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Sex & Nudity

  • *We see the fully nude buttocks of a male at the beginning of the movie.
  • *A couple have sex in a car. We see her breasts and a lot of her body as she is undressed. The scene does not last long, however.

Violence & Gore

  • Mild scenes.
  • *Brief, un-clear footage of people burning in a hotel room fire.
  • *A boy is almost drowned after he is thrown into a pool with a weight stuck in his backpack.
  • *Another mans tie gets hooked around the spinning axle of a lathe, his head gets pulled down, and the sharp point of the tail-stock comes towards his head. The machine is stopped before the point reaches his head.
  • *Several people are vaporized after being hit with electric bolts from a guitar.
  • *A head blows up, however, no gore or graphic footage is scene, we only see sparks fly out.
  • *A woman is grabbed by the neck and pulled out of a TV, where her miniaturized body crumbles. (Shown mostly in shadows)
  • *A boy is electrocuted after plunging a crowbar into a fuse box. He does not die, however.
  • *Car is driven off of a bridge at the end of the movie, however none of the characters are harmed in the scene.


  • Mild profanity.
  • "F***", "S***", "B****", and Damnit can be heard throughout the movie, but never to an extensive level.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • *The "television grab" scenes may seem intense to some, however, they are done in a comical way.
  • *The ending finale with all of the dance attendees being electrocuted and vaporized by the electric volts may be frightening to younger audiences.
  • *The head blowing up might seem frightening.
  • *The appearance of Sammi Curr is decrepit and some may find it creepy.
  • *When Sammi speaks beyond the grave through the speakers, younger viewers may find that scary.

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