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Typical Jackie Chan style movie
Alain24 August 2003
Don't be fooled by Jackie Chan being listed as Actor: He just appears for a few seconds. On the other hand the movie is produced by Jackie Chan and offers much of the same action and the typical a-bit-cheesy story.

If you mainly want to see good kung-fu and stunts, than this movie is the right one for you.
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Well...the action sequences are good.
KenHashibe26 October 2013
I saw a fight scene from this movie and wanted to watch it, but before I did, I read reviews saying that the fight scenes are one of the only good things about this movie. I thought that was ridiculous and watched the movie only to realize that they were right.

There are two main reasons why I gave this movie a 6 out of 10. (1) The action sequences are fantastic and (2) I like the song that play during the end credits. Both things are not enough to save this movie. If you have see this movie, you cannot say that the fight scenes are stunts are not spectacular. Though wires are used, the stunts are still impressive and presumably painful. This movie probably has some of the most creative fight scenes from 80's HK cinema.

I wouldn't say this movie is in any way awful, but this movie could've been better. If you want to see Mars star in a movie or if you want to see Carina Lau's film debut, then this movie can be recommended. If you don't, then you might as well just fast-forward to the fight scenes (or just find them on YouTube somewhere). It's kind of strange, but there are very few people who actually consider this movie "high-quality entertainment" and you might be one of them (but I highly doubt that you are).
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Worth buying just for the action
gridoon201822 July 2008
A man is released from prison and goes to retrieve the diamonds that he and his three partners had stolen. But instead of the diamonds, he finds a box full of rocks. His partners, who also get released after a short while, believe that he plans to keep the loot all for himself, and they go after him. So he turns to his childhood friend (Kara Hui), who happens to be a pretty tough martial artist, for help. Meanwhile, a pretty female private detective (Carina Lau) is also investigating the case....Like some other martial arts films, "Naughty Boys" should be given two different ratings: one for the plot and the comedy, and one for the action. The first one would be no higher than 4 / 10; the second one could arguably be an 8 / 10; that's why I ultimately gave the film a 6. Simply put, the entire first hour is nearly worthless; but then we are treated to a spectacular 3-on-1 fight, with Kara Hui and the two male leads going against the villainous Phillip Ko. And at the end we get an extended (about 15 minutes long) set piece set in (you guessed it) a warehouse, where everybody is beating up everybody else, and everybody is looking for a suitcase full of cash AND diamonds, which keeps flying from person to person. The glorious Kara Hui shines, as does Carina Lau who performs some fantastic gymnastic tricks (even if she was probably doubled for the most difficult of them) and kicks the bad guys all over the place. It's a frantic action set-piece and pure 80's Hong Kong heaven. If you are a martial arts fan, "Naughty Boys" is worth buying for the action scenes alone, IMO. Never mind the rest of the movie.

Oh, and Jackie Chan has a 3-second cameo at the very start, if that means anything to you.
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