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Up a Creek...
suspiria1027 May 2004
Decent story about an eighteen year old student visiting her parents in the Amazon. On a cruise down the river her boat is attacked and her parents are beheaded as she is taken captive by the natives. As she tells the details of her captivity to a court while on trial for murder she provides the tales of strange tribal customs and barbarism. Told mockumentary style (ala Cannibal Holocaust), Slave is a halfway decent attempt to give a little narrative force to the ample nudity and rather tame violence. The photography is nice and the acting is passable but the court scenes are rather laughable because the prosecutor says some seriously stupid things. A good way to pass the time if you are into cannibal flicks or a fan of exploitation.
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Sleazy fun.
HumanoidOfFlesh16 September 2003
Mario Gariazzo's "Amazonia:The Katherine Miles Story"(1986)is an Italian exploitation film set in the Amazon.Supposedly based on a true story it has plenty of gore,but no actual cannibalism.Elvire Audray plays an 18 years old girl abducted by native tribe and she is pretty terrible actress.Fortunately she is naked through most of the film,so fans of sleaze won't be disappointed.The gore is pretty good(there are numerous decapitation scenes,stabbings etc.)and the film has an obligatory animal cruelty scene.So if you're a fan of Italian exploitation cinema or cannibal sub-genre give this one a look-just don't expect another "Cannibal Holocaust"(1979).
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A pleasant surprise in this subgenre
Bloomer20 February 2007
White Slave starts off looking like it's going to be a really lame pastiche of Cannibal Holocaust, what with an opening montage of the Amazon set to ho-hum music imitating Riz Ortolani's famous score for that other film. And actually it stays lame for a fair while - but then it gets good! Amazon headhunters ambush the boat of some well-to-do white landowners and their daughter, who's back fresh from studying in London. They remove the heads of the parents and drag the daughter back to their village, where gradually (and after much gnashing of teeth by all concerned) she's absorbed into their tribal lifestyle - which never seems to involve any more headhunting for the rest of the film, but don't dwell on that.

The film makes sure to include a little bit from all of the major food groups of this horror subgenre: gore, hazardous jungle treks, badly graded stock footage of wildlife, animals stupidly killing each other for real, tribal warfare, cruel and probably entirely fictitious tribal customs and punishments meted out left, right and centre, and plenty of nudity. Interestingly, there's no cannibalism at all. While the first third of the film really seems to be going through the motions with these things, there's a whole bunch of plot from then onwards and dare I say a good degree of human warmth. Once Catherine is fully ensconced in the tribe, she deals with character rivalries, tribal customs and conflicting loyalties and emotions. There's some honour and romance at stake, plus a minor mystery to be dealt with and revenge to be had. White Slave mobilises from being an extremely by-the-numbers exploitation film to one with an involving story and human qualities you can get into. You still have to put up with one of the silliest court trials in the world (it's used as a framing device), but overall, I found this film to be a pleasant surprise.
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There are other, much better examples of the genre
bensonmum25 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think most fans of cannibal/jungle type films will agree that Cannibal Holocaust is the Granddaddy of the genre. Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story was originally marketed as a sequel to that film. But, Cannibal Holocaust it ain't. To my surprise, most of the reviews of Amazonia that I've read have been positive. And while I certainly found elements of the film enjoyable in the way that only a good exploitation film can be, there are far too many problems I have with the film for me to consider it much more than average at best.

What Works:

  • The Gore: If you're a fan of the red stuff, Amazonia delivers. While the total number of scenes of gratuitous gore may be fewer than in some other films of this type, the gore is very well done and, for the most part, reasonably realistic. I was especially impressed with a scene depicting a human head being cut off. There are scenes in this movie that are definitely not for the squeamish.

  • Plot Ideas: It may not be completely original, but I liked the idea of the kidnapped young girl living with and growing in the Headhunter society. It presents the opportunities for some interesting set-pieces.

What Doesn't Work:

  • It's Not Really a Cannibal Film: Regardless of how it was marketed, Amazonia isn't really a cannibal movie. The film's only real cannibals are dispatched within five minutes of making their appearance.

  • The Acting: Elvire Audray as Catherine Miles is positively wretched. Everything she does and says further reinforces the notion that she's a second rate actress. The rest of the acting is no better. One look at the courtroom scenes should be enough to demonstrate to anyone just how bad the acting is.

  • A Sappy Love Story: If I sit down to watch a trashy, Euro-cannibal film, I want a trashy, Euro-cannibal film. Unfortunately, Amazonia is full of too many melodramatic, sappy moments. And that ending is straight out of a Lifetime movie. It's beyond ridiculous.

  • The Headhunters: I hate to compare any film of this genre with Cannibal Holocaust, but it's hard not to. The cannibals in Cannibal Holocaust look like the real deal – wild, savage, dirty, and all but alien. In contrast, the natives in Amazonia are too clean. Most look like they've just had a shower, a shave, and a hair cut. And am I seriously supposed to believe that one of these Headhunters knows English (or Italian or whatever language)? That must have been some kind of correspondence class she was taking.

Overall, Amazonia is a weak film when compared with other movies of its ilk. It's neither as good and powerful as Cannibal Holocaust nor is it as silly and fun as something like Massacre in Dinosaur Valley. If you're a fan of this kind of movie you might find something worthwhile, but, overall, it's liable to be a disappointing experience.
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Fairly Decent Italian Cannibal Film
EVOL66626 September 2005
WHITE SLAVE has some decent elements and originality going for it. The story is about a girl who's lost in the jungle after her boat is attacked and her parents are killed. She ends up becoming part of a tribe because she has no choice and can't escape. One of the tribesman takes her as his wife, and he ends up being a pretty decent guy, as savage tribesman go...But she's having no parts of it because she believes it's his fault for the death of her parents. As she learns the tribal language, and her "husband" learns English, the lines of communication open up, and the death of her parents may not be what they seem... Definitely not as memorable as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST or even CANNIBAL FEROX - but the twist in the story is a welcome change to an otherwise rather straight-forward genre. Not nearly heavy enough on the red stuff for most "gorehounds" tastes, but still worth a look. 7/10
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A truckload of sleaze, gore and nudity
Coventry4 October 2004
This Italian film with once again more alternative titles than actual dialogue is a mid-80's exploitation attempt by enthusiast director Mario Gariazzo, who obviously was deeply impressed by the work of his fellow Italian filmmakers Rugero Deodato and Umberto Lenzi. It's a supposedly true story (yeah…sure) about an 18-year-old girl who visits her parents' plantation in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Shortly after her arrival, her parents are brutally murdered and beheaded during a boat ride. The poor cutie is taken prisoner by a savage and primitive tribe. During two years, she's has to take part in traditional and barbaric rites of this tribe. She's sold to the richest man in town (price = one goat and a chicken), has to work and, eventually, she escapes with the head warrior she has fallen in love with.

Now, 'Amazonia' isn't a bad little flick but it tries to be so much bigger than it actually is. The entire production seems to shout out: 'Look, we're as good as Cannibal Holocaust!!!' The opening sequences, in which the beautiful jungle is shown guided by a great score, is an exact copy of Deodato's film and throughout the whole film, the same documentary style is used. The film could have done without these pretentious aspects. At his best, Amazonia is like a fairly reasonable crossover between Cannibal Holocaust and Umberto Lenzi's 'Deep River Savages' (in which an Englishman spends years among a primitive tribe in New-Guinea). It's not nearly as memorable as the majority of Italian sleaze classics and that's merely due to the atrocious acting of Elvire Audrey. There's some great gore and terrific authentic sleaze to enjoy, though.
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fairly good italiano-cannibal entry
dreg16 January 2003
not a bad example of the italian cannibal genre. has many of the standard exploitation requirements, naked girls and violence, though lacks in the actual human consumption department as this tribe consists of head hunters not cannibals. still plenty of gore and a nice musical score . The voice over narration can get annoyingly obvious( as in it states what is happening on screen, or the characters reaction to what they are seeing)but this is a minor flaw

overall, quite entertaining.
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A good movie.
Caligula2261 October 2000
This is basically another one of those cannibal/jungle movies. It's true this movie is nothing but gore and nudity, but that's all you should be expecting from this kind of movie.

A young girls parents are killed and decapitated (in a fairly gory scene) and she is taken prisoner by a group of headhunters. They strip her and trade her as a slave, so she spends the rest of the movie running through the jungle naked. Unlike a lot of these kinds of movies it actually does have a plot and it's supposedly 'based on a true story'. Definately worth a rental.

If you use words like "atrocious banal" then you probably will not like this movie.
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Head-hunters, gore and gratuitous nudity.
BA_Harrison7 April 2007
Although not technically a cannibal movie (the main tribe are 'head-hunters'; cannibals feature very briefly but no cannibalism is shown), Amazonia shares enough similarities with the infamous gut-munching gore classics of the 70s and 80s to be considered part of the genre.

Catherine Miles (Elvire Audray) is a beautiful 18-year old taken captive by a group of savages after her parents are killed on a river trip. Sold to a member of the tribe for the sum of 'a goose, a water-dog and a turtle', Catherine endures terrible suffering until she is helped by Umukai, a warrior who treats her with a bit of respect. After many months spurning Umukai, believing that he was the one who killed her mum and dad, she discovers that others were in fact responsible. Falling in love with her friendly native hunk, she convinces him to help her take revenge on those really responsible.

Amazonia is pretty close in theme to The Man From Deep River, Umberto Lenzi's classic from 1972, but doesn't quite match that one in terms of quality. However, with a fair amount of cheesy gore (several be-headings, blow-darts in the face, some bloody bullet wounds) and loads of female nudity (courtesy of Audray and the native women, some of whom are pretty foxy), fans of this kind of thing should find just about enough to enjoy in this flick to make it worth a watch.
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Great exploitation movie
Helltopay2728 September 2005
I went into this movie expecting toned down mockery of Cannibal Holocaust, and to say the very least, that it was going to suck. I was more excited that I had found a copy of this movie than seeing the movie itself. When I saw it, I was very pleasantly surprised. This is no masterpiece, no doubt, but for the fans of B-grade cinema, Amazonia is right up their alley (which is one reason why I enjoyed it); the problems don't outweigh the fun. It's not exactly action packed, but there are some scenes that make gore-mongers cheer. The most surprising aspect of the film is not how similar it is to Cannibal Holocaust, but how similar it is to The Man from the Deep River. The events are almost exactly mirrored, so obviously the Cannibal Holocaust connection is pure marketing. It's more of a drama and a romance than a horror movie, which can be found odd for most enthusiasts. Those strongly hoping for a bloodbath beware: this isn't the movie for you, but those looking for a pleasant surprise and few laughs, pick this one up.

The story is narrated by Catherine Miles, who is on trial for the double murder of the people responsible for her parents' deaths. She leaves her boarding school and can't wait to visit her parents on a nice trip to their plantation in the Amazon. However, when they're on a boat ride down the Amazon River with her uncle and aunt following behind in a motorboat, her parents are blow darted to death, and Catherine passes out after being hit in the arm with a poison dart. She wakes up to see Umukai standing over her, as he proceeds to remove her parents' heads as trophies. He spares her because of her youth and beauty (trying to keep up with the rest of the corny plot) and meets up with the other warriors, who take her back to the village, some several miles away. Catherine is bought from the chief by an old, "rich" villager, who finds he can't pleasure himself with her because she's a virgin. Basically, she's tormented and deflowered by a wooden dildo, but before she has the misfortune of being raped by an old man, Umukai challenges him to the death for her, and, of course, he wins. The rest of the story is Umukai trying to win Catherine over (as she is now his woman, his property), but Catherine can't because she thinks he killed her parents. But when he tells her the truth of what happened on the boat almost a year ago, she does fall in love with him, and he helps her exact her revenge, which is one of the best scenes in the movie.

This is one example of exploitation at its finest, and while it doesn't have the non-stop sleaze and fun of Massacre in Dinosaur Valley, it's grostesque enough, and exploits some factors, such as nudity, to above what you're normally seeing. Again, it's not soft-porn, but it's unadultered and uncensored. But other than the exploitation factor, there's plenty of things that keeps it from being far from perfect. The biggest problem with this is that it screams to be a blockbuster adventure movie, but frankly, it's not. It tries to copy elements from other, more successful films instead of trying to be all that it is. For instance, it tries to blend genres of the adventure/cannibal movie with a crime/trial drama. But it doesn't make it look like a more sophisticated film; it blows up in its face. The same goes for the non-chronological storyline. It needed to just stay with the basics, keep it simple. You're dealing with a somewhat obscure genre, so by changing the norm, you only risk alienating your film from the limited number of fans of the genre. The Man from the Deep River worked because not only was it a better movie, but it was the first cannibal movie. The reason I enjoyed it enough was that I looked past this farce and saw more than just the cannibal genre in it. Though it is indeed slow moving at times, there's more to it than what meets the eye. First off, it's a mystery movie. There is no other film in the cannibal genre that's a mystery movie. The twist at the end is very clever and unique, and, again, not a lot of these fils have any plot twists (or ones well executed). However, some of these twists bring question into the plot. For instance, one twist is that Umakai falls in love with the modern outsider. Why? Because of her beauty? That's what we're led to believe. The only point is to build the plot around it. Where's the character development? It only comes from Catherine, while it should come from both.

So while it's definitely not perfect, it has enough substance to not only make it bearable, but rather enjoyable. As usual, some mysogyny is present, but like the violence, it's very toned down. Like almost all exploitation movies (save a select few), this isn't exactly what you would call a "good" movie, and, most likely, only B-movie fans will enjoy it. However, even if cannibals and exploitation isn't exactly your forte, there's still enough action in the movie to keep you interested. Not to say it doesn't have problems, which it's chocked full of. The bad acting and dubbing drags it down, and the trial drama aspect could be wiped out completely. The biggest problem to me is the makeup and wardrobe, as the "primitive" tribe looks to neat and clean. Other than that, there's no plot holes, and flows easily enough. So most of the problems are merely superficial. It has its own certain "bad movie charm" that makes fans of outrageous cinema smile. Still, it's specially made for cannibal-genre die hards, so for anyone other than that, it's just an interesting obscurity.
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A solid and engrossing Italian cannibal gore romp
Woodyanders9 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Sweet, lovely, innocent rich girl Catherine Miles (nicely played by stunningly comely blonde knockout Elvire Audray) celebrates her 18th birthday with her parents in the Amazon jungle. Catherine winds up being abducted by a savage and primitive tribe of head hunters after her parents are brutally murdered. Poor Catherine gets stripped naked, smeared with smelly oil, becomes the love slave of a vile lout who defiles her, tries to escape, and eventually adopts as best she can to her dismal situation to the point where she falls in love with noble warrior Umukai (handsome Will Gonzales). However, Catherine still wants to escape and exact a harsh revenge on the killers of her parents. Director Mario Gariazzo relates the grimly arresting plot in a sturdy and compelling manner. Silvano Ippoliti's stark, no-frills cinematography gives the film an effectively gritty semi-documentary look. Franco Campanino's sweeping majestic score likewise hits the pleasing melodic spot. The acceptable acting, okay dubbing, suitably hideous graphic gore (several ghastly decapitations rate as the definite gruesome highlights), steady pace, breathtaking verdant jungle scenery, surprisingly poignant love story, and the plentiful female nudity (Audrey looks especially delectable sans clothes) are all up to speed as well. One of the better and more satisfying of the many Italian cannibal splatter features made back in the late 70's up until the mid 80's.
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The Mills & Boon of the Cannibal Genre
Sic Coyote15 February 2006
I have just watched this for the first time, I started watching thinking oh no, another Cannibal Holocaust wannabe, with it's VERY similar music and opening titles.

Fortunatly the whole central section of the movie is totally different, apart from the obvious facts of being set in the Amazon.

It's actually quite a well written (for the genre) tale of a girl who is dragged into the Amazon and lives with a tried there.

There is a lot of nudity but for the more part it doesn't feel gratuitous but rather just what you would expect.

There is some blood and some sexual situations but mostly not 'too' exploitationary.

On the whole this is a film I think I'd like to watch again, although it's not without it's faults which include the dubbing and some VERY gratuitous animal stock footage.

There are some interesting twists and turns in the movie too which makes a change, and no HUGE leaps of logic plot-wise. It also makes a far better point about western man being the real cannibals, far better than Cannibal Holocaust.

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An Entry in an Unrespected Genre
gavin694215 April 2016
A young woman seeks vengeance and finds love when her parents are killed in the Amazon and she is taken prisoner by an indigenous tribe of headhunters.

The "cannibal genre", if there is such a thing, is pretty strange. It seems to have only lasted a few years and only in Italian cinema. Two films are widely known ("Cannibal Ferox" and "Cannibal Holocaust") while the imitators are forgotten and hard to find. This is one of those, following some of the same themes -- animal violence, and the idea that white man is more dangerous than the native.

Nobody of note seems to have been involved in this. Director Mario Gariazzo is obscure, maybe known for "Bloody Hands of the Law" with Klaus Kinski, but i doubt it. The DP is Silvano Ippoliti, who had been active since 1949. But aside from a film with Tinto Brass, "Caligula", has anyone seen much of his work?
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Authentic jungle violence from those busy Italian producers
Leofwine_draca17 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Another example of cheap exploitation, this should be of interest to cult movies fans due to the fact that a) it's Italian and b) it's a jungle-set adventure featuring cannibals. However, those expecting another CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST will be in for a bit of a disappointment with this sometimes-amateurish effort which adopts the style of what I like to call a "schlockumentary" - ie. the events that occur in the film all claim to be true, and the movie even goes so far as to incorporate supposedly real crime scene footage of a mortician holding up a severed head - it's so blatantly fake that I find it hard to believe that anyone could have been taken in by this. In any case, although a tribe of cannibals are mentioned, there's no gut-chewing in this movie. Instead, throughout the typical jungle antics, we get repeated cuts to courtroom footage where the lead character Katherine Miles is on trial for the slaughter of her uncle and aunt. This adds an original, if unconvincing, framework to what is basically another exploitational blood-and-skin jungle shocker.

The lead is played by the otherwise unknown Elvire Audray, a young and nubile blonde who spends the entirety of the film topless - an authentic facet of the movie, of course, and not an excuse to show some naked female flesh. The setting, the native tribe, the music and the style of filming all make for an authentic feel to the movie, ironically only ruined by the intrusion of the badly-acted courtroom sequences which pop up periodically. At least the framework of the movie gives it a structured plot, so that you actually feel that it's going somewhere instead of middling along aimlessly like some of these jungle shockers do. Although pretty, Audray can't act very well, and the cast are generally wooden or ham actors. The only exception is Alvaro Gonzales, whose tribesman Umakai is a genuinely noble and heroic figure thanks to his strong, almost mute performance.

The movie is pretty gory as a whole so it comes as no surprise that it has been cut in its UK release. Nonetheless, bits of gruesomeness remaining that the film has to offer include bloody deaths by blowpipe darts; heads being chopped from corpses (ironically, this is cut when it happens, but left in during a later flashback to the event); real-life animal violence; forced rape; a man having his face eaten off by ants, flies and worms; a man being eaten by a crocodile and the culminating double axe murder with Katherine as the culprit. Rotting severed heads also play a bit part in the film's narrative. There's also one of those lovely grub-eating interludes which Lenzi saw fit to include in his influential CANNIBAL FEROX film. Exploitation fans might get a kick out of this sometimes sleepy expose of jungle life thanks to the atmosphere and scenic setting it offers, but there's no real horror here - only some shoddy gore effects.
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Paul Day19 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
From the opening and obvious lie that this is a true story to the closing bathos there's really no good reason to watch this outside of the stunning body of the lead actress.

The framework of the film is a court trial and it's about as interesting as it sounds. The meat of the story is told in flashback with occasional intercutting of sweaty Hispanic lawyers spouting the most trite legal blather such as "OBJECTION! This is irrelevant!" and then going back into the jungle. Even the anthropology sounds made up.

If you haven't guessed the ending by two minutes after Cathy's parents are killed then you really need to get out more.

I lost track of the number of times I said incredulously shouted "WHAT??" after one scene or another. The prime example: Cathy watches some white guys in a helicopter gun down some natives and turns to her noble savage lover (who she believes chopped off the heads of her parents)and cries out, "HOW CAN MEN BE CAPABLE OF SUCH THINGS?!" Um, chica? Your boyfriend allegedly committed the same act of violence.

Sadly, the film making and acting are at a level that's just slightly above competency so rather than being amusing, it's just dull.

This movie is best summed up by a line from one of the lawyers: "This just more cheap sentimentality."
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And I love bad films
shanman-120 July 2005
I normally love watching cheap, bad films. But the acting in this one was one of the worst I have ever seen. Killer Klowns from Outer Space was Shakespeare's Hamlet compared to this film. I saw this as Cannibal Holocaust 2, and it was nothing compared to the original. Worst - It contains NO cannibalism! The plot is thin as a film could have. There is a "twist" at the end that is no surprise. Gore scenes are more fake than the older original. This is just a sad, sad attempt. Yes, some of the scenery is beautiful to see, but I got VERY tired of seeing the lead actress in the nude. (THAT'S just sad!) I don't spend time writing reviews of movies, but I HAD to for this one - it was that bad.
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Amazonia: the Catherine Miles Story (1985)
Steve Van Kooten15 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Contains nudity, some blood, and a reckless disregard for virginity. A supple young lady spends time with her parents by taking a tour down a South American river; however, a deadly tribe of natives attack and leave her stranded in the jungle. She is then taken in and forced to bear their brutish form of society. - - - As far as cannibal movies go, this one is very polite, unassuming of its expectations, and toned down to the bare minimum of violence. All that being said, these are the problems with this movie because it doesn't concoct a dynamic story to meld around their handful of standout moments (which aren't all that great to begin with). The characters are developed though, even the natives end up looking more dignified than anybody else, and there are some nice twists in the story to make it interesting. It's certainly a mixed bag, but I think I can live without the non-exploitation cannibal flicks.

*1/2 out of 4
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Girl meets head hunter!
Greensleeves3 July 2003
Despite it's shortcomings this film remains watch able because there's never a dull moment. A young woman and her parents are apparently attacked by Indians in the Amazon, the parents are butchered but their daughter (Elvire Audray) is taken alive as a trophy. This initial attack is sudden, unexpected and gorily shocking even in the censored version of the film. The rest of the film concentrates on the girl's ordeal in the Amazon Jungle where she suffers attempted rape and is ritually deflowered after it is discovered that she is still a virgin. She eventually falls in love with the head hunter who saved her from death when she finds out the truth behind her parents murder. This leads to an act of revenge and the story is framed by the girl's appearance in court on a double murder charge. The location photography is often stunning but the script is weak and the acting is barely competent throughout although the leading man (Alvaro Gonzales) has an imposing physical presence. A very fake crocodile attack and a fight during which one of the participants is suffocated with a handful of grass provide some unintentionally hilarious moments. The laughter ceases though when real scenes of animals preying on each other are served up as entertainment.
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The Nude, the Blood, and the Boobies
Lord-of-Delusion2 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Being a "connoisseur" of bad and tasteless cinema, I didn't really track this flick down, but more or less stumbled upon it at Best Buy. Well, what do you expect from a review on the front that says "The blood flows freely, and the clothes drop often." SHAZAM! Now, I am seasoned enough to know that usually when you see tags like that, the exact opposite happens. Not so in this case. I am not even going to bother with the story line, as that has been discussed already. Instead, let's focus on the exploitation factors. Nudity? Loads of it. The lead actress is pretty much nekkid for 3/4 of the film. This distracts from an otherwise horrid acting performance, but hey, we're not looking for Oscar nominees with titles like "White Slave", are we? Blood and violence? Oh yes, we have that as well, and some of it is actually pretty decent! Let's see: Decapitations- check. Blow darting- check. Gratuitous acts of animal violence (a tiger jumping up and nailing this little monkey is pretty sweet)- check. We also have random club beatings, and people hung upside down to be eaten alive by insects. Yeah, this was definitely a good way to knock off an hour and a half of my life. Anyway, if you're looking for another Cannibal Holocaust, forget it. This is just a guilty pleasure, with no scars left behind (unlike Cannibal Holocaust), and one worth checking out. I give it 7 out of 10 for more boobies than you can shake a stick at.
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