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Hooper's stylish directing saves this from being an unwatchable schlockfest.
Andrew Gold29 June 2015
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a terrible film. I knew going in it would be nothing like the original and was completely fine with that, but this movie goes out of its way to be as ridiculous as possible. The genuine scares from the original have been replaced by awkward comedic bits, from the cannibal family's bickering to Leatherface making silly faces (yeah, they had the audacity to turn Leatherface into a punchline).

It's just embarrassing, and this is largely due to an inconsistent script. The first act sets an ominous tone from its premise of hearing a murder live on the radio and the radio host being terrorized by the same murderers. Then the second act is silly, borderline cartoonish with Leatherface acting like a hormonal teenager; and the third act tries to pay homage to the original by recreating the dinner scene almost exactly as it was in the first (but not nearly as effective) combined with an admittedly cool chainsaw duel between Lefty (Dennis Hopper) and Leatherface, then closing with a somewhat thrilling final struggle for the heroine to make her escape. Then it closes with another "homage" to the original and then credits roll and a cheesy '80s pop song ensues. If not for the second act, it had potential to be an engrossing story and potentially disturbing (the gore is still top-notch) but the drastic shifts in tone make it virtually impossible to become immersed into this overtly fake, cartoonish world.

Thankfully, Tobe Hooper's directing makes even the dullest moments of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 aesthetically pleasing. The location and set design is perfect - the underground lair with brightly colored lights juxtaposed with rotting corpses and leftover entrails is oddly unsettling, and the scenery during the final moments of the movie is hauntingly beautiful. Hooper knows how to make these scenes look as gritty and urgent as possible. Dennis Hopper's Texas ranger was also a welcome addition. He was related to Franklin of the first movie and is out for revenge on these hillbillies so he buys the biggest chainsaw he can, then storms their lair screaming his lungs out like a lunatic.

What ultimately killed this movie for me (aside from the script) is the lead actress. She is just awful. You can't take anything she says seriously because of how poorly she delivers her lines, and her screams are so forced and annoying I was practically rooting for Leatherface to chop her head off. Her relationship with Leatherface is also forced and awkward, but maybe that was the screenwriters' attempt at comedy. There are a couple laughs in this movie, and by that I mean two; three max. Something about the bombastic chainsaw duel is undeniably exhilarating, despite it not being fleshed out to its full potential.

There is some fun to be had in this movie, but you have to suffer through a lot of stupidity to get there. I have no idea how sequels continued coming out after this, and I can even empathize why they would want to make a "sequel reboot" with Texas Chainsaw 3D, but that was even more abominable than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's true sequel - this - and this is pretty darn bad. This movie is for Leatherface completists only.
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Amazing Grand Guignol Horror Film!
Maciste_Brother5 January 2003
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is one of the most misunderstood movies of all time. I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 when it was released in theaters back in 1986. I loved this horror flick then. But everyone else hated it. Critics trashed it. Even many horror fans, of the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre or slashers in general, hated it and dismissed it. Now after a decade or so after its release, TCM 2 is now a bona fide cult movie.

There are so many things to point out why TCM 2 is a stand-out. The first and most important thing to point out is that back in the 1980s, horror films were reduced to simple slashers. TCM 2 is totally different than the plethora of slashers that many horror fans expected to see, which is one reason why many horror fans didn't get it. The body count is extremely low in TCM 2 compared to the Friday the 13th or Elm Street flicks. But that doesn't mean it's not violent. No, it's VERY violent. But the violence in TCM 2 is more engrossing, shocking and even at times funny, and in turn less acceptable than the unreal violence found in many slasher films. Because of the amount of violence and violent imagery, films critics trashed TCM 2, pointing out how the first film didn't rely on gore and violence to scare the audience.

I love Texas Chainsaw Massacre as much as I love TCM 2. I understand what the critics were saying. Unfortunately, they didn't get the point of the violence in TCM 2. While TCM is a sweat inducing TERRIFYING horror film in the first order, TCM 2 is a "GRAND GUIGNOL HORROR" horror film in the first order. In TCM 2, Hooper creates a vast canvas of baroque imagery, where we watch the insane and gory story unfold before our incredulous eyes. I'm amazed that critics missed the whole difference between TCM and TCM 2. It's odd that critics will rave about Peter Greenaway's "THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE & HER LOVER" which is a twisted drama in the the Grand Guignol style, but didn't see TCM 2 in the same way. It's probably due to the fact that TCM 2 is a sequel to a quasi-legendary horror film and everyone expected the sequel to be the same as the first movie.

I give credit to everyone involved with TCM 2. They actually TRIED to do something different: different from the equally great TCM, different from the increasingly boring horror films of the 80s. And in my eye, they've succeeded. There are so many memorable scenes in TCM 2, some of which are the most amazing horror moments ever put on screen (when Leatherface tries to put the scalped face on Stretch, the scene when Stretch finds her friend sans face, etc). And there are so many quotable lines too. TCM 2 is also a very funny film ("Rain, rain, rain, rain..." Choptop says as he checks out records at the radio station).

TCM 2 is not perfect. The ending is abrupt. And the chainsaw fight at the end is too short. Dennis Hopper is a bit hard to take as a "hero." But he does play the "twisted hero" right. It's just difficult to see him fighting big and burly Leatherface. BTW, the very last image of TCM 2 is Strecth dancing with a chainsaw in her hands at the top of that amusement park structure. In the original film (and the original video release), we can see cars and trucks driving by on a highway in the distance. On the DVD, they cropped this shot and we don't see the traffic anymore. Personally, I thought it added a LOT to the whole surreal aspect of the film. Like the world was continuing on with its relentless pace, no matter what had just happened that night. I wished they didn't crop this shot on the DVD. Oh well...

It's a shame few people "got" TCM 2 back then. After reading the reviews at IMDb and at Amazon, it's great to see that some are finally "getting it." For anyone who's game, watch TCM 2. You'll be squealing in horror and laughing at the insanity of it all in equal amounts.
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"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has not stopped. It haunts Texas."
Backlash0073 February 2002
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is criminally underrated. I've noticed a lot of comments trashing this movie. It's a HORROR movie! It's also a SEQUEL to a horror movie! Where were your expectations people? What did you think you were going to be watching? I remember watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as a kid, and it scared the s**t out of me. That opening bridge scene is incredible. It's one of the scariest sequences I've ever seen. Tom Savini's effects are top notch, the humor is well placed, and the acting is perfect for the genre. Bill Moseley (Chop Top) is something else. He's the reason I love this movie so much. He portrays one of the most memorable characters in recent horror history and I can't get enough of him. I do agree that Bill Johnson is not nearly as menacing as Gunnar Hansen in the role of Leatherface. But what's wrong with Tobe Hooper's direction? It's his story, let him tell it the way he wants to. I think Tobe Hooper succeeds in continuing the tale of one of the great horror icons. TCM 2 has loads of gore, campy acting, and instills a healthy dose of fear into it's viewer. What more could you ask of a sequel? And remember, the saw is family.
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Dog will hunt!
Michael DeZubiria3 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Disclaimer: Do NOT try to remove your hemorrhoids with a chainsaw. It will NOT save you a trip to the hospital.

(spoilers) OK, let me tell you why the Texas Chainsaw sequels don't work. The original film is slightly exempt from this, but when you have someone who is screaming and wiggling so much that you wish she would just get killed so she'll shut the hell up, you have lost your ability to scare. Doesn't matter how good the sets or costumes or actors are, if the audience is holding their ears, you have a problem.

The first sequel in the Texas Chainsaw series is meant to be nothing other than a bigger version of the original, this time fictionalized, and beefed up with the star power of Dennis Hopper. Not that the original was non-fiction. As you know, it was really based, very loosely, as it were, on the inhuman antics of Ed Gein in the 1950s, the same demented nutcase that inspired Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs. Sounds like a fun guy.

Unfortunately, as is all too often the case with horror movies, this one comes off more as a sick comedy than a scary movie. Granted, there are horror movies that purposely come out like that, such as most of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, but the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a movie that caught people off guard because of its simplicity, its unknown cast, and its rough, documentary feel. In Texas Chainsaw 2, every single little bit of that is lost.

The set, once we eventually get underground, looks like they rented the Indiana Jones set, festooned it with randomly placed naked light bulbs, furniture made out of human bones, and meat hooks, and had Leatherface run around swinging a chainsaw. The atmosphere of the movie has completely lost the claustrophobic feel of the original by vastly expanding the size of the set, much of which looks like a Christmas tree crossed with an esophagus, and there is just too much hooting and hollering for it to be scary. The only thing more irritating than the killers is their victim, 'Stretch.'

The movie starts off with a couple of high school caricatures zooming down a desert highway, screaming at each other at the tops of their lungs about the sheer magnitude of the party that they are on their way to. They decide to swing into oncoming traffic to play chicken with someone driving a pickup truck, instantly making me eager to see them get killed. Doesn't matter that Leatherface is in that truck, anyone who plays chicken with a random driver because they're driving around drunk deserves to get killed. And if it takes place in a movie, they deserve to get killed with a chainsaw.

So not only do we have to endure the hooting and hollering of these two jerks, but they call a radio station and we are asked to believe that this station's phones get completely tied up if someone calling in refuses to hang up. Sure, this is rural Texas and 1986, but are we to believe that even out there and back then, there were radio stations with a single phone line and without the ability to cut off the callers? At one point the clueless tech guy is frantically pushing buttons and pulling levers, trying to figure out how to clear the line. Given something so stupid, however, you know it was there for a reason, so that they could record the phone call as the kids get chainsawed on the other end.

Speaking of which, the same kid that swerved into oncoming traffic at full speed finds himself stopped on a bridge as that same pickup truck sits blocking both lanes, and he frantically screams 'Are you crazy?!?' out the windshield while his idiot friend in the passenger seat offers such heroic tips as 'Just keep driving!' and 'Get outta here!' Good thinking'! Speaking of driving, not only can they not outrun a pickup truck traveling in reverse while supposedly holding the pedal to the floor in their Mercedes, but in the shots that show Leatherface standing and swinging his chainsaw, they are literally traveling all of 5mph.

Dennis Hopper plays the uncle of the kids who were killed in the original movie, sort of a rogue detective out of his jurisdiction and showing up at the scene of the two kids' murder. The police refuse to jump to conclusions, but Lefty (Hopper) is sure that it's the same people who killed his nieces and nephews. Hopper makes a GREAT redneck. I generally am truly disappointed when actors take on fake accents, but Hopper does this one so well that you would swear he's lived in the south his entire life, it's just too bad that he's saddled with this idiot character.

At one point, Stretch, the radio station DJ, shows up at his apartment, which, needless to say, is flooded with drunken rednecks wandering the halls with their arms around each other, and tells him that she has an audiotape of the murder because the kids called in just before they were attacked, and he sends her away! What the hell is that? Later he has a change of heart, but only wants to hear it if she'll play it on the air. The logic of the characters' actions in this movie is not starting off on the right foot. Then later, as Stretch hangs in a pit about to fall into the demons' lair, you might say, he tries to save her with a brittle, dried out arm bone. Clever.

There is a lengthy horror scene inside the radio station, which looks like it doesn't know if it's supposed to be a radio station or a horror movie set, so better just be a little bit of both. It's got its vast storage of records stored safely behind an open door, with a heavy steel door guarding the cleaning supplies. A burglar's dream, you might say. We get a scene where Leatherface is assigned to kill Stretch, but when he finally gets through that steel door, he starts chainsawing a tub of soda cans sitting in ice, which have no reason for being there or for being chainsawed, until finally Stretch screams, 'Are you mad at me??' and my eyes glaze over for the remainder of the film.

There's an effective scene where Leatherface puts Stretch's friend's freshly removed face over hers, supposedly to help her escape, but for the most part the underground portion of the film is a tired rehash of the original. Sure, it's bigger, there are more Christmas lights and more chainsaws, but essentially it's exactly the same thing, just without the surprise. They even replay exactly the same dinner scene from the end of the last movie, the most unpleasant scene in the entire movie.

Lefty decides that he is so intent on delivering swift poetic justice that, rather than stock up on as many guns as he can carry, he buys three huge chainsaws and straps them to his body, and then runs screaming into the house, yelling and cutting down wooden supports as the family tortures Stretch. In Commando Arnold bulldozes into a weapons store and loads up on boatloads of guns and knives and explosives. In The Terminator he does the same thing, with the added bonus of killing off the proprietor before leaving. Lefty could have paid homage to both of those films, establishing Lefty as a good guy since he actually paid for his. But why saws and not guns?

The grandparents, as is to be expected, are a hideous, hideous spectacle. Grandpa's 137 years old and still likes to hammer young girls on the head, and grandma spends her time in a wheelchair upstairs with a chainsaw on her lap. We are treated to a finale atop a huge rock outcropping that is so fake that it almost turns the movie into a comedy all by itself. There is at least one or two shots where the underlying chicken wire is nakedly visible.

We get some sort of variation on the ending of the original, since the conclusion is almost a mirror image, in that the girl becomes the chainsaw wielding maniac rather than looking at him out the back window of a passing motorist, but I'm not sure what line of discussion led to the conclusion that this would be a cool way to end the film. Is this supposed to be the setup for a sequel? The family's dead, but now there's this girl who has caught chainsaw fever and will now carry on the legacy?
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Dumber than you'd think
DevastationBob-328 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Potential SPOILERS ahead.

When I'd first heard of this movie, it was described to me by my cousins as the scariest and creepiest movie they'd ever seen. So it always had a place in my mind as a movie to avoid. However, when I finally did catch it, I have to say I disagree.

This movie was incredibly stupid. Every scare is telegraphed, nothing is a surprise. Leatherface dances around more with the chainsaw then cutting anyone. It's really idiotic. The performances aren't much better than your local churches haunted house on Halloween.

First, we're supposed to believe a radio station can't hang up on a caller unless the caller does first? I think the FCC would have something to say about that. It'd be impossible to censor any obscene calls that way. Also, what exactly does the tape reveal that Chop Top and Leatherface need to show up and silence the girl about? Some screams and a chainsaw noise. Yeah, that really points out their identities and existence. A damn autopsy would reveal the cause of death was power tool. Beyond that there's NOTHING linking them. Texas is a damn big state. And as the prologue indicates, after the first girl was found alive, the authorities found NOTHING to prove the events had happened. Plus, they could have just torched the place when they left the girl if they really wanted to be sure.

I watched it a second time last night, and I have to say it's gotten dumber. Stupid movie, and not in an entertaining way.
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Toronto8529 June 2011
TCM 2 was definitely not as serious as the original film, but it had a lot of charm to it. It begins in Texas (of course) with two young men driving along the road. They call a local radio station which is when we meet our leading lady Stretch (Caroline Williams) the DJ. While on the phone with the guys, Leatherface murders both of them Stretch manages to hear the chainsaw in the background. The police try to make their deaths seem like a simple auto accident, but when a former Texas Ranger Lefty (Dennis Hopper) sees the accident scene, he knows it was more than an accident. And when Stretch gives him the audio tape of the murder, he realizes that Leatherface has struck again. Once the infamous Sawyer family catches on that people know of their crimes, they trap Stretch in their sick twisted maze of dead corpses and rotting flesh.

Chainsaw 2 was made at a time when it was competing with the Krueger/Myers/Vorhees sequels. So it had to live up to the modern day slasher film, that means more blood. It's a lot more gory than the controversial first TCM. In this one, you literally see a guy get skinned alive, his face is almost peeled off for Leatherface to use as a mask. Oh and the family is explored more in this sequel. Jim Siedow reprises the role of "The Cook" Drayton Sawyer. He now sells chili to the fine people of Texas. He proclaims at a local cook off that it's his special secret recipe. Take a guess what he uses to make the chili....

Yeah so as you can see, TCM 2 is a little more morbid and comical in a black comedy sort of way. The maze that Stretch gets trapped in near the end is an old amusement park that the Sawyers are living in. Very creepy set they built for it as well. The acting is pretty good for this one as well. We also discover Dennis Hopper's character is related to Franklin, the man in the wheelchair from the first TCM. Nice little connection. All in all, a decent sequel to a 70's classic. It's not as memorable as the first or even as good, but a fine slasher film nonetheless.

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Sex or the Saw, but the Saw is FAMILY!
tequila10130 April 2011
U got one choice boy, sex or the saw! I remember that line in the film the most and it was my favorite quote. Anyway let's get down to another review of horror madness from the dead, lol.

The original 1974 cult (never go to Texas) classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a large hit and still remains in our souls of being one of the most bone chilling, shocking horror films of all time. It is my third favorite horror film and I treasure it for it's memories of disgust but intelligent scares. That was Tobe Hooper's good and only really scary film.

Now the his sequel "The Buzz is Back!" isn't a bad sequel at all though it really falls on the lines of the original as Tobe decided to go to a more comedic root instead of sticking to the horror ones. The horror roots were put back into the third and fourth though they are way beyond crappy.

Moving on I'll point out the good and bad plotters for TCM 2.

The good: The acting is still good especially Bill Moselsy who played the insane, cannibalistic f***ed up Chop Top who loves his dead corpses. The only returning character (s) is Dawerer (I think that's his name) and he still did a good job. Dennis Hopper also did really well and the back up actors were average.

The kills aren't great though there bloody enough. 1 point there.

The music also had a weird feel to it and the humor was contained well and there were enough scenes to make me enjoy this film a lot.

The bad: The only problem I had with this film was that even if the humor was average and contained well, it sucked that Tobe Hooper took it to a different level and the scares are no where to be found. That's the only major problem other wise.....

6.5/10 (It's another good slasher film if your bored and it has the right amount of enjoyment leaking out of it) I would watch this awesome sequel than wasting my time on TCM 3, TCM Next Gen and TCm the Beginning. My opinion.
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the worst movie i ever watched
adiga55527 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The first "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie was excellent, so we started watching this one expecting something great! the movie was awful. i didn't understand if it was supposed to be funny or scary, either way it did a bad job at both. it looked like a 10 dollar budget scary movie that was unsuccessful, i think it was meant to look like that, don't really get why. i recommend watching it so you appreciate all other movies much more. *SPOILERS**SPOILERS* let me give you some examples of how much the movie sucks: 1. there's a scene where leather-face tries to murder a woman and then ends up falling in love with her when she says are you good. 2. the place where the cannibal family keep all the meat is a never ending dungeon that is as big as a country. 3. someones face gets hit for a few minutes with a hammer and he manages to survive from that, gets his face removed and don't look like he experiences any kind of pain until he suddenly drops and dies. *SPOILERS**SPOILERS*
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Revenge of the 80's: The sequels!
Joseph P. Ulibas15 October 2004
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1985) was the first sequel documenting the Sawyer family. Tobe Hooper made a cheesy and gory movie that's not meant to be taken seriously. Unfortunetlly, many people and critics unwisely compared it to the original and it didn't do as well as it should have. The filmmakers had more money and better special effects to play with. They took full advantage of it and made a true pop culture classic.

The cook, Leatherface and Chop top (hitcher's twin brother) are all part owners of a chili and barbecue business. The Cook is the only one who makes public appearinces (he's the only normal looking one of the trio). Dennis Hopper makes a return to Hollywood in this film playing himself (he's been doing that a lot during this time period). A fun movie filled with buckets of blood and grue. The performances are over the top and the writing is witty and full of one-liners and groaners.

if you love the first film then you'll enjoy the sequel. Tobe Hooper is still the man and he can make an excellent film whenever he wants to (and if he has a decent budget). The first of his three Cannon Films productions. All three of them are excellent and worth watching (too bad the company went bankrupt and collapsed). Highly recommended.


Tobe Hooper makes a cameo appearance as an angry hotel guest
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Clive McGraw22 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a REALLY big fan of the original TCM, I hadn't seen this for a while so I got it out today, and just finished watching it.

From the very outset I knew something was wrong as the voice over, is reading the fill in a little too fast. It kind of makes you realise that the whole film came about in the same way. The ideas were put to paper a little too fast, there wasn't enough time just having it sit in the writers head growing, and becoming refined.

The nest part of the intro, the ten minutes with the frat boys shooting signs and then playing chicken with the wrong hill billies, was awful, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth that pretty much sticks around for the rest of the movie. The tone and pace of the whole sequence is so different to the rest of the film, it just doesn't even fit in right, and a much better re-introduction of the maniacal family was really in order.

The comical bits were pretty stupid, as if that was the direction they wanted to go in, it should've been very dark humour...It could've been very disturbingly funny. The end scene in the original with the grandpa trying to bludgeon the girl with the hammer is pretty powerful, one of the few scenes in any movie that scares me a little, it feels like your in the same messed up situation. The end scene in this is just....meh.

If the film was more dark, the final shot in this, mirroring the final shot of leather face in the first. Again would've been powerful and really effective.

Bill Moseley asking if the tape was from the Rambo 3 soundtrack was retarded, not just because the movie only came out two years after this (I just looked that up, didn't know it off the top of my head), which could've still made sense and is not necessarily a goof. But it doesn't make sense that the family would know what Rambo was, as they are segregated from society and only the dad interacts with other people.

I liked the chilli cook off idea. That worked well with the black humour theme, it's just too bad everything else they tried didn't.

Once again Tobe Hooper shows of his ability to shot the exterior's of buildings really well. Actually I think many of his shots in this were good. Just the script killed it self.

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Woeful - no redeeming qualities.
rtcnz5 August 2012
Where do I even begin with this trainwreck of a sequel? The original film is brilliantly twisted, horrifying and disturbing - masterful. This film is not scary, twisted or upsetting.

THE SETTING: Leatherface and his sick family have moved out of their house in TCM1 and have relocated at an amusement park! And not just any amusement park, it has seemingly endless lattice of tunnels and brightly-lit caverns underneath. It's hard to feel afraid of what is clearly a bad movie set.

THE VILLAIN: I'll start with Leatherface. In TCM1, Leatherface is a barbaric violent villain, a sick effed-up killing MACHINE. Here, Leatherface wields his chainsaw at a 'pretty' (?) girl, falls in love with her, and becomes a BIG OLD SOFTY. He turns into Ludo the Lovable Oaf from "Labyrinth" (or, for Harry Potter fans, Grawp). I'm sorry but WHAT THE ****? Is this a horror movie or a children's film??? THE HEROINE: Stretch is a radio DJ who wears little denim shorts but as the face of a goat. She is also the stupidest heroine I've ever met in a horror film. She actively pursues the villains to their base, with no plan and without contacting the police, and falls right into their hands. It's hard to care about her suffering when she so clearly deserves it for being such a fool.

THE HERO: Dennis Hopper, like his female counterpart, also decides to take on the villains single-handedly. He buys a bunch of chainsaws and goes after them on his own. Yep - strapping a few chainsaws to your back like Rambo is a GREAT survival technique.

Now, I love horror movies and I LOVE horror sequels - even bad ones. But this is neither good nor so-bad-it's-good. It's just plain bad and most importantly - NOT SCARY.
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Although not the serious sequel we were expecting but it is entertaining for a messy sequel.
Lucien Lessard25 August 2005
For 14 years, there's has been reports of disturbing, horrific murders. The weapon of choice is a Chainsaw to these horrible crimes. When a tough as nails late-night disc jockey (Caroline Williams) accidentally caught their last crime on a tape from a telephone call by two rich kids (Barry Kingon & Chris Dovriads). A former Texas ranger by the name of Lefty Enright (Dennis Hopper) is obsessed for years trying to catch these psychotic mass-murderer. The only person is left to help is the disc jockey. When Lefty persuades her to play the tape. She haven't realize that she is the only witness (soundwise) to the crime & she lure the maniacs out of their hiding places and try to get rid of her.

Directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eaten Alive, Salem's Lot) made a wilder, hilarious, straight-face spoof of the original. It's seems that Hooper wanted to make fun of his original film and make it different. Dennis Hopper did definitely did this film for the money but Hopper seems to be enjoying himself in some scenes. This has terrific make-up effects by Tom Savini (Creepshow, Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th). The movie even has a Stanley Kubrick reference! This film did OK at the box office but it become more successful on video.

DVD has an fine non-anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer (also in Pan & Scan) and an good-Dolby Surround 2.0 Sound. DVD only extra is the original theatrical trailer. An alternative version exist of the film with 14 minutes of additional footage on Laserdisc & VHS.

The latest DVD transfer from MGM/Fox is superb. This new DVD titled "The Gruesome Edition" is excellent. There's two commentary tracks by the filmmaker, the cast and make-up effects artists. Which no doubt... they are informative, entertaining, funny and never boring. Commentary one is by the director and documentarian filmmaker:David Gregory (Who directed "The Shocking Truth" for the latest Two Disc Set for the original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"). Commentary Two is by actors:Bill Moseley and Caroline Williams, Make-Up effects artist:Tom Savini and DVD Producer:Michael Felsher. DVD includes:A Six Part featurette titled "It Runs in the Family", Deleted Scenes and more.

The crazed killers are played by Bill Johnson as Leatherface, Bill Moseley as Chop-Top, Jim Siedow as Drayton Sawyer & Ken Evert as Grandpa. Siedow is the only actor is back from the original. Moseley as Chop-Top is a total hoot. This film is not as good as the original but only funnier! Written by L.M. Kit Carson (Paris, Texas). (****/*****).
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God awful mess
ryanbrandonflynn28 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
There are some movies that should never have been made. This is one of them. Where to begin?

1. leather face is a total ass wipe who loves to do pelvic hip thrusts with his chainsaw thingy.

2. one thing i didn't get was when ms. bimbo was giving a tour to the guy with the stds and was telling him goodnight. thats all they were saying to each other for about 3 hours. i think the bimbo could have done something else than say goodnight forever.

2. all that retarded bimbo can do is just scream and cry and sit there while all the other people are going to straight up murder her ass.

3. what was the point of that old fart grandpa? all he did was moan from his aids and threw a hammer at the bimbo.

4. what was dennis hopper going all through leather faces fun house screaming nothing but jiberish and cutting everything. Than he comes to that skeleton and starts talking to it telling it not to cry. whats next is he going to make out with it?

5. what the hell is with the ending? that retarded bimbo is trying to start the chainsaw while mr. std is stabbing her. when she finally gets it started she cuts him like once and he falls to his death.

All in all, this movie is a disgrace to the original movie and horror movies everywhere. If you've never seen this movie, do yourself a favor and avoid it entirely.
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Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen!
poisontheewell27 March 2003
I went into this film with good intentions. Although the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was hokey and low budget it was a fine horror film and had good characters. The family was terrific. However, this movie was downright awful. I am still in awe of the badness of this film.

First off, what happened to their house? Somehow they went from a little home in the middle of nowhere in Texas to some sort of underground death theme park. It didn't make any sense and it was stupid. Leatherface falls in love with the DJ or some small radio station and one of the family members has a METAL PLATE in his head. There were too many unintentional laughs in this movie to make it worth your while. At times it was downright awkward watching this movie.

I think the script for this movie must have been about 3 pages long, because everything anyone said was just repeated a hundred times over and over again until I wanted to shoot the TV. In this movie the family isn't even exciting. They are annoying and pathetic and the one guy with the metal plate just laughs throughout the entire movie. It's awful. Everything about this movie it awful.

The real kicker for me though was that in the first movie Leatherface was never reffered to as Leatherface, because his real name is Bubba, but his family in TCM 2 actually called him Leatherface. I couldn't handle it.

Whatever you do, don't see this movie. It was just horrible. Worst thing I have ever seen.
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The WORST Horror movie ever made
Mr Pogo12 August 2001
First off, let me inform you the the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the best horror movie ever, which made this film even worse. I was so excited to see the sequal to my favorite horror movie. Boy was I in for a rude awakening. This movie is nothing but a confusing blob of unfunny black comedy, chili cooking contests, an annoying as hell new guy named "Chop Top", and a guy getting is face cut off and surviving! To top all that off, they ruined Leatherface by giving him emotions, having him fall in love, and by trying to make him look more funny then scary.

Mr. Pogo has spoken.
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Downright Stupid - Spoilers
SlayerRob19 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Ever seen a running back tear his ACL and return the following season a mere fragment of what he was before?

This movie is like that running back.

It was mentioned in another comment on here how the first movie was a "mindless horror film" and the second one at least had "real people". I must assume this person accidentally switched the DVDs in his/her cases before he/she watched the movie.

The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a low-fi, gritty, dark horror film that left a lot up to the imagination and had a generally creepy vibe throughout. The atmosphere was great--a family of murderous cannibals, who even make furniture out of the limbs and skeletons, and Leatherface wears masks made out of skin. The hitchhiker gave a truly great performance with one of the snidest smiles I ever saw, and Marilyn Burns has the best scream I've ever heard. Not a super-intelligent movie, no, but really atmospheric and dark.

This movie is just pure cheese. I am sure some of it was intentional (Chop Top was obviously inserted for comic relief, except I'm not sure what we're being 'relieved' from, since it wasn't scary), but I'm wondering how much wasn't.

The film takes the gore up thirty notches, but most of it is cartoonish and stupid, proving more gore doesn't mean more thrills. Gunnar Hansen is out as Leatherface and his replacement looks like he's trying to do the Funky Chicken while he plays with his chainsaw, and he seriously looks like Quasimodo. Two kids making harassing phone calls to a radio station get sliced to pieces (or at least rubber cutouts of them do) while making the call, and the radio DJ Stretch plays it on the air, prompting a visit from Leathermodo and Chop Top. Leatherface spares her, instead attempting to get her off with his turned-off chainsaw (I am not making this up, I swear). They kill her partner, who they later skin, and leave, and she follows them, where she lands in a body pit.

The remainder of the film is lots of screaming, hollering, and yelling, and Dennis Hopper does his best Barney Phife impersonation, while Drayton Sawyer (the cook) seems to do a complete 180 from his character the previous movie (wasn't he the squeamish one when it came to killings?)

I can't believe what a huge dropoff this is from the first movie. some bits are so bad they're hilarious, but if I want to watch a 'so bad it's good' comedic horror film, I'll watch Evil Dead 2. Actually, that one wasn't 'so bad it's good', the funny bits were cleverly planned.

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Texas cheesecake
Shawn Watson5 November 2012
Hate me if you want, but I never understood the high regard for the first movie. Yeah, I get the grim documentary tone, and I respect that, but there is only ONE massacre with a chainsaw, and it happens off-screen, while the rest of the film is also virtually bloodless. Nah, it's not something I rate highly.

This bizarre sequel only crossed my radar when I saw it on sale rather cheap and I was surprised by how much I liked it. Taking place 13 years after the first movie it opens with a couple of Yuppies being massacred with a chainsaw (sadly, the only chainsaw massacres in the whole movie) and the case promptly investigated by renegade Texas Ranger 'Lefty' Enright (the brilliant Dennis Hopper). The sound of the killing is caught on tape by radio DJ-type lady 'Stretch', who Lefty uses as bait to lure Leatherface out of the shadows. The trail leads to the labyrinthine catacombs beneath an abandoned amusement park for an epic showdown that doesn't really happen.

The problem begins with the second half in which Dennis Hopper seems to wander off into a different movie and nothing really becomes of his character while Stretch runs screaming from a horny Leatherface. It's a bit disappointing in this regard, but the wonderful set-design and gore effects keep it interesting. I just wish that there was more fodder for the titular chainsaw.

A lot of people consider this to be a spoof, but I don't think so myself. Horror movie-making had changed a lot by this point in the 80s. With slashers and the tools of their trade gaining popularity the genre moved away from gritty, grindhouse darkness and into something more colorful and mainstream (for better or worse). TCM2 is just a reflection of that. It's trash, but it's highly energetic and manic trash that's never boring, despite its shortcomings.
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Fitting Sequel
Nicholas Rhodes15 July 2004
Very similar to the first movie,some of the actors even

look the same ( those that survived first time round ). Granpa must be really old by now and he just cannot bring that hammer down with enough force to split the young ladies' head apart. I seem to remember him having the same trouble in the first film. The sets for the last half hour are really spaced out and I wonder where they shot it. There is more comedy and tongue-in-cheek humour than in the original film, and the glorifying of the chain saw as a "sacred" object is obviously pushed further! I reckon the directer wanted to get a few things across that he regretted not having put in the original film ! Picture quality is obviously better than first time round. I would say that what is missing is the novelty effect but with a sequel we obviously cannot expect that. If you liked the original movie, then this one shouldn't disappoint too much. I wonder what happened to Dennis Hopper in the end !
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The worst semi-mainstream movie ever made.
miked-811 April 1999
This is the perfect example of a film that challenged me to rationalize why any production crew with a fairly considerable budget would decide to produce such inexplicable garbage. It's rare when you see a film so elaborate, constructed so rich with visual detail that you get a great sense of atmosphere (the underground setting), but also so terrible in ever other way to cause one to stop and ponder the extent to which films could be made bad all the while cognizant of the fact that it takes many "professional" individuals collectively to take on a project such as this. Basically I ask why? How?

OK. Maybe it isn't THAT bad. I remember renting this with 2 of my friends a couple of years ago. Disbelief abounded. That is the best way I can express laconically the reaction to the sequel to the cult classic TCM. Disbelief as to how the characters could be so corny, the dialogue so bad, the plot so incredibly paper thin. In all honesty, it was so bad it was hilarious, and we have since, on many occasions, recalled some of the films's more memorable scenes such as the one in the beginning when a poor young college boy gets a generous portion of his head sliced off by ole Leatherface himself, despite the fact that he's behind the wheel of a speedy 4x4 and you would think that he would do whatever it took to prevent his brain from being hacked open like a ripe apple (like maybe ducking). Also, the acting by the lead actress was decent.

It was nice I guess to see Dennis Hopper in this film, but I would seriously question his sincerity if he told me personally that the TCM2 was just the dignity injection that his career needed.

1 out of 10.
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Lousy Follow-Up To A Landmark Horror Film.
Mr_Ectoplasma27 August 2004
When I saw Tobe Hooper was directing this, I was thinking "Okay, this should be decent, it's the director of the original". Boy was I wrong. This movie didn't seem like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film at all, it was just some plain, corny, gory flick. One reason is because a lot of it was taken place in a radio station, so the isolation and helplessness that all the other films contain is gone. It seemed like half the movie is Leatherface and ChopTop chasing this radio host around the radio station, which got old really quick. Then it turns out the family's home is a maze of caverns that was formerly a Texas state national park, each tunnel being decorated with lights, furniture, and corpses.

The biggest problem that I have with the film though, is that it lost all similarities with the original film, which I consider to be the best horror film of all time. It's much more comical, and much less serious. The powerful, grainy, realistic aura of the original film is completely lost, this film is more of a quirky freak show of the Sawyer family. It doesn't match up with the terrifying original.

Bottom line is, Mr. Hooper lost what the rest of these films had - the sense of isolation in the Texas country, and the serious, realistic attitude that made the original movie so scary. This film is in my opinion the worst sequel of the series. If you're going to see this, just don't expect anything close to the original. I think that may be the reason I didn't like it as much, I had no idea that it was so different. 5/10.
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The movie that spoofed itself
Gafke1 February 2004
Wow. I've never seen a sequel that spoofs its predecessor harder than this one does. 10 years after the original TCM, Leatherface is back, making a stunning entrance atop a speeding pick-up truck with his legendary chainsaw held high. After dispatching two incredibly annoying, cell-phone wielding yuppies, the cannibalistic Sawyer family is after Stretch, a DJ who was on the phone with the two idiotic victims and heard everything that happened. Simultaneously using Stretch as bait and protecting her from the Sawyers is bug-eyed weirdo Dennis Hopper, playing the demented, chainsaw packing sheriff and uncle to one of the previous films unfortunate victims.

This movie is definitely played for comedy, black as it may be. It's almost a retelling of the first tale, as Stretch runs screaming through the Sawyers underground abode, only to end up bent over a washtub while Grandpa feebly whacks away at her head with a hammer. There's a great chainsaw-as-penis scene, where Leatherface suddenly discovers sex and orgasms and promptly loses interest in chainsawing Stretch to death. There's also a hideous hammer murder and a gruesome "defacing" scene, just so you don't forget that, no matter how hilarious, this movie is still about over-the-top gore, mutilations, cannibalism and fates worse than death. Just when your stomach starts lurching, along comes another sickening joke to relieve the tension.

This is a brilliantly done film, made even better by its offbeat humor and oddly likable characters. In my humble opinion, it's the perfect sequel, done the way more sequels ought to be done.
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