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Nauseating- yes. Scary- no.

Author: arvidstromberg from Uppsala, Sweden
12 May 2003

After the success of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a sequel was about as unexpected as the sun rising in the morning. Fair enough, sequels can bring some addition to a movie experience, even though most sequels (at least in my view) fail to live up to their originals. This is not one of the good sequels.

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, we meet Dennis Hopper as the near-deranged and vengeful Texas Marshall, who uses a local radio DJ (Caroline Williams) to find the murderous family from the original film. If you call that a storyline, then sure. I call it nonsense.

After watching this hack-and-slash-blood-spurting-everywhere feast, I felt quite sick to my stomach. I was however never the least bit scared. The movie is littered with gorey details I hesitate even to write about, and this initially has some shock effect. But after a while even that disappears. You -however horrible this may sound- become used to seeing people mutilated, covered in blood or eaten as supper every two seconds for the films duration to the point that it becomes boring. All that is left is a feeling of nausea, paired with the depressing thought that people actually spent time and effort making this movie.

Qualities? Well... Dennis Hopper is in it. I guess that is about the only good thing I can think of, although you should NOT watch this movie hoping for a normal Hopper performance. He, like everything else in this film, is just pale and insignificant compared to the generous serving of blood and violence.

As I recall, my first thought after having seen this movie was: "This is the sickest thing I have ever seen". I suppose that warrants some sort of recognition. I do not disapprove of movie violence, nor am I a stranger to watching horror films. I feel that violence and shock effects can be quite effective- after all, its better just to see it on screen rather than people experiencing it in real life. I have seen plenty of violent and brutal movies as well as more subtle horror in my day. But this movie has no justifications for its violence, other than that it somewhat takes your concentration off the bad acting and lack of story. To sum it up- you are better off not having seen this movie, and the only reason to see it is so that you can tell your fourteen-year-old friends that you have seen it. No-one else will be impressed- more likely depressed on your behalf.

I will however make a recommendation: if you are looking for something violent with a humorous twist paired with a healthy dose of self-distance, I heartily recommend Lord of the Rings-director Peter Jackson's "Braindead" (1992). It has most of the qualities this film lacks.

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Bitingly Funny!

Author: scarecrowman from The Shed That Is Not To Be Used
20 April 2003

This film takes the tale of the Texas cannibals to a whole different direction. Though nothing can touch the original Chainsaw 2 is actually a worthy sequel. The sick humor mixed in with the noise and the violence make for a good bowl of chili. Chainsaw 2 couldn't be the original, but then again what can? This film, however can stand out on it's own and knock down several worthy competitors.

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 "7 crows dead out of 10, one is flapping around gasping for air."

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Tobe Hooper's last good horror film (as of yet...)

Author: BillyBC from Vancouver
27 February 2003

(*** out of *****) This stands alongside "Motel Hell" as one of the great camp classics of the '80s, but it's even more darkly humorous and unashamedly over-the-top. The Sawyer family from the original slasher/horror classic are back, and they've moved out of the old house and tackled the food industry as entrepreneurs of their own brand of `special' meat. Caroline Williams plays `Stretch,' a tough-chic disc jockey who becomes involuntarily involved with the deranged Sawyer's activities when an almost-equally-deranged ex-Texas Ranger named `Lefty' (the vengeful uncle of Sally and Franklin from the first film) uses her as bait to lead him to the cannibal family's secret, underground lair. Once the bloody mayhem starts, it does not let up until the final credits. It's as if Hooper wanted to make up for the lack of blood and guts in the original "TCM" by absolutely saturating this one with it. You get chainsaw duels (as in "Motel Hell"), chainsaws searing heads in half, chainsaws used as phallic symbols, heads battered repeatedly with hammers, people skinned alive, and more. Dennis Hopper, as `Lefty,' delivers one of B-movie cinema's all-time hammiest, all-stops-out performances, worthy of Vincent Price or Oliver Reed in one of his more outlandish roles. Scenes of Hopper charging down tunnels and cutting through support beams with a giant chainsaw while madly yelling, `I am the reaper of the harvest!' are priceless. Jim Siedow (the only returning cast member from the original) is also hilarious and gets most of the movie's best lines as Drayton Sawyer, or `Pa' to his rambunctious boys, the family cook and unsuccessful damage controller. While the original "TCM" is one of the best modern horror movies of our time, this rambunctious sequel is notable on an entirely different level. My only big criticism is that Hooper repeats a scene or two from the original too closely (particularly the scene with Grandpa trying to hang onto the mallot long enough to give poor `Stretch' a good whack on the noggin). Otherwise, this is good, gruesome fun as long as you don't take any of it too seriously. Hooper's horror movies have seriously declined since this one.

HIGHLIGHT: Leatherface (Bill Johnson) falls in love (you heard me) with `Stretch,' and as a token of his feelings, he strips the face off of her still-breathing co-worker L.G. (Lou Perry) and forces his new girlfriend to wear it over her own face. The scene of L.G. staring in misery and confusion at his own face on another person is pretty disturbing, and it paved the way for a similar face-skinning-and-wearing scene in "The Silence of the Lambs."

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Imperfect, but ambitious

Author: squeezebox from United States
24 January 2003

Tobe Hooper's surreal, heavily satiric sequel has the cannibalistic clan back in business as the creators of an award-winning brand of chili. Their newfound success may be cut short, however, by crazed Texas lawman Dennis Hopper, out to avenge his niece and nephew who were tortured and/or murdered 12 years earlier.

Pretty much dismissed by critics and audiences alike upon its initial release, this bizarre, offbeat horror-comedy has developed a rigorous cult following over the years, and has slowly been rediscovered by many who ignored it earlier.

Filled with sarcastic jokes lampooning America's obsession with pop culture, social status, war and violence, the movie is a far cry from the terrifying (and only subtly satiric) original. While it's uneven and doesn't always work, it's still a unique horror movie and well worth reconsideration. Elite Entertainment's laserdisc version contains rare workprint footage of extreme gore cut out to secure an R rating.

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Worth your time

Author: JackOwen from Alabama
30 October 2002

First of all, once you see the original, you're curious about the sequels. This one was good, and it had its bad points. The thing is once you see the stunning classic, you expect a better, or at least really great, sequel.

Part 2 has all of what Leatherface does. He chases and kills. Instead of the chase being outside in the fields or in the woods, it's more like a bunch of caverns. I overlooked the fact that Leatherface fell in love with the victim, and didn't use that in my final judgment of the film. What's bad about the movie is that it wasn't as scary as the original. It's very gruesome. They showed too much of a guy being bashed in the head with a hammer. Gore fans would like this stuff, though.

Don't think this movie is horrible, it's not. It just wasn't nearly as good as the original. It has unexpected laughs, not a special plot, and of course, the legendary Leatherface.

Horror fans still should see this. ** out of *****.

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Great on the gore.Silly and fun.* * * 1/2

Author: David Slicer ( from Amherst, Massachusetts
21 October 2002

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Part 2" is a film that is not for movie snobs.The kind of snobs that spend their time watching nothing but foreign films putting down those who are only into watching big budget films.If they had seen a film like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Part 2",they would have died and rolled over their graves.Instead "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Part 2" is a film for those who love the beautiful sight of blood filling the screen.Although,the sequel does not surpass the original released back in 1974,the film is a load of fun to sit through for those who spend their time reading issues of "Fangoria Magazine".I don't care what some people think or say about this film.Don't expect to watch a film filled with acting or a perfect story.Instead,expect to sit through about 90 minutes of fun and gore.Alot of what goes into this sequel is what comes out of what we expect for a gory horror film.At the time of the film's release back in 1986,it was one of the film's that became one of those sequels that I thought would never be.I'm being straight and foward here.I have to be honest."The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Part 2" is a film that alot of blood and gore fans will like.I feel like a kid again reviewing this film.

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This movie was complete crap...

Author: bikejump from Oklahoma, USA
29 September 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**** Spoilers *****... as if anyone cares

Alright, first off, I rented this one night along with 4 other horror flicks. I was prepared to be scared. The beginning promised a little. I overlooked why the stupid teens didn't just hit the brakes. From there on, this movie got so so so HORRIBLY awful it started burning into my brain! I thought the scene at the radio station might be good. The chop top fellow was creepy at first... UNTIL leatherface came out. Then he got really really whiny and annoying. Tell me how the hick radio station techy could have survived being hit in the head with a hammer at a MINIMUM of 100 time's i'd imagine (While he's whacking him on the head, it cuts to a 5 minute scene with leatherface, when we come back he's still a-whackin) and THEN get his face, rib and arm skin cut off.. and yet still live long enough to flirt with the DJ??? I don't even care anymore.. at this point in the movie I was just a blob on the couch and my brain was revolting. I tried to zone out for the rest of the movie. But I lived through the horror that is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Now, I've heard the first was better, which it had better be. Because this was flat out the worst movie I'd ever seen. A combination of Dennis Hopper yelling "Bring it all down!" a dozen times and the "hero" doing a chainsaw disco, were enough for me. Seriously though. Tell me why i'm supposed to care about the girl who WON'T STOP SCREAMING. And also. Why did she FOLLOW the psycho's who just trashed her radio station and tried to kill her??? I don't know. but please, please PLEASE do NOT watch this movie...

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Author: ( from Kimberling City, MO.
22 September 2002

In this oddball, quirky, twisted, and downright-comical film, we are treated to a very different take on the first film. While the original TCM had very little blood, TCM2 carries it in abundance. There's plenty to go around. While hated by many, this film manages to be very entertaining and somehow, easier to sit through than its predecessor. Tobe Hooper took a very tongue-in-cheek approach to this sequel, and while it may have been a strange decision, it does manage to work.... most of the time.

While I laughe often, I think what really made the movie work was Dennis Hopper's out-there portrayel of a lawman who no longer has anything left to lose and is hell-bent on getting revenge on the cannibalistic clan who murdered his invalid nephew (Franklin) and drove his niece to the nuthouse, then to suicide. His whacked-out, sometimes over-the-top performance won me over big time and I was cheering him on all the way through.

Last but not least, Bill Moseley as "Chop-top" was very amusing. If you haven't seen this movie, I'm not going to spoil anything on his character. Let's just say that he is very reminicent of the hitch hiker in the first film, only this guy has dropped a lot more acid. Check it out. Just don't expect it to stay true to the original. It's almost a parody.

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A total disappointment!

Author: varnaboy from Reykjavik, Iceland
7 September 2002

I can not believe how the man who directed "Texas chainsaw massacre" could make so stupid and fake sequence.. If it was not for the existance of the first film, this one would be a bad and silly horror film, but after the great TCSM (1974) which is the best horror film I have ever seen ( together with "Psycho" ) now this turns to be a very very bad fake and disappointing try of a horror film. I actually could not watch it to the end and stopped it somewhere at the second half. I had to do this after the first 10 minutes of the film.

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FuNNY STuFF-- ***5/10***

Author: framer94 from Rochester / NY
1 September 2002

Texas Chainsaw Masacre 2 is basically an upgrade from the origional with better make up on the Grandad, more tasty chunks taken out of the victims, and a completely new cannibal hideout--this time, underground and made entirely of human/animal bones.

This time we see a single girl at the hands of the madmen as opposed to 5 kids in a myster van. A girl who works as a radio DJ gets a phone call on the air from 2 gung-ho party idiots who stay on the air all night...until they get butched while driving by fellow road-hogs. The girl goes to the local Sherrif with a hunch that the tape may prove as an explanation to the murders going on in texas over the years. Mayham follows when the trio learn of the tape, and invade the radio station, kidnapping the girl, etc etc

The movie has it's funny momments, with a senile, almost zombie like grandad trying to take out our heroes with a workman's hammer, etc. The most disapointing thing about this movie is the lack of realism-- the first was all about reality because the events actually took place, and many of teh same scenes from teh first are simply being redone, only thuis time more elaborate. It's worth a watch though...


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