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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Leatherface in Love??

Author: zuccozoid from United States
6 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original TCM_1, like the original JAWS, should never have been "remade" or recycled. TCM_1 was a product of its time, and truly inspired. It relied on claustrophobic atmosphere, believable characters and implied violence. Very tough to watch with the lights out - especially alone.

TCM_2 is simply ridiculous. Gone is the nightmarish claustrophobia, the shadows and sense of impending doom. This sequel goes for "black comedy" but instead makes a parody of itself.

We get way, WAY too much of the crazy jabbering bad guys, especially Chop Top, who never shuts up. The villains' dialog is almost vaudevillian in its oneupmanship of pseudo-clever lines. Leatherface literally falls in love with our Heroine. They repeat the entire Grandpa's dinner scene from the original.

Since this was supposedly about our cannibal clan (hiding in an abandoned amusement park) capturing and killing people to make chili they serve at state fairs (!) wouldn't it've been cooler to have the baddies force our Heroine to EAT it - rather than repeat the same scenes from the original? Nothing here except a lot of gore, noise and bombast, all amounting to nothing.

To be fair, we're not in HOBGOBLINS territory here. But the final shot, with our short-shorts babe doing a chainsaw jiggle dance - makes me wonder what the heck they were smoking.

George Romero (with a lot of help from Dario Argento) made a grand leap from the bleak horror of NOTLD to DAWN, with sharp social commentary, and the humor, such as it is in DAWN, is well placed: it's NOT a comedy.

All of TCM_2 should have been left on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

I can't believe it is from the same director!

Author: Tito Aguiar from Brazil
14 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A bad, bad sequel! Tobe Hooper was drunk when made this movie! The first TCM it's a masterpiece compared to this. Maybe those who like trash-bad movies would like this one. Penned by LM Kit Carson (director of Hopper documentary "The American Dreamer", and writer of 1984's "Paris, Texas"), the film finds the inbred cannibalistic family of the original (though few of the original cast, including Gunnar Hansen, could be tempted to return) now residing in a cavernous underground lair, venturing above ground only for the odd slaughter. Hot on their heels is equally deranged former Texas Ranger Lieutenant Enright (Hopper), a relative of the youngsters long since butchered by Leatherface, Grandpa, and co.

Enright finds an unlikely ally in plucky local disc jockey Stretch (Williams) whose suspicions that the local chilly contains prime meat of the long pig variety has the chainsaw wielding Leatherface (here played by Johnson) knocking on her door.

Long since denied a certificate of any sort by the BBFC, appearing now in a director's cut version, this is the first time that the film has been released in the UK on any format. Gratuitously violent, and none too subtle (it lacks the subversive qualities of the original) it's also undeniably funny, maniacally energetic fare with a liberal smattering of enjoyable set-pieces.

A committed post-comeback Hopper, whose career since the heady heights of "Apocalypse Now" had re-reached a state of permanent flux, is a hoot. However, admirers of the first film may be in for a disappointment.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: mpython013 from Pennsylvania
27 July 2004

From a young age, entertainment has been an incredibly large percent of my life. From the time I was a young child to now, it is safe to say that I have seen tons upon tons of movies. These ranging from decently good ones, to truly amazing ones, to ones that make me ponder how any person who owns a brain would spend the time, money, and equipment to make something so awful. Well, this film is flat-out the worst film I have ever witnessed. Anyone who says otherwise obviously knows dick about movies. The effects are terrible, the acting is unbelievably awful, and the story is...well, I don't even remember. The first ten minutes are almost tolerable, then it comes to the point where you either make fun of the movie the rest of the time, or simply eject it and return it to the video store because watching the entire thing will result in you losing 5% of your IQ. Heck, staring at the box alone will make you feel less intelligent. Now, don't get me wrong; the first one is a pretty good campy cult film, and the remake released last year is incredibly creepy. It's just this thing is all and out garbage. Its a film that I would never, EVER consider purchasing or even accept as a gift. I almost want to tell you all to see it just to see how bad it is, but this film is just so terrible that it isn't even funny; it is purely and simply: Excrement.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Downright Stupid - Spoilers

Author: SlayerRob
19 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ever seen a running back tear his ACL and return the following season a mere fragment of what he was before?

This movie is like that running back.

It was mentioned in another comment on here how the first movie was a "mindless horror film" and the second one at least had "real people". I must assume this person accidentally switched the DVDs in his/her cases before he/she watched the movie.

The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a low-fi, gritty, dark horror film that left a lot up to the imagination and had a generally creepy vibe throughout. The atmosphere was great--a family of murderous cannibals, who even make furniture out of the limbs and skeletons, and Leatherface wears masks made out of skin. The hitchhiker gave a truly great performance with one of the snidest smiles I ever saw, and Marilyn Burns has the best scream I've ever heard. Not a super-intelligent movie, no, but really atmospheric and dark.

This movie is just pure cheese. I am sure some of it was intentional (Chop Top was obviously inserted for comic relief, except I'm not sure what we're being 'relieved' from, since it wasn't scary), but I'm wondering how much wasn't.

The film takes the gore up thirty notches, but most of it is cartoonish and stupid, proving more gore doesn't mean more thrills. Gunnar Hansen is out as Leatherface and his replacement looks like he's trying to do the Funky Chicken while he plays with his chainsaw, and he seriously looks like Quasimodo. Two kids making harassing phone calls to a radio station get sliced to pieces (or at least rubber cutouts of them do) while making the call, and the radio DJ Stretch plays it on the air, prompting a visit from Leathermodo and Chop Top. Leatherface spares her, instead attempting to get her off with his turned-off chainsaw (I am not making this up, I swear). They kill her partner, who they later skin, and leave, and she follows them, where she lands in a body pit.

The remainder of the film is lots of screaming, hollering, and yelling, and Dennis Hopper does his best Barney Phife impersonation, while Drayton Sawyer (the cook) seems to do a complete 180 from his character the previous movie (wasn't he the squeamish one when it came to killings?)

I can't believe what a huge dropoff this is from the first movie. some bits are so bad they're hilarious, but if I want to watch a 'so bad it's good' comedic horror film, I'll watch Evil Dead 2. Actually, that one wasn't 'so bad it's good', the funny bits were cleverly planned.


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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen!

Author: Mike from Pasadena, CA
27 March 2003

I went into this film with good intentions. Although the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was hokey and low budget it was a fine horror film and had good characters. The family was terrific. However, this movie was downright awful. I am still in awe of the badness of this film.

First off, what happened to their house? Somehow they went from a little home in the middle of nowhere in Texas to some sort of underground death theme park. It didn't make any sense and it was stupid. Leatherface falls in love with the DJ or some small radio station and one of the family members has a METAL PLATE in his head. There were too many unintentional laughs in this movie to make it worth your while. At times it was downright awkward watching this movie.

I think the script for this movie must have been about 3 pages long, because everything anyone said was just repeated a hundred times over and over again until I wanted to shoot the TV. In this movie the family isn't even exciting. They are annoying and pathetic and the one guy with the metal plate just laughs throughout the entire movie. It's awful. Everything about this movie it awful.

The real kicker for me though was that in the first movie Leatherface was never reffered to as Leatherface, because his real name is Bubba, but his family in TCM 2 actually called him Leatherface. I couldn't handle it.

Whatever you do, don't see this movie. It was just horrible. Worst thing I have ever seen.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The WORST Horror movie ever made

Author: Mr Pogo from South Amboy, NJ
12 August 2001

First off, let me inform you the the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the best horror movie ever, which made this film even worse. I was so excited to see the sequal to my favorite horror movie. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. This movie is nothing but a confusing blob of unfunny black comedy, chili cooking contests, an annoying as hell new guy named "Chop Top", and a guy getting is face cut off and surviving! To top all that off, they ruined Leatherface by giving him emotions, having him fall in love, and by trying to make him look more funny then scary.

Mr. Pogo has spoken.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The worst semi-mainstream movie ever made.

Author: Michael Duplantier from NO, LA
11 April 1999

This is the perfect example of a film that challenged me to rationalize why any production crew with a fairly considerable budget would decide to produce such inexplicable garbage. It's rare when you see a film so elaborate, constructed so rich with visual detail that you get a great sense of atmosphere (the underground setting), but also so terrible in ever other way to cause one to stop and ponder the extent to which films could be made bad all the while cognizant of the fact that it takes many "professional" individuals collectively to take on a project such as this. Basically I ask why? How?

OK. Maybe it isn't THAT bad. I remember renting this with 2 of my friends a couple of years ago. Disbelief abounded. That is the best way I can express laconically the reaction to the sequel to the cult classic TCM. Disbelief as to how the characters could be so corny, the dialogue so bad, the plot so incredibly paper thin. In all honesty, it was so bad it was hilarious, and we have since, on many occasions, recalled some of the films's more memorable scenes such as the one in the beginning when a poor young college boy gets a generous portion of his head sliced off by ole Leatherface himself, despite the fact that he's behind the wheel of a speedy 4x4 and you would think that he would do whatever it took to prevent his brain from being hacked open like a ripe apple (like maybe ducking). Also, the acting by the lead actress was decent.

It was nice I guess to see Dennis Hopper in this film, but I would seriously question his sincerity if he told me personally that the TCM2 was just the dignity injection that his career needed.

1 out of 10.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Woeful - no redeeming qualities.

Author: rtcnz
5 August 2012

Where do I even begin with this trainwreck of a sequel? The original film is brilliantly twisted, horrifying and disturbing - masterful. This film is not scary, twisted or upsetting.

THE SETTING: Leatherface and his sick family have moved out of their house in TCM1 and have relocated at an amusement park! And not just any amusement park, it has seemingly endless lattice of tunnels and brightly-lit caverns underneath. It's hard to feel afraid of what is clearly a bad movie set.

THE VILLAIN: I'll start with Leatherface. In TCM1, Leatherface is a barbaric violent villain, a sick effed-up killing MACHINE. Here, Leatherface wields his chainsaw at a 'pretty' (?) girl, falls in love with her, and becomes a BIG OLD SOFTY. He turns into Ludo the Lovable Oaf from "Labyrinth" (or, for Harry Potter fans, Grawp). I'm sorry but WHAT THE ****? Is this a horror movie or a children's film??? THE HEROINE: Stretch is a radio DJ who wears little denim shorts but as the face of a goat. She is also the stupidest heroine I've ever met in a horror film. She actively pursues the villains to their base, with no plan and without contacting the police, and falls right into their hands. It's hard to care about her suffering when she so clearly deserves it for being such a fool.

THE HERO: Dennis Hopper, like his female counterpart, also decides to take on the villains single-handedly. He buys a bunch of chainsaws and goes after them on his own. Yep - strapping a few chainsaws to your back like Rambo is a GREAT survival technique.

Now, I love horror movies and I LOVE horror sequels - even bad ones. But this is neither good nor so-bad-it's-good. It's just plain bad and most importantly - NOT SCARY.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Not Funny, Not Scary, Completely Irredeemable

Author: Colin Timberlake from Hollyrock, USA
29 October 2010

This putrid offering doesn't deserve a review of any substantial length.

Usually I would say a sequel to any memorable film is worth a viewing just to see where it went or even how bad it was...

Not in this case. This one is the absolute bottom of the barrel and goes below "so bad it's good" into "so bad I wish I was dead." The glowing reviews floating around must seriously be some kind of campaign by people who profit somehow from DVD sales and rentals.

Other than maybe Highlander 2, I have never seen another sequel that so completely lost every single aspect of what was good about the original. The gore in this is laughable. The jokes are not. The murderous family isn't the least bit scary PLUS they now have Gallagher's sense of humor. The acting is rancid from start to finish.

Screw this crap. I'm out.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Correct and much worthier of attention compared to other sequels

Author: antoinecatry from France
15 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With these lines, I classify TCM 2 as a good and pertinent sequel. I was a 12 year old full of acne when I first rented it at the nearest videostore and completely ignorant at the time of the first one because French cultural institutions were still very reticent towards shocking works-of-art. I recently re watched TCM 2 on DVD and, in possession of many elements of comparison between the 2 films, I am not afraid to put it on an equal level of quality next to its predecessor for the followings :

1) It is a motivated and consistent sequel : the murderous and cannibalistic family is still on the loose. An atrocious series of crimes remained unpunished, which justifies the part of Dennis Hopper, uncle of the Hardestys. 2) The way he accomplishes his vengeance brings laugh, the lone and mystic ranger way, like an angel of retribution with God and saws on his side. The change of tonality was severely criticized but let's face it, had Tobe Hooper filmed the same first-degree tale of horror, fans would have been much harsher. This mixture of western and horror makes it an original and entertaining sequel. So please don't crucify the creator too much ! 3) As in the first one, analysis can be added to pleasure. No matter what savagery the Sawyers commit, they are still victims of recession, unemployment and automation, not just plain psycho-killers. The introduction of Chop Top, Viet Nam veteran brother to Leatherface, constitutes a real point of interest : the superimposition of one tale of historic horror to another one in film. This, in my opinion, refutes any accusation of trivialized violence. Last but not least, the impossible romance of Leatherface simulating a penetration with his saw rather turns him more into a pathetic than crude individual. We would almost sympathize. 4) Some touches of macabre and amoral humor are really enjoyable : the chili contest won by a certain "Sawyer". Would we realize it if we were fed human flesh ? Would we savor it if we were told it was a secret of longevity (cf 137 years old Granpa Sawyer) ? This disturbs and amuses at the same time the horror fan that I am.

As a conclusion, in spite of its commercial failure of the time, this film deserves reconsideration in memory of an age long forgotten, when horror films were not all merely franchises targeted to sex freak teenagers. Ever since what has followed TCM 2, there has not been a single ounce of creativity or interest, apart from a few gore novelties and demonstrations of free sadism : TCM 3 is not about the same family, TCM 4 is just terrible, the 2003 remake and its prequel do not mention cannibalism and clumsily try to tell the youth of Leatherface without any explanation about how he came to be what he is, pointless. TCM and TCM 2 form an efficient diptych to spike a night of boredom or weary tranquility. If you have not seen the others yet, don't waste your time trying !

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