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  • Morbid biographical story of Sid Vicious, bassist with British punk group the Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. When the Sex Pistols break up after their fateful US tour, Vicious attempts a solo career while in the grip of heroin addiction. One morning, Nancy is found stabbed to death and Sid is arrested for her murder.

  • Based on the true story of Sid Vicious, bass player for the legendary punk rock band "The Sex Pistols", and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Their the music of the Sex Pistols, their relationship was always volatile.

  • The relationship between Sid Vicious, bassist for British punk group The Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen is portrayed.


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  • This film is based, in part on the book by Deborah Spungen (the mother of Nancy Spungen) "And I Don't Want To Live This Life." The movie deals only with the time that Nancy Spungen meets Sid Vicious and embarks on a relationship with him until the end of her life. It's a gritty portrait of the unbridled drug us that was so pervasive in the punk world at that time. The film portrays Sid as a lost, ineffective boy-child looking for someone to love and take care of him. Nancy, who the book goes into deeper detail regarding, brings her own psychologically damaged baggage to the equation, which the combination of the two of them, makes for explosive and destructive results. The movie portrays the two as a complete emotional rock and roll train wreck, with equally destructive people (from the manager, Malcom McLaren, Sex Pistol bandmates and the various hangers-on) surrounding them. Nancy, played by the amazing Chloe Webb, is portrayed as a loud, crass, bossy drug addict, who appears to be looking for love and acceptance anywhere, from anyone. Sid, played haunting well by Gary Oldman, seeks the same. The movie is a well-crafted version of the events that surrounded these two during the short time they were together. It's worth the view - if nothing else but a cautionary revisit to the 70's - when we all thought that nothing could hurt us...

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