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Better Than That 90210 Garbage

Author: Thor2000 from Collinsport, Maine
2 May 2001

I was hooked on this episode from the beginning. All the girls were drawn like babes, especially Lark and Bianca. This was probably meant to be a pre-school Archies, but a lot of teenagers watched this just to see the characters get into adventures too wierd to be true. The stories and ideas were far-fetched and the stereotypes of the spoiled rich kids were stretched thin, but the characters were the best ! Lark and Troy were the top All-American characters. Troy was constantly pursued by snobbish Bianca Dupree, who looked like a little sister of Archie's Veronica, and Lark was pursued by Pierce Thorndyke, the ego-centric Reggie Mantle to Troy's Archie.

Lark's friends were the Southern Belle Tara Southington, cow girl Blaze Summers, honor student Shanell Spenser and the worldly Nikki Darling. The series was rounded out by the rockers, Gig and Jet, huckster Radley Crown, Pierce's little sister Jillian and the annoying gossip Switchboard. The humor was always tongue in cheek, but the series was a very popular ride while it lasted. In the late Eighties, I thought a prime-time live action series was made of the show called Beverly Hills premiered, but that show obviously couldn't live up to the original concept.

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Another Great 80's Toon

Author: JC from Brooklyn, NY
11 March 2002

Yeah I came across a 6 episode tape of Beverly Hills Teens from some second hand video store and almost peed my pants with excitement. I used to LOVE this cartoon. If you didn't watch Jem, you watched this! It's so one of those cartoons that was made to market toys. Plus, it's such a sign of the times. The characters' outfits are SO 80's! Love the girls' gloves and the boys' gold jewelry! It's cleverly written too. Favorite line, "He may seem fabuloso-- but underneath he's still mondo-grosso." HAHAHA!!

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Beverly Hills Teens DVD Petition

Author: NIGHTWALKER193-1 from United States
26 September 2006

This if for all rabid BHT fans: has a petition to put the entire series on DVD, COMPLETE WITH COMMERICAL BREAKERS WITH SWITCHBOARD! You can sign it there or link to it from,, or It's high time Shout! Factory and DIC Entertainment gave us what we want! Only a few episodes were officially released on VHS. Among these are "My Fair Wilshire", "Double Surfing Double Cross", "Casting Call", "The Makeover", "The Dog Ate My Homework", "Camp Camping", "Snow Carnival", "Chase of a Lifetime", "Robot Romance", "Down And Out At The Teen Club", "Radley Wipes Out", "Rampage", "From Rad To Worse", "Roughing It", and a few other early ones (I'm not sure which ones were on Buy Buy Babies; this list is for the remaining volumes: Beverly Hills Teens Vol. 1, The Rich Kids On The Block, Funny Money Mischief, Roughing It, The Makeover, The Dog Ate My Homework, Rampage, and From Rad To Worse). This leaves other ones, such as "McTech, P.I." out and strongly to be desired. I rediscovered the show last October and have been searching for this episode ever since. I've just got to know why Lark got arrested and how everything turned out! I was five when this one aired, but it bugged me since she was the proverbial girl next door. I could see Bianca getting arrested, but not Lark! I have a feeling Bianca had something to do with it, since she's always trying to get Troy from her. Anyway, the only way we'll know is when we can all see this episode. No matter how much it costs, I'll be first in line when it hits the stores. They've already got eleven signatures so far, and I hope the rest of you fans will spread the word and give Beverly Hills Teens a chance to shine again, like so many other eighties cartoons have lately. And even if you do have the VHS versions, it'd be great to have backups plus superb quality. I've never gotten tired of my old favorites; they just get better every time I see them. Let's let Shout! Factory, and especially the mother company, DIC Entertainment, know what we want right now!

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A trip down memory lane

Author: basia277 from Chicago
26 September 2001

It always amuses me that IMDB has references to some of the most obscure things from my past. I was just a 10 year old kid when this cartoon was on, but I recall watching it religiously during the summer. I loved the glamorous characters, especially Larke Tanner, who I felt was the "perfect" teenager. :) It was an amusing cartoon!

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I cant believe there are so many fans that remember BHT

Author: gailiebean from United States
13 April 2007

I loved that cartoon so much. I used to get up at the crack of dawn to watch those cartoons. I wanted to be like them. Until then I don't think I had ever seen cartoon chicks drawn so hot. I was telling my daughter about BHT and also Jem and the Hallagrams. How Hanna Montana is kind of like Jem in the way that her rock star identity is a secret. And how I really believe that Arron Spelling may have stolen the Beverly Hills Teens story and made Beverly Hills 90210. I remember thinking that very thought back when 90210 first premiered in the 80s. It was way too similar to ignore for me. But being that this cartoon came on very early in the morning when not many people were awake. And maybe because it was just a little girl's cartoon, no one really bothered. I remember telling my parents that the show was similar to my favorite cartoon. I know some of you must have thought the same thing when you first saw 90210. Does anyone know if the creators of the cartoon ever tried to sue or something?

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This show was great entertainment for dreamy, little girls

Author: from United States
21 January 2007

I absolutely loved this show growing up. Animation quality has gone downhill since I was a kid. Nothing quite holds up to the wonderment Jem and the Hollograms and Beverly Hills Teens brought to life in a dreamy little girl.

The characters were full of depth. From Bianca, the devious,schemer - to Lark the girl that everyone wanted to be... every kid could find a character they were reminded of or wanted to be. The situations throughout the array of shows were full of morals and humor. They created quite an interesting and entertaining half hour. I wish they'd bring the seasons to DVD! Little girls everywhere would love growing up with these gorgeous role-models!

They need to bring these shows back!

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This used to be my show!!!

Author: EightysBaBy from United States
28 December 2006

I used to love Beverly Hills Teens back in the eighties. I thought I was the only one who remembered it. When I asked other people if they remembered the show, the only person who said yes was my mom, because I used to watch it so much. I just watched a tape I bought about two years ago today. It brought back so many good memories. I wish they brought the show back on! My favorite character would have to be Bianca Dupri. We have so much in common. It's funny how they had all that wonderful technology back then. And how rich they were as teenagers. I know that we will never have cartoons like that again, simply original, and inspiring! Much Love!

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Wow - It Took Me Years To Remember This

Author: akudlets from United States
10 November 2006

Wow! It took me literally years to remember this show's title. I have been racking my brain for years. I then was watching some cartoon Archie something, and it showed Andy Heyward in the credits and then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been searching Andy Haywood for years and (of course) never came up with anything. Now here I am so many years later, and now aged 32, and would love to find this on DVD. I see that it was on for one season. Does anyone know if this is available on DVD yet? This is something that I think should be released. If you think about it, this was pre-Beverly Hills 90210 (but quite similar I think) and it was one of those "clean" cartoons with no violence. Imagine that in todays society.

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Ahh the 80's in Beverly Hills

Author: tiregod from No Cal
22 January 2005

I found this cartoon early one morning around 3 A.M. I don't even remember why I was awake but 5 minutes into it I was thinking what a load of Crap! For whatever reason I didn't like it. The next thing I know it seems to be on all the time! At first I watched it because it was so bad it was funny. But it grew on me and I was HOOKED! My favorite characters were Bianca & Wilshire, although I HATED the way she treated him. But if I remember correctly she was nice to him at least once. Thinking back now I cannot believe the 80's were that bad! LOL! Unfortunately I don't remember much else about it. Most of the cartoons from the 80's were horrible but there were a few gems like this one. Maybe some day they'll show it on cartoon network.

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"Come live your fantasy in Beverly Hills"

Author: fireball87o from United States
30 December 2004

This show follows the incredibly rich and popular gilded gang known as the Beverly Hills Teens. There's the beautiful blue-eyed blonde bombshell Larke, her preppy boyfriend Troy, jealous and crazy Bianca, super-smart Chester, uptight and arrogant Pierce, the human doormat Wilshire, gossip-hungry Switchboard, the friendly southern belle Tara, beautiful equestrian Blaze, surfer-dude Radley, fun-loving and overly-dramatic Nikki, punk-rockers Jett and Gig, and the smart and confident Shannelle. It's fun loving Amercian teenagers facing typical teenage concerns...or so the summary on the back of the video tapes say. The plots were really about hanging out at the Teen Club, shopping on Rodeo Drive, surfing the waves in Malibu, having fun with your friends, and passing exams at high school. The cartoon is superbly 80*s and fun and entertaining to watch.

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