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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
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Very different, and inferior, but fun sequel to the horror classic

Author: sgtking from United States
11 July 2009

Sequels have been around since who knows when. They are a permanent part of our culture, which is both a positive and a negative thing when you look at it. By definition a sequel is a continuation of a story, but often times the magic just isn't there the second time around. You have to find a way to keep things fresh, while keeping fans happy by not straying too far from what came before. The original 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is one of the most frightening and powerful horror films of all time and would be a tough act to follow. Tobe Hooper, director and co-writer, of said film would take a stab at following it up with the first of a few sequels 12 years later. What he came up with is one of the most bizarre horror films ever and one that thankfully is not a xerox copy of it's predecessor.

Pros: Great cast and everyone seems to be having the time of their lives. Tongue is planted firmly in cheek. Tom Savini's effects are top-notch. Plenty of blood and gore. Moves at a decent pace. Fabulous design on the families hideout. Good score. You'll love to hate the Sawyer family again, which includes a truly twisted new addition.

Cons: The change in tone is fine, but this sequel is really lacking in the scare and suspense department. Plot wears thin. Some scenes drag on a bit too long. Ends rather abruptly.

Final thoughts: Can't compare with the original, but this belated sequel is still a joy to watch for fans. It's not one of those sequels that seems to have been made solely for the money. Like the first film it was a labor of love and it's nice to know that some filmmakers really do care about pleasing their audience. The saw is here to stay!

My rating: 3.5/5

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6 out of 10 people found the following review useful:


Author: Clive McGraw from Australia
22 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a REALLY big fan of the original TCM, I hadn't seen this for a while so I got it out today, and just finished watching it.

From the very outset I knew something was wrong as the voice over, is reading the fill in a little too fast. It kind of makes you realise that the whole film came about in the same way. The ideas were put to paper a little too fast, there wasn't enough time just having it sit in the writers head growing, and becoming refined.

The nest part of the intro, the ten minutes with the frat boys shooting signs and then playing chicken with the wrong hill billies, was awful, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth that pretty much sticks around for the rest of the movie. The tone and pace of the whole sequence is so different to the rest of the film, it just doesn't even fit in right, and a much better re-introduction of the maniacal family was really in order.

The comical bits were pretty stupid, as if that was the direction they wanted to go in, it should've been very dark humour...It could've been very disturbingly funny. The end scene in the original with the grandpa trying to bludgeon the girl with the hammer is pretty powerful, one of the few scenes in any movie that scares me a little, it feels like your in the same messed up situation. The end scene in this is just....meh.

If the film was more dark, the final shot in this, mirroring the final shot of leather face in the first. Again would've been powerful and really effective.

Bill Moseley asking if the tape was from the Rambo 3 soundtrack was retarded, not just because the movie only came out two years after this (I just looked that up, didn't know it off the top of my head), which could've still made sense and is not necessarily a goof. But it doesn't make sense that the family would know what Rambo was, as they are segregated from society and only the dad interacts with other people.

I liked the chilli cook off idea. That worked well with the black humour theme, it's just too bad everything else they tried didn't.

Once again Tobe Hooper shows of his ability to shot the exterior's of buildings really well. Actually I think many of his shots in this were good. Just the script killed it self.


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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre II 5/10

Author: skybrick736 from Waconia, Minnesota
18 July 2015

Tobe Hooper comes back to direct a sequel that follows the events of the initial Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Although we see Leatherface and Jim Seidow's role as "The Cook" return in the storyline, it was actually the newcomers characters who were the most interesting. If it wasn't for the star-power of Dennis Hopper and the desirableness of Caroline Williams, this sequel would have totally stunk in my opinion. The writing was really awful, especially hack in the beginning car chase and cook-off. Usually, a horror film is either great in the beginning and fades off or starts slow with a great ending. With TCM II, it's a first for me to say that a few scenes in the middle of the film were the most entertaining.

The film lost a lot of grittiness and distinguishing characteristics that the predecessor possessed. It didn't tie itself well to its roots and I felt this was a really rushed attempt that could have been a lot better. Part 2 did enough though to hold my interest and I found myself not being too critical of the ending scenes even though it's pretty bad. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, or the franchise itself, is perhaps not really my cup of tea but as a horror fan I understand it's importance and still think it's a must watch.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

better but still rubbish...

Author: Dirty-English-99 from England
12 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A radio host hears a tape of two men being slaughtered by Leatherface teams up with a sheriff to try to figure out who it was and if it was the same people who murdered the sheriff's brother (Franklin from the first film.)

This film starred: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams & Jim Siedow.

TCM 2 is better than the first, but I think the first is the worst film of all time, this is still awful, as it is just so boring and dull. Not recommended simply because it is awful like i said in my TCM review, watch the remakes if you are interested in Leatherface.

*/***** The pits.

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Underrated, surprisingly worthwhile sequel to one of horror's best

Author: Gabriel Teixeira from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
22 October 2013

I rarely find horror sequels worthwhile. They tend to be nothing but an endless repetition of the original, as if they are fearful of trying something new and not only not reaching a new audience but also losing the original's fans. So, I was suspicious of this; more so because of how great the original was.

Maybe it's the fact Tobe Hooper returns and is in control of the film (something that obviously wasn't the case in Spielberg's 'Poltergeist'). Hooper is good enough a filmmaker to know that he couldn't top/repeat the sense of realism that made the first 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' so powerful, so he instead dared to take a different approach: he takes it easy and satirizes itself.

Whereas the first TCM was extremely real, suspenseful, and surprisingly not very bloody/gory, 'Part 2' is high on blood, gore and an horror atmosphere that, while far from realistic, is still very effective. Yet, the film never takes itself too seriously; it is full of a dark, macabre and self-satirizing sense of humor, with very twisted and even depraved gags and an omnipresent black humor even in the more 'serious' parts.

Of course, it sometimes exaggerates (Dennis Hopper often overdoes on the insane acting, and I found Chop-Top rarely funny), or even become severely inappropriate/deranged (Leatherface's confrontation with the DJ, for example). However, it is nonetheless fun most of the time (the chainsaw fight must be seen to be believed).

All in all, it is a very good horror film that has been far too (and unjustly) vilified. It is well directed and thought-out, never taking itself too serious but never fully falling into the absurd/laughable category of horror; while far from the original's level, it is a very worthy sequel.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

funny in its own way

Author: joseph-horseman from United Kingdom
1 September 2013

this film is great if you like dark humour like me but if you are looking for a serious sequel then you are not going to enjoy this movie i would suggest watching the remake or Texas chain saw the beginning or even the third movie. Overall this movie is good in its own way because it is not trying to be as good or better than the original its kind of a spoof or satire of the original and thats what makes it unique and stand out and there is no point in comparing this to the original because they are both totally different movies but still share the same characters in my opinion it is a good movie in a strange way because it shows that a ton of effort was put in by the actors and behind the scenes because all the characters are believable and the sets and lighting in this movie gives it its own kind of style so i would recommend this movie to people who like dark humour and are fans of the franchise.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

The ending saved you Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Author: Snyder-matthew23 from United States
6 April 2013

This movie was good... In the beginning and then, of course, it drops to being boring as hell. I loved all the other Texas Chainsaw's but this one was disappointing. I got my hopes up and thought I would love it but it was just plain good and average. I guess that's good right? Well the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes saved this film from being to a 5 from 7 stars. The rest of it was just boring. You would be expecting this movie to be fun when the title with the words "Chainsaw" and "Massacre" are in it. It still was a little bit fun but that was only at rare time periods. This one is my least favorite out of the Texas Chainsaw series. I thought this film was overall OK and I would only recommend this to super Texas Chainsaw fans.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Author: Toronto85 from Canada
29 June 2011

TCM 2 was definitely not as serious as the original film, but it had a lot of charm to it. It begins in Texas (of course) with two young men driving along the road. They call a local radio station which is when we meet our leading lady Stretch (Caroline Williams) the DJ. While on the phone with the guys, Leatherface murders both of them Stretch manages to hear the chainsaw in the background. The police try to make their deaths seem like a simple auto accident, but when a former Texas Ranger Lefty (Dennis Hopper) sees the accident scene, he knows it was more than an accident. And when Stretch gives him the audio tape of the murder, he realizes that Leatherface has struck again. Once the infamous Sawyer family catches on that people know of their crimes, they trap Stretch in their sick twisted maze of dead corpses and rotting flesh.

Chainsaw 2 was made at a time when it was competing with the Krueger/Myers/Vorhees sequels. So it had to live up to the modern day slasher film, that means more blood. It's a lot more gory than the controversial first TCM. In this one, you literally see a guy get skinned alive, his face is almost peeled off for Leatherface to use as a mask. Oh and the family is explored more in this sequel. Jim Siedow reprises the role of "The Cook" Drayton Sawyer. He now sells chili to the fine people of Texas. He proclaims at a local cook off that it's his special secret recipe. Take a guess what he uses to make the chili....

Yeah so as you can see, TCM 2 is a little more morbid and comical in a black comedy sort of way. The maze that Stretch gets trapped in near the end is an old amusement park that the Sawyers are living in. Very creepy set they built for it as well. The acting is pretty good for this one as well. We also discover Dennis Hopper's character is related to Franklin, the man in the wheelchair from the first TCM. Nice little connection. All in all, a decent sequel to a 70's classic. It's not as memorable as the first or even as good, but a fine slasher film nonetheless.


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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Sex or the Saw, but the Saw is FAMILY!

Author: tequila101 from Australia
30 April 2011

U got one choice boy, sex or the saw! I remember that line in the film the most and it was my favorite quote. Anyway let's get down to another review of horror madness from the dead, lol.

The original 1974 cult (never go to Texas) classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a large hit and still remains in our souls of being one of the most bone chilling, shocking horror films of all time. It is my third favorite horror film and I treasure it for it's memories of disgust but intelligent scares. That was Tobe Hooper's good and only really scary film.

Now the his sequel "The Buzz is Back!" isn't a bad sequel at all though it really falls on the lines of the original as Tobe decided to go to a more comedic root instead of sticking to the horror ones. The horror roots were put back into the third and fourth though they are way beyond crappy.

Moving on I'll point out the good and bad plotters for TCM 2.

The good: The acting is still good especially Bill Moselsy who played the insane, cannibalistic f***ed up Chop Top who loves his dead corpses. The only returning character (s) is Dawerer (I think that's his name) and he still did a good job. Dennis Hopper also did really well and the back up actors were average.

The kills aren't great though there bloody enough. 1 point there.

The music also had a weird feel to it and the humor was contained well and there were enough scenes to make me enjoy this film a lot.

The bad: The only problem I had with this film was that even if the humor was average and contained well, it sucked that Tobe Hooper took it to a different level and the scares are no where to be found. That's the only major problem other wise.....

6.5/10 (It's another good slasher film if your bored and it has the right amount of enjoyment leaking out of it) I would watch this awesome sequel than wasting my time on TCM 3, TCM Next Gen and TCm the Beginning. My opinion.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Author: jDriftyx82 from United States
19 April 2011

The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was sick, twisted, and vile film. With all of it's clichés and parts of complete stupidity, I enjoyed it somewhat. In the sequel. It's more or less the same.

In this movie, we see more of the cannibals, which I really liked because they made the movie for me in the first one, so that was cool. But the whole movie is almost like a joke. It's like a sequel that's spoofing the first movie.

Maybe it's because it's a different writer, and they wrote to be scary and it just wasn't. But either way, it was funny. Intentional or not.

The acting of the cannibals was good. There was this Grandpa who they say is like 137 years old, and to be honest, I thought he was dead. But they hand him a hammer, and after about 5 minutes he does what he needs to get done with the hammer.

The guy who played Chop-Top was great. He was nuts! Couldn't wait for him to get back on screen.

I can't really say if you loved the first one, then see this. Because this movie got mixed feelings.

But if you're planning on watching all the TCM movies, this isn't AS BAD as I thought it'd be.

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