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Sawing into Stardom

Author: John Crane from United States
7 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This sequel, unlike the original classic, was like an acid trip with extra acid. Not that I'm saying it was horrible or that it was the best thing to hit horror cinema, what I am saying is that it seemed a bit too cheesy and b-movie-ish. It wasn't scary as much as it was disturbing, but at the same time it seemed like a comedy and there were many points where it was a bit too over the top. The acting was descent, the cinematography (special effects and lighting) where way over the top, the plot was worn out and the scares were replaced by some good laughs. It was not the original and it had far more impossibilities than any other Tobe Hooper film I have seen. In this case, Texas Chainsaw 2 was okay and worth watching.

First off, the acting was okay, it wasn't Oscar worthy but it certainly wasn't the worst acting I have seen. Bill Moseley, who plays Chop Top, does a real good performance capturing the demented and mentally damaged war veteran who has an obsession of transforming the theme park into NamLand. Ken Evert, was okay and did a somewhat good job recapturing the personality of the grandpa from the original, but in this movie he ads a bit more comic relief (i.e. the people he cuts up is used for award winning Chile). Dennis Hooper, whom I'm surprised to see, did a fairly silent and random character that is out for revenge. Now, giving the fact he was brilliant in Easy Rider, this film was a step below his acting career. In the movie he seems a bit over the top (when he goes nuts with the chainsaws), and at points seemed as if he did this for fun. In this film, Leatherface was not a maniac that had faces resemble his personality, but seemed more like a young boy who has fallen in love and throws temper tantrums. This reworking of Leatherface, to me, proved to be a disaster and a step below the personality of the original killer.

The plot is vastly different from the original; basically a radio hostess hears a brutal murder over the phone and is later kidnapped by the very same cannibalistic family. A renegade cop searching for redemption is proved to find the culprits even if it means destroying the entire place with duel chainsaws in a spaghetti western style showdown. However, some of the stuff that could have been vastly scary or disturbing turned out to be a bit funny and gross. They try to bring back that iconic scene from the original with the old man and the hammer, but this one backfired and proved to be comic rather than horrific. Some things that made this plot line seem a bit too unnatural was the use of some extreme impossibilities that was used in this film. Examples like: standing up on a car and killing people in the other vehicle with chainsaw, a skinless man walking and talking and having two huge chainsaws hanging from a belt. They seemed so cheesy and out of the blue that it was enjoyable. It was just way different from the original and I guess that is okay.

The one thing that I really like that the other one did not have was the extreme use of camera angles, lighting and tone of the film. These aspects were so over the top that it made up for some of the poor audio and music. The lighting, especially at night, were very colorful and high contrast and seemed to have come straight out of a comic book. In the radio building there was a high contrast of shadowy reds when Moseley's character appears, even higher tones of red and splashes of green when Leatherface appears. In numerous hallways there was dim lighting with obtuse red, green, yellow and blue shapes and oranges in the main dining hall. I think that by utilizing the lights, it really made this movie atmospheric and haunting. The camera angels (mostly seen in the radio station) where amazing and uses a wide variety of zooms and pans. Some of the best pans and trucks were seen in the "cave" where this family lives and one the best zooms is when it zooms out of the dinner table and the girls is crying. With the camera angles, this movie had a bit of a zest to it that I don't see that often in movies of this magnitude.

Overall, this movie was not the worst thing I have ever seen, nor was it the best thing I have ever seen. There was an equal balance of good and bad aspects of this film ranging from bad acting to excellent cinematography and it had a vastly different plot, but was executed wrongly. I enjoyed this film mainly because it was different that your average cannibalistic family tale, this one seemed a bit more on edge and acid driven. Of coarse, it did not frightened me the way I initially hoped, but it did strike me as being very theatrically disturbing and seemed as if it came from the mind of a drugged out hippie. I would recommend this film to any horror fan, partly because its trip and an experience that I think al horror fanatics should be aware of. It's one of those movies it's famous for being famous, and the first of its kind in along sad history of Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequels. (I hated Texas Chainsaw: Next Generation). It's just a fun and wacky film that nobody should miss.

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Crazy, gross, funny - Tobe Hooper all the way

Author: Nick Faust ( from Evansville, Indiana
8 August 2004

OK, so it's not the first one. But how could it be? Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE is the CITIZEN KANE of horror movies; you don't top that. What this movie does, though, is it takes its crazy ideas and wacks you over the head with them; it goes all the way, and then some. That's the Hooper hallmark. Playing the movie for obvious laughs works to make it even more disturbing. The jokes play against the gruesome carrying on; this is a world gone mad because nothing, and I mean nothing makes sense. We're beyond surreal; we're through the looking glass; which, I think, is Hooper's intention. Stretch falls down the hole - it's not a rabbit hole, and she doesn't meet the mad hatter. But what she does experience is a world that questions sense and sanity. The reason most find this one less satisfying then the first is because it's not seamless; we can see Hooper's gears turning and, unlike the first time, we're actually in on the joke. That aside, Hooper's directorial vision remains consistent. It's not a story, per se, we are following, it's a chase, and we're running, running, running like mad.

Hooper seems to have an unerring ability to get inside the crazies that populate his movies. These weird, disastrous, antisocials he creates have dimensional life; and it's all their own. We follow their thinking, their thought process, and in doing so, the irrational in his movies becomes logical. This is his gift. When he works on material like CROCODILE, where the "monster" is not in some way human, the work stutters and spits. Hooper's mad men are scary because they are human, and their humanity is cleverly displayed. Remember Neville Brand's nutty soliloquies in EATEN ALIVE? Brilliant, I thought. Massacre 2 knows it's being funny, and the surprise we felt in the first one is all but lost. This time, though, instead of surprise, we find ourselves tumbling down the rabbit's hole and we end up with more than we bargained for. Chop Top is one of the weirdest, wildest, funniest, monsters ever put on the screen. Bill Mosley's performance shoots off into areas few actors even know about, much less enter. He is gross, funny, and frightening all at the same time. The crazy things he says are like DaDa ravings; he's the irrational made flesh. Jim Siedow weaves back and forth between rationality and the exact opposite with little or no warning. In truth, he looks like he's on the verge of breaking up throughout the entire movie. The scene where Stretch finds herself tied to a chair at the head of this wildly long table is one of Hooper's finest moments. The entire scene is one long take with the camera tracking into Stretch and then back out over the table, then back in to her, then, yet again, we track back out beyond the table, with Siedow raving on like a mad Baptist minister. The tracking, swooping camera, constantly changing our perspective, creates an almost lyrical sense of grandeur in this mad, mad world; Hooper has let us in on the joke, but he surprises us with such effects because we feel, with the Sawyer clan, the power and drive of their subterranean mania.

Hooper is an extraordinary director. Even when his work misses, there's a power to it. In some way or other he understands what it is to be a lunatic, and his major movies, this one included, celebrates the hysteria while putting us non-lunatics through the ringer.

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TCM on crack *SPOILERS*

Author: Garret Ean ( from Concord, New Hampshire
29 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


To better understand this film, I'll refer to other characters we know. So you know where I stand, I enjoyed TCM 74, give it a 7/10. It has its ups and downs. I haven't seen TCM3 or 4, but I think the 'remake', if you want to call it that, is one of the greatest horror films of all time.

Basically, this film is the crackhead version of the original. I'll use and analogy I thought up while watching TCM2 to help you better understand it.

Imagine two brothers, of about college age in the 70's, one somewhat intelligent, the other I see in my head as being like Brian from 'Half Baked.' Anyways, the intelligent brother writes 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' and knows it has flaws, but still is a good amateur work. So he decides he will read the script to his brother one night, and see what he thinks. However, his brother is heavily intoxicated, and as the script is read to him, he's not absorbing very much of it. When brother 1 done reading, he asks his brother 2's opinion. Not remembering much, and being to embarrassed to say 'read it again', he just says 'that was good' and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is born. Assuming brother #2 still hasn't seen the movie, we'll jump 1986. Bored one night, while trippin' on acid, brother #2 decides he'll re-write what he remembers of his brother's story. He spends all night writing, and comes up with 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2'.

Now that you have the general idea, I'll break it down piece by piece. Tobe Hooper wrote and directed both films. He made TCM2 because he felt no one saw TCM for what he wanted it to be. It was supposed to be a comedy, but people found it scary rather than funny. So Hooper figured he'd show everyone what he was trying just so everything is properly expressed. Many of the scenes are reminiscent of the original, and the dinner scene is all but completely replicated.

The characters have changed for the weirder. Chop Top is a crazier more perverted version of the hitchhiker. He's just the tag along, but still is interested by everything his two brothers do. Drayton is about the same, maybe a little more adventurous. Leatherface is however, very emotional, gets confused easier, is much more childish, and is surprisingly portrayed as the 'nice guy' out of the group. He actually helps the heroin escape.

One thing that really stuck out is how this film is much more graphic than the original. It makes you realize how clean the original really is. Anybody who ever found it shocking, this film exploits how it was all in you head. You get out of the original what you put in, and that's probably why most people find the original boring. I was just surprised to hear the characters using profanity, seeing gore, hearing sexual innuendos, it didn't seem to fit the TCM atmosphere. The gore wasn't graphic, the language wasn't strong, and the sexuality wasn't to perverted, but it all stands out.

In conclusion, I'd say I enjoyed the film, but most people wouldn't because it's the 'so stupid its cool' thing. I can compare it to Jack Frost, although I hated Jack Frost. The humor isn't that dull though, there's a little more substance to it. Some aspects don't line up with the original's story, as the hitchhiker is still alive, the home has been relocated, the MO's are different, etc, but if you can just chuckle and say 'whatever' you'll enjoy checking out this flick. Nothing special, but interesting.

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Author: jahokomo
5 April 2004

TCM is such a cool movie, but what I still just don't get is why everybody laughs when somebody's head is getting sawed off. Granted, there were a few humorous parts, for example, how LeatherFace sort of danced around with the chainsaw every so often. Or, some of the remarks they'ed make. But, it's just terrible when people think it's funny when somebody's gettin killed...especially like that! That was my main turn off with that movie, but I thought that it was pretty well directed. It had nearly everything I like in a horror movie: Some gore, excitement, chase-scenes, and tragedy. That's what, I feel, makes a horror movie worth watching. That's what gives it that deeper layer. My favourite scene was at the very end, when Stretch knocked that guy down from the grave shrine and then danced around with the chainsaw over her head, screaming like satan. It had, I don't know, something awesome about that.

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Author: Craig87
22 February 2004

This movie sucks. It's not even a squeal to the first film but a rip off. The 2003 remake of the orignal film is a hundred times better then this piece of crap. The only thing that would have made this movie good was if Tobe Hopper directed it and Gunnar Hanson played Leatherface and a cameo by Marylin Burns, I wouldn't mind the new people Leatherface went after but that's how it should have been as I said. I give this film a 1/10 for bringing back the cool killer but not the actor played him however.

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Great Sequel

Author: Avram Jarek Fawcett from Mineral Wells, Texas
25 January 2004

Texas Chainsaw Masacre 2 is brilliant. Dennis Hopper's performance may be a bit over the top, but he does great. Chop Top is hilarious. He and daddy fight just like in the original. Classic! Bill Johnson's Leatherface is almost better than Gunnar Hansen's! Yes, this one's not as scray as the original, but it's still great!

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A great sequel to a great movie.

Author: Leatherface33 from Hillsborough, NJ
29 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was a fun, frightening, and even hilariously

funny follow-up to a horror classic. The directorial style and creepy

antics that shined in the original are present here, plus more. This

film derives laughter, fright, and extreme doses of amusing

entertainment from its viewers. However, there were many sloppy editing

and script mistakes. For example, why cant Stretch just hang up the

phone in the beginning? Oh yeah, and that was one long bridge in the

beginning scene. And some scenes last waaaayyyyyyy to long, contributing

to its overlength and eliminating the ability to watch it over and over

again like other Chainsaw movies. Despite these, this is one hell of a

movie, and does not brutally rape the "Chainsaw" legacy, as films such

as "Jason Goes to Manhatten" have done for their originals. "Uh, thats

one of those hard shell pepper corns." God I love that line. See this


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The most unsafe way of using a chainsaw I have ever seen

Author: jake-179 ( from VEGAS
26 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** The guys in the car at the beginning call the radio station, and the radio station cannot disconnect the call unless THEY hang up? What kind of phone system does this radio station have? They should really upgrade! The punk guys in the car are having a SUPER good time as they drive aimlessly across the country. It is light when we first see them, and their death scene comes at night, but they are STILL howling and laughing hysterically because they are having a SUPER good time. Those guys have a lot of energy! When the driver gets his head cut in half, little drinking fountains of blood squirt out of his exposed brain. I thought that was super funny looking. Couldn't they have just stopped the car? Bill Mosely playing the part of Chop Top is very entertaining. That guy is hysterical as he uses a hot coat hanger to scratch away the skin over his metal plate. That was really disturbing. You definitely get a feeling for that character as having picked his head for a long time. He made me laugh out loud when Leatherface hits his plate and Mosely croaches on the floor screaming, "VIET NAM FLASH BACK! VIET NAM FLASH BACK!" That was SUPER funny! Also funny, the crazy side-to-side dance that Leatherface performs with the chainsaw above his head. He does that dance a lot when he could be sawing people instead. He keeps missing his opportunities to saw people because he is busy dancing side to side. My friend DJ (Donnyzona on this site) can perform this dance with great expertise! It is quite a disturbing sight! Also hysterical is the part where Dennis Hopper purchases some chainsaws. He tests the saws out on a log outside the store and HACKS the log as if he were using an AX! Somebody needs to explain to him that the chainsaw was invented to eliminate the AX CHOPPING motion! You can just stand there and gently push the saw through the wood. You should not chop at the wood! That is bad for the saw! But it made the shop owner very happy! He says, "OH MY ACHING BANANA!" After narrowly escaping Leatherface and Choptop, Stretch chooses to chase after them on her own at NIGHT. Seems like an IMPOSSIBLY bad idea that the character would not have actually done that. That leads her down to their "lair."

And this is the part of the movie that is somewhat intriguing. At that point in the movie, the story takes on a mythological aproach to the story. This is the classic "Prometheus versus the Minotaur in the Labrynth" scenario. You will find that many horror movies use this premise. The best adaption of this premise in a horror movie is the original "ALIEN." In this movie, Stretch (who is hot) is lost in this abysmal labrynth, a long intertwined maze of tunnels full of horrors and inhabited by "The Family." Leatherface, Choptop, Chilly dad, and Grandpa are in there and they have the distinct advantage of knowing the ins and outs of that place. Through this maze Stretch is hunted down and exposed to various trials and horrors. The psychologist Sigmund Freud was particularly fascinated by this mythic scenario and stated that the Minotaur Maze comes from deep within the human psyche. It is a way our subconscious deals with the trials of daily survival and lifetime adaptation as we mature.

At the end of the movie, we are treated to a display of complete disregard for proper operating instructions concerning the chainsaw. Dennis Hopper does battle with Leatherface, chainsaw versus chainsaw, and they hack away at eachother as if they had swords. I think the chain would probably break! I thought of the old swashbuckling movies as the two of them did battle on top of the dinner table. Leatherface again does his pattented chainsaw side-to-side dance and it proves to be the death of him. Because Dennis Hopper, instead of dancing, siezes the moment to stab the chainsaw ALL THE WAY THROUGH Leatherface. However, Leatherface continues to fight! He is hard core!

And, of course, to round out the pyschological terror and make some sort of character arc, at the end, Stretch masters the chainsaw and uses it to kill Choptop. In fact, after killing Choptop, she does a little chainsaw dance of her own!

Now, I will comment on part of the movie that really impressed me! Choptop's death scene. I am refering to what appears to be one heck of a great STUNT! Choptop falls off the top of a tower and ROLLS down a SUPER STEEP ROCK FACE and directly in to a METAL TUBE. This fall appears to be about 20 or 25 feet. I was IMPRESSED! This did not look like a dummy! That looked like a STUNT GUY did that STUNT! Anybody ever try to do their own stunts? Let me tell you, that looked SCARY! If you don't SMASH YOUR BRAINS ON THE ROCK, then you will most likely SLAM in to the corner of that tube! You have to hit it just right, and that stunt guy rolled over BACKWARDS on his way DOWN! That is amazing! If that was indeed a stunt, and not a dummy, I am super impressed. It looked like a real stunt guy, so I am going with that. But it appears to be such a scary stunt, I don't know where they found a stunt guy to do it! It seems like kind of a shame, because that scene is over so quick and no one seems to care about that stunt. That was a good stunt!

Overall, this is a fun horror movie. I laughed a lot, but it has some really disturbing parts too! Such as the part with Grandpa trying to brain poor Stretch. That was disturbing. Not exactly a "date movie." Also the weird part where Leatherface chainsaws beer cans and sprays Stretch with chainsawed beer. That was just strange. If you have a sense of humor, you will probably be entertained by this movie.

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a sweet way to spend two hours!

Author: kawaiidragonfoe821 from gillett TX
21 December 2003

I love this movie! i rented it at the refrence of a friend & had it bought before the five days to return the rented DVD was up lol :D. I have had it for a couple of months now & i watch it just about everyday, sometimes twice a day. The only thing that i miss on this DVD i the commentary, i would've really liked to see some on this one!

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A Worthy Sequel

Author: Cannibal-Feast
4 December 2003

I picked up The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 the other day for $10. I saw this movie once many many years ago. It was actually the first TCM movie I ever saw. Despite lots of criticism, I found it to be pretty damn good. It worked well as a sequel and was worthy of the TCM name. They should have left the franchise alone after that and never produced the train wreck that was TCM 3. I haven't even seen part 4 yet. I understand it is pretty horrible. I will probably buy it anyway just to complete the set. But I digress. This thread is about TCM 2. Great horror movie with a healthy splash of comedy. Very worthy to follow up TCM and carry its name. Dennis Hopper was cheesey as hell but absolutely perfect. Caroline Williams was the perfect horror movie hotty, although she screamed too much. Even Leatherface was pretty good. Bill Johnson managed to carry himself in much the same way as Gunnar Hanson. Jim Siedow was absolutely great reprising his role as Drayton Sawyer. The movie probably would not have worked without him. My only gripes are as follows. How the hell did the hitch hiker survive getting run over? I thought it was pretty clear that he was dead at the end of the first one. Although I did like the character in this one. And how did Grandpa get so much more energy in this one? Anyway, great movie overall. If you think it's unworthy, look again. You may be surprised.

Was the above review useful to you?

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