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Episode List



21 Sep. 1987
Double-Surfing Double-Cross
The double surfing contest is here, and all but Bianca is going to compete.
22 Sep. 1987
The Dog Ate My Homework
The midnight ball for the teens of Beverly Hills is near, but everyone's history essay must be done in order to go.
23 Sep. 1987
The Makeover
Troy Jeffries is this years homecoming king. Now it's time to pick the queen. The winner will be determined by the beauty contest.
24 Sep. 1987
My Fair Wilshire
Larke, Pierce, Radley and Tara plan a scheme to make Bianca realize what a great man Wilshire is.
25 Sep. 1987
Robot Romance
Chester creates an attractive human-like robot girl called Roberta to be his date for the dance.
28 Sep. 1987
Casting Call
Buck Huckster decides to produce the famous play "Romeo & Juliet". Troy is chosen to play Romeo, but a girl is needed for the role of Juliet.
29 Sep. 1987
Down & Out in the Teenclub
Tara thinks that she and her family are broke after she hears someone has claimed their fortune, so Tara gets a job at the Teen Club.
30 Sep. 1987
Chase of a Lifetime
The Sadie Hawkins dance is approaching. That means its time for the girls to ask the boys out. But in Beverly Hills, the girls must chase the boys.
1 Oct. 1987
Downhill Racer
It's the winter carnival and both Larke and Bianca are competing to be this years Snow Queen.
2 Oct. 1987
Radley Wipes Out
Radley has to finish an important history test but can not retain the information. So the other teens devise a treasure hunt involving history clues to help him study.
5 Oct. 1987
Jett tells them that they are all invited to an ocean cruise, and they accept in order to get away from all the boredom.
6 Oct. 1987
Halloween in the Hills
Bianca and Larke show up in the exact same costume to the first annual Bianca Dupree Halloween party.
7 Oct. 1987
Visit from a Prince
A prince sees Blaze on a Teen magazine and falls for her.
8 Oct. 1987
Camp Camping
Pierce saves Wilshire's life on a camping trip. Wilshire expresses his gratitude to Pierce by becoming his servant and ditches Bianca.
9 Oct. 1987
Dream Date
Gig, Pierce, Radley and Chester are challenged to a contest to impress Larke and appear with her on the next cover of Teen Magazine.
12 Oct. 1987
A Time to Remember
During a horse race with Blaze, Bianca is injured and gets amnesia.
13 Oct. 1987
The Perfect Gift
Troy's birthday is approaching and Bianca are determined to be the one who gives him the best birthday present.
14 Oct. 1987
Chester the Matchmaker
Chester's new invention is a match-making computer that he uses to help Gig find a perfect date for a contest.
15 Oct. 1987
Who Wears the Pants?
Bianca is mistaken for a designer by a fashion critic while she is modeling a pair of glittering gold jeans designed by Tara.
16 Oct. 1987
Open for Business
As part of a class assignment, the gang is divided into two teams: Boys vs. Girls to run a business for a day on Rodeo Drive.
19 Oct. 1987
Operation: Soap Opera
Bianca is very unprepared when she is cast as Nikki's understudy for the lead role in "The Rich Get Richer."
20 Oct. 1987
Teenclub Carnival
Bianca and Gig spend the day together. Jett gets very jealous because she has to work the dunking booth for the Teen Club Charity Carnival.
21 Oct. 1987
Potions of Love
Bianca steals a love potion from Chester. She hopes to make Troy fall in love with her at the Teen Club's Valentine's Day Dance.
22 Oct. 1987
The Teen Cup
The teens compete in a yacht race to determine the best mariner. The winner will be crowned "King" or "Queen" of the Regatta.
23 Oct. 1987
Ghost Story
Chester discovers the legend of Count de la Mancha. It says that the count's ghost inhabits the Teen Club Castle.
26 Oct. 1987
Fairy Tale Flake Out
Bianca slips into a series of daydreams during a literature lecture. And the teens appear as an assortment of legendary fairy tale to her.
27 Oct. 1987
Nothing But Gossip
Switchboard is offered to join the celebrity gossip team as an assistant to Mona Blabit. Switchboard faces a real ethical dilemma.
28 Oct. 1987
Now We're Cooking
The teens each work on gourmet delicacies after they were asked to submit recipes for the cook book, "Recipes of the Super Rich."
29 Oct. 1987
Old at Heart
Nikki goes undercover as an old lady named Flora Belle after losing the opportunity to perform the role of a senior citizen on stage.
30 Oct. 1987
Death Valley 500
The Teens compete in the car race "Death Valley 500" charity to benefit homeless children.
2 Nov. 1987
Star Split
Jett and Gig get into a tiff and break up their rock band. They both decide to go their separate ways. Meanwhile Jett tests her abilities on the way of finding a career.
3 Nov. 1987
Double Your Trouble
The "Date with Gig" contest messes things up with Larke and Tara when Gig let's them believe that they are both the ultimate winner.
4 Nov. 1987
Take My Hostage, Please!
Bianca fakes her own kidnapping in order to make Troy rescue her. Unfortunately she falls into the hands of an actual kidnapper.
5 Nov. 1987
Trouble Times Three
Tara seeks help from Jett and Shanelle to babysit her mischievous identical triplet nephews.
6 Nov. 1987
Bianca's Dream
Bianca is bored with the Teen Club and falls into a dream. The dreams is actually a nightmare in which everyone is the antithesis of their real life personality.
9 Nov. 1987
Pierce's Hundred Dollars
Pierce's father challenges him to save $100 from his allowance. He promises to reward him in return with the world's most luxurious car.
10 Nov. 1987
Look Deep Into My Eyes
Pierce uses Chester's new invention - a mind control device to hypnotize the Teen Club members into electing him the Teen Club "King."
11 Nov. 1987
The Commercial
Larke's cat, Tiara gets chosen to star in a television commercial. This pushes Bianca to come up with a scheme to replace Larke's pet with her own poodle Empress.
12 Nov. 1987
Hold the Anchovies
Larke and Bianca are the leaders of two competing teams for "The Big Whiz Kids Pizza Biz Contest". The winners gets a 40 foot yacht and a week-long vacation in Tahiti.
13 Nov. 1987
From Rad to Worse
Radley has troubles with his homework. So Chester decides to help him by performing a brain transfusion. The result is Radley becomes arrogant but also brilliant.
16 Nov. 1987
Scene Stealer
Nikki tries to take center stage when the Teen Club participates in the television program "Lifestyles of the Young and Disgustingly Rich."
17 Nov. 1987
A Splitting Image
Chester invents a cloning machine and creates Pierce's clone as a birthday present. Meanwhile the rest of the Teen Club continues their search for the perfect birthday gift.
18 Nov. 1987
Diet, Please
Tara enrolls as a contestant in the "Miss Magnolia" beauty pageant. In order to get noticed she goes on a very strict diet.
19 Nov. 1987
Jillian's Lesson
The girls give Jillian million advice to help her to attract her crush. The results from all girly advice left series of mishaps for Jillian's brother Pierce.
20 Nov. 1987
What the Hex Happening?
Bianca finds a diamond pendant and refuses to give it back to the rightful owner, a gypsy fortune teller. As a result, she puts a curse on the Teen Club.
23 Nov. 1987
Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover Girl
Bianca gets a modeling job for Larke for Teen Magazine so that she and Troy can spend the evening studying together.
24 Nov. 1987
Private Club - Ghosts Only
The teens investigate a series of unexplained phenomena after a ghostly apparition begins haunting the corridors.
25 Nov. 1987
Poll Climbers
Shanelle asks Larke and Troy for help in managing her campaign to get re-elected as student body president. Meanwhile Bianca stages an extravagant campaign to elect Pierce.
26 Nov. 1987
The rock 'n' roll gorilla, Prince Monko escapes his cage and abducts Bianca during a circus charity benefit.
27 Nov. 1987
That Winning Smile
Bianca sabotages Larke's appearance in a "Winning Smile" toothpaste commercial. After that faith takes revenge on Bianca's mischief.
30 Nov. 1987
Eye of the Tigress
The girls and Chester make a deal - they will help him in passing the physical education exam and he will assist them in the "Teen IQ Quiz Show."
1 Dec. 1987
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
The girls challenge the boys to a softball game. They lay down the condition to be allowed to join the boys' team if they win.
2 Dec. 1987
The Slumber Party
Larke decides to host a slumber party for the girls while her parents are visiting in Paris.
3 Dec. 1987
Roughing It
Larke and Troy find themselves unexpectedly crowded by the entire Teen Club during a camping trip in Silver Valley to study for their biology final.
4 Dec. 1987
The Buck Stops Here
Bianca desperately tries to impress the society photographer Ace Face after Buck Huckster sells her a new cosmetic which has very bad side effects.