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Season 3

6 Nov. 1988
Fun with Animals
Minus Penhall, the team returns to 21 Jump Street after the summer. Working with Booker, a new officer, Hanson investigates a vandalization incident that appears to be a hate crime.
11 Nov. 1988
Slippin' Into Darkness
The team works a case involving drug dealers while keeping an eye on The Rangers, a group of civilians that patrol the street to prevent and solve crime.
20 Nov. 1988
The Currency We Trade In
Penhall works a Major Crimes case with his new partner Fitzgerald. The case involves allegations of child abuse against a public figure.
27 Nov. 1988
Coach of the Year
Penhall and Booker investigate a football coach after a student is paralyzed in a game.
11 Dec. 1988
Whose Choice Is It Anyway?
Hoffs goes undercover at a school that has a clinic that gives teens information about birth control. Ioki works undercover within a group protesting the clinic's presence on campus. Booker sets up Sal on a date.
18 Dec. 1988
Hell Week
Investigating a rape on a college campus, Hanson, Ioki and Booker go undercover in two fraternities. Hoffs goes undercover in a sorority and Penhall in a dorm.
15 Jan. 1989
The Dragon and the Angel
Ioki goes undercover in a Vietnamese gang that extorts the Vietnamese community.
29 Jan. 1989
The Blu Flu
Rejecting the city's contract renewal offer The Association of Municipal Police Officers goes on strike. As management, Captain Fuller must continue to work. Hanson observes the union negotiation and the rest of the team strikes.
5 Feb. 1989
Swallowed Alive
Hanson, Penhall, Ioki and Booker go into a juvenile detention centre to solve a murder.
12 Feb. 1989
What About Love?
The team tries to solve a flasher case. Hoffs experiences some fallout at work after a romantic entanglement goes awry.
19 Feb. 1989
Woolly Bullies
Penhall investigates a group of nerd students that break into the school computer to change grades. Since he's blending in with the nerds, he's being bullied. The team exchanges bully stories.
26 Feb. 1989
The Dreaded Return of Russell Buckins
Hanson's friend Russell Buckins jeopardizes the Jump Street program when he writes about it for a magazine article.
19 Mar. 1989
Captain Fuller's friend Wilcox comes to him for help finding an army private that has gone A.W.O.L. before the private gets in serious trouble.
26 Mar. 1989
Booker goes undercover within a group of drug using and dealing teens, but when the gang suspects that one of their own is a narc, Booker begins to crack under the pressure.
9 Apr. 1989
Fathers and Sons
Hanson and Penhall go into a school on a narcotics case but get pulled out because one of the suspects is the mayor's son.
23 Apr. 1989
High High
The team goes into a school of creative arts to investigate heavy drug dealing that will close the school if not it isn't stopped.
30 Apr. 1989
Blinded by the Thousand Points of Light
The team hits the streets to find a predator that is preying on young hustlers.
7 May 1989
Next Victim
After the car of a bigoted and controversial college radio talk show host is bombed Hoffs and Booker investigate.
14 May 1989
Loc'd Out: Part 1
Hanson, Hoffs and Ioki go undercover to try to solve a series of drive-by shootings between two gangs. Booker investigates the partner of a dirty cop
21 May 1989
Loc'd Out: Part 2
Hanson is suspected of killing a crooked cop who was responsible for Ioki's shooting. He goes on the run. Fuller gets Booker assigned to the cops's partner who might also be crooked, and Booker investigates the shooting. Hanson eventually turns to Penhall for help. Hanson is eventually caught and placed on trial.

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