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10 Jan. 1989
Intellectual Aspirations
Clare gets into an intellectual challenge with her new boyfriend whom she believes to be terribly brainy. Eleanor decides that it's a contest that she can't be left out of.
17 Jan. 1989
Open Secrets
When Sarah is invited out for lunch by a man, she has to make contingency plans to prevent her mother's "Geriatric Mafia" finding out about it.
24 Jan. 1989
Memory Games
It's quiz night and Clare and Eleanor are on opposing teams while Sarah seems to be having problems with the accuracy of her memory.
31 Jan. 1989
The Cold
Sarah feels terrible but, in her family, she's last on the list of casualties allowed to be treated if other people feel ill as well.
7 Feb. 1989
Wedding Bells
Eleanor wants to have a family wedding because she has heard that Vera Polling is having one and that, of course, puts the pressure on Sarah and Clare.
28 Feb. 1989
Lines of Communication
Sarah and Eleanor have fallen out and there seems little chance of a reconciliation. Clare decides to use one of her old school games to alleviate the problem.
7 Mar. 1989
Sarah is accused of scandal-mongering after inadvertently starting a rumour about the pension counter's sister.
14 Mar. 1989
Out on a Limb
With Eleanor off to the Bridge Club dinner and dance with Vera Polling, Sarah decides to invite Dr. Sam Greenland over for a quiet dinner but things do not go according to plan.
21 Mar. 1989
Sarah, Eleanor and Clare are enlisted by the local amateur dramatic society when it suddenly loses its leading players.
28 Mar. 1989
Idle Speculation
It's a fight to the finish when Sarah, who wants the hall redecorated in time for her birthday party and Eleanor, who wants a new dress for the occasion, battle it out when there is only enough money for one or the other.
4 Apr. 1989
Eleanor is left in charge of the bookshop when Russell and Sarah go off for a special lunch. She initiates an efficiency drive, which goes badly wrong.
11 Apr. 1989
Going Away
Sarah makes plans to escape to Portugal for two weeks with her glamorous friend, Alison. However, Eleanor brings all her emotional blackmailing skills to the fore to scupper the plans.
25 Dec. 1989
A Week of Sundays
Christmas is not the same at home without Henry. When Sarah, Eleanor and Clare are invited elsewhere, they all accept.

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