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Misleading Title...

Author: prufrock5150 from Highland, CA
28 October 2003

Whereas the audience is entreated to identify the promised "fat guy" and discover the degree to which he "goes nutzoid," s/he instead is placed in an epistemological quandary: how do we know who the "fat guy" is, and what type of behavior qualifies as "nutzoid?" Indeed, there are two fat guys in the film, and were the viewer to identify which of them were the intended referent of the title by analyzing their respective nutzoiditude, s/he would arrive at a standoff wherein the viewer is exhorted to discover the inherent social nutzoidity of a cruelly indifferent world harshly juxtaposed against the existential nutzoidness of a benevolent and childlike zest. Surely this film invites post-structuralist and semiotic analysis almost as bountifully as Girls Gone Wild (Totally Unexposed 8, that is) invites geopolitical discussion. And here I was, just expecting to see a fat guy going nutzoid .. .

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Mind-numbingly awful

Author: Guardian-11 from Vancouver, Canada
30 September 1999

Truly Awful. One of the worst films ever committed.

And don't think "I'll check it out because something that bad must be good, I mean, look at 'Plan 9'!"

That's what we did. It isn't... it's just BAD.

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Nutzoid is as Nutzoid does

Author: Cobra-10 from MD
21 August 2001

This film is so inane it will blow your mind. If you want to clear out your living room at a party, put this in the VCR and watch people leave the room one by one. I've cleared many a room with this video. It does have its super-inane moments that may entertain you, depending on your sense of humor: several quaaludes scenes (one with a quaalude being tossed about and then a minute later a whole bag of 'ludes is spilled all over the floor by the title character), the ultra-inane laughing scene toward the end between Rog and his lawyer, and, if you have the collector's edition of this film, the interview between Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Pres.) and John Golden, director of this opus. If you decide to rent this, you will likely get a funny look from the video store clerk. Recommended for those who like films that are way, way out there.

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Agony personified

Author: Progbear-4 from Northern CA
18 April 2000

Abandon hope all ye who enter here. This may well be one of the worst movies of any notoriety I've ever had the misfortune to see. The wacky title may pique your curiosity, but make no mistake...this film isn't "so bad it's good", it's just irredeemably awful and stultifyingly dull. It's overloaded with long stretches of *nothing* where you pray that something, *anything* even slightly interesting might happen, but it doesn't. Apparently, someone thought this was a "comedy", but I fail to see anything in it that anyone with a brain might find funny, even unintentionally. I wasn't offended by any of it, I was too bored to be offended. The one bright spot in this horrible film is the mesmerizing acoustic-guitar soundtrack by Leo Kottke. Skip this horrible film, and buy Kottke's _6 and 12 String Guitar_ CD instead, you'll be glad you did.

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What was that supposed to be?

Author: abramz86 from Bay Area, United States
19 October 2005

My friend turned me on to Troma movies, I had watched a couple at his house, and decided one day that I would get one. The title Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid jumped out at me and it looked funny, so I ordered it. When it finally arrived, I popped it in my VCR and pressed play... I knew I had made a grave mistake...

I watched, half in anger, half in disgust, as I was repeatedly assaulted by the nothingness of this stinker. I was routing for it, giving it all the slack I could, begging it to not suck, and still I found it horrible. I'm not gonna bother describing it any further except to say - if you're thinking about watching it, don't (go with Toxic Avenger or one of the other classics).

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I love the music

Author: magicmysteryman from london, engerland
1 July 2002

Even if you're not into crazy films like this (i.e. why were you watching it in the first place?). I think a lot of people out there in la la land need to know that the music in this film is a sort of lost treasure. A bit like the soundtrack to Blue Collar (featuring howling wolf and captain beefheart) or Medium Cool (music by Zappa played by Bloomfield and co. - Zappa fanatics take note) this film's unique music was supplied by guitarist and song writer Leo Koetke. Leo music is something like Ry Cooder boiled in ammonia. A bit like like heavy bluegrass. A recommend anybody with a passing interest in good music check it out asnd find me somewhere to get the soundtrack. Back to the film.. It has it's moments. Maybe some of these go over the head of the typical Troma fan. What you see in this film are flashes of a more surreal and spontanious side to Lloyd Kaufmans films (Lloyd Kaufman... does that mean he's a Welsh Jew?). My favourite scene has to be the one where the mental patients devour the guys stash. Now doesn't that have something to say about the irony of drugs and how we choose to use them and use them on other people. I say the Mooka is misunderstood.. SAVE THE MOOKA.... (this has been a 21 century Schizoid announcement....

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the music is the best part!

Author: jccalhoun from indiana
20 December 1999

This movie is bad. It's not even entertaining. It's really just dull. The most amazing thing is that the soundtrack is by a guitarist named Leo Kottke who is a very talented musician and is well respected for his fingerstyle technique. How did he get to be involved with this lousy movie, I will never know.

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An obvious antecedent to Rain Man and Forrest Gump.

Author: Andrew Smith ( from Pittsburgh, PA
24 November 2002

Anyone with a conscience should go to see this expose on the ill treatment that mentally-challenged individuals face in modern society. The Mouka is a new role-model to inspire us all to overcome our limitations and differences and become a better society. We should all bow down before the chefs at Troma for donating this documentary on the mental health system and its devastating effects on the victims of... what's that, Mother? You want me to come home? But I'm in the middle of reviewing a movie! I don't CARE if you're staring at me from your bedroom window! Look, don't make me put you in the basement with the stuffed birds again.

Sorry about that. Anyway, this film is actually a new low in bad comedy flicks, intentional category. Most of the humor is in the title "Fat guy goes nutzoid." The rest is somewhere in between the vomiting and the Auschwitz joke and the enormous amount of body hair on display. The acting is around the level of "Glen or Glenda" and the writing would bore an 8-year-old. Pretty much the only mitigating factor is the Leo Kottke guitar score, which is fortunately too loud most of the time. Oh, and Tibor Feldman bears an uncanny resemblance to Ethan Coen, which made me want to shout "Where's Joel?" at the screen. That, of course, is not all I wanted to shout. Anyway, thanks for coming: we don't get much business since they moved the highway a few years ago. Here's your key. Cabin number 2. Why don't you take a nice, long shower after traveling so far?

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Crap, pure crap.

Author: anonymous from College Park, Md
21 February 1999

No comments needed, simply the worst movie I have ever seen, and I am a huge Troma fan. Horrible.

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Author: SugarFunkFairy from Atlanta, GA
14 December 2005

Easily the worst movie I've ever seen. Dead air, horrible camera work, weak and uninspired plot, no character name something that can be bad about a film, and this disease showed it as a symptom. In decades of being an internationally known impresario of BAD cinema, Troma has produced its ugliest effort here.

Working at video store about 10 years ago, we had a copy in the store that I often put up in my "Employee Favorites" section. I had a $5 standing bet with a coworker for anytime I could convince someone to rent it. Even in surrounding it with classics like The Maltese Falcon and Chinatown, I seldom was able to claim the reward.

Stay away. Stay far away.

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