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Sex & Nudity

  • Jamie and Keri have sex (both have their underwear on but both are topless), the scene quickly turns violent (see below) as one of the goons grabs a pillow and briefly exposes her bare breasts
  • Packard and a woman have familiar sex with both of them topless but with their pants on, her breast is briefly exposed
  • Jake tells Keri he loves her by a river. She then gets into the river next to him, slips off part of her swimsuit and exposes her breast. They then proceed to passionately kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • The Wraith kills his enemies by letting them run into his car and explode
  • After the Wraith kills his prey, their bodies remain intact but their eyes are missing (nothing too gory)
  • Packard interrupts Jamie and Keri having sex, has his goons tie up Jamie and Packard takes a switchblade and slices Jamie's back in a few spots (nothing is seen). They then take Jamie's body (covered in a somewhat bloody sheet), stuff him in the trunk of a car, run the car off a cliff and the car explodes
  • Jake has some scars on his back
  • The Wraith comes into Packard's chop shop with a futuristic shotgun of some kind and shoots up the place (nobody is hurt)
  • Billy tries to stop Packard from forcefully taking Keri away and Packard punches and kicks Billy several times. After Packard leaves, Billy spits out some blood
  • Skank and Gutterboy chase after Jake and Keri. They try to shoot them but end up crashing their car instead
  • Packard slits his hand with his knife drawing blood and then proceeds to lick it from his other hand


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Skank, one of Packards goons, likes to get high on automotive supplies (brake fluid, WD40, etc.) and we see him do these

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the auto chases/crashes may be very intense.
  • Some of the night scenes make the Wraith look a little frightening since he's supposed to be a ghost of some kind

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