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As per the original movie's attempt to portray a living robot in the "real world", every part of Johnny and his brethren was built to have a specific, logical purpose behind them; this was originally a source of contention between the director and the prop designer, the latter of whom insisted on giving Johnny "eyes" to give the character a method of visually expressing emotion. As a result, Johnny's iconic "eyelids" were created, with the explanation that they were sun guards/camera coverings.
Many of the little tricks done by Johnny 5 on-screen (like flipping through book pages in a blink of the eye and tossing a washer into the air in a mimic of a scene from an old gangster movie he saw) were done using relatively simple, yet ingenious sleight-of-hand prop effects. For instance, the pages were flipped using an air hose, while the washer was flipped using a piece of string at both ends sideways. Not only did this save money for the producers for the actual robot and the screenplay, but they proved remarkably effective in getting just the right look needed for the scenes.
In this film and Short Circuit 2 (1988), Johnny 5's voice is provided by puppeteer Tim Blaney. This casting decision was made due to the director's belief that real-time interaction with the robot prop would make the interaction seem more natural on-screen than if they edited Johnny's voice in during post-production.
There was a script for a possible third Short Circuit movie written in 1989 and rewritten in 1990, but it was found to be unsatisfactory by the producers, and the project was subsequently scrapped. According to Variety magazine in April of 2008, Dimension Films had bought the rights to make a third Short Circuit movie, in which the plot would involve a boy from a broken family meeting and befriending Number 5. It remains unclear however if this movie will be a sequel to the first two movies, or a remake of this movie.
'Steve Guttenberg (I)' (Newton Crosby) and G.W. Bailey (Skroeder) both appeared in Police Academy (1984) and Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987).
Number 5's full designation is "SAINT Number 5". The acronym SAINT stands for "Strategic Artificially-Intelligent Nuclear Transport".
Stephanie and Number 5 dance to a scene from Saturday Night Fever (1977) which was also directed by John Badham.
The 3 Stooges short that #5 is watching is the end of Woman Haters (1934)
Fisher Stevens plays a character called Ben Jabituya, who has an exaggerated Indian accent and mannerisms. However he is not Indian. When asked where he is from, he responds Bakersfield, and that his ancestors are from Pittsburgh.
Clips from several scenes not in the theatrical release can be seen during the closing credits, including an altercation between Number 5 and a toy robot. And Number 5 in an auto scrap yard.
From the first movie to the second, Ben's last name changes.
The gangster movie featuring George Raft that Number 5 is watching, and later imitating (using Raft's famous "coin flipping") is Scarface (1932).
Newton "flips off" Ben (Fisher Stevens) with a mechanical hand. In My Science Project (1985) Vince (Stevens) did a similar gesture to a motorist tailgating him.
When Number Five commandeered Ben and the Nova guard's truck, he hums the U.S. Marines anthem.
At the beginning of the movie, you see a close-up of flowers on a green field, and then the tanks roll over them. This resembles James Cameron's style (see also The Terminator (1984)).
The robots are designed very similar to the large fighting machines in the future battle scenes in The Terminator (1984).
In the scene when Stephanie finds Number 5 inside her truck, you can briefly see her address on her mailbox just beforehand. The mailbox reads "S. Speck, 3101 Misty Pines Ave".
The Soviet T-72 tank destroyed by the robots during the testing ground demonstration at the beginning of the movie is actually a fiberglass mock up built on the chassis of a U.S. M-41 Walker Bulldog tank. As the movie was made during the cold war years actual Soviet equipment was not obtainable in the west.
CASTLE THUNDER: Heard as the thunderstorm rolls in at the beginning of the film.
When this movie was released to Blu-Ray, it was remastered in 1080i high definition, but Blu-Ray quality is usually thought of as having full 1080p resolution.

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