Eric. Eric notices Beth as she's leaving.
18 May 1987
Episode #1.41
Donna chooses a beach party over babysitting by convincing Rocco to watch over Katie. Later, Beth chews Donna out for being irresponsible. Ridge gives the ring back to Caroline but she remains non-committal. Thorn offers Caroline a job.
19 May 1987
Episode #1.42
Storm yells at Donna for abandoning Katie. Donna agrees to be Mark's girlfriend. Ridge and Thorne disagree over employing Caroline. Stephanie advises Thorne to mind his own business. Thorne responds by professing his love for Caroline.
20 May 1987
Episode #1.43
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21 May 1987
Episode #1.44
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22 May 1987
Episode #1.45
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25 May 1987
Episode #1.46
Thorne hides that he saw Caroline yesterday night but Stephanie knows who he was with. She warns Thorne to stay clear from his brother's future wife but Thorne says he cannot help it.
26 May 1987
Episode #1.47
Thorne discusses his relationship with Caroline with her father. Margo coaches Kristen and Eric enters the room wanting to talk to her regarding what she told him the day before about how she felt about him.
27 May 1987
Episode #1.48
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28 May 1987
Episode #1.49
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29 May 1987
Episode #1.50
Somebody broke into the grandma's house and she is now in very bad condition. It turns out that Donna was supposed to come to her place but instead went to see Mark. Grandma opened the door to the burglars thinking it was her granddaughter.
1 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.51
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2 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.52
Ridge finds out Thorne offered Caroline the job with them and warns him that she is his girlfriend. Stephanie and Margo have a short verbal fight.
3 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.53
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4 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.54
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5 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.55
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8 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.56
Ridge and Thorne fight verbally over Caroline. Thorne says he will not give up on her. Ridge takes flowers to Caroline.
9 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.57
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10 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.58
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11 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.59
Eric calls to confirm that same catering personnel will operate again on his next party.
12 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.60
A milestone episode: The lavish party at the Forester Mansion is about to start. Beth introduces Brooke to Stephanie who leaves a lasting impression on the ingénue. When Caroline is running late, Ridge mistakes another Blonde for his lady love: Brooke! Eric is perplexed as the caterer seems very familiar to him. He asks Brooke for Beth's name and is shocked to realize that the woman is Beth Henderson, his college crush. Ridge is green with envy when Thorne welcomes Caroline with a hug. Storm asks Alex out to dinner so she cancels her plans with Thorne. Alex confesses ...
15 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.61
Eric recognises Beth and goes to talk to her but Thorne interrupts. Caroline invites Brooke out.
16 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.62
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17 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.63
Ridge sleeps over at Caroline's place. Donna wants to move out with Mark.
18 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.64
Donna moves out. Ridge tells Stephanie in front of Thorne that he slept with Caroline.
19 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.65
Thorne talks to Caroline regarding the night before and when she tells him she did not sleep with Ridge, he kisses here before leaving relieved.
22 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.66
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23 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.67
Brooke and Caroline meet. Eric sends compliments to Beth and finds out she lives without a husband.
24 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.68
Eric invites Beth out.
25 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.69
Eric and Beth meet. Ridge organises an afternoon out with Caroline, Thorne and Brooke.
26 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.70
Brroke arrives at the Forresters' place and meets Thorne.
29 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.71
Caroline, Brooke, Thorne and Ridge have amazing time together. Ridge tries match making with the two but they manage to avoid it.
30 Jun. 1987
Episode #1.72
Brooke wants to organise Storm and Caroline meet. Stephanie inquires where Eric was and with whom.
1 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.73
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2 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.74
Caroline joins the Logans for a family dinner and likes it very much. Bill makes plans with Thorne how to match him with Caroline.
3 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.75
Ridge confesses to Caroline his worries regarding his parents' relationship. He asks her to stay away from Thorne and marry him.
6 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.76
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7 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.77
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8 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.78
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9 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.79
Caroline invites Brooke over for dinner. Ridge arrives while Caroline went to her office briefly and says a woman from his father's past is just a gold digger which makes Brooke angry and leave.
10 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.80
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13 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.81
Stephanie tries really hard to make her and Eric come back together. Ridge supports her. Margo and Bill go out and see Alex in a restaurant.
14 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.82
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15 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.83
Caroline brings her boss to the Forresters' place to play tennis and match make him and Kristen. Ridge goes to see Margot.
16 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.84
Ridge sees Brooke in a restaurant and goes to greet her. He invites her over to his place for a swim.
17 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.85
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20 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.86
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21 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.87
Brooke invites Caroline put so that she can tell her that Ridge invited her to his place. Storm visits Marc.
22 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.88
Caroline and Brooke go to the Forresters. Thinking that Brooke told Caroline what happened between them Ridge tells Caroline Brooke was hitting on him.
23 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.89
Brooke goes to see Caroline. Mark tells Donna his parents never wanted him.
24 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.90
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27 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.91
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28 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.92
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29 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.93
Brooke goes over to Caroline since she has been raped. Katie sees Rocco and Donna kissing.
30 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.94
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31 Jul. 1987
Episode #1.95
Dave and Brooke take Caroline to the police station. Kristen accepts to go hang out with Charles.
3 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.96
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4 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.97
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5 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.98
Caroline sleeps at the Logans' place. Thorne finds out what happened to her and goes to see her. Donna borrowed money from her family to pay her and Marc's rent.
6 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.99
Brooke takes Caroline to a psychologist who can help her in her situation.
7 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.100
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Aug. 1987
Episode #1.101
Rocco tells Donna Katie saw them kissing. Caroline realises she is not guilty of being raped.
17 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.102
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18 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.103
Ridge gives up on Caroline after inviting her out and her refusal.
Aug. 1987
Episode #1.104
Caroline describes photo of her rapist to the police. Eric and Beth meet.
28 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.105
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31 Aug. 1987
Episode #1.106
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1 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.107
The police have caught Caroline's rapist. She recognises him at the police station.
2 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.108
Stephanie goes to the Logans' place to see Caroline. Caroline admits to her that Thorne means to her a lot.
3 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.109
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4 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.110
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7 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.111
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8 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.112
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9 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.113
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10 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.114
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11 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.115
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15 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.116
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Sep. 1987
Episode #1.117
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Sep. 1987
Episode #1.118
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Sep. 1987
Episode #1.119
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22 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.120
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23 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.121
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24 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.122
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25 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.123
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28 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.124
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29 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.125
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30 Sep. 1987
Episode #1.126
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1 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.127
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2 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.128
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5 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.129
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6 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.130
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7 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.131
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8 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.132
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9 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.133
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12 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.134
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13 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.135
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14 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.136
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15 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.137
Kristen receives a nomination for a design award and Eric is pleased with his favorite daughter. Beth confides her fears about Donna's pregnancy to Storm who offers to counsel her. Mark and Donna make up and she decides to finally take a pregnancy test. Stephanie confronts Kristen over her provocative relationship with her father. Kristen then meets a mysterious stranger at Forrester Creations. Later, the charming Clarke Garrison assures Stephanie that he has everything under control...
16 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.138
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19 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.139
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20 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.140
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21 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.141
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22 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.142
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23 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.143
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26 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.144
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27 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.145
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28 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.146
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29 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.147
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30 Oct. 1987
Episode #1.148
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2 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.149
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3 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.150
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4 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.151
Ridge and Margo fight over Ridge's feelings for Caroline. In court, Ron Deacon's character witnesses heighten his credibility. The district attorney realizes he needs Ridge's testimony. Ridge is hesitant about testifying but realizes that he owes it to Caroline.
5 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.152
As Ridge prepares for his witness statement in court for Caroline's trial, the Logans remember their long-disappeared father as this day marks the 27th wedding anniversary of Beth and Stephen Senior.
6 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.153
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9 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.154
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10 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.155
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11 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.156
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12 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.157
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13 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.158
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16 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.159
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17 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.160
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18 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.161
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19 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.162
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20 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.163
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23 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.164
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24 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.165
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25 Nov. 1987
Episode #1.166
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Nov. 1987
Episode #1.167
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.168
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.169
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.170
It's Thorne and Caroline's Wedding Day. As the guests assemble at the Mansion, the Forrester, Spencer and Logan families meet for the first time. Stephanie confides her suspicions about Brooke and the letter to Ridge who has no plans to attend the wedding. She then confronts Brooke who pleads innocence in the affair. Caroline asks Brooke to locate Ridge so that they might discuss the letter. Stephanie and Margo discuss Margo's relationship with Bill Spencer. Brooke locates Ridge at the office and he frantically returns to the Forrester mansion. Bill is shocked at ...
Dec. 1987
Episode #1.171
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.172
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.173
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.174
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.175
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.176
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.177
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.178
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Dec. 1987
Episode #1.179
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17 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.180
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18 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.181
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21 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.182
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22 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.183
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23 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.184
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24 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.185
On Christmas Eve, Rocco joins the Logan family for dinner. Brooke calls the Forrester home, but Stephanie gives her a curt and evasive answer as to whether Ridge is due back for his business trip.
28 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.186
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29 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.187
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30 Dec. 1987
Episode #1.188
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4 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.189
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5 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.190
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Jan. 1988
Episode #1.191
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Jan. 1988
Episode #1.192
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Jan. 1988
Episode #1.193
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11 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.194
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12 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.195
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Jan. 1988
Episode #1.196
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Jan. 1988
Episode #1.197
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15 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.198
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18 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.199
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19 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.200
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20 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.201
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21 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.202
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22 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.203
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25 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.204
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27 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.205
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28 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.206
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29 Jan. 1988
Episode #1.207
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1 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.208
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2 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.209
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3 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.210
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4 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.211
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5 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.212
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8 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.213
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9 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.214
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10 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.215
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11 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.216
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12 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.217
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16 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.218
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17 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.219
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18 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.220
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19 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.221
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22 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.222
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23 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.223
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24 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.224
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25 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.225
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26 Feb. 1988
Episode #1.226
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1 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.227
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2 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.228
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3 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.229
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4 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.230
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7 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.231
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7 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.232
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8 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.233
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9 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.234
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10 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.235
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11 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.236
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14 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.237
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15 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.238
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16 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.239
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17 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.240
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18 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.241
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21 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.242
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22 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.243
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23 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.244
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24 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.245
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25 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.246
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28 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.247
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29 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.248
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30 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.249
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31 Mar. 1988
Episode #1.250
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4 Apr. 1988
Episode #1.252
Thorne gives Caroline an unwelcome birthday present. Ridge wonders if Brooke will stand him up. Rocco's mock fight with Stacy ends with her dumping a bowl of chili over his head.
10 May 1988
Episode #1.278
Conway Weston tells Stephanie the good news: Stephen Logan is back home. Katie goes to Rocco for comfort over her mother's plans to have Stephen declared dead.
11 May 1988
Episode #1.279
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25 May 1988
Episode #1.289
Storm reminds Beth of all the good things Eric can offer her. Stephanie asks Bill to give Stephen a job. Kristen is humiliated when Clarke refuses to make love to her.
31 May 1988
Episode #1.293
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1 Jun. 1988
Episode #1.294
Kristen confides in Margo, relating her humiliating sexual experience with Clarke; Margo turns around and seduces him. Storm gives Beth news about Stephen's job.
8 Jun. 1988
Episode #1.299
At the birthday party, Stephen proposes to Beth and asks her to give him another chance. That's when Donna reminds her mother that she and Stephen are still legally married. Beth accepts Stephen's ring but feels confused. Caroline is turned off by Thorne's jealousy. Brooke tells Ridge she confronted the other man's wife, not revealing that she is Stephanie. Storm warns Beth not to buy Stephen's act.
16 Jun. 1988
Episode #1.305
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31 Aug. 1988
Episode #1.359
Caroline and Ridge wonder why Thorne is so upset with them. In the hospital, Thorne is still recovering from surgery. He tells Brooke Ridge and Caroline are still in love and he wants a divorce. Margo and Storm agree on finally putting pressure on Clarke and to start legal proceedings. Clarke informs Kristen that Margo is holding his sketches back. Kristen then goes to her father who is astounded by Clarke's work.
27 Sep. 1988
Episode #1.376
Stephanie witnesses Ridge getting shot in the head by Thorne! Meanwhile Caroline admits to Bill that she'll probably never be completely over Ridge. Stephanie runs to the gardens where she finds the motionless Ridge as Eric calls for an ambulance. Stephanie finds the gun and hides it. Paramedics arrive who think Ridge might have suffered severe brain damage. Stephanie finds Thorne passed out in his bedroom smelling liquor on his breath...
30 Sep. 1988
Episode #1.380
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6 Oct. 1988
Episode #1.383
Brooke catches Caroline kissing Ridge as he lies unconscious. Clarke takes advantage of Eric's absence. Stephanie puzzles over Thorne.
13 Oct. 1988
Episode #1.388
Thorne tells Ridge he was shot. Clarke gives Margo her check. Lt. Burke asks Brooke some questions. Brooke and Stephanie have a typically hostile exchange.
13 Oct. 1988
Episode #1.389
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27 Oct. 1988
Episode #1.399
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2 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.403
Brooke delights Storm by moving back home. Eric confronts Stephanie over calling off the police investigation of Ridge's shooting. After Eric threatens to begin his own inquiry, Stephanie reveals that Thorne shot Ridge.
3 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.404
Stephanie informs Eric that Thorne was doped up on sleeping pills when he shot Ridge, thus has no recollection of the shooting. Caroline tells Bill that she plans to seek marriage counseling with Thorne.
4 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.405
Brooke explains to Donna that she moved home to test Rick's love. Stephanie is overjoyed by the news of Brook's departure. Eric attempts to revive Thorne's memory of the shooting by taking him to pick up Ridge at the hospital.
7 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.406
After noticing Thorne's genuine concern for Ridge's well being, Eric calls off the police investigation. Margo and Storm confer on suing Clarke for child support. Kristen tells Clarke that Storm is probably the father of Margo's child.
8 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.407
Bill asks Caroline if Ridge is the reason she seeks marriage counseling. Eric informs Stephanie that they are in agreement about calling off the police investigation. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Burke concludes that Thorne is the shooter.
9 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.408
Lieutenant Burke surprises Stephanie by serving her with a search warrant. Eric arrives in time to watch Stephanie handover a gun to the police officer. Next, Stephanie shocks everyone present by confessing to be the one who shot Ridge.
10 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.409
Donna gets an article published. Bill notices that the article accuses Spencer of exploiting women. Caroline meets with her marriage counselor. Stephanie tells Lieutenant Burke that she shot Ridge after mistaking him for a burglar.
11 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.410
Bill informs Thorne about Caroline seeking advice from a marriage counselor. Ridge tells Caroline that someone is trying to kill him. While under questioning, Stephanie repeats her confession to Lieutenant Burke.
14 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.411
Clarke reluctantly gives Kristen permission to throw Margo a baby shower. Later, Kristen meets with Margo to offer support during her pregnancy. After lying in wait, Rocco takes nude snapshots of Bill in the gym sauna.
15 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.412
Rocco shows Donna the nude photos of Bill. Donna happily agrees to publish Bill's pics as a form of payback. Storm meets with Donna to discuss Clarke's child support. After noticing them, Kristen is sure that Storm is the father.
16 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.413
Kristen throws Margo a baby shower. Margo reluctantly attends at Storm's urging. Ridge invites Brooke to a private cookout. Once they're alone, Ridge asks Brooke to move back to the Forrester's house.
17 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.414
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18 Nov. 1988
Episode #1.415
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1 Dec. 1988
Episode #1.424
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8 Dec. 1988
Episode #1.426
Thorne is angry that Caroline would rather confide in a psychiatrist than him. Brooke's act of seduction is working until she and Ridge realize that they are overdue for Angela's party. Caroline learns of the little steam room episode as she walks in on Ridge and Brooke changing. Eric and Stephanie have decorated the bedroom of their catatonic daughter to celebrate Angela's 26th birthday. The Forrester children as well as their wives reflect on Angela's accident and her zest for life to survive the hardship of undergoing extensive plastic surgery after it. Donna tells...
6 Dec. 1988
Episode #1.427
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12 Dec. 1988
Episode #1.428
Nick Preston proposes marriage to Donna. Donna tells Brooke that Caroline is planning to divorce Thorne. Clarke meets with the Australian buyer against Ridge's wishes.
16 Dec. 1988
Episode #1.432
Stephanie tells Eric, and later Bill Spencer, that Caroline is in love with Ridge. Brooke transforms her humble kitchen into an elegant dining room.
20 Dec. 1988
Episode #1.437
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27 Dec. 1988
Episode #1.438
Thorne confronts Ridge about why he didn't propose to Brooke. Caroline tells her psychiatrist she urgently needs to sort out her feelings for Ridge.
19 Jan. 1989
Episode #1.454
Brooke questions Thorne about his marital life. Concerned for her own future with Ridge, she encourages Thorne to make another attempt to get intimate with his wife. Later, Caroline apologizes to Thorne for all her problems. He suggests that they make love. Ridge tells Brooke that he is worried about Kristen. Meanwhile, Clarke pays a visit to his old stomping grounds at Spectra Fashion where he is greeted by ditsy secretary Darla Einstein and grumpy head of production Saul Feinberg. Sally Spectra makes it clear to Clarke in no minced words what she expects in exchange...
3 Feb. 1989
Episode #1.464
Sally Spectra continues to taunt Clarke by holding the recordings in which he agreed to steal the Forrester designs over his head. Clarke tries to outsmart his former boss by threatening to call the police and refuses to follow up on their deal. Clarke's triumph is short-lived as Sally hires two hit men to have Clarke beaten up and thrown into a garbage container to prove that she is serious about her demands! Eric and Stephanie feel very strongly about their idea to reunite their family by having Angela move into the Forrester Mansion. Kristen is still angry with ...
Feb. 1989
Episode #1.472
Caroline is surprised to run into Donna in Bill's office and even more so as Bill introduces Donna to her as his protégé Jamie Kensington! Sally Spectra's ditsy assistant Darla delivers a hefty bribe to Clarke - and uses a chance to kiss him. Office mates Kristen and Margo have a hard time being civil to each other. To get clarity whether the child will have an impact on her marriage, Kristen asks Margo to bring the baby over while Clarke is home so that he can develop a bond to his son - or they finally get proof that a child will not bring him and Margo together. ...
Feb. 1989
Episode #1.473
Brooke starts to get slightly annoyed that Ridge is not eager to set a wedding date. Stephanie suggests to Caroline to move with Thorne into a house of their own - in order to get room for Angela and create distance to Ridge. Caroline is hesitant. Eric and Stephanie debate whether to tell Caroline the truth about the shooting to keep her from leaving Thorne. Meanwhile, Ridge goes to meet Caroline who promises herself to longer value everyone's happiness before her own: she wants a future with Ridge!
Feb. 1989
Episode #1.474
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Feb. 1989
Episode #1.475
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Feb. 1989
Episode #1.476
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Mar. 1989
Episode #1.489
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15 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.491
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16 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.492
Angela tells Todd she'll pretend to recover. Stephanie talks to Ridge about Brooke's pregnancy. Bill tells Donna he can't bring back her father from Paris.
12 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.493
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24 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.498
Stephanie informs Eric that Brooke is worried about her unborn child because she took the pill whilst already pregnant. Ridge and Brooke bask in the happiness of her pregnancy. Caroline shrugs back from Thorne's advances to get intimate as she is only thinking about Ridge. Eric learns that the Spectra showing will take place on the same day as his. Across town, Saul shows a thrilled Sally the very first Sally Spectra Originals to be presented at the fashion show. Stephanie comforts Brooke who fears to lose Ridge if she were to miscarriage. After Caroline and Ridge ...
27 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.499
Bill catches up with Caroline when Sally Spectra storms into Caroline's office to properly introduce herself and issue a private invitation to the "Eye On Fashion"-editor. A highly reluctant Caroline ultimately agrees to come to the fashion show. Margo warns Clarke that Eric might know about his deal with Sally. Clarke is relieved to find Margo was mistaken. On Stephanie's urging Brooke goes to see Dr. Madigan. Later, Brooke tells Stephanie the baby is fine.
28 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.500
Caroline finds Ridge, Kristen, Clarke and Margo making last minute preparations and announces that Sally Spectra is unveiling her collection just one day prior to the Forrester fashion show. And apparently she is leaving her knock-off days behind her... Later, Margo wonders what will happen to Clarke when Sally realizes she didn't get any Forrester originals but Clarke is smug. Eric and Caroline disagree about the state of Ridge and Brooke's relationship. Brooke runs into Bill while looking for Caroline. Brooke tells Caroline the baby is fine. Ridge is excited while ...
29 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.501
Sally gives Caroline a grand tour at Spectra Fashion before unveiling the new collection in a private showing. At first reluctant, Caroline is very impressed by the designs, yet seems not convinced that Sally created these marvelous clothes herself. Brooke is upset by Stephanie's hot and cold treatment. Thorne tells Brooke he's worried about Caroline and Ridge and then suffers a severe headache. Stephanie is unnerved when Lt. Burke shows up at the Mansion unannounced. The Lieutenant warns Stephanie Thorne may try to shoot Ridge again, but she claims it was just an ...
30 Mar. 1989
Episode #1.502
Preparations for the big fashion show are underway at Forrester Creations when Caroline stops by. Clarke listens in on her bragging about Sally Spectra's first ever original designs she just saw. Caroline asks Clarke to contribute to her article about Sally which he refuses. Todd is still opposed to Angela's plan to stage a miracle cure. Brooke realizes that Thorne continues to worry about Ridge and Caroline. Rightfully so; as at the same time Caroline tells Ridge that they should be together. Angela goes through with her plan despite Todd's protests. Stephanie is ...
Episode #1.503
Sally Spectra, posing as a German journalist, sneaks herself into the Forrester Creations showing. Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Clarke and Margo are busy with last minute alterations. Sally can't wait for the exhilarating moment until Eye on Fashon-editor Caroline realizes that the dresses on the runway are actually Sally Spectra Originals. Therefore, Sally's mood grows sour when none of her designs appear on stage as Clarke made additional ones just for her. Kristen presents the showstopper, a striking white wedding dress as Sally confronts Clarke.
7 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.508
Margo tries to calm down Clarke who gets frustrated that he participated in two major fashion collections, yet didn't receive credit for either one. Eric and Stephanie agree that it's time for Angela to be brought to a hospital for some testing. Ridge hedges Caroline's questions for a wedding date. Dressed up as an Italian business man Sally Spectra pays Clarke a visit at Forrester Creations and makes him a tempting offer: to return to Spectra Fashion as head designer! When Stephanie breaks her plan to a panicked Todd, Angela bolts upright and tells Stephanie she ...
10 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.509
Todd convinces Stephanie she imagined Angela speaking. Bill is surprised that there have been no plans set for Caroline's birthday yet. Thorne tells Ridge he wants to celebrate Caroline's birthday alone with his wife. Meanwhile, Brooke convinces Caroline to have dinner with her, Ridge and Thorne. When Stephanie insists on having Angela committed to the hospital, Angela begins to move...
11 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.510
Bill is relieved to hear that Thorne hasn't forgotten about Caroline's birthday. He gives his son-in-law a locket by Caroline's late mother to have the perfect gift. Ridge is impressed that Brooke could talk Caroline into a group celebration. Thorne is hurt when Caroline insists they celebrate her birthday with Ridge and Brooke. Todd and Angela continue to play their charade. When the no longer catatonic Angela begins to voice her objections against going to the hospital, they overplay their luck though: Stephanie begins to realize that Angela's miracle is a fraud.
12 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.511
Stephanie is no longer buying Todd's stories after Angela's miracle healing the last couple of days. A tearful Stephanie begins to realize that girl she called Angela is not her daughter after all. Todd tells Stephanie that Angela died a year ago and he replaced her to save Stephanie's feelings. Stephanie is about to call the police when the fake Angela says she knows about Thorne shooting Ridge... Brooke explains to Thorne that she wants to make up with Caroline while upstairs Caroline gives Ridge a not-so-innocent kiss. At dinner, Caroline tries to make Ridge ...
13 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.512
Clarke vents his frustration to Kristen about being in Eric's shadow. Later, Eric recollects his own life's story and explains to Kristen that Clarke still has a long way to go before he will be a proper designer of his own. After Bill encourages her to go after the man she loves, Margo pays Kristen a visit. With intentions far from being innocent, Margo asks Kristen once more to be the godmother for Clarke's and her baby. Across town, Sally Spectra's plan seems to work out. She welcomes Clarke with great delight and presents her "bucky boy" with a gesture which the ...
14 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.513
Stephanie breaks the shocking truth to Eric that the woman they have been seeing is an impostor and that their daughter Angela has been dead for 12 years. Meanwhile, a remorseful Todd wants to leave town but the fake Angela has a very different plan in mind. Margo informs Bill she followed up on his advice to get proactive to win back her baby's father and made a curious discovery: his current wife has a back-story in New York she does not want to talk about... Kristen tells Clarke about Margo's visit and that she brought up memories of times long forgotten. Eric and ...
18 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.515
Margo is determined to find out more about Kristen's life in New York. Clarke wonders about Margo's sudden motives for pondering a move to the East Coast. Stephanie and Eric are debating what to tell their children. Todd is upset that Angela is blackmailing the Forresters. He reminds the fake Angela that he and Stephanie had been taking care of the fragile Angela for 13 years before she died and that Stephanie's friendship meant a lot to him. Stephanie, dressed black, announces the children that Angela died the night before.
19 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.516
The family - including Eric - is stunned by Stephanie's announcement of Angela's death. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Caroline are even more surprised by Stephanie's calm explanations that their sister has already been cremated and that she plans on selling the beach house as soon as possible. Ridge and Brooke decide to visit Angela's place one last time to pick up a few things. Stephanie and Eric decide to pay Angela $250,000 for their silence. Todd feels guilty about what is happening to the Forresters, but also worries that Angela's blackmail might backfire. The fake ...
20 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.517
Caroline presses Stephanie to tell her how Angela died. Stephanie worries that Caroline suspects something. At Griffey's Donna and Bill make amends. Todd wants to run but Angela wants to wait for the money. Eric and Stephanie then call to set up the money exchange. Brooke and Ridge drive to the house where Angela died, but he wants her to wait outside. Inside, a stunned Ridge finds a very much alive Angela packing...
21 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.518
Margo is shocked to overhear Clarke's phone call with Sally in which they discuss his going back to Spectra. Angela tells Ridge his sister is dead. A confused Ridge storms off and breaks the news to Brooke. Stephanie and Eric deliver the money to Todd and Angela, but also issue a stern warning to stay away for good. Stephanie rips into Todd for misusing her trust. Clarke tells Kristen that he received a job offer. She is overjoyed, not knowing the offer is from Spectra.
24 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.519
On their way out of town, Angela tells Todd she intends to extort the Forresters for more money. Suddenly, Todd races into the other side of the road and the car jumps off a cliff! As the car catches fire, the blackmail money goes up in flames as Todd and Angela lie motionless... Clarke is upset when Kristen pushes to find out who offered him the job. He visits Margo and she almost seduces him. Brooke informs a confused Thorne and Caroline that Angela is alive. Ridge arrives at the mansion looking to confront his mother, but Stephanie is not there.
25 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.520
Ridge and Thorne grill Stephanie about Angela. Ridge wants to know why Stephanie doesn't prosecute the impostor. Later, a letter from Todd is delivered which Ridge reads... Kristen tells Eric about Clarke's offer. Eric is disappointed and plans to talk to his son-in-law. Clarke pays Sally a visit to put the breaks on her plans for him at Spectra Fashion. Sally is on cloud nine, though, and tells Clarke that she is expecting her daughter Macy to join the company as soon as she has graduated from college.
26 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.521
While Thorne tells Caroline that Stephanie has not been prosecuting Todd and Angela, Ridge informs Brooke about Todd's letter to his mother that he received last night. Over breakfast, Ridge shares the news about the letter in which Todd promised to do everything to protect her secret as well as an article in the paper about Todd and Angela's death in a car accident. Ridge demands an explanation from a stunned Stephanie because he thinks Todd killed himself and Angela! Clarke confesses to Kristen Sally offered him the job. He is upset that Kristen already told Eric ...
27 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.522
Sally learns from her assistant Darla that she hasn't received an invitation to her daughter's graduation party yet. Sally does some research and finds out that Macy already left college. At Griffey's, Donna finds the purse of a striking brunette who later shows up at Spectra Fashion to congratulate Sally on her fashion show... Ridge believes Stephanie's secret involves him. Stephanie avoids answering her son's questions. Thorne wants to book a trip for the family to get some distance to the recent events. He also tells Brooke he hopes Caroline can get pregnant on ...
28 Apr. 1989
Episode #1.523
Sally is overjoyed to see her daughter Macy again. Macy only wants her mother's money while Sally wants to spend time with her resentful daughter. Ridge pressures Caroline to reveal why she wants him to help cancel Thorne's trip. Caroline admits that Thorne's urge to start a family are too much for her. Clarke asks Kristen not to tell Eric the job is with Sally. Margo tells Bill that she has reason to believe that Kristen is having a secret which could well be the end for her marriage. Bill realizes Clarke is Mark's father.
1 May 1989
Episode #1.524
Thorne's plans are not met as well as he had hoped: Kristen declines his offer to join him when she learns that the trip is to New York and then Ridge cancels the trip for the entire family. Brooke is still upset with Ridge for canceling the trip. She informs Caroline that she and Ridge won't join for the trip, but suspects Caroline already knew. Bill decides to help Margo find the man in Kristen's past. Margo thanks Bill for his support.
2 May 1989
Episode #1.525
Stephanie learns from Brooke that Ridge canceled the entire trip. She grills Ridge about the reason and suspects Caroline as the driving force. Thorne tells Caroline he wants to start a family but Caroline is reluctant. Ridge promises Brooke they will set a wedding date the next night.
3 May 1989
Episode #1.526
Clarke feels a sudden change in his marital life. He asks Kristen point blank if she is fulfilled sexually. She claims to be preoccupied and storms off. Sally is disappointed when she and her daughter Macy have yet another awkward conversation. Macy invites Donna to dinner as thanks for finding her wallet at Griffey's. Margo has been doing research all night. She informs Bill that she has tracked down an old friend of Kristen's from her yearbook. Bill thinks Margo should go to New York to get answers first-hand. After Eric patronizingly advises Clarke to stay at ...
4 May 1989
Episode #1.527
Clarke tells Sally she will have to come up with a way to make Kristen happy about his job offer or otherwise he will have to turn her down. Caroline feels pressured by Thorne's desire to start a family. Stephanie and Eric can't wait for Ridge to set a wedding date. They also hope that this might get Ridge's mind off the whole Angela situation and the secret Todd alluded to in his letter. Brooke is giddy with anticipation whilst picking up a dress for the evening with her sister Donna. Caroline tells Ridge it's not to late for him to leave Brooke but Ridge is ...
5 May 1989
Episode #1.528
Brooke is curious to know what Ridge and Caroline discussed but neither will say. Clarke tells a surprised Kristen she is more important to him than any job. In a discussion with her assistant Darla and Saul Sally gets an idea to make Clarke join Spectra Fashion after all. She pays his wife Kristen a surprise visit! When Brooke insinuates that Caroline is trying to come between her and Ridge, Caroline quickly turns the tables and reminds Brooke that her complicated love life began with a certain letter - intercepted by Brooke! When Thorne and Ridge show up at the pool...
8 May 1989
Episode #1.529
Sally tries to win over Kristen, telling her that despite the past Spectra Fashion is now underway to become a legitimate fashion house offering Clarke the unique possibility to become a household name. Kristen only wants what is best for Clarke and is torn after listening to Sally's plea. Caroline is upset about Ridge and Brooke setting a date, but Thorne is thrilled. When Stephanie realizes her skepticism, Caroline graciously offers to join the celebrations - if there is an engagement. At the Private Dining Room, Brooke tells Ridge she will not marry him if he is ...
9 May 1989
Episode #1.530
Ridge and Brooke announce to Stephanie and Thorne that they are getting married on June 16! Macy and Donna meet at the fancy new Taxi Bar. They get along smoothly and Donna tells Macy about her involvement with Bill. Stephanie bluntly tells Caroline to accept Brooke or move out. Later, Caroline congratulates Ridge - on Thorne's urging - but suggests that Brooke has faked her pregnancy.
10 May 1989
Episode #1.531
Caroline is optimistic that she planted doubts about Brooke in Ridge and dreams that Ridge kicks Brooke out. Caroline's words continue indeed to hallow in Ridge's mind. At first Brooke is thrilled when Ridge wants to join her on the next doctor's appointment, but then realizes that he has doubts in regards to her pregnancy. Kristen is curious as to why Sally Spectra is as keen to hire Clarke. She thinks that Clarke told Sally that Eric's latest designs were actually his. Clarke reacts hurt and denies Kristen's accusations. A worried Eric pays Margo a visit when Bill ...
11 May 1989
Episode #1.532
Caroline still believes that Brooke's pregnancy is a hoax. Stephanie tries to convince Caroline she is wrong about Brooke. At the Logan house, Brooke confides in Donna that Caroline told Ridge that she is faking her pregnancy. In New York City, Margo and Bill are relieved when Russell Tanner actually shows up. As it turns out, he wasn't Kristen lover after all and has little information. Russell advises Bill and Margo to talk to Bonnie Barrett, Kristen's former room-mate... When Caroline taunts her, Brooke plays an audio tape of her last visit to her doctor, proving ...
12 May 1989
Episode #1.533
Ridge admits to Brooke that the timing of pregnancy caused his suspicions. Brooke plays the tape of her doctor's visit to Ridge and he apologizes. Kristen is still surprised that Sally is that sure of Clarke's talents although she could have never seen a Clarke Garrison Original yet. Clarke heads to Spectra Fashion, where he runs into Macy who he hasn't seen in ages. Later, Clarke is upset with Sally for visiting Kristen and reiterates that his marriage and not his career is his main priority. In New York City, Bill and Margo ask Kristen's former roommate Bonnie about...
15 May 1989
Episode #1.534
Kristen wants to get a first-hand look at Spectra Fashion's latest designs to get proof for her suspicion that Clarke might be behind Sally's stroke of genius. Sally promises Kristen that her knock-off days are over and despite Darla's intermissions manages to keep up the charade that she designed the clothes. In New York City, Bill and Margo learn more about Kristen's former boyfriend Mick Savage, an esteemed photographer, from Bonnie Barrett. Later, Bonnie worries she spilled too many secrets and gives the mysterious Mick a message of warning. Stephanie bluntly ...
16 May 1989
Episode #1.535
Ridge asks Thorne to be his best man. He also warns his brother that Caroline might still harbor feelings for him. Meanwhile a heartbroken Caroline rereads Ridge's letter. Stephanie and Eric remember how they first met Brooke. She promises Eric to be fair to Brooke even though she hates her. Later at a wedding dress fitting, Brooke tells Eric Beth will not be coming to the wedding. He is disappointed.
17 May 1989
Episode #1.536
After a run-in with Caroline, Brooke gushes to Thorne about her happiness of marrying Ridge. Stephanie warns Bill that Caroline is pursuing Ridge. Caroline knows she must leave Thorne soon to be with Ridge. Thorne tells Ridge he hopes he and Caroline will have a baby. Then, Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Margo, Kristen and Clark gather in the Forrester Creations board room to discuss the latest sales and trends for the next collection. As Sally Spectra's name gets brought up, everyone wonder who designed the Spectra line. Clarke remains quiet as all agree that there is no way ...
19 May 1989
Episode #1.538
Caroline confides in Stephanie that she feels Brooke ruined her life by keeping Ridge's letter. Stephanie realizes Caroline is a threat to Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Bill and Margo take another trip to New York City. When they finally meet Mick Savage it turns out to be a difficult task to find out about his love affair with Kristen. Ridge and Thorne talk with Stephanie about the wedding and Brooke's parents not being part of it. Caroline tells Ridge that she will accept Ridge's vows to Brooke as much as he is accepting hers to Thorne...
22 May 1989
Episode #1.539
Sally thinks Macy needs a purpose in life and gently tells her to get a job as she is cutting her financial support. Macy rebuffs her mother's offer to work with her. Later, Macy encourages Donna to start off fresh and quit her waitressing job. She tells Donna that she can model for Spectra. Mick sees right through Margo's and Bill's fake story for interviewing him. Margo claims to be a friend of Kristen's and tells Mick that Kristen seems still harbor feelings for him. Mick knows about Kristen's marriage though and doubts it. Kristen is still upset with Clarke for ...
23 May 1989
Episode #1.540
Stephanie slyly corners Caroline into planning a bridal shower for Brooke. Donna tells Brooke about meeting Macy and the chance to get a job as a model. Macy informs a thrilled Sally that she will work at Spectra - if she hires her new friend Donna, too. Margo tells Bill that she hopes Mick will get in contact soon, but Bill warns her not get her hopes up. Mick Savage calls Sally and agrees to work for Spectra Fashion when Sally promises him a very lucrative deal. Caroline seeks a private moment with Ridge. She tells Ridge that she will accept his marriage if he truly...
24 May 1989
Episode #1.541
Sally takes desperate measures to have Clarke join her company. Realizing that her reputation is ticking off Kristen (and hence Clarke), Sally pays the Forrester Mansion a visit: she hands Stephanie a check for her favorite charity, claiming she is a changed woman and tells her Spectra will no longer copy other people's designs. Stephanie won't buy Sally's story and she will definitely not forgive and forget Sally's past deeds that easily. Eric is looking for Kristen who wanted to talk to him earlier. Clarke tells Kristen the whole truth about his deal with Sally. ...
25 May 1989
Episode #1.542
Sally agrees to hire Donna as a model. Macy tells her mother she resents the company because Sally devoted all her time to it. Later, Clarke stops by and gets into an argument with Macy before running off again. Kristen pokes fun with Ridge for leaving bachelorhood much sooner than she ever expected him to. When the topic turns to Kristen's sex life, she is very tight lipped, though. Donna wonders whether Caroline organizing her bridal shower is a peace offering, but Brooke sets her straight. Brooke deeply worries that Caroline could prevent the wedding from happening...
Episode #1.543
Clarke wants to be romantic with Kristen, but she turns him down. Later Kristen fondly remembers her passionate romance with Mick Savage, who is already on a plane heading for Los Angeles. Ridge explains to Caroline that he takes his upcoming wedding seriously. Caroline calls Brooke and demands to meet her for lunch. Brooke tells Donna that if she was to move back home, that would give Caroline free access to try whatever she wanted with Ridge.
1 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.547
Caroline suspects that Stephanie is faking her affection for Brooke, although Stephanie pretends to be sincere. Mick doesn't want to work for Sally as he notices the uneven quality of the designs, but Macy talks him into it. Brooke moves out of the Forrester Mansion with a heavy heart. Ridge is still surprised that she wanted to move back home. Donna suspects Caroline forced Brooke to move out.
2 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.548
Kristen and Clarke are still arguing over Clarke's desire to have his own fashion line at Spectra Fashion. Macy is interested in Mick, but Mick is still thinking about Kristen. When Macy introduces Donna to Mick, he is intrigued by Donna's raw charisma. Caroline tries to rekindle her romance with Ridge during an afternoon at the poll and tennis court. Sally makes a grand entrance at Clarke's office, in a striking red dress and wearing a blonde wig! She offers to let Clarke work under the assumed name "Beau Rivage" to save his Forrester career and yet get his own line....
5 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.549
Brooke confides in Donna that Caroline forced her out; yet she is confidant Caroline cannot win Ridge over in just two weeks. Caroline's play for Ridge takes a stunning turn when she bluntly announces that she is going to divorce Thorne right after his wedding to Brooke! Worried by Ridge's reaction to his recent conversation with Caroline, Stephanie asks Brooke to move back in which Brooke declines. Ridge follows Caroline to the office to talk her out of divorcing Thorne. Caroline admits that she is grateful for Thorne's support after her rape, but the truth is she ...
6 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.550
Clarke accepts Sally's offer, yet worries someone will find out his identity. Sally comes up with a disguise for "Beau Rivage", but due to a minor detail Darla immediately recognizes Clarke. Macy fishes for information with Mick. Mick responds with a passionate kiss! Ridge begs Caroline not to divorce Thorne and maintains that he is going to marry Brooke. Brooke is overjoyed by her pregnancy. Stephanie urges Caroline to follow suit and accept Brooke's upcoming marriage to Ridge.
7 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.551
Clarke toasts with Sally on her genius coup to have him work for Spectra under an alias. Katie and Donna try to cheer up a nervous Brooke for the wedding shower. As the party begins at the Forrester Mansion, news spreads that Sally Spectra is about to announce her new designer tomorrow. Bill menacingly wishes Ridge a very stable marriage to Brooke. Thorne and Brooke thank Caroline for organizing the party. Margo tells Kristen she has her eye on a new man. Bill and Donna run into each for the first time in a while. When Thorne tells Ridge how much he loves Caroline, a ...
15 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.557
Caroline avoids answering Ridge's most burning question why she didn't read his letter until her wedding day to Thorne. Ultimately she admits that it was Brooke who withheld the letter... Donna is thrilled for her sister who is beaming at the prospect to be a married woman so soon. Suddenly, Brooke begins to feel pain in her abdomen. Margo informs Bill that Mick Savage is in Los Angeles. Sally notices Macy's interest in Mick. However, Mick no longer seems interested in Macy and bluntly tells her that he is going to the Forrester wedding with Donna.
16 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.558
Ridge is still trying to come to terms with Caroline's confession about his fiance. Donna takes Brooke to the hospital as the cramping won't stop. Donna calls the Forresters to let them know that Brooke will miss the wedding rehearsal. Thorne rushes to the hospital. Eric and Stephanie are very hopeful that the wedding will be the start of some good times for the entire family.
19 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.559
Stephanie notices Ridge is deep in thoughts when he comes home. Eric invites Reverend Harrison in for the wedding rehearsal but the bride is still missing. Thorne calls Ridge about Brooke being in the hospital. Ridge rushes over. Brooke worries that she will lose Ridge if she loses the baby. Bill wonders why Ridge was talking to Caroline the day before his wedding. Caroline keeps mum on the subject, though.
20 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.560
Eric and Stephanie worry about Brooke. Thorne comes home, just as Stephanie informs Caroline about Brooke's condition. Later, Caroline wants to go to the hospital, but Thorne demands that she stay at home. A fight ensues. At St. Joe's Hospital, Dr. Madigan performs an ultrasound on Brooke. He is certain that Brooke's stomach pain is due to her pregnancy. Ridge is concerned about Brooke, yet continues to be troubled by what Caroline told him earlier.
21 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.561
Thorne accuses Caroline that her sole motivation for going to the hospital is Ridge and not affection for Brooke's unborn child. Thorne is deeply hurt when Caroline leaves anyway. Kristen and Clarke arrive for the rehearsal dinner but instead learn from Stephanie that Brooke was hospitalized. Kristen worries that Clarke will eventually have to choose sides between Forrester and Spectra. At St. Joe's, Ridge tells Caroline he has mixed feelings about Brooke, but his only concern right now are Brooke and the baby. The ultrasound finds a heartbeat but Dr. Madigan says ...
22 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.562
Donna tells Mick the wedding is canceled which foils his plan to see Kristen again. Mick hugs Donna while Macy watches. After reliving some more memories of Kristen, Mick goes to dinner with Macy and sees Clarke with Kristen at the Sante Fe Locanda! Caroline is still waiting at the hospital. Dr. Madigan warns Ridge to prepare for the worst as Brooke could miscarry the child. Despite her worsening pains, Brooke refuses to think she might lose the baby.
23 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.563
Ridge assures Brooke who is still spotting that if she were to loose the baby it wouldn't change his feelings for her. After a talk with Stephanie, Thorne goes to the hospital looking for his wife. Caroline interrupts a quarrel between Ridge and Thorne. Eventually, Brooke miscarries her baby boy! Macy is surprised by Mick's mood swings. He keeps staring over to Kristen and suddenly wants to leave L.A. again. Across the room, Kristen feels rejected by her husband when inspiration strikes Clarke who draws a design on the table cloth... Mick confronts Kristen, but she ...
26 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.564
Sally reads about Ridge and Brooke's called off wedding in the paper. She encourages Macy to pursue Ridge because she always dreamed for her daughter to marry into a prestigious family. Thorne tries to patch things up with his wife. Ridge is devastated after Brooke lost the baby. At the same time he isn't sure about the wedding anymore. Meanwhile, Stephanie consoles Brooke about the miscarriage. Brooke is surprised that Stephanie continues to be supportive of her relationship with Ridge. Donna pays Caroline a visit and urges her to stay away from Ridge.
27 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.565
Mick pays Margo a visit who is thrilled to hear that Mick spoke to Kristen. When Mick is reluctant to come in between Kristen's marriage, Margo reveals to Mick that Clarke is the father of her son. After another cold night in the bedroom, Clarke believes Kristen has a problem with sex. Ridge urges Brooke not to worry about the wedding. Brooke receives flowers from Sally Spectra and learns from Dr. Madigan that she will be released from the hospital today. "Beau Rivage" hands Sally his latest designs. Sally uses the chance to ask Clarke to introduce Macy to Ridge.
28 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.566
Stephanie urges Ridge to set a new wedding date as soon as possible. Caroline breaks it to Bill she hopes Ridge will marry her and not Brooke eventually! Margo tells Mick all about Clarke and assures him Kristen's marriage is in trouble. Even though Mick claims that his relationship to Kristen was in the past, the photographer goes to see his former lover... Ridge asks Clarke why Sally sent Brooke flowers. Clarke plays dumb.
29 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.567
Kristen is stunned when Mick shows up in her office. He professes his love to Kristen and claims that there is no way that Clarke could fulfill her as much as he did. Kristen won't hear it and firmly asks him to leave. Margo takes Clarke out to lunch to win him over - also to no avail: Clarke tells Margo he loves Kristen more than anything. Thorne pays Brooke a visit at St. Joe's and learns that she is about to be release from the hospital. Ridge brings Brooke home and prepares to make a confession. Just as Macy tells Sally that Mick rejected her advances, Mick storms...
30 Jun. 1989
Episode #1.568
Ridge admits that he isn't ready to set a wedding date yet. He tells Brooke he needs some time to think because Caroline told him about the letter. Brooke is relieved when Ridge asks her to stay at the mansion, even though he is disappointed in her actions. Bill warns Caroline not to divorce Thorne and urges Caroline to acknowledge the obvious, that Ridge is engaged to Brooke. Mick comes on to Macy to forget about Kristen. Clarke proudly shows his wife his latest designs, but her mind is elsewhere: Kristen remembers her affair with Mick and begins to cry. Thorne asks ...
3 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.569
Mick tries to seduce Macy. She is well aware that he is trying to replace someone special in his life, though. Just when things get hot and heavy, Macy asks Mick if he's had an AIDS test which he declines. Macy leaves. Sally tells Clarke she doesn't trust Mick with Macy. She hustles Darla to find his contact address. Ridge moves into one of the guestrooms at the Forrester Mansion. Caroline announces to her father that her marriage is over. Bill begs her not to act prematurely. Caroline asks Brooke when the wedding is and suggests for her to move back home. Brooke ...
4 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.570
Thorne takes Caroline out to the Private Dining Room. Cornered by Thorne's plans for kids and a house of their own, Caroline is about to ask Thorne for a divorce but he gets a splitting headache... Sally is relieved when Macy finally returns. As Macy tells Sally she is falling in love with Mick, Sally gets upset because this foils her plan to set Macy up with Ridge Forrester. After consoling Brooke by the pool, Stephanie wants to know why Ridge has not set a new wedding date. Ridge says he needs time to think. Donna pays Brooke a visit at the Forrester Mansion.
6 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.572
Caroline confronts Ridge about him sleeping alone. He tells her not to read anything into it; Caroline however is more convinced than ever to divorce Thorne. Eric suggests to Stephanie to tell Ridge that Thorne shot him so that he sees the importance that Caroline stays married to his brother. Clarke wants to know what Kristen's constant daydreams are about. Mick tells Macy last night was a mistake. Macy warns him that she is not a cheap replacement for the real lady of his affection. Stephanie urges Ridge to talk Caroline out of the divorce. Ridge wants to know why ...
7 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.573
Mick tells Margo he doesn't want to be a homewrecker. Margo pushes Mick to pursue Kristen anyway, but he sees right through Margo's motives. When Clarke tries to talk about their recent lack of intimacy, Kristen accuses Clarke of being obsessed with sex. Eric still thinks it is time to tell Ridge that Thorne shot him. Stephanie is strongly opposed to the idea. A furious Ridge tells Thorne that it is time they find out what secret their parents are keeping from them. Thorne asks Ridge to help him hold onto his wife while Caroline consults with a divorce attorney.
10 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.574
Ridge worries about Thorne's head aches. Stephanie and Eric are still debating what to do next. The Spectra gang is thrilled that sales continue to be strong. Sally plans a way to get Clarke to design more for her. Margo presses Kristen for information about first great love Mick. Kristen asks Margo why she isn't dating. Ridge goes home to finally learn about the secret his parents have been keeping for him for months.
11 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.575
Caroline is troubled by memories. Stephanie and Eric tell Ridge the full story. Ridge is puzzled why they begin with the night Caroline mistook Ridge for her husband and slept with him. Ridge is stunned when they continue to recount the entire tale and end up with the shocking truth that Thorne shot him! Thorne tells Kristen about his head aches. He explains that it is Caroline, not Ridge, who is making their marriage rocky.
Episode #1.576
Sally throws a little party for "Beau Rivage" at Spectra Fashion. Clarke is thrilled to meet Mick Savage in person, not knowing that he has ties to Kristen. Ridge is furious that Thorne shot him. Stephanie explains that Thorne blocked all of this from his memory and covered it up with the police. Ridge is stunned that his mother is playing it cool and reminds Ridge of the bigger issue that Caroline will divorce Thorne when she finds out. Stephanie begs Ridge not to tell Caroline just as Thorne shows up...
13 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.577
Thorne walks in on Stephanie and Ridge's conversation and knows something is up. Yet they manage to hurry Thorne out of the den. Thorne confides his frustrations to Brooke. Eric is surprised when Ridge shows up at Forrester Creations. Ridge wants to tell Caroline the truth whereas Eric asks Ridge to protect his brother - and hence his marriage. Ridge decides to go away for a while and invites Brooke along. Thorne misread Ridge and Stephanie's conversation assuming it was about Ridge's feelings for Caroline. Stephanie tries to reassure his son that his marriage is safe.
17 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.579
Margo gets frustrated when Clarke tells her he wants to shower Kristen with gifts, now that he is making the big bucks at Spectra. Darla tells a stunned Mick that Clarke is Beau Rivage. Mick keeps up the show though and invites "Beau" to see his work. He shows him a nude of Kristen, but Clarke doesn't recognize her. Thorne is surprised to learn from Kristen that Ridge took off with Brooke - possibly on an elopement. Caroline informs Bill that she was seeing a divorce attorney and plans to move forward. Caroline is about to ask Thorne for a divorce until he tells her ...
19 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.581
Kristen confronts Mick about the nude photo. Mick thinks Kristen's reaction is proof that she hasn't forgotten about their passionate love affair and kisses her. A shaken Kristen tells him to leave her and Clarke alone. Thorne gets angry when Ridge and Brooke return and yet his parents want to keep him out of their discussion with Ridge. Donna is surprised that Brooke and Ridge have not even spoken about setting a wedding date during their time away. Eric and Stephanie beg Ridge to convince Caroline to stay with Thorne. Ridge is less than thrilled with the idea.
21 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.583
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26 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.586
Even though Margo still hopes to win over Clarke, Bill asks her to marry him. He gives her a week to think about it. Mick brings Macy to dinner with Kristen and Clarke. Kristen tries to play it cool and pretends that she doesn't know Mick. The photographer acts extremely flirty with Macy in order to make Kristen jealous. Donna pays Brooke a visit who is still wondering what the future will hold for Thorne's marriage. Brooke is stunned when Donna seems smitten with Thorne.
27 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.587
Despite Ridge's homecoming, Brooke still has to wait for answers regarding Caroline's latest move. It's not until when Thorne comes home that they learn that Caroline apparently didn't ask Thorne for a divorce. A puzzled Thorne who felt she wanted to end their marriage wonders what changed her mind in the last minute. Ridge goes to Caroline to thank her. She makes it clear that is staying with Thorne for Ridge's sake. Clarke is surprised that Kristen doesn't seem to be sold on Mick. Meanwhile, Macy is on cloud nine after the romantic dinner at the Garrison's. Macy ...
31 Jul. 1989
Episode #1.589
Brooke questions her relationship with Ridge after another chat with Donna. Stephanie tries to ease the tension with Caroline, but she warns her mother-in-law not to get her hopes up as her decision to divorce Thorne is merely postponed and not forgotten. Brooke encourages Thorne to overplay his anxiety that his marriage is over and to gain new momentum in his relationship by sweeping Caroline off her feet. Macy asks Mick what he wants in a relationship. Sally pays Stephanie one more unannounced visit at the Forrester Mansion: she suggests a fashion show fundraiser to...
1 Aug. 1989
Episode #1.590
Stephanie informs Ridge of Sally's suggestion to have a benefit fashion show. He likes the idea. Sally is already orchestrating her troops to make the announcement, even though she hasn't heard back from Stephanie. Macy tells her mother that Mick is the most honest person she ever met. After a fashion shoot, Mick kisses Donna and tells his startled model that he is not committed to Macy. Ridge realizes that Brooke feels uncertain where their relationship stands. Ridge embraces Brooke and tells her they are going out tonight. Donna warns Macy to be cautious with Mick ...
2 Aug. 1989
Episode #1.591
Eric gives Brooke a dress to wear on her date with Ridge in the Private Dining Room. Caroline tells her puzzled father that he hasn't ended her marriage yet. Bill then tells Caroline he proposed to Margo. Caroline is shocked. Mick tells Margo who starts to believe her plan is failing he still wants to pursue Kristen. Brooke and Ridge intend on sleeping in separate beds again, but a misunderstanding leads to them not only sharing the bed but making love.
10 Aug. 1989
Episode #1.597
Bill breaks the news of his impending marriage to Caroline. Caroline gives her father her blessing although she worries about Margo's ties to Clarke. Ridge tells Stephanie about Brooke dating another man. She notices that Ridge still feels uncomfortable about the frictions between Caroline and Thorne and urges him to forget about it. Clarke finally meets with Kristen and tries to explain his absence for the day to his wife. Even though Mark is sick, Kristen remains cold and doesn't understand why Clarke insists on going back to the hospital to be by the child's side. ...
7 Sep. 1989
Episode #1.616
Brooke tries to calm Thorne who tells her to leave him alone. Thorne then meets Macy at a bar and spills a drink over her. They start a conversation. After a discussion with Stephanie and Brooke Ridge decides to tell Caroline about the shooting. Sally puts her plan for the fashion show fund-raiser in the works. She, Darla and Saul take a tour at the former cruise ship Queen Mary which is now a hotel in Long Beach harbor. After some time Sally manages to convince the manager to have a fashion show on board although Saul worries about the costs of this extravaganza. In ...
Episode #1.626
An article in the newspaper brings up memories: Angela remembers the night Todd drove the car over the cliff. It is revealed that a woman stopped on the site of the accident and helped Angela out of the burning car. When the woman tried to get Todd out as well, Angela hit the woman with a rock so both she and Todd found their demise in the flames... At the hospital, Jane Doe aka. Angela removes her bandages. When she sees her severely burnt face for the first time, she swears revenge on Stephanie!
26 Sep. 1989
Episode #1.628
Eric and Stephanie beg Caroline and Ridge not to tell Thorne the truth. Stephanie in particular fears that the therapy could backfire. Meanwhile, Thorne gives Clarke marriage advice and advises him to talk to Kristen - or seek counseling like him and Caroline. Mick is curious as to why Kristen has invited him over. He tries to win Kristen over but she claims that just needs a friend. Just as Mick kisses Kristen, Clarke calls to patch things up with his wife. Ridge tells his parents that despite their protests Caroline is going to ask for a divorce. Then, a visitor ...
27 Sep. 1989
Episode #1.629
Stephanie, Eric, Ridge and Caroline are stunned to see Lt. Burke. Even though Ridge claims that a thief shot him, the Lieutenant won't let them fool him that easily. He breaks to Eric and Stephanie that he is more convinced that Thorne shot his brother - he just failed to prove it yet. When Thorne runs into Donna at Brooke's lab, she tells Thorne Caroline is lucky to have him. Kristen and Clarke talk for the first time in weeks, but the conflicts are still there as Clarke saw Mick leaving the building earlier which he think is proof for his suspicion that Kristen ...
28 Sep. 1989
Episode #1.630
Thorne reacts thrilled that Lt. Burke is on the shooter's trail, even though he admits the investigation isn't concluded yet. When Burke starts to question an unsuspecting Thorne, Stephanie throws him out. Donna tells Brooke about her talk with Thorne and can't help it to feel disappointed that Thorne is seeing a marriage counselor. Stephanie asks Caroline not to divorce Thorne without success. Ridge is shocked when Thorne tells him that he has gained new hope that he and Caroline will work out their problems thanks to counseling. Thorne gives Caroline an expensive ...
2 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.632
Caroline is relieved when Thorne returns to Michelle's office. Despite Thorne's attempt to cling onto his hope that their marriage is salvageable, Caroline - with help from Dr. Brookner - tries to explain that they should have never married to begin with. Thorne's shock deepens when Caroline begs him to let her out of their marriage. Brooke tells Ridge she will be in Copenhagen for a week on a conference. Darla informs Sally that she received a weird call earlier. When Angela calls again, claiming to be a former patient of the children's medical center, Sally realizes...
3 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.633
Thorne begins to realize that the therapy was never intended to save his marriage and Caroline admits to it. After an emotional discussion, Thorne agrees to the divorce - at the same time he gets another headache. Dr. Brookner looks worried. Clarke confides in Margo that the quality of his designs has gotten uneven. He intends to give Eric his lesser sketches, but the Forrester patriarch finds Clarke's designs intended for Sally and loves them. Sally is furious when Clarke gives her the leftover sketches instead. She threatens him to produce a stunning showstopper ...
4 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.634
Eric, Stephanie and Ridge anxiously wait for news how Thorne handled Caroline's request to end their marriage. Stephanie is upset that Caroline actually asked for the divorce. Then, Thorne comes home, presumably not harboring any harsh feelings against his wife, and asks Ridge point blank if he and Caroline have plans. Ridge says no and Thorne's headache disappears. Angela puts her plan into motion: she tells an at first reluctant Sally that the children's hospital saved her life after she got disfigured in a tragic accident. Sally agrees to let Angela speak at the ...
5 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.635
Still living at her apartment and looking for drawing paper, Clarke finds some of Margo's sketches. After encouraging Margo to show them to Eric, inspiration strikes Clarke in his sleep. Therefore, Clarke accidentally copies one of Margo's designs to pass of as a Beau Rivage original. Just as Sally takes a thrilled look at Clarke's latest design, Eric decides to put the similar design by Margo in the upcoming fashion show... Caroline informs her father that she finally asked Thorne for a divorce. He can't help but wonder if Caroline's feelings for Ridge motivated this...
6 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.636
Bill is excited about Caroline living with him and Margo. Margo is not that thrilled... Thorne confides in Stephanie that he is coming to terms with the divorce - as long as Caroline and Ridge do not get back together. Meanwhile, Ridge and Caroline seek advice from Dr. Brookner. Michelle thinks that Ridge's plan to tell Thorne everything could be dangerous, especially now that he is dealing rather well with Caroline divorcing him. A beaming Sally tells Darla that the poor disfigured soul's speech at the benefit fashion show is going to be the ultimate means to earn ...
9 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.637
Sally reads about Brooke being at a conference in Europe in the paper. She tells Darla that the timing is perfect... Sally then informs Mick that there is going to be a new man in Macy's life and that he should leave Macy alone. Stephanie informs Ridge that Sally Spectra found a woman who wants to hold a touching speech at the fashion show. Later, Stephanie is by Thorne's side as he tries to get used to being single. Ridge and Caroline share an intimate moment and they wonder whether they will have be able to see each other again because of Thorne.
10 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.638
As the fashion show nears both fashion houses hold preparatory meetings motivating their staff: Dressed as "Beau Rivage" Clarke delivers another sketch to Sally and has a run-in with Mick. Sally is not cooperative when Clarke wants to bolt as he is missing the meeting at Forrester. Mick is reluctant to take pictures at the Queen Mary, but realizes he can be near Kristen on this occasion. Sally confides in Macy that the show is going to be the once in a lifetime moment to go head to head with the finest in fashion. Margo and Kristen have a fight over Clarke. Eric is ...
11 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.639
Eric and Stephanie remind Thorne and Ridge that they have absolutely no reason to trust Sally and must be extra careful to keep their designs locked till the last minute. Macy knows Sally is up to something but isn't sure what. Sally gives Darla last minute instructions to have Macy become come close to Ridge Forrester, just as Stephanie shows up at Spectra Fashion. Sally lets Stephanie speak to the mysterious Deveney Dixon over the phone when Stephanie is getting second thoughts. Caroline tells a surprised Ridge that she won't attend the fashion show. She is leaving ...
12 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.640
The fashion show aboard the Queen Mary is about to begin. Sally - hoping to score points with the Forrester Matriarch - promises Stephanie a great event. Just as Stephanie greets her fellow Children's hospital board members an uninvited guest arrives: Lt. Burke! Stephanie asks him to leave but he refuses. When Clarke checks in on the Spectra models preparing for the runway, he has to hide as Ridge shows up. Ridge introduces himself to Macy and she is impressed. With Margo serving as hostess, the models hit the runway with both Spectra and Forrester receiving rave ...
13 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.641
The benefit fashion show takes a break before the grand finale: Stephanie is worried about the guest speaker, but congratulates Sally on organizing the lavish event. Ridge lays down the law with Lt. Burke for showing up uninvited on the Queen Mary. Margo compliments Clarke on his Spectra designs and the former lovers share a tender moment as friends. Angela prepares for her speech when she gets distracted by a TV program: psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers talks about a dangerous way to trigger an amnesiac's memory as the individual might react violently... Darla puts ...
16 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.642
Angela is just about to announce that Thorne shot Ridge when she remembers Dr. Joyce Brother talking about re-enactment. Angela thinks that Thorne shooting his brother for good would be the perfect revenge on Stephanie! Therefore, Angela simply thanks the Forrester for financing the hospital where she was taken care of after being disfigured in a fire. Kristen and Clarke have a cool encounter while Ridge is surprised that Caroline arrives at the fashion show after all. She confesses her love to Ridge and urges him to make up his mind before her return to town. ...
17 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.643
Sally is furious: she worked all her life to make Spectra a reputable fashion house and then her dream come true turned into a fiasco. Macy tries to comfort her mother. Margo feels betrayed by Clarke for copying her showstopper. Clarke feels wrongly accused until he realizes that his sub-conscience must have seen Margo's design before creating his own. Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and Ridge are furious and wonder if Margo is responsible for the incident. Stephanie has a hard time believing that Sally willingly copied Margo's design after working so hard to set up the ...
18 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.644
Macy prepares a press release to field the fire. But too late: Eric storms into Sally's office threatening with a law suit if she does not reveal Beau Rivage's identity! Sally tells Eric she didn't steal his design but he doesn't buy it. As proof her good will Sally agrees to take it out of her collection. Kristen suspects Margo and Clarke of intentionally planning the mishap. Brooke returns to town and surprises Ridge in the steam room. Amidst the playful banter, she wants to know where they stand.
19 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.645
Brooke tells Donna about the conference she attended and her visit with Beth and Stephen. Donna explains to Brooke about the moment she wore Spectra's showstopper which looked awfully alike the Forrester one. It's not before long that Stephanie arrives with a stunning assumption: she thinks Brooke is to blame for the stolen design as she had access to the company and her sister is working for the competition. Brooke is insulted. Clarke tries to charm Sally congratulating her on the successful showing. Sally is not mincing any words though and warns Clarke to talk to ...
20 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.646
Stephanie shows up at the Logan house and accuses Donna of stealing the showstopper design. A stunned Donna shows Stephanie out. After her hurtful talk with Stephanie Brooke seeks comfort from Thorne. Kristen tells Clarke she has had it with him. Regardless if he stole the design, in Kristen's mind the incident proves that he values his career greater than his marriage. Clarke is destroyed. Mick reacts jealous that Macy was trapped in a stateroom with Thorne Forrester on board the Queen Mary. He is surprised when Kristen calls. Angela sets up her re-enactment scheme ...
23 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.647
Macy confronts Sally for trapping her on the Queen Mary. Sally is surprised to hear that Macy met Thorne and not Ridge. Macy has only eyes for Mick, though. Kristen seeks comfort from Mick and they end up kissing passionately. Bill welcomes back his daughter from her business trip. Thorne informs Caroline that he has made his peace with the divorce and he wants to be friends. Angela arrives at the Private Dining Room and vividly imagines Thorne drinking a spiked Scotch before she finally makes him remember that Ridge slept with Caroline... Angela aka. Deveney can ...
24 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.648
Angela is surprised when Thorne wants to know more about her and encourages her to lift her veil. He thinks they both suffered scars, emotionally or physically, but grew stronger because of it. Angela follows up on her plan and spikes Thorne's drink with sleeping pills. Bill is unnerved that Margo continues to be lax with Clarke in regards to his visitation schedule. He tells Margo that he wants to adopt Mark. Caroline informs Ridge that Thorne is no longer fighting the divorce. She then pressures Ridge to decide between her and Brooke. After Clarke pleads his ...
25 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.649
Stephanie warns Bill that a reunion of Caroline and Ridge could have dire consequences. Thorne starts to feel a little dizzy as the sleeping pills begin to work. Angela aka. Deveney tries to move forward with her plan to tell him the tale of a brother shooting the other, but Thorne who is touched by Deveney's life story makes a bold offer. Stephanie accuses Caroline of not caring about Thorne. Caroline retorts that Thorne seems to be coping much better than to be expected with the divorce. Ridge tells Brooke that Caroline and Thorne are divorcing. Brooke tells Ridge ...
26 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.650
The great re-enactment scheme takes an unexpected twist as Angela is touched when Thorne offers to pay for plastic surgery to give her her old face back. Bill wants to know what Caroline is keeping from him that caused Stephanie's stern warning, but Caroline won't tell. Eric runs into Brooke at the pool and tells her that she is the perfect match for Ridge. Ridge asks his mother for her opinion about the right woman for him. Stephanie realizes that Ridge is really torn up about the choice he has to make. Ridge keeps silent when Stephanie insinuates that deep down in ...
27 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.651
Stephanie and Eric realize that it is a rare night on which they have the house to themselves. Stephanie tries to seduce Eric but he isn't interested. Brooke declares war on Caroline by telling her she will be married to Ridge by the holidays. Margo is still uneasy with Caroline's presence at the apartment. Bill then surprises his wife with his desire to have a baby! Angela is touched by Thorne's offer to pay for her plastic surgery. Thorne asks Angela to drive him home as he isn't feeling too well. Angela is shocked to finally set a step into the Forrester mansion. ...
30 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.652
Ridge realizes that his mother and father have hit a rough spot in their marriage. Over breakfast, Thorne then explains to Ridge and Stephanie about his evening with Deveney Dixon. Angela starts to doubt Thorne just as he finally calls. He tells her that he wants to consult a plastic surgeon for her. Angela is shocked by Thorne's generosity. Sally tells Macy about her suspicion that Clarke sabotaged their line in order to play nice with his wife. In her fury, Sally is this close to fire Mick who is unnerved by her rude behavior. Macy who is deeply in love decides the ...
31 Oct. 1989
Episode #1.653
Sally is stunned by Clarke's revelation. Mick desperately tries to change Macy's mind, but she is head over heels in love with him. Brooke wants to fix Thorne up with Donna. She also informs Ridge that despite Caroline's intention to speed up the process, there is going to be a waiting period for the divorce. Caroline then tells Ridge she wants to get a quick divorce in Nevada to get closure - and be available! Macy tells Sally she is leaving Los Angeles with Mick.
1 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.654
Mick runs into Clarke who gleefully announces that Sally is to tell Macy about Kristen. Mick storms off. Sally breaks it to Macy that Mick is seeing his former lover Kristen Forrester, but she thinks Sally is lying. Thorne informs Ridge and Stephanie that he consulted with a renowned plastic surgeon to give Deveney Dixon her old face back. They are surprised that Thorne goes to such lengths for a woman he barely knows. Angela is gaining new hope to regain her old life.
2 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.655
Excited by Thorne's upcoming visit to her place, Angela hides the pictures of the Forresters and it dawns to her that regaining her old face back will have dire consequences. Indeed, Thorne explains to Deveney that the surgeon needs a picture of her before the accident. Angela tells Thorne she burned all pictures. Angela hugs Thorne who wants to go through with the operation anyway. Mick apologizes to a deeply disappointed Macy who confronts him with Sally's allegations. After extended soul-searching, Kristen decides she wants a future with Mick and not Clarke. Ridge ...
3 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.656
Ridge asks Eric about his problems with Stephanie. Eric brushes Ridge off, reminding his son that they have had problems for years. The trauma surrounding the fake Angela over the last year just covered it. Brooke makes the big mistake of telling Stephanie that she knows about her marital problems. Stephanie doesn't hesitate to tell Brooke that she isn't interested in Brooke's concern as her covering for Beth's and Stephen's affair is one of the roots for her strained relationship with Eric! Margo makes a play for Clarke who stresses that he still loves his wife. When...
6 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.657
Thorne confronts Donna for keeping her new job at Spectra Fashion a secret. Donna convinces Thorne that she had nothing to do with the stolen design and they hug. Later, Thorne receives the divorce papers. Sally is surprised to see Kristen waiting in front of her office. In it, Mick tells a devastated Macy that he picks Kristen. Sally orders Mick out. Mick tells Kristen that she is all he ever wanted and they kiss. Brooke tells Ridge about her quarrel with Stephanie and that she wants her out of the house. Brooke is shocked when Ridge doesn't defend her and ponders to...
7 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.658
Sally informs Darla and Saul that she fired Mick Savage. Then, Sally tries to cheer up a miserable Macy. Mick and Kristen make love. Clarke's hopes for reunion with his wife are crushed when he finds Kristen with Mick at their apartment. When Mick tells Clarke that his marriage is over, a fist fight ensues. Thorne asks Caroline why she filed for divorce in Nevada. Learning that this speeds up the procedure, Thorne wants to know if Caroline plans to marry Ridge. She vehemently denies it.
8 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.659
Caroline urges Ridge to forget about Thorne and Brooke and live up to his feelings. Ridge announces his plans to go on a business trip, but this doesn't stop Caroline from further pressuring Ridge to choose between her and Brooke soon. Stephanie feigns ignorance when Thorne wants to know if Ridge and Caroline are having an affair. Brooke is thrilled for Donna after Thorne asks her out on a date. She then tells Donna about Stephanie's outrageous behavior. Clarke confides in Margo about his fight with Mick. She cheers him up with news that Mark took his first steps ...
10 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.661
Margo stands Bill up in order to enjoy some family time with Clarke and Mark. Clarke is touched to see his son walking for the first time. Caroline notices that Eric is having marital problems and tries to comfort him. Ridge tells Brooke to talk to Donna before her date with Thorne. He wants her to encourage Donna to throw herself at Thorne because he does need the diversion. Meanwhile, Angela is staring at pictures of Thorne. It is clear that she has fallen for Thorne; yet she promises to hurt him if he fails her!
Episode #1.662
Stephanie accuses Brooke of conning Thorne into dating Donna. Brooke tells Stephanie to stop with the hostility as she and Ridge will definitely get married. After an awkward start Thorne's and Donna's date at the Ocean Club takes a romantic turn and they kiss.
14 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.663
Donna thanks Thorne for a lovely evening. Thorne then goes to see Angela to tell her that her face can be recreated through computer technology. The happy news proves to be a burden on Angela who worries that her identity will be revealed in the process. Stephanie encourages Ridge to use his business trip to seek some diversion in his free time. Brooke is unnerved when Caroline shows up at the Forrester Mansion. They realize that they have a common goal, though. Brooke and Caroline confront Ridge and tell him he better have a decision on whom he wants to spend the ...
15 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.664
Sally encourages Clarke to quit Forrester and work for Spectra full time now that his marriage is in shambles. Clarke and Macy commiserate as Mick Savage had a lasting effect on both of their lives. They both want to put all their energy in their work now. Mick wants to move back to New York with Kristen. Kristen is unsure and wants to think about it. At first, Margo is relieved that Bill is no longer pushing to have a child of their own. The real reason is that Bill has already started adoption proceedings for Mark. Margo is upset and worries how Clarke will react.
16 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.665
Thorne tells Stephanie that his date with Donna was wonderful. When Mick begins to trash talk Clarke, Kristen gets defensive. Stephanie shows up and encourages Kristen not to give up on her marriage. Kristen denies Stephanie's assumption that she is seeing another man. Bill is upset that Margo is criticizing him for rushing the adoption process and voices her objections for ambushing Clarke. Clarke is furious when Bill's lawyer Barry Holden tells him that Bill wants to adopt Mark.
17 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.666
Stephanie feels misunderstood when Eric accuses her of meddling in their children's lives when she tells him about her strange visit with Kristen. Caroline meets with Brooke to find out if she has heard from Ridge. Meanwhile, Caroline and Thorne's divorce is looming, but Thorne is fully occupied with the plastic surgery of Deveney and explains to Stephanie that the doctor will operate her on a computer program based scan of her bone structure. Stephanie is surprised to hear that Deveney destroyed all pictures of herself. Deveney steals a photo of a very pretty woman. ...
20 Nov. 1989
Episode #1.667
Kristen suggests to Eric to hire Mick as Forrester Creations' new photographer. Brooke and Stephanie have another argument. Angela daydreams of a future with Thorne. He is indeed impressed by her beauty when Angela shows him the picture of the striking blonde that she stole just earlier. Stephanie tries to convince Caroline not to pursue Thorne. Caroline finally tells Stephanie that Thorne was the one who encouraged Brooke to keep Ridge's letter from her oh so long ago. Thorne and Donna realize that Deveney's picture was developed the day before. Outside, a jealous ...
12 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.681
Ridge urges Eric to work on his relationship with his mother. Donna tells Brooke about the weird phone call from Deveney Dixon. Stephanie is shocked that the presumed dead impostor of her beloved daughter is not only alive, but back into her family's life. With help from Sally she frantically tries to track down Deveney aka. Angela. Meanwhile, Angela feels rejected when Thorne won't kiss her. She is disappointed that Thorne sees nothing more in her than a friend. When Thorne tells her about the computer generated composite, Angela decides to drug him...
13 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.682
Thorne realizes that Deveney knows a lot more about him than he used to think. Angela begins telling Thorne about Ridge sleeping with Caroline while she was his wife. As Thorne begins to feel drugged and loose control, Angela hands him a loaded gun and encourages him to go confront his brother... Sitting at home alone, Ridge remembers happy times with both Brooke and Caroline. Meanwhile Ridge's former lovers are seeing their new beaus: Brooke enjoys another date with Doug while Caroline is spending the evening with Dylon trying to get over her feelings for Ridge.
14 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.683
Filled with fury and under the influence of pills, Thorne aims the loaded gun at Ridge, but pulls it down when Caroline calls. Stephanie arrives at Deveney's seedy apartment and confronts her. Soon, Stephanie spots the whiskey glasses and realizes that Angela drugged Thorne. She rushes home where Thorne, the gun in his hand, accuses Ridge of sleeping with Caroline. Tensions rise once again between Margo and Caroline. Bill senses Caroline's lingering feelings for Ridge are partly to blame for his daughter's sour mood.
15 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.684
Sally informs Clarke and Darla about Stephanie's surprising visit and her sudden interest in Deveney Dixon. Macy invites Clarke to celebrate Christmas with her and Sally. Stephanie is shocked to find Thorne aiming the gun at Ridge. Ridge tells Thorne that he was the one who shot him last year. Thorne is horrified and throws the gun away. But the argument between the brothers is not over yet until Stephanie calls them to order. Brooke and Caroline reflect on the fact they are no longer friends and yet they both didn't end up in a relationship with the man they love.
18 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.685
It's a new day in Los Angeles: Thorne tells Eric he can't forgive Ridge for what he did, but also feels betrayed by Caroline. Kristen wants to make her relationship with Mick official and therefore pressures him to try again with Eric. Mick talks to Ridge who agrees to put in a good word for him. Caroline informs Bill that her divorce hearing in Nevada has been postponed. Later, Caroline decides to talk to Thorne despite Ridge's discouragement earlier.
19 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.686
Bill explains to Margo that the greatest Christmas gift he could hope for would be to officially become Mark's father. Later, Clarke tells Margo he does not want Bill to adopt his son. Stephanie convinces Kristen to spend Christmas with the family. She also encourages her to bring Clarke along - hoping that this will bring the couple closer again. Eric seeks confirmation from Ridge that he and Caroline aren't seeing each other as he is concerned for Thorne. Eric lets Ridge decide about hiring Mick. Caroline tries to explain the prank to Thorne but he isn't buying it ...
20 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.687
Mick proudly tells Kristen that Ridge hired him. She is not too impressed that he took a short cut and reminds him that her father's approval is very important to her. Mick calls the Eric to apologize and gets a second chance from the patriarch. A visit from Thorne leaves Donna with more questions than answers. Brooke confronts Ridge about Thorne's weird behavior. They admit they have missed each other and embrace. Eric and Stephanie look back on a disturbing year for the Forrester. He is curious what Stephanie is planning to bring the family together for Christmas.
21 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.688
Stephanie and Eric each work on their Christmas miracle as they try to convince one of their quarreling sons to be at home for the holidays. Ridge and Thorne both agree reluctantly. Stephanie then asks Clarke to join them for Christmas. Sally tells Macy, Darla and Saul about Stephanie's weird visit the other day. She senses that the Forresters are facing a rocky Christmas and decides to change that: she shows up at the Forrester Mansion dressed as Santa Clause to give Stephanie some gifts who is genuinely touched by the gesture.
22 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.689
It's Christmas but few people are in a cheery mood: Donna and Brooke are feeling down about the holidays since they are alone in L.A., far away from the rest of the family. Also they are both pining for a man in her life, Thorne and Ridge respectively. Margo is consoling Caroline who feels let down by Ridge. Meanwhile at the Forrester Mansion, Ridge sees himself in the unusual position. He confides his sorrows to Eric how he drove away both Caroline and Brooke by being unable to make a choice for either woman. But now he realizes that one woman made him feel happy and...
26 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.690
Caroline and Margo return from Nevada where Caroline's divorce from Thorne has been finalized. Margo consoles Caroline who admits that she has hard time forgetting about Ridge. Eric informs Stephanie that Ridge intends to propose today... Beth comforts Brooke who is still having feelings for Ridge. Thorne tells his father that Beth Logan is back in town. Ridge "introduces" Mick to Clarke. When Clarke tries to threaten Mick to make him leave Forrester, Mick reminds Clarke that he knows about his Beau Rivage alter ego and wouldn't hesitate to make it public knowledge.
27 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.691
Ridge informs Eric of his lavish plans for a proposal. The only thing left to do is an invite for the lucky bride-to-be. A sad Brooke explains to Beth that last year she was spending a romantic New Year's Eve, but now she lost him. Bill is worried that Caroline is actually still hoping for a future with Ridge. Even though their divorce is now final, Thorne considers taking Caroline out for dinner but Stephanie cautions against it. Later, Brooke and Caroline both get calls from a Mr. Forrester. Both women get ready for a date - assuming it is with Ridge. Eric calls ...
28 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.692
Brooke beamingly arrives at the Forrester Mansion. There, she has to realize her call was from Thorne, not Ridge. They wonder where Ridge is tonight. Ridge greets his true love at the Private Dining Room: he proposes to a stunned Caroline and she happily accepts. Eric tells Beth that he missed her and they kiss. Stephanie thanks Sally, Saul and Darla for their Christmas gift and tells them the Forresters had a wonderful holiday.
29 Dec. 1989
Episode #1.693
Ridge and Caroline are both thrilled to finally become the married couple they planned on becoming three years ago. The only thing in their way is to tell Thorne and Brooke about their plans. Meanwhile, Thorne and Brooke commiserate at the pool hoping that Caroline and Ridge won't get back together. Kristen is surprised when Clarke shows up at the apartment. He confronts Kristen about Mick and informs her about Mick's threats earlier. Kristen begins to doubt Mick's character. She later questions Mick about his involvement with Macy, even though he claims he was always...
2 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.694
Beth comforts Brooke about Ridge. Stephanie follows Eric over to the Logan house and is devastated to see Beth and Eric kissing. Unbeknownst that Stephanie is watching them, Beth tells Eric despite their obvious attraction to another she is happy in Paris with Stephen. Margo tries to help Bill accept Ridge reminding that Caroline is an adult. Macy convinces Sally to go out with her. Sally makes a quick exit at the Taxi Bar, though, when Macy accidentally bumps into Thorne again...
3 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.695
Beth is startled when she sees Stephanie staring at her through her living room window. After Stephanie confronts her about Eric, Beth makes the shocking realization that Stephanie sent Stephen to Paris to get her away from Eric. Ridge and Caroline inform Bill of their engagement. Margo urges Bill to accept it, but he refuses. Stephanie tries to convince Eric to open up to her, but he seems to think of their marriage as a lost cause. Beth explains to Brooke the lengths Stephanie went to meddling with their family. Brooke swears Stephanie revenge!
4 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.696
Sally informs Clarke that Macy has a rendezvous with the elusive Thorne Forrester. Clarke warns Sally that Thorne will reject her as soon as he finds out that Macy is her daughter. At Big Bear, Thorne shows Macy the family cabin. At first, Thorne commiserates about Caroline, but eventually chemistry strikes: Thorne and Macy kiss and make love! Ridge and Caroline prepare to tell Thorne and Brooke about their wedding plans. Stephanie is desperate to save her marriage. She takes an unusual approach and tells Eric that Beth is quite a woman. Ridge announces to his parents...
5 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.697
Eric and Stephanie can't see eye to eye how Brooke will be affected by Ridge's choice for Caroline. Ridge breaks the news to Brooke and she is heartbroken. Margo plays with Caroline's insecurities that Ridge is not a man to settle down with for the long turn. She reminds her that she was with Ridge until Caroline entered the picture. After telling Stephanie he met a great new woman last night, Thorne informs Ridge he can have Caroline if he wants her. Ridge is shocked. Meanwhile, Eric comforts Brooke who is convinced that Stephanie's negativity influenced Ridge ...
8 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.698
Sally is thrilled about Macy's encounter with Thorne but Macy tells her it was no big deal. Despite his intention to move on, Thorne is furious when Ridge tells him about his wedding plans. Thorne goes to comfort Brooke about their losses. Stephanie is relieved that Eric shares her zest to reunite the divided family. Will it also bring them closer again?
9 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.699
Margo sneakily tricks Bill into hanging a portrait of herself above the fireplace instead of the picture of Caroline which she has long despised. Ridge and Caroline set a wedding date. When Caroline mentions her deep connection to her deceased mother, Ridge proposes to get married at the mission in Capistrano close to where Maryan Spencer is buried. Even though she and Mick still pretend to not know each other at work, Kristen asks Clarke for a divorce. An upset Clarke warns her to rush things because Mick will not make her happy. Later, Kristen surprises Mick with a ...
10 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.700
Caroline is dismayed when she spots the new portrait of Margo above the fireplace in her father's apartment. Bill agrees to attend her wedding, though. Margo has high hopes to be Caroline's maid of honor, but Caroline prefers to give this position to her assistant Valerie instead. Donna and Macy make peace about their mutual interest in Mick as they both lost out. They then gush about the new man in both of their lives, not realizing they are both dating the same man yet again: Thorne. Eric makes it clear to Ridge that he expects him to make a bold move to reunite the...
11 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.701
Sally orders Darla to get the intel on the big Forrester wedding so that she can sneak in. When Caroline asks him if she and Ridge should elope quietly, Eric appreciates the thought but thinks the wedding is a good idea. Donna wants Brooke to join her and Thorne for dinner. When Thorne voices his approval, Brooke eventually agrees to come. With Sally's imagination running wild, Macy reminds her mother that she and Thorne are not an item - just yet. Ridge and Caroline hold a press conference at Forrester Creations to announce their upcoming wedding.
12 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.702
Eric prepares for Forrester daughter Felicia to come home to Los Angeles just in time for the wedding. When Stephanie turns the conversation about her difficult relationship to her youngest child about Brooke, Eric presses Stephanie to find out why she hates Brooke so much. After dinner, Brooke tells Thorne Stephanie was the cause of her break up with Ridge. Later, Brooke confesses to Donna that her hatred towards Stephanie is driving her to unknown territory. She recently even had a dream where she killed Stephanie and enjoyed it... Caroline informs Ridge that she ...
15 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.703
Caroline thanks Valerie for her support in setting up the wedding. Macy catches Sally and Darla plotting ways to sneak into the Forrester wedding. Sally manages to convince Macy to join her to get close to Thorne again. Stephanie and Eric ask a reluctant Kristen to bring Clarke to wedding as they want to see the family united. Ridge and Thorne get into it again. Thorne tells Ridge he no longer wants to be best man and says he will not come to the wedding. Felicia calls her parents and informs them that she probably won't make it back to Los Angeles in time. Stephanie ...
16 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.704
Thorne is enraged by the newspaper report about Caroline and Ridge. Thorne tells Caroline he knows she never stopped loving Ridge. Caroline is not the only one trying to make amends and Thorne not the only one who cannot forgive and forget: Ridge pays Brooke a visit and also fails to win her understanding. Stephanie informs Clarke that she still considers him part of the family and that he should attend the wedding. Mick is insulted when Stephanie asks him to take pictures at Ridge's wedding, but decides to do it anyway after Kristen once again delays presenting him ...
17 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.705
Clarke tries to charm his way back into Kristen's life and presents her valid reasons why they should go to the wedding together. Kristen is taken aback when Clark kisses her. After Caroline brags about her mother, Bill's late first wife, Margo gets upset because she realizes that there is still a lot of information she doesn't know about Bill. Ridge asks his father to give his marriage one more chance. Eric then attempts to make up with Stephanie. Brooke tells Thorne about her last encounter with Ridge which left her convinced that he still has feelings for her. ...
18 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.706
The Forrester and Spencer families get ready for a rehearsal dinner for Ridge and Caroline's wedding at Bill's apartment. Brooke tells Donna that she accidentally hinted to Thorne that Stephanie is connected to their father's transfer. Later, Eric stops by and gives Brooke a plane ticket to Paris so she can visit her family. Brooke is deeply touched. Thorne confronts Stephanie with Brooke's accusations. She says Brooke is just upset about Ridge. Margo realizes that Bill still does not trust Ridge and expects the marriage to fail. At the party, Bill plays nice with ...
19 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.707
It's the day of Ridge and Caroline's wedding: Donna unsuccessfully tries to hide newspaper articles from Brooke, but her sister is well aware of the day's big event. Eric and Stephanie break it to Ridge that Felicia probably won't come. Mick is envious that Kristen is taking Clarke to the wedding while he is still her secret lover. Ridge and Caroline meet early at the church in San Capistrano where she leads her husband-to-be to her mother's grave. As friends and family gather in the monastery's gardens two unexpected guests arrive: Ridge's sister Felicia and Brooke. ...
23 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.708
Felicia Forrester surprises Ridge and Eric with her unexpected return. Brooke goes home to find Thorne at the house. She tells Thorne that Stephanie humiliated her again, but vows to get even with his mother. Ridge and Caroline finally become husband and wife in a beautiful ceremony. At the wedding reception at his apartment, Bill offers his unconditional support to Caroline. Ridge and Caroline soon leave to consume their marriage in a passionate wedding night.
23 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.709
Stephanie is thrilled that she and Eric seem to have brought their marriage back on track. She then tries to find out from Felicia about her three years apart from the family in London. Felicia is reluctant to reveal anything and rather attempts at shocking her mother with stories about her scandalous love affairs. Brooke tells Donna about the lengths Stephanie Forrester went to break up Beth and Eric. Donna insists Brooke tell Eric... Reading about the Forrester wedding in the newspaper at which neither Thorne nor Macy were present, Sally asks Darla and Saul to come ...
24 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.710
Eric informs Clarke he wants to take him and Kristen out for dinner. When Clarke tries to explain that he and Kristen are not exactly on best terms, Eric tells Clarke to patch things up with his wife. Clarke then asks Kristen who reluctantly accepts. Thorne is happy to see Felicia, but she does not reveal the real reason for her long time away to him either. Sally continues to orchestrate Betty Burns for her plan to have Macy and Thorne grow closer. Macy is suspicious when the idea of the fundraiser is finally presented to her. Donna tells a shocked Thorne about ...
25 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.711
Stephanie is very happy about her renewed relationship with Eric when she learns that they will dine at Café Russe tonight with Kristen and Clarke. When presented with evening plans by Mick, Kristen has to confess that she is having dinner with Clarke. Mick's rage increases when Clarke shows up and issues his wife an ultimatum: either she joins him for dinner or he will file for divorce! Kristen sides with Clarke. Donna is surprised that Brooke wishes she had not told Thorne about Stephanie. Thorne tells Eric to talk to Brooke as she has some very important ...
26 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.712
Stephanie gives Kristen motherly advice and urges her to give Clarke a second chance. Clarke runs into sister-in-law Felicia at Forrester Creations. Brooke reflects on her complex relationship with Stephanie. When Eric shows up at the Logan house, Brooke is hesitant, but eventually tells Eric about Stephanie's interference in her relationship with Ridge. Eric is shocked. Meanwhile, Stephanie begins to feel ill and passes out...
29 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.713
Sally continues to orchestrate Betty Burns for her plan to bring Macy and Thorne closer. At the socialite's office, Macy and Thorne are stunned when they realize they will be chairing the fundraiser together. They reluctantly decide to do it with each other's support. Stephanie lies motionless on the upper floor of the Forrester Mansion while house maid Maria is busy downstairs... With Brooke giving him the full story on how Stephanie broke him and Beth up, Eric feels responsible for what Brooke was put through by Stephanie. He returns home ready to face off with his ...
30 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.714
Stephanie is rushed to the hospital. Maria informs Thorne of the events. Later, the doctor tells Eric and Thorne that Stephanie may have a heart condition. Her state is still critical. Margo and Mark pay Clarke a surprise visit. He gets upset that he will miss time with Mark to be with Kristen who only agreed to spend time with him out of obligation to her parents. Macy calls an innocent acting Sally on her manipulations to have her and Thorne co-host the fundraiser. In Paris, Ridge and Caroline enjoy their honeymoon. Just as Ridge gives his wife the key to their ...
31 Jan. 1990
Episode #1.715
Mick wants Kristen to tell her parents about him. Kristen says he will have to propose first. The news of Stephanie's collapse circulates: Donna informs Brooke who then learns from Eric that he hadn't confronted Stephanie before she got ill. When Clarke arrives to pick up Kristen for dinner with her parents, he only finds Mick at the apartment. Clarke informs Mick that he's willing to let Kristen go - as he still loves her dearly. Eric, Thorne and Kristen keep vigil at Stephanie's hospital bed as the matriarch suddenly awakes.
1 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.716
Saul informs Sally and Macy that he just heard on the radio that Stephanie Forrester has been hospitalized. Sally is struck with this news, but also encourages Macy to go to the hospital to comfort Thorne. Macy refuses to interfere in these family moments. Ridge and Caroline return and are glad to see that Stephanie is doing better. Thorne accompanies Felicia to the hospital. The doctor tells the family that Stephanie didn't have a heart attack, but rather a blocked artery. Eric calls Brooke to give her the latest update. A still feeble Stephanie is thrilled to have ...
2 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.717
Brooke informs Donna that she is finally accepting that she has no future with Ridge. As they touch the subject of Stephanie, Donna remarks how very much impressed she is by Eric's behavior the last couple of weeks. Later, Thorne tells Donna her regrets telling Eric about Stephanie. Felicia is amazed that Ridge is happily married to an independent woman like Caroline. She and Ridge then discuss their parents' improved relationship. The shocking revelations about his wife's manipulations as well as Stephanie's collapse take their toll on Eric. He is heavily conflicted ...
Feb. 1990
Episode #1.718
Ridge pays a visit to Stephanie. Eric apologizes to Brooke for the kiss. Sally disguises herself as a doctor to visit Stephanie in the hospital. After being initially annoyed by the uninvited appearance, Stephanie is deeply touched by her nemesis gesture and kind words. Donna and Brooke wonder what Eric will do about Stephanie. Thorne catches Eric in a lie and worries that he will leave his mother after the shocking revelations by Brooke. Eric promises Thorne that he will not make any rushed decisions. Yet, both Brooke and Eric cannot help it, but think about their ...
Feb. 1990
Episode #1.719
Macy and Saul badger Darla for information on Sally's whereabouts. On cue, Sally arrives in her doctor's gown. Macy is stunned to learn that her mother went to see Stephanie as she worries about the impact of Sally's intrusion on her possible relationship with Thorne. Kristen tells Clarke that she will file for divorce as soon as Stephanie gets better. Clarke warns her that Mick will not make her happy for long. Ridge gets upset when Mick boasts a bold attitude despite being delayed with an assignment. Thorne complains to Macy about Sally's hospital visit, yet she ...
Feb. 1990
Episode #1.720
Bill returns from his business trip and immediately begins to meddle in Caroline's life. Later, Thorne pays Caroline a visit in the guest house. Under the circumstances of their close living arrangements, Caroline is happy that Thorne accepts her marriage. Ridge is furious to find out that Kristen is seeing Mick. Kristen does not want to discuss her love life and bids Ridge goodbye. Clarke tells Margo that he sent Ridge to see Kristen. Margo worries that Mick or Kristen will reveal that Clarke works for Spectra.
Feb. 1990
Episode #1.721
Dr. Oshira informs Stephanie and Eric that the angioplasty was a success. A beaming Stephanie tells Eric that they can now continue to rebuild their relationship as she will be released from the hospital soon. Eric looks not as convinced. Donna notices that Brooke seems changed the last couple of days. Brooke confesses to a speechless Donna that Eric kissed her. Ridge confronts Clarke about allowing Kristen to see Mick. He correctly suspects that there is something that Kristen or Mick are holding over Clarke's head. Caroline surprises Ridge with a Greek dinner - ...
12 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.722
Ridge is looking for Eric as he runs into Thorne. He tells his brother that Stephanie will be released from the hospital sooner than expected. Eric pays Brooke another visit to wail about his issues with Stephanie. Thorne calls Brooke to find out if she knows where Eric is. Brooke lies and says she does not. When Eric finally comes home, Thorne explains that Stephanie is waiting for him to pick her up. Thorne realizes that his father is not too overly excited by this news. Donna is curious to find out about her latest talk with Eric. She tells Brooke Eric seems to ...
13 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.723
Felicia wants to know more about Ridge's complicated love life with Caroline and Brooke. She then tells a stunned Ridge that she saw Brooke at his wedding. Thorne tries to do damage control and asks Brooke to encourage Eric to work on his marriage with Stephanie. Just as Eric arrives to pick up his wife, he overhears Stephanie badmouthing Brooke and the Logans to Margo. Eric is disgusted, but looks relieved when the doctor tells him that Stephanie had a remarkable recovery and will not need any special treatment at home.
14 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.724
Ridge asks Kristen to join the rest of the family for breakfast to celebrate their mother being out of the hospital. Mick wants to come and tries to convince her to move to New York, but Kristen refuses. When Thorne wonders if his parents had a romantic evening, Eric denies it. Stephanie is thrilled to have all her children back in L.A. after her medical emergency. Brooke confides in Donna that she feels bad for Eric to be stuck with a villain like Stephanie. Later, Eric stops by again. He tells Brooke he intends to leave Stephanie as soon as possible.
15 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.725
Margo and Bill spend some family time with Mark. Bill then reminds Margo that he still wants to adopt the little boy. Sally confides in Macy that she is lonely and Macy sets out to find her mother a man. Margo tries to prepare Clarke for Bill's adoption plans. She is thrown for a loop, when Clarke tells her that his marriage is over and that he wonders if Margo still loves him. Ridge discusses his issues with Mick and then reveals that the photographer is Kristen's lover. Kristen explains to her father why she left Clarke and Eric reacts surprisingly understanding.
16 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.726
Eric wants to make sure that Felicia stays in town and offers her a job at Forrester Creations. She declines, but mentions that she did some design work in London the last year. Eric is very impressed to hear of his youngest daughter's aspirations. Stephanie confirms to Ridge that Brooke was indeed present at his wedding. He goes to confront Brooke at the lab. Ridge is pleased when Brooke tells him that there is a new man in her life. Margo is stunned by Clarke's sudden interest in her. Clarke vehemently opposes to Bill's adoption of Mark and instead wants Margo to ...
19 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.727
Margo thinks Eric looks completely re-energized. He then tells Margo he is in love with a younger woman. As Margo has long felt disdain for Stephanie, she is not too shocked about it. Thorne finds Stephanie setting up a romantic dinner at the Forrester Mansion as she changed her plan for the location. She is totally unsuspecting when Eric turns her down under the pretense of a business meeting. An excited Brooke tells Donna about her evening plans with Eric. Ridge and Caroline continue to enjoy their newlywed bliss.
20 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.728
Eric and Brooke reflect on Stephanie's manipulations in both of their lives in the Private Dining Room. In the end, Eric admits to Brooke that he loves her and they kiss passionately. Meanwhile, Stephanie notices that Eric is extremely busy as of late. She asks Thorne to lighten Eric's workload so he will have more time for her. Caroline is disheartened when Bill tells her he feels unwelcome in her home. She asks Ridge to try improving his relationship to her father.
22 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.730
Sally reveals to Clarke why she really invited him over. She reminds Clarke of his humble beginnings and the career he made - thanks to her. She also thinks that with Kristen divorcing him there is no reason for Clarke to stay at Forrester Creations... Sally asks Clarke to marry her in exchange for renaming Spectra Clarke Garrison Originals! As crazy as it sounds, Clarke is tempted. Eric finally returns home where he is greeted by Stephanie. She is shocked when her husband puts a break on her plans for a romantic dinner and instead asks for a divorce! Stephanie ...
23 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.731
It's a new day in Los Angeles: Still under shock from his request for a divorce, Stephanie begs Eric to reconsider. She thought they were slowly back on track, but he bluntly tells her that the feeling wasn't mutual. Eric agrees to stay at the house for now - in one of the guest rooms. Later, Eric explains to Brooke he asked Stephanie for a divorce. Stephanie asks Thorne to call his siblings over for a family meeting tonight. Clarke tells Margo about Sally's proposal. Margo is shocked that he is considering it. Sally informs Macy about her evening with Clarke. Macy ...
26 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.732
Just as Ridge is about to fire him, Mick informs Ridge that he is moving back to New York. Kristen arrives to bid a stunned Eric and Ridge goodbye. Eric wishes his daughter all the best. Brooke tells Donna she feels guilty for ending Eric's marriage. Stephanie breaks it to Ridge, Thorne and Felicia that Eric wants a divorce and that it was a long process in the making. The children comfort the Forrester matriarch. Eric calls Brooke and reassures her that regardless of their blossoming romance the end of his marriage is not her fault.
27 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.733
Eric informs his lawyer Charles that he wants a very quick divorce. Thorne and Ridge still wonder about the sudden end of their parents' marriage. Thorne who fears that he jump started a dangerous chain of events when he told Eric about Stephanie sending Beth and Stephen Logan to Paris wants to find out if Eric is seeing another woman. Brooke and Donna receive a letter from their mother who announces an upcoming visit to Los Angeles. Ridge asks Eric if he is seeing another woman, but he will not admit it. Thorne takes a different approach: he tries to seduce Brooke to...
28 Feb. 1990
Episode #1.734
Macy is reluctant to meet Thorne at Forrester Creations as he is still unaware that she is Sally Spectra's daughter. Darla and Saul realize that Sally is in love - with Clarke of all people! Felicia pays Clarke a visit to bring him up to speed on the latest family drama. She also reveals her edgy designs to Clarke to get his feedback. Clarke is impressed. Ridge tells Caroline that Eric might be seeing another woman. Ignorant of his parent's divorce, Macy is disappointed when Thorne acts coldly towards her. Eventually Thorne notices his unfair behavior and pulls Macy ...
1 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.735
Sally tries to get more in shape. She states to Darla that she wants to do it for herself - and not just for Clarke. Caroline pays her former best friend Brooke a visit in the lab. She tells Brooke that Thorne suspects Eric is seeing another woman and he thinks it is Beth. Brooke rejects that idea. Thorne asks Donna bluntly if Brooke is seeing Eric. Macy is surprised that Sally is sincerely sad about the impending end of Eric and Stephanie's marriage. Macy thanks her mother for pushing her towards Thorne as they have grown a lot closer in recent days. Eric discusses ...
2 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.736
Eric is head over heels in love with Brooke. He takes her to Big Bear where they can enjoy some time together - and avoid the watchful eyes of the family. Back in L.A., Ridge suggests to Stephanie to go to the cabin to get some distance... Sally plays with Clarke's ego as she underlines that only Spectra will allow him to use his full talent as a designer. She reiterates her proposal and shows Clarke a plan for the office he would get if he marries her. Beth arrives early and is surprised to only find Donna at the house. Eric and Brooke make love for the first time.
5 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.737
Donna explains to Beth that Brooke is having a new man in her life - without disclosing his identity. At Big Bear, Brooke and Eric bask in the afterglow of making love. As Donna calls to inform Brooke of her mother's return, they wonder how to break the news about their affair to Beth. Bill and Margo read about the Forrester divorce in the newspaper and have different opinions as to who is to fault for this. Clarke is tempted by Sally's proposal. To prove that she has always loved him, Sally promises Clarke him to help him get custody of Mark... Brooke prepares to ...
6 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.738
Clarke shows up late at the Spencer Apartment to see his son. He is disappointed when little Mark calls Bill "daddy". Margo has to play referee when Bill and Clarke get into a fight over who should be Mark's father. Beth is thrilled for Brooke to have found a new man. Just as Brooke wants to unveil her mystery man's identity, Beth starts to talk about Eric and how happy she feels being with Stephen again. Ridge tells Caroline he is determined to find out who Eric is seeing. Eric informs Stephanie he wants to start divorce proceedings quickly. Stephanie is dumbfounded ...
7 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.739
Eric is impressed by Felicia's talent when she finally reveals her sketches to him. He dislikes her style, though, and asks Felicia to work under Clarke. When Stephanie finds out that Beth Logan is back in town, she immediately jumps to the conclusion that she must be the cause why Eric wants a divorce. Beth is thrilled that a check-up with her doctor has confirmed that she is cancer-free for more than a year now. Eric visits Brooke at the lab. She informs him that she has not told Beth the truth yet.
Episode #1.740
Stephanie is served with divorce papers. Thorne tries to convince his miserable mother to show Eric her vulnerable side to make him reconsider.
9 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.741
Felicia vents to Margo with whom she is going to share an office that Clarke opposed to being her mentor. Later, Clarke discusses Sally's offer with Margo. His mood sours when Margo mentions Bill's plans to adopt Mark. Stephanie turns down Ridge's invitation for lunch as she plans to catch Eric in the act after she finds out that her husband is having a secret rendezvous at the Ocean Club. Brooke is upset with Donna for telling Thorne about her affair with Eric. Stephanie sees Eric hugging Beth in the Private Dining Room and feels vindicated that he is still seeing ...
12 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.742
Sally chats with Clarke about the Forrester divorce. While explaining to Caroline that he is desperate to find out about Eric's fling, Ridge gets the idea that Margo could use her influence to steer Eric back towards Stephanie. Margo graciously declines. Eric's invitation as well as his ending marriage have brought new hope for Beth to finally get the man she always loved: She tells a stunned Eric that she doesn't love her husband, Stephen. Meanwhile, Stephanie who thinks that Eric is having an affair with her mother blasts Brooke about Eric leaving her...
13 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.743
Eric is speechless when Beth confesses that she is still in love with him. Beth is deeply embarrassed to learn that there is another woman in Eric's life. At the lab, Stephanie confronts Brooke with the fact that she finally knows who's plotting to get between her and Eric: Beth! Stephanie informs a shaking Brooke that her mother is having lunch with Eric. Clarke hands Sally another fabulous design but still delays an answer to her proposal. Later, Bill tries to convince Clarke to give up Mark but Clarke refuses. Macy is thrilled that Thorne called several times while...
14 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.744
A deeply humiliated Beth asks Eric to secrecy in regards to their conversation. Meanwhile, Brooke confides in Donna about her run-in with Stephanie and that she is now worried that Beth still loves Eric. Ridge urges Eric not to give up too easily on his marriage. He also warns him that the divorce will crush Stephanie, but Eric doesn't believe it. Sally encourages Macy to keep Thorne in the dark about her family a little longer. Later, Macy and Thorne plan the fundraiser and share another kiss at his office. Just as Brooke calls Eric to find out if he saw her mother ...
15 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.745
Beth breaks down in tears while telling Brooke about her lunch with Eric. Brooke cannot hide the truth any longer and informs her mother that she is the other woman in Eric's life! Ridge encourages Stephanie to show her vulnerable side to Eric. Caroline tells her husband not to get his hopes up too high for a reunion of his parents. Stephanie admits to Eric she is heartbroken about the divorce and weeps.
16 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.746
Stephanie issues an emotional plea to Eric to give their marriage another chance. Beth is completely blindsided by Brooke's confession. As Beth pressures her to reveal the intensity of her involvement with Eric, Brooke admits that they have slept together. Beth is upset that her own daughter would steal the love of her life. A thrilled Macy tells Sally that she and Thorne are getting closer, even though they aren't exclusive yet. Meanwhile, Thorne has taken Donna out for a rendezvous to the Taxi Bar. As Donna accompanies Thorne home, she overhears Stephanie and Eric ...
19 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.747
Felicia tries to charm Clarke. After she kisses him on the neck, Clarke is intrigued and agrees to be her mentor. Beth is still having a tough time coming to terms with her daughter's involvement with Eric. After Beth confirms that she and Eric will never come together after all, Brooke explains that she is staying with Eric. Donna is worried about Brooke because Eric and Stephanie do not seem to go through with their divorce. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia are relieved to hear that Eric is giving Stephanie and his marriage another 30 days before finalizing any divorce ...
20 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.748
Ridge and Caroline discuss the last-minute reprieve for his parents' marriage. Eric stops by and warns his son not to get his hopes up as his decision was mostly about respect for the family. Clarke realizes that there is one thing he misses more in his life than anything else: Mark! He asks Margo to consider coming back to him so that they can become a proper family. Beth tells Brooke she thinks she has a chance with Eric, but Brooke thinks these are just false illusions. Eric fails to locate Brooke to break the news about his marriage to her. During a routine ...
21 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.749
Sally arrives at the Forrester Mansion unannounced to comfort Stephanie about the divorce. Stephanie then tells Sally that she and Eric are trying again. Macy and Thorne are holding a talent show for the fundraiser, but the auditions including an Elvis impersonator present one disappointment after another. While Eric is still desperately searching for Brooke, she daydreams how Eric will react to the news of her being pregnant. Stephanie calls Beth and threatens her. Beth informs her nemesis that she is not the other woman in Eric's life.
22 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.750
Brooke tries to reach Eric when Thorne arrives to tell her that he has bad news. As Stephanie asks Eric to be sincere, he agrees to do his best effort for their marriage for the next month. The Forrester kids plan a fun evening for their parents so that they can grow closer again. Sally encourages Clarke to finally make his decision. Clarke is hesitant to answer when Sally informs him that she expects a real marriage if they were to go through with her plan: meaning she expects to be intimate with him like a true husband and wife...
23 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.751
Ridge informs Caroline of the evening plans for his parents. Thorne breaks it to Brooke about Eric and Stephanie's decision to give their marriage another chance. Felicia tells Eric he can confide in her as she is only concerned that both her parents are happy. Eric keeps silent when his daughter encourages him to reveal the other woman's identity. Ridge is concerned about Brooke as she has been acting strange lately. As he pays her a visit at the lab, Brooke is crying about the man in her life and Ridge comforts her. Eric is stunned, when after several failed ...
26 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.752
Ridge tells Caroline that Brooke did not divulge any details about her complicated love life except that her newfound romance is already over. Eric is confused when Ridge mentions this to him. Caroline tries her best not be upset that Ridge still cares so much about Brooke. Donna confirms to Brooke that Eric and Stephanie have apparently reconciled. A heartbroken Brooke admits to her sister that she is pregnant with Eric's child. Margo is presented with tempting choices: First, Clarke reiterates his proposal; then, Bill informs Margo that he will no longer fight for ...
27 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.753
Eric tries to speak to Brooke, but she hides. Beth has decided to leave L.A. again. Brooke confesses that it is over between her and Eric as he is staying with Stephanie. Beth offers Brooke her plane ticket to Paris which she accepts. Brooke begs Donna not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Bill explains to Margo that while Mark may not legally be his son, he has set up a trust fund as he considers him part of his family. Later, Margo tells Clarke he can visit Mark, but she is staying with Bill. Clarke in return now ponders to accept Sally's offer.
28 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.754
As their talent scouting was a disaster, Macy and Thorne take a last-minute-approach to save the fundraiser for the children's medical center. Clarke, who has made his decision regarding Sally's proposal, agrees to be host of the evening. Thorne recruits a reluctant Eric while Macy searches for volunteers at Spectra Fashion. Sally and Darla are eager to help whereas Saul turns her down. Thorne and Macy decide to duet because they still need one final act. Macy asks an unsuspecting Donna to attend the gala she can meet her new love interest: Thorne!
29 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.755
It's the night of the benefit concert event at Café Russe: After being served divorce papers from Kristen host of the evening Clarke realizes it is all or nothing now in regards to Sally's proposal! Clarke is trading barbs with Bill as Sally and Saul are panicky when a nervous Darla loses her voice seconds before her big moment. On stage however, Darla delivers a fantastic Marilyn Monroe-rendition singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend". The next is Eric who is almost as dismayed as Stephanie who sits with Ridge and Felicia in the audience when Sally crashes his ...
30 Mar. 1990
Episode #1.756
Emotions run high after the successful charity event: Clarke agrees to marry Sally as long as she gives him time to accept her sexually. Sally reminds Clarke that she is not looking for a business venture but a genuine relationship eventually. Ridge comments to Thorne that he seemed extremely smitten with his singing partner. Donna breaks it to a stunned Macy that she is in love with Thorne, too. Eric is confused to hear that Brooke has left town indefinitely. Stephanie picks up on her husband's feelings, but to Eric's surprise gives him some much-needed emotional ...
2 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.757
Sally badgers Clarke to quickly tell everybody about their engagement and his new role at Spectra Fashion. Clarke decides he must leave Forrester Creations, but thinks it's best if he leaves out the part that he is "Beau Rivage". Sally agrees, but is slightly taken aback when Clarke asks for more time before setting up a wedding date. Macy and Donna are at odds as they both hope for a future with Thorne. Macy is certain that Donna is deluding herself because Thorne loves only her. Eric is still upset about Brooke and finds solace with Stephanie. Later, Stephanie ...
3 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.758
Felicia shocks her mother as she thinks Stephanie is trapping Eric in a marriage which both of her parents should end to find happiness elsewhere. Ridge worries about sudden Brooke's departure, but Caroline tells him to drop it. Thorne tries to convince Donna that it is best for Eric and Stephanie to get back together, but Donna does not buy it. She also reminds him of all the heartbreak she, Brooke and Beth have experienced because of the Forresters. In Paris, Pierre Jordan notices a striking blonde in his café who is apparently suffering from a broken heart. He ...
5 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.760
Sally informs Macy, Darla and Saul that she is going to marry Clarke. Later, Macy tells Sally that Thorne has been attached to her best friend, Donna. She is determined to win over Thorne, though. Eric confides in Margo that the woman of his affection will no longer talk to him and has left town. Caroline admits to Thorne that she is worried about Ridge's continuing concern for Brooke. Ridge grows weary over Clarke's regular disappearing acts in the middle of the day. He confronts Clarke and they get into a fight which ends with Ridge hitting Clarke!
6 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.761
Stephanie notices that Eric is still thinking of the other woman. Eric is appreciative when she stays neutral on the topic. Meanwhile, Brooke calls Donna and gets confirmation from her sister that Eric and Stephanie are trying again. Brooke asks Donna to not tell her father that she is in Paris. She takes restaurateur Pierre up on his offer to stay in a room above his café and tells him more about her complicated love life. Eric decides to make another attempt to find out about Brooke's whereabouts and pays Donna a visit. Donna riles into Eric for hurting her sister.
9 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.762
Thorne advises Ridge to forget about Brooke as his ongoing concern proves to be burden on Caroline. Eric explains to Donna that she misunderstood his decision to stay with Stephanie. When Eric tells Donna that he is still determined to get a divorce as soon as the month is over, she informs him that Brooke is pregnant with his child! Eric immediately books a flight to Paris... Not a minute too soon as Brooke tells her confidante Pierre that she is actively considering an abortion. Pierre urges her to give it more thought. Felicia informs Ridge that their father went ...
10 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.763
Storm Logan returns home to Los Angeles and is greeted by Beth and Donna. Pierre finds Brooke's checkbook and decides to call her home address. When Donna answers, Pierre breaks it to her that Brooke is about to get an abortion. Donna tells Pierre that the father of Brooke's child is already on his way and that they must stop Brooke. On his flight to Paris, Eric calls Donna and she gives him the address of Pierre's restaurant urging him to find Brooke as soon as possible. Margo lets it slip to Bill that Clarke has a new girlfriend. Clarke is livid. Ridge informs both ...
11 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.764
Ridge pushes Donna to tell him where Brooke went. Donna admits that she went away to get over her boyfriend when Storm walks in. Storm who is still holding a grudge against Ridge tells him to stay away from the Logans. Eric arrives in Paris, but Brooke has already checked into a hospital to get an abortion. Pierre and his employees call dozens of hospitals until they are finally manage to track her down. Eric rushes to Brooke's side but doesn't know if he is too late to stop her... Clarke is annoyed that Felicia is the only Forrester at the company actually preparing ...
12 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.765
Margo is furious with Clarke for his dealings with Sally Spectra. She sneakily convinces Ridge to override Eric's decision to have Clarke's design as the showstopper and instead use one of his designs for the upcoming fashion show. Stephanie confides in Caroline when Felicia shows up. To Stephanie's resentment Felicia again tries to convince her to divorce Eric - for her own sake and not just Eric's. Meanwhile in Paris, Eric arrives at the hospital and finds Brooke. He thinks it's too late and is therefore ecstatic to learn that Brooke's hasn't had the abortion yet! ...
13 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.766
Caroline goes to the doctor for a check-up to make sure she is of perfect health if she and Ridge were to start a family. Stephanie tells a surprised Ridge she is giving up on her marriage but still wants to know who the other woman is. Pierre is thrilled when Eric and Brooke return to his restaurant happily holding hands. Brooke thanks Pierre for his help who in exchange serenades them with a song. Eric and Brooke embark on their trip home to L.A. when Eric asks a stunned Brooke to marry him.
16 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.767
Clarke tells Sally he feels badly about leaving Forrester Creations now that Eric is having one of his designs as the showstopper. Sally advises Clarke not to get his hopes up prematurely. Margo regrets what she did to Clarke when she realizes that he actively considers backing out of joining Spectra Fashion. She tries to get Ridge to change back to the original showstopper, but he refuses. Storm wants to catch up on the good old days and calls Kristen. Unaware that her sister Felicia is answering his call, he sets up a dinner date at the Taxi Bar. Felicia gets a kick...
17 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.768
Eric and Brooke return to town, yet decide to keep their engagement a secret until Eric's divorce is final. Easier said than done: Beth immediately notices the diamond ring on her eldest daughter's hand. Brooke then admits that she and Eric are engaged. Ridge informs Clarke he is getting promoted with a raise. Margo tries to prepare Clarke that his design will not be the showstopper after all, but he is too busy to call Spectra. When he gets Macy on the line he breaks it to her that he needs more time to think about marrying Sally. Ridge and Stephanie are surprised ...
18 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.769
Stephanie is furious when Eric puts her off for after the fashion show to explain his absence. Thorne and Ridge are concerned about their mother. The Forrester Fall fashion show begins and is a raving success. The real drama happens next to the runway: Clarke realizes his gown is pulled from the showstopper and angrily tells Ridge he is quitting. Margo and Bill worry that Stephanie is out of control about Eric's new love. Margo even has a vivid daydream in which Stephanie shoots Eric!
19 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.770
Margo finds Clarke packing up his office at Forrester Creations. She admits to being responsible for changing the showstopper, but Clarke wants to quit anyway. Brooke is thrilled to see Storm. She cryptically tells her brother that she is reunited with her boyfriend and that he is not Ridge. Eric thanks Ridge and Thorne for preparing the fashion show. Stephanie enters to continue her earlier discussion with Eric. They candidly talk about their relationship. Eric eventually informs Stephanie he wants to divorce immediately.
20 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.771
Ridge informs Eric that Clarke has handed in his resignation. Eric asks Clarke to stay, but Clarke says he is going to work for Spectra. Macy is crushed to find Sally, Darla and Saul busy preparing for Clarke's arrival. Macy has a tough time telling Sally, who wants to tell the entire world that Clarke will become her partner both in her business and private life, that Clarke wants to think over his decision to marry her. A deeply hurt Sally orders Darla to prevent Clarke to ever stepping foot again in the company. Caroline pays Brooke a visit at the lab to fish for ...
23 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.772
Clarke makes a bold entrance at Spectra Fashion. Sally can hardly believe his audacity. Clarke is therefore hit hard when she coldly tells him that she will not marry him and throws him out. Eric instructs his lawyer Charles to speed up the divorce proceedings. Stephanie receives a visit from Jake Maclaine, a tennis instructor who was hired by Ridge in order to cheer her up. Caroline informs Ridge that Brooke is back together with her secret lover and that they are engaged. Later, Dr. Oshiro calls Caroline about her tests.
24 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.773
Dr. Oshiro has shocking news for Caroline. Thunderstruck, Caroline asks her doctor not to tell anyone. Being reluctant at first, Stephanie feels re-energized after her first tennis lesson. Later, Jake Maclaine runs into Felicia who thinks that the tennis instructor behaves way too cozily at the Forrester Mansion. Brooke and Eric share a romantic lunch break at the Ocean Club. Clarke moves back into his old studio and informs Margo that Sally turned him down out of a sudden. Margo encourages Clarke to swallow up his pride and return to Forrester Creations. Clarke ...
25 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.774
Ridge is surprised when Thorne reminisces about his marriage with Caroline. Ridge reminds his brother to focus on his current love life instead. At first, both Donna and Macy turn down an invitation from Thorne as they want to wait until Thorne makes his decision. After some encouragement from Sally, Macy surprises Thorne just as he is about to sing a romantic ballad. She joins in just as Donna arrives at the Forrester Mansion. The woman then ask Thorne to finally make up his mind: he picks Macy! Ridge wants to know about Caroline's doctor's appointment, but she won't...
26 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.775
Brooke tells Storm she is engaged, but keeps silent on her beaus' identity. Stephanie mistakenly accuses a mutual family friend of coming between her and Eric. Ridge and Thorne are stunned that their mother would go that far. Margo is amazed how his new girlfriend is giving Eric a new zest for life. Brooke is starting to show her pregnancy... When Stephanie learns from her attorney Barry Hawkins that Eric has dismissed the divorce proceedings, she gains new hope that Eric has reconsidered. She could not be more wrong as at the same time Charles informs Eric that he ...
27 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.776
Ecstatic that Eric has apparently reconsidered, Stephanie is in for a rude awaking when Eric breaks it to her that he is still filing for divorce and actually intends to speed up the process. Felicia tells Ridge that she is smitten with the handsome tennis instructor Ridge hired for their mother. Jake Maclaine shows up at the Logan house as Donna has placed an ad to rent the room above the garage. Storm grills the young man, but eventually agrees to accept him as a tenant. Ridge and Stephanie conclude that Eric's new love must be pregnant for him to rush the divorce. ...
30 Apr. 1990
Episode #1.777
Darla makes a play for Clarke, but he is only interested to win back Sally's trust. Macy urges Sally to make up with Clarke but she refuses. Macy then explains about her romance with Thorne; she is worried that Thorne will leave her as soon as he finds out that despite her last name she is a Spectra. Margo warns Clarke that it will not be easy to convince Eric to give him his job back. Even though he greatly appreciates Clarke's talent, Eric indeed turns down Clarke as he suspects him of collaborating with Spectra Fashion. As Clarke is running out of options, he has ...
1 May 1990
Episode #1.778
Bill pumps Margo for information about her past. Brooke meets Jake Maclaine. Clarke calls the society editor. Stephanie offers Eric some unwanted help.
2 May 1990
Episode #1.779
Saul and Darla are extremely protective of Sally when they spot Clarke at Spectra Fashion. Sally eventually relents to Clarke's plea and takes him back. Clarke kisses her! Ridge is surprised to find Caroline reading a bible, but she remains vague what inspired her to do so. Caroline tells her husband how happy she is with him which prompts Ridge to confess his love as well. Storm goes out with Felicia again and is impressed by her outspoken nature. Later, Storm returns home and cannot help but notice that Brooke seems changed: he suspects that she is pregnant...
3 May 1990
Episode #1.780
Stephanie overhears Caroline talking to her doctor. She shrugs it off and the topic quickly changes to Eric and Stephanie's marriage. Caroline is surprised that Stephanie has regrets yet seems to accept the inevitable. When her attorney Barry stops by with the divorce decree, she is eager to sign the documents. Just as they read about Sally and Clarke's engagement in the newspaper, Thorne tells Ridge he is serious about his new girlfriend, Macy. Macy and Sally both marvel how lucky they are to finally have found the perfect man in their lives. Macy is still worried, ...
4 May 1990
Episode #1.781
Thorne invites Macy to a family dinner. Macy warns Clarke to be faithful to Sally. Donna runs into Jake and mistakes him for an intruder, before he can properly introduce himself as the new tenant. Storm is convinced that Ridge got Brooke pregnant and runs straight to the source of his sister's misery. Ridge is stunned by the news and swears to find the real father. Eric returns from Reno where he filed for divorce and is surprised to hear from Stephanie that she will not fight the divorce and has already signed the documents. He thanks her.
7 May 1990
Episode #1.782
Caroline and Ridge inform Eric about Clarke's surprising engagement to Sally. Ridge then tells Eric about his talk with Storm and that he got accused to be the father of Brooke's unborn child. Meanwhile, Brooke tries to sell Donna on Jake, but she is still too hurt about her break-up from Thorne. Thorne and Felicia convince Stephanie to attend the family dinner - in order to cheer her up and meet Thorne's new girlfriend. Macy is exited to be introduced to Thorne's family. Clarke wants to hold a press conference. He swears Sally in to see the Forresters as the mutual ...
8 May 1990
Episode #1.783
Eric and Brooke have another secret rendezvous at the Ocean Club. They decide to further hide their relationship to prevent Stephanie from finding out about them and delaying the divorce. At the Forrester Mansion, Macy becomes acquainted with Stephanie, Felicia and Ridge who are charmed by Miss Alexander. Macy nearly reveals that she is a Spectra by accident, though. Clarke and Sally formally announce their engagement and reveal to the press that Clarke has left Forrester Creations to launch his new couture label "Clarke Garrison Originals" at Spectra Fashion. ...
9 May 1990
Episode #1.784
Brooke and Ridge discuss her pregnancy, but she keeps mum on the identity of her baby's father. Caroline congratulates Thorne on finding new love with Macy. Later, Stephanie encourages Thorne to find out about Macy's background. Eric questions Margo if Clarke was involved with Sally Spectra while still working for Forrester. Margo feigns ignorance.
10 May 1990
Episode #1.785
Caroline goes to see a doctor. She reports to Dr. Angelo that she has no appetite, yet refuses to receive any special treatment. She explains that by no means her family can know about the severity of her condition... Felicia encourages her mother to enter the dating scene, but Stephanie is not ready yet. Eric pays Brooke a visit at the lab. She worries that Ridge is getting closer to the truth. Meanwhile, Ridge and Caroline put one and one together as they analyze Brooke's pregnancy: could Eric be the father of her child!?
11 May 1990
Episode #1.786
Caroline is dubious if Ridge is drawing the right conclusion. Ridge confronts Thorne about his assumption that Brooke and Eric are lovers. Thorne is in for an even bigger surprise when Ridge announces that Brooke is pregnant! Stephanie explains to Felicia that her marriage really started to go south when she turned against Brooke Logan which Eric disapproved of. Eric learns from his attorney Charles that the divorce is moving along fast in Nevada as Stephanie is cooperative. They must hope, though, that Stephanie will not change her mind as she could make this divorce...
14 May 1990
Episode #1.787
Thorne is stunned by Ridge's news. He starts to think Brooke got pregnant to trap Eric. Ridge disagrees. The Forrester brothers decide to confront Eric about it when Felicia informs them that Stephanie is with Brooke right now. Eric asks them not to tell Stephanie about his involvement with Brooke until after the divorce. Brooke confirms to Stephanie that she is engaged, but naturally keeps her fiancé's identity from her nemesis. Later, Brooke breaks it to Storm that she is pregnant by Eric and plans to marry him.
15 May 1990
Episode #1.788
Macy and Saul worry that Sally might get hurt by Clarke eventually as he is already acting like an emperor at Spectra Fashion. Clarke also reprimands Sally in presence of her daughter for expecting intimacy too soon in their relationship. Hence, Macy warns Clarke that he must prove he loves Sally or she will stop the wedding. After he learns from Charles that the divorce hearing will be today, Eric makes plans with Brooke to have an impromptu wedding in the evening! Meanwhile, despite Ridge's objections, Thorne tells Stephanie Brooke is seeing Eric...
16 May 1990
Episode #1.789
Ridge shows Caroline plans for a house of their own - for them and their future children. Caroline is heartbroken when she realizes that none of this might ever happen!? Storm asks Eric about his intentions towards Brooke, especially now that his sister is pregnant. Eric assures him he loves Brooke and will marry her. A joyous Brooke tells Donna she is getting married to Eric tonight. Meanwhile Stephanie's world is shattered when Thorne tells her that none other than Brooke Logan is the new woman in Eric's life. The news of her nemesis being pregnant infuriates ...
17 May 1990
Episode #1.790
Clarke realizes that Sally is deeply hurt by his words earlier. When Sally says that she loves him, Clarke explains that she should be aware that those feelings aren't reciprocal yet and that he therefore feels like a sex object to her. Eric confides in Margo about his marriage plans with his fiancée. Stephanie unleashes her anger towards Brooke. She promises Brooke that she would rather die than let her have Eric. Brooke is relieved, though, as Stephanie seems unaware that the divorce hearing has been moved up and will take place today... Thorne informs Eric that he ...
18 May 1990
Episode #1.791
Ridge explains to Thorne that he is still wondering whether Clarke was in cahoots with Sally Spectra long before he left Forrester Creations. Stephanie is desperately looking for Eric, yet Margo will not reveal anything. It is secretary Trish who tells Stephanie that Eric has already left for Reno. Stephanie calls her lawyer and they rush to the airport. Their attempts to book a flight to Nevada are successful at first, but then LAX is closed due to fog. Stephanie swears to Barry that she is going to stop the wedding - whatever it may cost her! Donna tries to cheer ...
21 May 1990
Episode #1.792
Stephanie rushes over to the airport in Burbank to get on a flight to Nevada after all. Bill finds his daughter in deep thoughts at the office. Caroline encourages Bill to make amends with Ridge before leaving for another doctor's appointment. Dr. Angelo informs Caroline that she must undergo extensive medical test and encourages her to tell her husband about her diagnosis. Later, Caroline tells Ridge that she is leaving on a business trip for a couple of days... Katie and Donna are overjoyed that Storm is supportive of Brooke's wedding. After some delays, Eric's case...
22 May 1990
Episode #1.793
Caroline has a hard time to talk Ridge out of joining her on her alleged business trip as she wants to keep her hospital stay a secret from her husband. Katie and Donna help Brooke to get ready for her wedding. Even Storm is supportive and offers to serve as Eric's best man. Brooke then receives a wedding dress designed by Eric. Little do they know that the court hearing comes to a screeching halt when Stephanie shows up in Reno. Eric tries to come through to Stephanie, but she makes it clear that she cannot let Eric get trapped by a manipulator like Brooke. Stephanie...
23 May 1990
Episode #1.794
Clarke puts his heart into designing fabulous dresses for Spectra Fashion, yet tries everything to avoid a private evening with Sally. Macy worries that her mother is in for a disappointment, but Sally explains that she plans to test Clarke's loyalties to her. Thorne invites Macy over to the Forrester Mansion and tells Macy he feels badly for meddling in his parents' lives. Macy reassures him. Brooke, Donna, Katie, Storm and Reverend Chandler wait at a festively decorated chapel for the groom to show up. Eric tries to reach Brooke to warn her that he will be late.
24 May 1990
Episode #1.795
Ridge interrupts a cozy pool date of Thorne and Macy. The Forrester brothers then learn that Stephanie made it to Reno, but has now opted to spend some days alone at the Big Bear cabin. At the chapel, Eric explains to Brooke that Stephanie stopped the divorce proceedings! Eric comforts a disappointed Brooke and swears that he will not let Stephanie drag it out. Storm confirms that Stephanie cannot stop but rather delay the divorce. Jake shows up at the Forrester Mansion to give Stephanie another tennis lesson. As her mother is not home, Felicia demands that the ...
25 May 1990
Episode #1.796
Ridge is angry at Thorne for telling Stephanie about Brooke just ahead of the impending divorce. Eric tries to reassure Brooke, but she is convinced that Stephanie will do everything in her power to hurt her. After trading some more barbs, Jake and Felicia decide to be civil to one another. Donna comforts Brooke about her disappointment of the failed wedding. As Thorne makes a snide comment about Brooke desperately wanting to marry into the Forrester family in his father's presence, tensions run high: Eric threatens to smack Thorne, so Ridge has to intervene!
28 May 1990
Episode #1.797
Bill questions Margo about her past as he knows nothing about her family. Eventually, Margo explains that she grew up in rural Madison, Wisconsin, and has a brother with whom she has not been in contact for a long time. Sally instructs Darla to have one of the Spectra models to flirt with Clarke to put him to the test. Clarke is indeed interested in Michelle, but she informs him that she has recently married! Sally tells Macy that she is not yet sold on Clarke's dedication to their engagement and therefore wants another model called Cybill to charm Mr. Garrison... ...
29 May 1990
Episode #1.798
Darla overhears Sally talking to Macy about the fidelity test. Darla immediately warns Clarke - just before he crosses the line as Cybill is flirting shamelessly with him. Sally is impressed that Clarke seems only interested in his work as he turned down a sexy model's advances, but Macy correctly suspects Darla told Clarke. Over at Forrester Creations, Thorne has a similar plan and suggest for Ridge to tell Brooke that he wants her back to test her devotion to Eric. Ridge is hesitant. Later, a troubled Margo explains to Ridge that she spotted a man from her past at ...
30 May 1990
Episode #1.799
Ridge reluctantly agrees to go through with Thorne's plan. He sets up a rendezvous with Brooke at the Private Dining Room. Brooke is shocked when Ridge asks her if they still have a future together. Macy and Saul are disgusted with Clarke's pompous behavior and are upset when Sally supports her fiancé. It's not before long though that Clarke's bossy attire receives a major bump: Sally reminds him that the Clarke Garrison Originals-Label is still attached to them becoming spouses. She therefore wants Clarke to finally set a wedding date!
31 May 1990
Episode #1.800
Felicia is upset by Thorne's plan to have Ridge test Brooke. The discussion soon shifts to a different topic as Felicia admits to liking Jake. Later, Felicia has another tennis lesson with her new instructor. Brooke does not fall for Ridge's bait. She turns down his advances - citing her feelings for Eric. Sally increases the pressure on Clarke. Clarke makes up a story why he feels overwhelmed and cannot fully commit to a relationship right now: he claims to be impotent! Sally is unsure whether Clarke is telling her the truth, but still wants to marry him. They decide...