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Texas Chainsaw 2 Points to Ponder

Author: yipching
15 September 2003

Leatherface was scary when he was Leatherface, but in TCM2 we learn that his name is Bubba. I dunno, maybe he was called Bubba in the 1st. I don't quite remember. Bubba just doesn't move me in the same manner.

The concept is very disturbing: cannibals of such inferior genetics that they look 10 times worse than the creepiest backwoods hick that you've ever seen. You know the type: bad skin, bad teeth and that look about them that makes Darwin's entire theory flash by in a nanosecond.

But as gross, disturbing and slightly shocking as TCM2 can be, there is one point I can't get past. Bubba and family aren't anything beyond creepy, de-evolved cannibals. They don't have powers, they aren't killing via dreams; they aren't able to absorb bullets and come back to life. This isn't like the first movie where it is teens or whatever that are in the middle of nowhere and are stuck at their little fortress of human nutrition; rather there are 2 people who both end up in the Leatherface stronghold by seeking it out. Unarmed. No police. Well, Dennis Hopper ends up bringing a weapon: a chainsaw. 3 of them.

Disturbing he may be, but if you think about it a well thrown rock would be enough to disable Mr. Leatherface and his 65 year old father. A 12 year old with a modicum of common sense, a .38 snub nose and 6 bullets could have sunk 2 in each of the bad guys in this movie, and there wouldn't have been any coming back to life or whatever other supernatural power you can muster. I can't help but think of this as I watch it, and therefor I have no sympathy for the broad that ends up terrorized, nor am I impressed by Mr. Hopper's Ramboesque infiltration and destruction of the underground lair etc. etc.

That alone makes this a very dumb, dumb movie, but hey maybe I was in a particularly bad mood as I watched it. Or, maybe not.

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part 2 much better than first one

Author: Freya(sableOnBlond) the-real-roobeemoon from orbiting around Marz
1 September 2003

I like this flick a lot. Great summer horror. I liked the original TCM , but this has a lot more depth to it.

I dont find either of the two all that scary - but I just like the feeling that part 2 gives its viewer. The best part is when Leatherface and his brother (I forget his name) - go to the radio station to kill off the chick DJ. Leatherfaces' brother was the totally freaky guy from the first one - and hes even more of a mess in this one. I wouldnt laugh at this flick and I would not be scared to watch it late at night , alone and in the dark. I just think that it is a great item to have in any horror fanatics collection.

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Still better than The Next Generation

Author: cwillis_m from OH.
11 July 2003

I had conflicting feelings as I was watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2." There were times when I really thought it might be going somewhere, then there were moments that I thought were stupid or goofy. I believe this movie is meant as a parody of the original TCM. I liked some of the humor in it, particularly the scene where Dennis Hopper goes to the chain saw store. I can't help but think that the movie could have easily been better than what it is, since there is some good material in it. I liked the idea of Stretch getting a murder on tape at the very beginning of the movie, and this putting her in danger. That's a pretty good idea, but there's so many strange moments in it that seem to take away from it.

As it may sound, I'm still trying to sort out my thoughts on this movie. It has it's moments, and it's a masterpiece compared to "TCM: The Next Generation," but falls far, far, far short from the original, but I'll still give it a 6 out of 10.

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The buzz is back - better late than never....

Author: templer_doom (
23 June 2003

The UK fans, myself included, waited 15 years for this eagerly anticipated sequel to Hooper's classic horror film. LEATHERFACE turned up at the now defunct Scala cinema in London in a double bill with THE HILLS HAVE EYES and the reaction by both critics and cinemagoers was muted,since the film played for about a week in the West End of London at one screen.

For me, I am one of the pro-CHAINSAW 2 lobby. Granted, the logistics of the piece and the fact that some elements may well have been missed in the mix (no doubt due to the Cannon Group's insistence on an 'R'rating) but you cannot fault that CHAINSAW 2 has a dynamite opening when the college boys are turned into bacon by Leatherface.

Of the films Hooper did with Cannon, this stands head and shoulders above LIFEFORCE and INVADERS FROM MARS (the strangest remake of a 50's film I have ever seen) It may not have won the critics over, but it is still a damn fine horror sequel and one of the best ever produced over the years. I hope that Universal will have the decency to release a widescreen version of the FUNHOUSE at some point, with all the trimmings to replace my tired old VHS copy.

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The Only Good "TCM" Sequel

Author: Codename-MovieBuff
16 June 2003

This movie isn't that bad. Actually, I thought it was almost as good

as the original. It's definetely gorier, but there was really no gore in

the first one. But hey let's face it, gore or no gore, nothing is going

to top the masterpiece that is "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", but

this movie makes a decent effort. I would recommend this movie

over any of the other sequels, in fact the others should have never

been made in the first place. Ignore the poor ratings and bad

reviews. Don't compare it to the original, just watch and enjoy. 7/10 stars.

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Insanity Unleashed

Author: Joseph "God" Jordan ( from NYC, United States
30 May 2003

It is not often that a film manages to be simultaneously terrifying, comic, ridiculous, disturbing, absurd, alienating and affecting, but this well-written, masterfully directed and amazingly performed feast for the eyes, ears and mind certainly achieves just this. Taking the cast of killers from TCM and supplanting them in the hypocritical, amoral, success-crazed America of the 1980's, Tobe Hooper uses cannibalism as a metaphor for capitalism (a feat accomplished just as successfully several years later by Wes Craven's superb satire "The People Under the Stairs") and takes the guns out of the hands of the vengeful (if not thoughtful) cowboys of the USA and replaces them with chainsaws. This is a larger than life world where ambition takes the place of reason, pop-culture replaces the idea and the "moral" are more destructive than their flesh-eating, chilli-cooking, radio-blasting quarry. The film is the great landscape on which the battle between "good" and "evil" takes place, though neither role is so simply defined. The "good" Texas Ranger seeking "justice" proves to be completely ineffectual or inadvertantly malignant, while his opponents (which include the moneyhungry cook from TCM, an insane former-hippy-cum-war-veteran music lover, the love-crazed manchild Leatherface and, finally, Grandpa and the Hitchhiker from TCM [named Nubbins], both of which are of dubious vitality) are so steeped in madness that their (often unsuccessful) acts of malice take on a playful, insanely logical quality that can hardly be deemed "evil." Amidst this sea of chaos are a small town Radio DJ looking to make it big and her smitten, ill-fated cohort, destined for slaughter or stardom. The great battle takes place at an abandoned amusement park where brutal battles were once re-enacted and celebrated. See this film if you enjoy intelligent satire, scathing comedy, chainsaw-phalluses, dead skin masks or the brutal murder of teenage yuppies.

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Rather lousy

Author: valens-69 from New York
15 May 2003

Radio host Stretch(Caroline Williams) keeps getting annoying phone calls from two men, while on the phone with her they're killed.

Stretch has it all on tape and takes it to Lefty(Dennis Hopper) a former Texas Ranger.

Stretch now finds herself under attack from Leatherface(Bill Johnson) and his psycho family.

Lefty now must come and rescue her and take down the family.

Jim Siedow is the only cast member to return and gives a funny performance.

But Bill Moseley steals the show as Chop Top.

Bill Moseley is the only reason to watch.

Bill Johnson is horrible as Leatherface he puts shame to the role originally played by Gunnar Hansen

L.M Kit Carson wrote the script and did a lousy job, and Tobe Hooper Director of the original TCM returns.

Tobe Hooper made one of the greatest horror films of all time in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and since then has made a bunch of lousy films.

And here with TCM 2 he shows once again he is nothing more then a hack who got really lucky the first time around.

Or maybe Tobe Hooper made enough money after the original TCM that he just didn't care.

It's shame cause TCM was just amazing, Hooper showed what a talented young director he was.

Everytime i watch the original i think what could have been with Tobe Hooper but he turned out to be a hack.

At times TCM 2 is more of a dark comedy mixed with horror if it would gone in one direction it might have been a better film.

The only reason to watch is Bill Moseley he had me laughing the whole way through.

If you're too rent this just watch Moseley's scenes and you won't have to suffer with one lousy movie.

Tom Savini does the F/X

I give Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 2/10

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Nauseating- yes. Scary- no.

Author: arvidstromberg from Uppsala, Sweden
12 May 2003

After the success of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a sequel was about as unexpected as the sun rising in the morning. Fair enough, sequels can bring some addition to a movie experience, even though most sequels (at least in my view) fail to live up to their originals. This is not one of the good sequels.

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, we meet Dennis Hopper as the near-deranged and vengeful Texas Marshall, who uses a local radio DJ (Caroline Williams) to find the murderous family from the original film. If you call that a storyline, then sure. I call it nonsense.

After watching this hack-and-slash-blood-spurting-everywhere feast, I felt quite sick to my stomach. I was however never the least bit scared. The movie is littered with gorey details I hesitate even to write about, and this initially has some shock effect. But after a while even that disappears. You -however horrible this may sound- become used to seeing people mutilated, covered in blood or eaten as supper every two seconds for the films duration to the point that it becomes boring. All that is left is a feeling of nausea, paired with the depressing thought that people actually spent time and effort making this movie.

Qualities? Well... Dennis Hopper is in it. I guess that is about the only good thing I can think of, although you should NOT watch this movie hoping for a normal Hopper performance. He, like everything else in this film, is just pale and insignificant compared to the generous serving of blood and violence.

As I recall, my first thought after having seen this movie was: "This is the sickest thing I have ever seen". I suppose that warrants some sort of recognition. I do not disapprove of movie violence, nor am I a stranger to watching horror films. I feel that violence and shock effects can be quite effective- after all, its better just to see it on screen rather than people experiencing it in real life. I have seen plenty of violent and brutal movies as well as more subtle horror in my day. But this movie has no justifications for its violence, other than that it somewhat takes your concentration off the bad acting and lack of story. To sum it up- you are better off not having seen this movie, and the only reason to see it is so that you can tell your fourteen-year-old friends that you have seen it. No-one else will be impressed- more likely depressed on your behalf.

I will however make a recommendation: if you are looking for something violent with a humorous twist paired with a healthy dose of self-distance, I heartily recommend Lord of the Rings-director Peter Jackson's "Braindead" (1992). It has most of the qualities this film lacks.

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Bitingly Funny!

Author: scarecrowman from The Shed That Is Not To Be Used
20 April 2003

This film takes the tale of the Texas cannibals to a whole different direction. Though nothing can touch the original Chainsaw 2 is actually a worthy sequel. The sick humor mixed in with the noise and the violence make for a good bowl of chili. Chainsaw 2 couldn't be the original, but then again what can? This film, however can stand out on it's own and knock down several worthy competitors.

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 "7 crows dead out of 10, one is flapping around gasping for air."

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Tobe Hooper's last good horror film (as of yet...)

Author: BillyBC from Vancouver
27 February 2003

(*** out of *****) This stands alongside "Motel Hell" as one of the great camp classics of the '80s, but it's even more darkly humorous and unashamedly over-the-top. The Sawyer family from the original slasher/horror classic are back, and they've moved out of the old house and tackled the food industry as entrepreneurs of their own brand of `special' meat. Caroline Williams plays `Stretch,' a tough-chic disc jockey who becomes involuntarily involved with the deranged Sawyer's activities when an almost-equally-deranged ex-Texas Ranger named `Lefty' (the vengeful uncle of Sally and Franklin from the first film) uses her as bait to lead him to the cannibal family's secret, underground lair. Once the bloody mayhem starts, it does not let up until the final credits. It's as if Hooper wanted to make up for the lack of blood and guts in the original "TCM" by absolutely saturating this one with it. You get chainsaw duels (as in "Motel Hell"), chainsaws searing heads in half, chainsaws used as phallic symbols, heads battered repeatedly with hammers, people skinned alive, and more. Dennis Hopper, as `Lefty,' delivers one of B-movie cinema's all-time hammiest, all-stops-out performances, worthy of Vincent Price or Oliver Reed in one of his more outlandish roles. Scenes of Hopper charging down tunnels and cutting through support beams with a giant chainsaw while madly yelling, `I am the reaper of the harvest!' are priceless. Jim Siedow (the only returning cast member from the original) is also hilarious and gets most of the movie's best lines as Drayton Sawyer, or `Pa' to his rambunctious boys, the family cook and unsuccessful damage controller. While the original "TCM" is one of the best modern horror movies of our time, this rambunctious sequel is notable on an entirely different level. My only big criticism is that Hooper repeats a scene or two from the original too closely (particularly the scene with Grandpa trying to hang onto the mallot long enough to give poor `Stretch' a good whack on the noggin). Otherwise, this is good, gruesome fun as long as you don't take any of it too seriously. Hooper's horror movies have seriously declined since this one.

HIGHLIGHT: Leatherface (Bill Johnson) falls in love (you heard me) with `Stretch,' and as a token of his feelings, he strips the face off of her still-breathing co-worker L.G. (Lou Perry) and forces his new girlfriend to wear it over her own face. The scene of L.G. staring in misery and confusion at his own face on another person is pretty disturbing, and it paved the way for a similar face-skinning-and-wearing scene in "The Silence of the Lambs."

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