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The Tobe Hooper Moviegoer's Diet Plan...

Author: poe426 from USA
13 October 2014

THE Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE II is the tender coming-of-age story of a young man, Bubba Sawyer, and his first, awkward attempts to find True Love. Bubba comes from a dysfunctional family and he's so shy that he tries to hide behind a stitched-together mask made of human skin. He reaches out to strangers- with a chainsaw- in his clumsy attempts to communicate, but it seldom works out... Papa Sawyer (whose award-winning recipe for chili makes him the toast of Texas) does what he can to guide his misguided son through his formative years. Today's audiences may not be as shocked by this one as Yesterday's audiences, but I remember all too well the night I went to see it: the theater was empty when I walked in, and no one else showed up (nor were there patrons lined up waiting for the next showing when I left). It didn't take me long to figure out WHY. There HAVE been movies that left me queasy- THE EXORCIST, MARK OF THE DEVIL, the original DAWN OF THE DEAD, THE ELEPHANT MAN, etc.- but THE Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE II was the first one to kill my appetite for two days after. I guess THAT kinda sums this one up for me: don't have dinner before you see it.

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Different from the first, but watchable

Author: KineticSeoul from United States
20 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one just didn't seem as raw and realistic looking, like some sort of documentary style horror/slasher movie like the first one. But it's still a sequel that is actually draws the audiences in with shock factors. And still carries on the elements of madness almost as much as the first one. After viewing this, I can tell why this has reached cult status. Not as much as the first one, but it still a horror/slasher movie that works. I think it's cool that they decided to do something different with this one, instead of it basically being a rehash of the first one. I think some critics bash on this one comparing it with the first installment. Mainly because it lacks that raw atmosphere and demented psychotic craziness. While it lacks in the realistic and raw element, it sort of makes up for it with certain weirdness that you either gonna like or will not. Overall, this is a bizarre and goofy sequel, with Leatherface doing a bizarre shake dance before trying to kill someone with a chainsaw while having a crush on a radio DJ. In another words Leatherface just isn't as menacing or intimidating as he was in the original. Despite that, this sequel is something to watch for the bizarreness almost to the level of the movie "Dead Alive". Just don't expect a serious tone movie, but a movie that revolves around dumb crazy people and a goofy chainsaw wielding psycho. It even has a one on one chainsaw duel.


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better but still rubbish...

Author: Dirty-English-99 from England
12 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A radio host hears a tape of two men being slaughtered by Leatherface teams up with a sheriff to try to figure out who it was and if it was the same people who murdered the sheriff's brother (Franklin from the first film.)

This film starred: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams & Jim Siedow.

TCM 2 is better than the first, but I think the first is the worst film of all time, this is still awful, as it is just so boring and dull. Not recommended simply because it is awful like i said in my TCM review, watch the remakes if you are interested in Leatherface.

*/***** The pits.

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Another very bad film

Author: Jamie Spraggon from United Kingdom
12 April 2014

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a sequel to the 1974 "hit film" (personally I think it's absolute pile of horse crap) however this took more of a comedy turn and this film was still awful. When I got these films, I was really looking forward to watching these, I have them all but so far I have only seen the first 2 and they are 2 of the worst films I have seen.

I don't recommend this film, from 1st minute to end there is a bunch of one dimensional characters that you really don't care about and Leatherface and his family just look stupid and it is ridiculous.

*/***** Very poor.

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Author: ashleybrownmedia from Camden Town
26 October 2013

I had just watched last year's (2012) Texas Chainsaw and Netflix recommended I watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, as the original was undoubtedly a classic of the genre I agree and settled to watch it - the fact that an actor of Dennis Hopper's calibre was in it made me think it might be even better - even though we all know that often horror sequels are no good.

What I sat through was quite frankly terrible. I'm by no means a prude when it comes to cinema, I have see countless B-movies and schlock films but this, well, I just couldn't enjoy it at all.

What is it that is so bad about it? Well, to put it quite simply, this is actually in the horror/comedy genre and not in the 'its so bad its good' way. Why on earth they would possibly want to make the sequel to what was such a gory, dark and disturbing film a comedy is beyond me. All I know is that it doesn't work at all.

Basically two drunken losers, who are driving to a party, call into a radio show and won't get off the line. The presenter ends up hearing them die at the hands of the Texas Chainsaw family and for some reason she thinks this tape of random sound effects will help the police. She meets Hopper's character - a Texas Ranger who is hot on the trail of the family due to some family member's murder. The two have very little screen time together but still try and work together to sort things out.

Having said that there are two scenes that are actually disturbing - one of them is when Grandpa is trying to hit the Radio Presenter with a hammer and the other is when she finds her friend LG towards the end. But you'll see what I mean if you are unfortunate enough to watch this.

So yeah, there we go a horror comedy that isn't funny and might have worked with a better script and the realisation that it would be better suited as a straight out horror piece.

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Underrated, surprisingly worthwhile sequel to one of horror's best

Author: Gabriel Teixeira from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
22 October 2013

I rarely find horror sequels worthwhile. They tend to be nothing but an endless repetition of the original, as if they are fearful of trying something new and not only not reaching a new audience but also losing the original's fans. So, I was suspicious of this; more so because of how great the original was.

Maybe it's the fact Tobe Hooper returns and is in control of the film (something that obviously wasn't the case in Spielberg's 'Poltergeist'). Hooper is good enough a filmmaker to know that he couldn't top/repeat the sense of realism that made the first 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' so powerful, so he instead dared to take a different approach: he takes it easy and satirizes itself.

Whereas the first TCM was extremely real, suspenseful, and surprisingly not very bloody/gory, 'Part 2' is high on blood, gore and an horror atmosphere that, while far from realistic, is still very effective. Yet, the film never takes itself too seriously; it is full of a dark, macabre and self-satirizing sense of humor, with very twisted and even depraved gags and an omnipresent black humor even in the more 'serious' parts.

Of course, it sometimes exaggerates (Dennis Hopper often overdoes on the insane acting, and I found Chop-Top rarely funny), or even become severely inappropriate/deranged (Leatherface's confrontation with the DJ, for example). However, it is nonetheless fun most of the time (the chainsaw fight must be seen to be believed).

All in all, it is a very good horror film that has been far too (and unjustly) vilified. It is well directed and thought-out, never taking itself too serious but never fully falling into the absurd/laughable category of horror; while far from the original's level, it is a very worthy sequel.

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Fan review

Author: Nick7080 from Europe
13 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One THE funniest horror movies i ever seen and one the best sequels i ever seen.

I watched it dozens of times and it never gets dull. This was actually first Chainsaw Massacre movie i saw. It was rented from videostore from other town. I still remember old VHS box with pic of Letherface on front sawing through some doors, and pic of Grandma in Chainsaw Heaven on the back. Once i first started to watch it, that opening narration and red letters from credits already freaked me out. Then, real terror started. For the next hour and a half i had great time watching this movie without pause and by the end of it i thought that it was best horror movie i saw at that time. One thing that i didn't know is that i watched cut version. One scene that i remember was heavily cut was opening murder of two yuppies. After Rick the Prick says "Missed us..." and looks at his buddy and screams, scene was cut and i didn't saw that great top-of-the-head-falling-off effect by Tom Savini. Still i absolutely loved the movie and that was years and YEARS ago. Although i discovered many other horror movies over the years, Chainsaw 2 was one of those that i always remembered.

It has great characters, funny dialogue, AWESOME gore, scary moments that work, effective score combined with good soundtrack,and one thing that i specially like is the sets where most of the action is going on, plus if you just look at design of radio station and underground hideout, they are really good sets for low budget horror movie.

Soundtrack - Since i have original soundtrack, might as well list songs that i like the most; "White Night" from Torch Song,"Mind Warp" from Lords Of The New Church and "No One Lives Forever" from Oingo Boingo. Another two songs that i want to mention are "Over Your Shoulder" and "Haunted Head" from Concrete Blonde. These two songs are also in another movie that i like, The Hidden from 1987. Another fun but unfortunately very underrated sci-fi action movie which also has cool soundtrack.

One thing that i liked about this movie, other then its crazy plot, is Chop Top. I love that guy. He is horror movie legend and one of my fave horror movie characters whose one liners i kept repeating in normal life. Specially lines like "LICK MY PLATE YOU DOG DK!", or "DOG WILL HUNT!" Even my younger cousins and friends loved that character.

Other characters are, like i said, real fun and really add to the movie. Stretch is kind of heroine that i think is perfect example about how horror actress in similar roles should be like in movies. Lefty Enright is something of a hard-to-understand character that Dennis Hoper (RI.P,we miss you Dennis) plays in his usual great way, plus there isn't any other character in these movies that had chainsaw fight with Letherface and won. L.G is real sweetheart of a character and one thing that i thought was too much in the movie is the way that he dies, it's kinda too graphic death scene for such likable guy. It's really sad that actor that plays him, Lou Perryman,was killed in real life.

Chainsaw family is once again played well by actors. I already mentioned my favorite member Chop Top, but Letherface is just as good and this time has more character development that's actually interesting when you think about it. If we put aside his sexual habits, of course. Cook with his ranting and constantly changing behavior is still present, Grandpa has small screen time but also has probably the best special effect makeup in the movie, Hitchhiker and Grandma characters are somewhat underdeveloped and silent throughout the movie, but their presence is still nice to have ;)

This movie really deserved the kind of special edition that it get. I really enjoyed all the interviews, deleted scenes and specially funny commentary from cast that sometimes i like to turn on and listen while watching the movie. Well, on the other hand, that's kinda the purpose of commentary tracks, isn't it?

I don't have any problem with this movie, cause it's great movie that is in my opinion, just as good and just as great cult classic as first movie.

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A dumb madness…

Author: swedzin from Deadwood
2 October 2013

I don't get it. I just don't get it. What happened? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) is a really good horror film, and it is considered by many as one of the best horror films ever. I mean, it's right there at the top ten horror films, if not even top five horror films. And this kind of film deserves a decent and worthy sequel. And we got this. It's just a bad idea. It's badly written, with dumb, annoying, one-dimensional characters and the movie itself doesn't try to scare us, but rather to make us all go nuts from the sheer annoyance. And the thing that it hurts the most is the fact that it was directed by Tobe Hopper, the director of the original. Really? What happened? Tobe, alongside the writer L.M. Kit Carson ruined the original… just like that.

Take a lot at the plot, a radio DJ Vanita aka 'Stretch' (played by Caroline Williams. Caroline was pretty good at her "screamy, scared girl element", though I think she was also pretty hot there), accidentally record the murder of two hoodlums, by Leatherface. And then, there's a former sheriff played by Denis Hopper (OK, Hopper is a great actor, but I don't understand how the hell he ended up here. He was good, no argue there, but I think that this film was a waste of his talents), who is interested for Vanita's audio murder tape. Also, he is uncle of Sally Hardesty and Franklin Hardesty (the original film characters) and he demands a revenge. And from the moment when the murderous family finds Vanita, therefore begins a dumb, annoying madness, that simply makes you wanna tear your TV apart, asking yourself what a hell is going on with this film? It's loud, it's over the top, while in the original, we have the same thing happening, but the amount and style of madness in the original was good, it was scary and insane, makes you want to be scare some more… but here… it just repels you. The other things as musical score, editing… they were solid, in their own horror element. Other actors as Jim Siedow (another actor from the original film, the older brother of the family, who now runs a successful business with the hamburgers, made from human flesh… bad idea, if you ask me). Siedow's performance was annoying and cartoonish here. I expected, when I first saw him, to be more darker, more developed. But no, this guy was straight from the cartoon. And as I recall, he was far more convincing in the first film, here he decided not to give a damn, although he gave us an solid amount of insanity performance. Bill Moseley plays Chop-Top Sawyer, an extremely insane and annoying character. No development, nothing scary about him, he is Joker wanna-be. Bill is a good actor, but damn… here he was just badly written. I have this little theory. I think that the character of Chop-Top is actually the hitchhiker from the original film, because there was no mention of him before. Or, he just jumped as the new "Sawyer family" character out of nowhere… This is what I don't understand, who the hell is he? Where did he come from? Nothing is explained. And we have Leatherface (played by Bill Johnson). The only developed character in the film. The actor Bill Johnson fitted pretty well in the costume and in the trademark mask, giving his imposing height and mass, although constant mumbled yelling irritated me pretty much. Here we see Leatherface has developed an emotional love response to our leading lady. Well, that is interesting difference.


I think that there are some dumb stuff that I just can't… I just can't resist not to tell you about it. Vanita and sheriff Lefty (Hopper) made a deal for Vanita to play the murder audio tape to attract the killers. And he would come to rescue her, armed with chainsaws… yep that's another thing, Hopper is armed with three chainsaws, one big, two smaller ones. Only to have an epic duel with Leatherface. Why he just didn't go on with his Frank Booth performance? That would scare Sawyer family. Now, about that idea, about playing the murder audio tape… that was the dumbest idea ever. And if you are thinking right now, "what would your idea would be?". I don't know, I really don't know. But that idea almost killed Vanita and she could also get fired for that… damn man. Tobe Hopper could figure out something better to lure the killers out. And the ending… the ending is so without climax, it's truly disappointing. I will not spoil for you more… but you just get really no informed about the ending.


Don't watch this film. Only if you want to link the original and other films, go ahead. But mind you, you'll be very irritated after this ordeal.

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Highly entertaining sequel to a horror classic!

Author: Horror_Metal from United States
11 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Twelve years after Sally Hardesty escaped the clutches of Leatherface (Bill Johnson) and his sadistic clan, her uncle Lefty (Dennis Hopper) gets help from a local radio DJ named Stretch (Caroline Williams) to put an end to these brutal crimes once and for all. He arms himself with three chainsaws and infiltrates their underground hideout after Stretch is kidnapped. It seems that Leatherface has a huge crush on her, and apparently wants to keep her alive despite the protests of his brothers. Lefty finally arrives at the lair of the murderous psychopaths ready to exact his revenge. But the evil cannibals aren't going to go down without a fight. Let's rev up the chainsaws and go at it!

This followup to one of the greatest horror films of all time takes a completely different approach than the original and I, for one, completely respected that. It's hard to capture that kind of magic twice in a row. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 is gorier, more action packed, and way more humorous. This movie is filled with several scenes of slapstick comedy which, in my opinion, serve the film very well. Lefty, played by the always excellent Dennis Hopper, is one of the coolest horror film protagonists ever and his determination to bring the demented Sawyer family down is what kept me so entertained while watching this awesome flick. He and Caroline Williams have great chemistry. I also thought that Bill Johnson was a great Leatherface (though he comes nowhere near Gunnar Hansen) and loved seeing Jim Siedow reprise his role as Drayton from the first movie. Chop Top (played by genre favorite Bill Moseley), an extension of the Hitchhiker character from the original, is a really fun character and stole every scene he was in. I really loved the underground tunnel setting as well. This film isn't without its flaws (that ending seemed rushed and was way too abrupt) but the groovy chainsaw duel during the climax of the film more than makes up for it. All in all, this is an extremely fun movie and a worthy successor to the original masterpiece!

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funny in its own way

Author: joseph-horseman from United Kingdom
1 September 2013

this film is great if you like dark humour like me but if you are looking for a serious sequel then you are not going to enjoy this movie i would suggest watching the remake or Texas chain saw the beginning or even the third movie. Overall this movie is good in its own way because it is not trying to be as good or better than the original its kind of a spoof or satire of the original and thats what makes it unique and stand out and there is no point in comparing this to the original because they are both totally different movies but still share the same characters in my opinion it is a good movie in a strange way because it shows that a ton of effort was put in by the actors and behind the scenes because all the characters are believable and the sets and lighting in this movie gives it its own kind of style so i would recommend this movie to people who like dark humour and are fans of the franchise.

Was the above review useful to you?

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