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8 Jan. 1990
Research and Destroy
Hanson, Hoffs and Ioki try to discover who is making synthetic heroin and experimenting on people with it. Also, Ioki tries to help a Chinese student deal with a spy trying to bring him home, and Hoffs fends off an unwanted suitor.
15 Jan. 1990
Change of Heart
Captain Fuller & Hoffs investigate after a popular teacher, who is also an environmentalist, is stabbed to death.
29 Jan. 1990
Back from the Future
Through Officer John Cogan of the Metropolitan Police of the future, we revisit significant moments for the Jump Street team members.
5 Feb. 1990
Ronnie Seebok is on death row. He asks Hanson to witness his execution.
12 Feb. 1990
Hi Mom
Fuller, Hanson and Penhall investigate suspected drug use in a college athletic program after a student basketball player is killed in a high speed single car accident.
19 Feb. 1990
Hanson and Penhall investigate a school paper bombing and end up on a romantic mission.
26 Feb. 1990
La Bizca
Penhall and Hanson go to El Salvador to look for Marta.
19 Mar. 1990
Last Chance High
Hanson and Penhall investigate a school of independent study after several office items are stolen.
9 Apr. 1990
Unfinished Business
Hoffs and Ioki go undercover at a university whose disabled students are being raped. Officer Scanlon, one of Fuller's previous officers who was disabled after being shot, works with Penhall on the same case.
30 Apr. 1990
Shirts and Skins
Penhall infiltrates a neo-Nazi group while Hoffs and Ioki investigate a group that opposes them.
7 May 1990
How I Saved the Senator
A reporter interviews the Jump Street team after a senator's school visit is cut short by a bomb threat. Each officer gives a different offbeat account of what happened.
14 May 1990
Rounding Third
While coaching little league, Penhall discovers a missing child and investigates.
21 May 1990
Everyday Is Christmas
Penhall is transferred to the 43rd Precinct and ends up working with dirty cops.
16 Jul. 1990
Hanson, Penhall and Hoffs go into a school to investigate a gang rape and are stuck there when there is a power blackout.
13 Oct. 1990
Tunnel of Love
Hoffs goes undercover inside a massage parlor that is also believed to be a brothel for underage girls, while Officer Garrett goes undercover as a patron. Meanwhile, a DEA agent is also investigating the owner of the parlor for drug trafficking.
20 Oct. 1990
Back to School
As they attempt to adjust to the Jump Street program, Officers Rocky and Garrett go undercover in a high school to flush out its biggest drug dealer. While Garrett tries to have some fun with his new persona, Rocky fears that a teacher may be coming on to her. Meanwhile, Hoffs tries to buy her dream house.
27 Oct. 1990
Buddy System
New Jump Street recruit Officer McCann is assigned to get close to a mentally handicapped youth in order to find out who murdered his partner in a buddy system which paired him and other mentally handicapped kids with troubled youths. Meanwhile, Hoffs and Penhall try to find out more about McCann's background.
3 Nov. 1990
A narcotics officer goes undercover with the Jump Street crew to help bust a drug dealer. Penhall develops feelings for her, but problems arise when she is suspected of being addicted herself.
10 Nov. 1990
Just Say No! High
When there's an outbreak of Ecstasy in a high school, Hoffs and McCann are sent to investigate. And it seems the school has a zero tolerance and has all the students take drug tests. When Hoffs takes the test, she comes up positive and is pulled out and is grilled by I.A. Mac decides that the student who spearheads the anti-drug campaign at the school is a person of interest.
17 Nov. 1990
Doug Penhall's estranged brother, Joey, transfers to the Jump Street Unit. After his attempts at making amends with Doug are rejected, he takes an assignment in which he must go deep undercover in a religious cult in order to extract a man's daughter and to prove that the cult is involved in illegal activities.
24 Nov. 1990
This Ain't No Summer Camp
At special camp for Delinquent Children, one of the charges decides to bolt but dies in what appears to be an accident. However, Doug and Joey are sent there to see if the man in charge is too hard on them. While Judy and Mac check out the deceased.
1 Dec. 1990
The Girl Next Door
A star football player is killed when he is hit by a car. McCann goes undercover as his best friend's biology tutor to try to find the killer, but he is unsure of how to proceed once he develops feelings for the girl.
8 Dec. 1990
Diplomas for Sale
When a student gets killed while trying to commit a robbery, Fuller sends the team to check it out. And the trail leads them to a place where students buy and sell school papers.
22 Dec. 1990
Number One with a Bullet
Doug is shot and while comatose, he meets people he knows who are gone, like his wife, Marta. When he wakes up, he learns that Clavo has been keeping his distance, because he can't deal with losing someone he cares about. So Doug has to decide if he should continue being a cop.

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