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"Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" The Richest Cat in the World (1986)"Disneyland" The Richest Cat in the World (original title)

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Author: michaelann-1 from Canada
29 April 2007

This movie is definitely one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. It's warm, funny & sweet. It's a great movie for watching with the kids. I have found this movie to contain little-to-no violence, and no unnecessary splashy special effects, just good, clean, old- fashioned entertainment, like you would expect from Disney studios. This movie is a classic good vs. evil, and it's a great morality tale for children, on the subject of greed. A wonderful movie for cat lovers too! George Wyner was a hilarious bad guy, clumsy and ineffectual.

I would recommend it to anyone & everyone, who love animals, and who loves a happy ending!

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A Good Movie, Even Better If You're 8 Years Old

Author: 0595
4 September 1999

This is one of the movies I am fond of because I grew up watching it. I recently watched it again. It does hold up still as an entertaining movie, even though I am not 8 years old anymore. However, I am sure it would be more entertaining for an 8 year old. I am finally going to record over it.

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The Richest Cat In The World - Review

Author: stikfigureman from Australia
6 October 2011

Ever been bumming around looking at your DVD collection and just feeling fed up with them all? Feeling like just none of them are good enough and you want something new to watch, and I mean something, whether its good or bad? Well thankfully there is this wonderful thing called Foxtel IQ (or cable t.v). This thing has multiple movie channels and they really don't care what they show you. It was because of this ingenious invention I was able to get my hands on The Garbage Pail Kids. It is because of this amazing machine that I stumbled across this movie: The Richest Cat in the World. It was on at two am and I wasn't gonna stay awake for this. Yay record function! I set this baby for record and then I watched it the next day. And surprisingly I do not actually regret this decision as I can always justify I have seen worse.

We open to a house maid standing outside a door and we hear voices. She walks in to give a clearly sickly man his food, but there is only one man and his ginger cat. The man's name is Oscar Kohlmeyer, played by Ramon Bieri. Anyways the maid walks out and we quickly see that Oscar's cat Leo can talk, because he is not ordinary cat.

The way they make this cat look like it is talking is pretty funny. Before CGI would really have been used and instead of a puppet, the cat looks as though it has a bad taste in its mouth and then they have the actors voice speak. I feel sorry for this cat, as it could not have been given treats with the long reactions we get from it. Quite often we see the cat wagging its tail or just lifting and dropping the tip, which if I remember correctly that actually means a cat is annoyed and not happy. By the way, the cat Leo was portrayed by the cat Palmer, nice performance there Mr. Palmer. The voice was done by Larry Hagman, though he was uncredited.

So I should probably get back to the plot. Oscar is an extremely wealthy man and when he carks it and his will is revealed it is just sheer madness I tell you! Madness! Oscar leave his worth of over five million, a vintage car and a mansion to his cat. Oh and twenty five thousand to his nephew. Oscar also had a family living on his property where the mum was like another maid and the father a repairman (although he can never seem to successfully do this). Anyways, the kids learn that Leo can talk and the main device of the plot is the nephew's controlling wife wanting to get rid of the cat so they can claim the entire inheritance. It is up to the kids to save Leo.

The children are Bart (Brandon Call) and Veronica (Kellie Martin, yeah she still acts). These child actors actually are not all that annoying compared to other child actors I've seen, like that kid from The Wizard who keeps saying "California". They can at times irritate, especially as they seem to have quite an advanced vocabulary for children their age, but then again children in movies always seem to.

I reckon you should watch this movie if you are bored or wish to claim to people you have seen a movie that they probably haven't but thats about it. Unless you are a fan of cats because you'll probably wanna watch it just for that reason.

oringinally posted on my blog

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