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Horror Highlights: Little Devils: The Birth, Wytches in Image+ Magazine, The Drifter, Landing Lake

The tiny ghouls from Little Devils: The Birth return with Shivers Entertainment's DVD and VHS release of the 1993 cult film, and we have official details on the re-release in today's Horror Highlights, which also includes details on the Wytches comic coming to Image+ magazine, clips from The Drifter, and the trailer for Landing Lake.

Little Devils: The Birth Re-Release: Press Release: "Victoria, British Columbia: Canadian film distributor Shivers Entertainment is set to launch evil upon the world! Their latest launch is a re-release of director George Pavlou (Rawhead Rex, Transmutations) and writer Elliott Stein’s Little Devils: The Birth. Originally released in 1993, Shivers will make this iconic Canadian filmwork available through a limited DVD and VHS release. Items will be limited as gargoyles emerge from Hell, one last time!

The film’s story begins when a scientist, Dr. Lionel (Wayne McNamara, Psycho Pike), makes a trip to Hell and returns with a strange ooze.
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Trick Or Treat (1986)

I’ll confess. I have a real mushy soft spot for Heavy Metal music. Back in the ‘80s, in my teen years, my buddy Nick and I would crank the latest from Kiss, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Cinderella, etc. And there’s something specifically about Metal tailored to teenagers – that heightened sense of drama we feel at that age, the hormonal urges, and the need to push back against ‘society’. (Right – but please give us our allowances to consume products, okay?)

But Metal also equated with power, which was aligned with evil, and before long, many parents came up with the notion that Metal was Satan’s music. (Is the Pmrc still a thing? Brr.) Well, marketing is marketing, and few Metal bands fought the label (hell, some even embraced it). So it seemed the timing was right for that satanic safe haven, the Horror Film, to meet up with the
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iTunes Hidden Gems #1

Like a lot of folks, my movie watching is heading more towards a digital future rather than a physical one – and that’s despite my love of Blu-ray and all the cult movies the format has brought us thanks to the likes of Olive Films, Kino Lorber/Scorpion Releasing, Scream Factory, Vinegar Syndrome et al.

Whilst many will decry abandoning discs for digital files there are some bonuses, especially for genre fans here in the UK. The advent of iTunes has brought with it, in a lot of cases, a dropping of the borders. Movies are hitting Apple’s stores that haven’t seen the light of day since the VHS era – there’s even some films available digitally that have never previously been made available to rent or buy on these shores. Ever.

With that in mind, I’ve been trawling iTunes to find some hidden gems, the real
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5 Films You Should’ve Seen in 2015

By Kevin Scott

I’ve always seen Christmas and New Year’s as the one-two punch of all holidays. All the prep that goes into Christmas to culminate in just one brief and fleeting day, and then being immediately followed by the end of the year. That year that has etched its last two digits into our subconscious, and dies hard when trying to learn to write or type the new two digits for the following year. New Year’s is also a time when you can add one more year to how long it’s been since you passed some of life’s memorable and major rites of passage, like high school or college graduation, or even how long ago your favorite films came out.

It can be a bit melancholy if you let it. One thing that is definitely a high point of all this closure
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Interview: Salems Lott Drummer Tony F. Corpse!

Interview: Salems Lott Drummer Tony F. Corpse!
Now, I know I’m askin’ a lot of ya o’ faithful Coffin Club, but if ya can cast yer mind back o’er the endless, roiling sea of time to sometime like a week and a half ago to when I brought you a jaw session with vocalist/guitarist Monroe Black of one of the most kick-ass bands to e’er ravage yer ear holes: Salems Lott!

Well, guess what? The drummer of said band is a huge horror-hound, just like us! Don’t believe me? Well F you… err, I mean read on and you’ll see just what I mean as Tony F. Corpse joins us in the Crypt o’ Xiii!

Famous Monsters. Welcome, Tony! Let’s dive right into this putrid pool of Q&A madness! What drew you to the aesthetic of shock rock/visual kei?

Tony F Corpse. The sheer spectacle and unapologetic bombast,
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Frightfest 2015: ‘Some Kind of Hate’ Review

Stars: Grace Phipps, Spencer Breslin, Lexi Atkins, Sierra McCormick, Ronen Rubinstein, Brando Eaton, Andrew Bryniarski, Noah Segan, Michael Polish, Maestro Harrell, Justin Prentice, Audrey Ellis Fox, Jasper Polish, Josh Ethier | Written by Adam Egypt Mortimer, Brian DeLeeuw | Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer

If there’s one thing I will take away from this years Frightfest it’s that this was the year that saw the tropes of the slasher movie return to the horror genre with a vengeance. From the strong final girl, to insane, and sometimes supernatural, killers and the idea that the horror movie is as metal as Iron Maiden… so gloriously metal… And nowhere are those three more prevalent than in Some Kind of Hate.

Reminscent of Trick or Treat, the 1986 heavy metal horror starring Marc Price; and Savaged, the supernatural revenge thriller that played Frightfest Glasgow in 2014, Some Kind of Hate sees tightly wound Lincoln – a
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Gene Simmons, WWE Studios to Produce 'Elevated' Horror Movies

Gene Simmons, WWE Studios to Produce 'Elevated' Horror Movies
Gene Simmons and WWE Studios are teaming up to form Erebus Pictures, a new studio that will finance and produce "elevated horror movies," according to a press release.

The co-production deal calls for three films, starting with Temple, which was originally acquired and developed by WWE Studios. Erebus Pictures — named for the Greek primordial deity representing darkness — will begin production on their second movie later this year.

Matt Savelloni (Exile to Babylon) wrote the film, which is scheduled to begin filming this summer. The film tells the story of a
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The 13 Worst Halloween Movies of All Time

The 13 Worst Halloween Movies of All Time
Halloween is finally upon us, and a lot of you have been holding down your own horror movie marathons. We're sure you've included the classics, but not many of them actually take place on All Hallow's Eve. And the ones that do? Well, quite a few are not very good. John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween is of course a classic. 2009's Trick 'r Treat is a new perennial favorite that grows its cult base every year. And you simply can't go wrong with The Nightmare Before Christmas between now and New Year's Eve. But you may want to seek out new and interesting films that revolve around this terrifying treat-filled holiday. The following list of movies is not for you! This is a warning: Do not invite your friends over for the following 13 fright flicks, as they are the worst Halloween movies of all-time. That said, they are not without their merits.
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Director Charles Martin Smith Talks Dolphin Tale 2, His Career as a Character Actor and the Transition to Filmmaking

The career trajectory of Charles Martin Smith has been a fascinating one to watch. The perennial character actor (supporting roles in American Graffiti, Starman & The Untouchables) slowly transitioned behind the camera, helming such genre fare as Trick or Treat and Fifty/Fifty. Since then, Smith has transitioned to directing more topical dramas: The Snow Walker & Stone of Destiny – before finding commercial success with the family-friendly Dolphin Tale. The surprise success of Dolphin Tale, the film grossed more than 70 million domestically, has not only spawned a sequel opening this weekend but also helped to establish an aquarium (The Clearwater Marine Aquarium) that houses Winter and Hope, the titular aquatic stars of both Dolphin Tale films. In the following interview with Charles Martin Smith, the writer/director discusses the darker adult themes of Dolphin Tale 2, the writing process behind the sequel and his approach to working with child-actors. In addition, Smith
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Release Details & Cover Art for October Dreams II, Featuring Stories by Ray Bradbury, Dean Koontz, Robert Bloch & More

  • DailyDead
As another autumn approaches, horror hounds look forward to the chill of pumpkin guts on their hands, the crunch of leaves under their shoes, and, for some, pulling their copy of October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween off the bookshelf for another round of seasonal reading. Published in 2000, Cemetery Dance’s collection of Halloween stories, reflections, and essays now has a sequel on the way.

Featuring an abundance of short pieces by a wide range of authors, October Dreams II: A Celebration of Halloween doesn’t yet have an official release date, but it is expected to come out soon in a hardcover edition from Cemetery Dance. The tome of terror includes stories by Ray Bradbury, Dean Koontz, Robert Bloch, and many more. We have the official release details and cover art below. To learn more or pre-order a copy, visit:

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Book Review: Heavy Metal Movies

Former head writer for the nudie site Mr. Skin, Mike “McBeardo” McPadden has stepped away from indexing every nude scene from every film ever made and dove head first into the high-speed, attitude driven world of Heavy Metal Cinema. From The Book’S Website: “Heavy metal and high-thrill cinema have been joined together like mutant twins since before Black Sabbath took the name of a chilling Italian horror film in 1970. The unadulterated journey of Heavy Metal Movies spans concert movies and trippy midnight flicks, inspirational depictions of ancient times and future apocalypses, and raw hand-held digital video obsessions. As brash, irreverent, and visceral as both the music and the movies themselves, Heavy Metal Movies is the ultimate guidebook to the complete molten musical cinema experience.”

This book wasn’t written, it was forged…that’s how metal it is. With over 666 movie recommendations ranging from the obvious choices like Trick Or Treat,
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Rock and Roll Nightmare (1987) Review

Written by Kevin Scott,

Rock and Roll Nightmare aka Edge of Hell (1987)

Directed by: John Fasano

Written by: Jon Mikl Thor

Cast: Jon Mikl Thor (John Triton), Jillian Peri (Lou Anne), Frank Dietz (Roger), David Lane (Max), Teresa Simpson (Randy)

Gateway films can take a horror aficionado down roads to a destination that resurrects memories of humble beginnings as a young horror fan. I found “Trick or Treat” on YouTube in its entirety a few weeks back, and nostalgia overpowered me to the point that I had to go down the rabbit hole of horror and hair metal to see how far it goes. “Trick of Treat” seems to be the one that everyone remembers, mainly because of Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne making brief cameos, and Skippy from “Family Ties” sporting long hair, and dropping the “F” word from time to time. Stuff like that is downright unforgettable.
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The Orphan Killer is Coming to a Store Near You! Look For Marcus Miller Masks this Halloween!

Halloween is eight months away, but you can never start planning too early. Let's see, you've been a zombie, a vampire and Gene Simmons in full Kiss face paint in the past. You need something new and we've got a costume idea for you that's completely original.

Marcus Miller, the brutal butcher from The Orphan Killer (review here).

Written and directed by Matt Farnsworth, The Orphan Killer is an entertaining horror film that delivers plenty of tension, action and blood, blood, blood! It's been banned in Germany, and thanks to the hustle of Farnsworth, one of the hardest working guys in the business, you'll get a chance to pick up your own Marcus Miller mask, made by Trick or Treat Studios, at your favorite retail Halloween store this year.

Dig the prototype below, and join the quarter-million people who have already "liked" The Orphan Killer on Facebook and check out
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The 10 Best Movie Mashups of 2012

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Across the many long, winding roads that make up the information superhighway (a term that '90s-era pioneers often used to describe "the Internet"), one of the most respected of skills is the ability to make a decent mashup.

Really, where would we be if we weren't able to distract ourselves from the tedium of our workdays with little three-minute videos that incorporate footage from different sources to create one cohesive piece of satirical entertainment? No damn where, that's where.

So, let us give thanks for the art of the supercut with this list of the Best Mashups of 2012, which feature the likes of Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, Seth Rogen, Brad Pitt and all those bad '70s Marvel TV shows. Below you'll find a total of about a half an hour of your life that you'll never get back — and that's a good thing.

(Warning: Some scattered Nsfw elements herein!
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Awfully Good: Trick or Treat

  • JoBlo
Spend Halloween with Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons and Skippy from "Family Ties!" Trick or Treat (1986) Director: Charles Martin Smith Stars: Marc Price, Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne A dead rock star haunts his biggest fan's record player until he can be reborn. Trick Or Treat is definitely more treat than trick. The film is perhaps most remembered for featuring rock icons Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons, even though the two only make brief, yet fun...
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Ten 80s Horror Movies About Rock Bands

By Erin Lashley,

In the 80s, rock music and horror movies went together like acid washed jeans and feathered hair. The trouble is, even though many horror movies had awesome rock soundtracks, the movies that specifically featured rock musician characters as heroes or villains varied wildly in quality. Although the rock horror movie has mostly gone the way of the 80s, I’m not sure any other type of music will ever have such a successful love affair with horror. I can’t picture people turning up for a movie called Pop Divas of the Apocalypse, or Death by Dubstep, or even Bloody Pit of Techno Bastards. But what do I know? I’m still stuck in the 80s. Here are 10 of the movies that are stuck with me.

Rocktober Blood (1984)

Billy (Tray Loren) is a rock star, and also kind of an a-hole, so nobody is real
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Top 10 Rock ‘n Roll Horror Movies

Upon contemplating my next list, it was quickly apparent to me that there wasn’t much in he way of horror lists involving fictional rock bands / performers as the centerpiece. Not so much real artists like Kiss (though I’ve still included it), or Dee Snider, but horror films centered around the rock act as the main horror antagonist. “Trick or Treat” being a perfect example. Now the usage of the word “top” is rather subjective as several of these films are really more on the cheesy side of horror than anything. Though they do fit the criteria which is the… More
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Interview: Director Charles Martin Smith Spins a ‘Dolphin Tale’

Chicago – Charles Martin Smith has had a varied career as an actor and a director. He was one of the famous ensemble cast members of “American Graffiti,” directed by George Lucas, and broke out himself as a director in the mid-1980s. His latest work as a filmmaker was one of last week’s big box office hits, “Dolphin Tale.”

Dolphin Tale” is the based-on-truth story of Winter (who plays herself), a female dolphin who lost her tail as a result of a fisherman’s trap. In the film she is discovered by a young boy (Nathan Gamble), is nursed back to health by a marine institute headed by Dr. Clay (Harry Connick Jr.) and fitted for a prosthetic tale by Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman). The ensemble cast also includes Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson and Frances Sternhagen.

Charles Martin Smith, Director of ‘Dolphin Tale

Photo credit: Joe Arce of Starstruck Foto for HollywoodChicago.
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Horror at the Oscars 2011 - Part One

It is that time of year again when Dread Central pays its respects to those who have worked in our beloved genre and made it to the red carpet on Oscar night 2011. The genre was in rare form when it came to the nominations. Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan was up for the gold in multiple categories (best picture, best actress, cinematography, and direction); even The Wolfman was on the short-list for best make-up. And win we did.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because therein lie the gems of VHS past for a large share of both the winners and folks who were nominated. Highlights include a win for Melissa Leo (nominated two years ago for Frozen River), whom we remember best as Judith 'MaMa' Baer in Deadtime Stories. And who could forget Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho? My fellow fright fiends, he brought home the gold last night.
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Scary Long Week? Soak Your Cares Away With These Halloween-Themed Bubble Baths!

Get glowing skin and plan your costume while soaking in one of these amazing bubble baths!

Halloween is almost upon us and if you’re fond of dressing up like our friend Annalynne McCord, you’ll need some time to plot your ghoulishly good look. Why not consider your costume options during a long soak in a bubble bath? After all, you’ve earned it! Here are six Halloween-themed bubble baths to get you into the spirit:

While you’re contemplating whether you’re costume is Team Edward or Team Jacob, why not soak your cares away in Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Bubble Bath? Or you can always consider your own vampire romance with their Dark Kiss Bubble Bath.

Feeling more like pumpkin carving? Check out Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin High-Foaming Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath. More of a shower person? Check out Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shower Gel.
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