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Way too good to be true
maraki-lost14 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Kim Basinger portrays an ordinary woman with an ordinary job whose life is so boring she's ready to be swept off her feet by an attractive rich man.

Right from the start he comes off as very sure of himself, playing the macho man who knows he can have any woman, places his arms around her, holds her hand and they haven't known each other for an hour.

The film is so smooth though someone may miss the signs. We see them having fun, we see him playing tricks on her, buying her expensive gifts, playing with her like a little child, chasing after some children all smiles and joy. We also see them having fun in the bedroom where he always takes the lead.

But at moments, there are scenes in which we see him get mad at her when she doesn't follow his orders like she always did and throw or hit things. He doesn't stop even when she's crying and afraid of him. He only tries to wipe the incidents out of her memory by kissing her and having sex with her. No apology, no talk over the matter, no self-examination in order to become a better man.

That is because he simply does not care about what she wants. This is a game to him. He finds vulnerable women looking for a thrill, he manipulates them with his charming ways, gifts and money and then he asks them to do things they perhaps would have never done if it were not for him. When they do not comply, he loses control and shows his bad side.

It is easy for someone to fall for his good looks, soft voice and great sense of style and the film does exactly that: it puts you in Kim Basinger's shoes. You fall in love with John (Mickey Rourke) like she did, so you do understand why she hasn't left yet or why it took her so long to leave him but you also feel the heartache she experiences when he doesn't show up like she asked him to -do something for her for a change.

It is easy to judge her character in this film or any real woman over their decision not to leave a toxic or abusive person, but the truth is, every human being doesn't want to believe their partner does not love them. We try to find excuses to justify their mistakes, we hope they will change over time, we tell ourselves the good times are more than the bad ones and we've become so emotionally attached we can't just throw it all away for a couple of flaws.

Rating: 7/10
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66630 April 2017
9 ½ Weeks

The best thing about a one-night stand is that you don't have to sleep at the shelter.

The lucky devil in this erotic drama, in fact, has been living cot-free for months.

When Wall Street financial whiz John Gray (Mickey Rourke) encounters art galley employee Elizabeth (Kim Basinger) they have an instant sexual connection that will soon find Elizabeth stepping outside her boundaries.

Over the coming weeks, John enforces his dominance over his new submissive, yet is unwilling to meet her friends socially. As their explicit encounters intensify, Elizabeth's work and wellbeing begins to suffer, while John's mysterious past slowly reveals itself.

Although not the first erotic romance to grace celluloid, this provocative piece of BDSM from 1986 remains a touchstone of the sub-genre. Deeply psychological and highly carnal, director Adrian Lyne blends both elements artistically.

Interestingly enough, thanks to technology we have shaved random hookups down to 9 ½ minutes.

Yellow Light

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Who doesn't know about this
deickos3 March 2017
The story behind this movie is so commonplace and so potentially full of clichés that is really a challenge for us to see the hidden truth. But we should for our own good forget about Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger and focus more on ourselves. It is our story here our drama - how we let a million things destroy what we feel and what we love. The writer of this movie tells us how the artist, a painter manages to focus only on what is most important. Shouldn't we do the same? Escape all the obstacles and eventually find love.
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An Original
tijanadmitrovieuropemail23 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In order for an audience to comprehend a Fifty Shades Grey, Darker, Freed trilogy (thrillogy), an original Nine & A Half Weeks should be watched to. This is a original love story between alike which evolves freely in a grayish dark atmosphere of their simplified wish to be eternally selfishly loved and adored which is, of course, impossible.
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Best love stories don't have happy endings
lethal_smile8 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If people calling this film a porn than 50 shades of grey is what? There is hardly any nudity in the film. Yes there are sex scenes and we all do have sex. Sex is a part of our life. Why people just jump and start labelling "porn" if any film has number of sex scenes. This film is classy, arty, stylish, romantic, sexy and have a deeper meaning. The way Mr Lyne has directed the film I know Kim Basinger went through a lot but if she didn't, this film wouldn't be this good and chemistry between those actors wouldn't be this superb. This film has been my all time favourite. I have always been open about sex as I am not shy to say I enjoy it a lot, open about it and like to explore and I am sure a lot of people do and there is nothing wrong in admitting it, it's one of the joy which life has given you, enjoy it until you are able to. I believe in films these days, sex should be exposed more than it is now without being labelled "porn" and censorship system should change too which restricts the directors and producers and limits the audience and limits the promotion. That's why I am a big fan of European cinema than American as they have more tolerance and I have great respect for directors like Lars Von Trier, Gaspar Noe and Paul Verhoeven.

This film is way better than that boring 50 shades which has the exact story but wait which film or book was released first? no no actually which book is based on a true story (do your own research on that).

This film is a true masterpiece but if your sexlife has always been limited to the bedroom then this film is not for you.
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Very sexy and full of emotions!
Irishmoviereviewer16 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first time ever watching Mickey Rourke in a film properly. He has done quite a few films in recent years and I never got to sit down to watch any of them. I have to admit, he really did look handsome in his early days. He doesn't look like that now I'm afraid!

Kim Basenger looked very gorgeous in this, she really does know how to dance for Mickey Rourke haha! Although I was a little disappointed that her character was a bit whingy. Also the fact herself and Rourkes characters weren't together anymore in the end. I honestly did expect the pair of them would live happily ever after instead of Basenger running for her life from him. Well I have to admit, he did cheat on her with a prostitute so he deserved that but still, it was a downer that she left him at the same time!

Really good erotic movie, I give it a 8/10!
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Kim Basinger, what else to say?
Predrag9 May 2016
This is a movie that breaks many taboos, not just fun naughty ones, but deep-seated cultural ones. There are some unforgettable scenes (don't miss the striptease scene, which is amazing two decades later!) and a great soundtrack. The film's photography is gorgeous, using darkness and rays of light to set the shifting contexts of sensuality and sensation throughout. Rourke and Basinger are both superb in their roles, John who is painfully frozen in his incapacity to feel, and Elizabeth who grows visibly in self awareness over the course of the film.

The chemistry between Rourke and Basinger is electric. You can practically see the sparks fly off the screen. Is Rourke's character a nice guy? Not really. However, is he sexy, and would he make most women melt? Yes he would without a doubt. The story is compelling and absolutely fascinating as you watch the couple's relationship spring up and then unravel. Highly recommendation for all erotic movie lovers.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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I didn't watch well enough back then ...
Bill George27 April 2016
This film has been unfairly slated by people who were perhaps expecting something else. Re-watching it 30(!) years on, I notice above all the beauty of Kim Basinger, above all when she is apparently not trying to be beautiful. The range of expression she can bring to a scene just by looking is amazing; her hair often seems to have been brushed by a dog's claws, but there is something in her eyes which can take your breathe away. Mickey Rourke is above all effective as a guy who is willing to take risks and wants the woman to do the same, and I'm sure if I was a woman I would find him irresistible in this role ...

A much-maligned film which deserves re-evaluation as a masterpiece of its kind. 1 point off because it seems a little too afraid of the censor at times ...
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Mickey and Kim Dazzle
margielove10 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This film is worth watching just for the 2 stunning main characters - Basinger and Rourke - Basinger for her incredible figure (she never looked better in her suits/high heels) and John for his chisseled features. Of course Basinger's acting is also impeccable, although I believe that Rourke does brooding /introspective better than he does happy. I have to say that the sexual games do seem to come across as a little one-sided - always Rourke directing a game for Basinger - and not the other way. It would have been interesting to see a role reversal on occasion.

This film has been compared to 'Last Tango' and the obvious similarity is that Brando and Rourke only open up about their personal lives at the end - and ONLY when Maria and Kim - DON'T want to know ,are not interested and are in fact ready to leave.

Very interesting that Rourke says 'I love you' AFTER Basinger has left and the door is closed.

(I have also seen Rourke in 'The Wrestler' and was wondering why he did not get an Oscar for that film and '9 1/2'. Probably due to him being not mainstream enough for Hollywood.) Margaret Reines.
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Captivating because of its attractive realism.
inioi18 January 2016
Back in 1986, this film is ahead of his time .... and still is.

It's a different and realistic look to relationships. Adrian Lyne's expertise is revealed in every shot. Sensual and full of detail, the film goes beyond the eroticism, or whether if it is about domination or not.

Apart from persistent sexual references, the film centers (in a subliminal way) into the inner world of Liz. It is easy to identify with her, thanks to the importance given to gestures, looks, emotional reactions, her private life when she is alone, ... all this (and more) makes the movie has an introspective approach.

Adrian Lyne has the ability to turn a banal situation into something beautiful and interesting

It is a portrait of a woman wanting to experience and let herself go, but also very sensitive and able to empathize. This can be seen in her interaction with the painter, who is an artist largely disconnected from the world, living in his house in the country. When she goes to visit him to remind him his appointment with the exhibition of his paintings, she sees and understands that it is a man who lives in another reality.

This is confirmed and creates a parallel in the painting exhibition, when Liz is already broken because of her relationship with John, she sees and empathizes with the painter who is totally lost and baffled at the art gallery exhibition.

I do not want to get into analyze what happens to the relationship between main characters (although actually it's quite simple) because like many of the films in which there is shown or suggested sex, we should try to see a little further.

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Mickey Rourke is sexy..
Nocturnal Mistress13 December 2015
After being mesmerized by Mickey Rourke's performance in 'Angel Heart' last week, I went on a mini shopping spree for some of his movies. '9 1/2 Weeks' was one of the choices.

This movie kept me smiling and giggling throughout. It has so much sex appeal (as does Mickey) and the two of them have serious chemistry between each other!

If you're looking for a movie with a serious plot line, don't bother with '9 1/2 Weeks.' But if you just want a movie to have fun with and really get your blood pumping, this is the movie for you! And this goes for both women AND men!
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See it for Basinger.
Scott LeBrun9 December 2015
This memorable sexual drama is an adaptation of a novel by Elizabeth McNeill. Kim Basinger stars as a character named Elizabeth, a divorced art gallery worker. One day, she chances to meet John (Mickey Rourke), a charming young Wall Street financier. She finds out that he likes to play sexual games, and realizes that she's vulnerable to his manipulations. Ultimately, she finds this strange relationship taking dominance in her life.

"Nine 1/2 Weeks" is a largely two character film that is not degrading or "pornographic" as some people might have you believe. It's actually rather restrained, and even in its full length uncut version is never overly concerned with nudity or depravity. This may come as a disappointment to some potential viewers, but most of the time it's concentrating on detailing the evolution of this sex-based relationship.

Unfortunately, we never get to know our two principals all that well. But since she has more to work with, Basinger definitely comes off better. Rourkes' character forever remains an enigma. Also, for a film running close to two hours, it doesn't seem to have all that much story going for it.

The sex scenes will stick in the mind, even if most of them aren't particularly imaginative. The exception is the notorious "food" sequence, which was later parodied in "Hot Shots!". But the choice of song in the sequence kind of kills the mood.

Basinger looks positively ravishing throughout - the camera loves her - and she delivers an appealing performance. Familiar faces turn up - Margaret Whitton, David Margulies, Christine Baranski, Karen Young, Julian Beck, Dan Lauria, Ron Wood of The Rolling Stones, etc. - but the supporting cast has little to do in the grand scheme of things.

Fairly interesting but not all that successful, this marked a stepping stone for former actor Zalman King (who co-wrote and co-produced); he went on to a prominent career as a soft core auteur.

Six out of 10.
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beautiful erotica but story is thin
SnoopyStyle9 December 2015
Elizabeth McGraw (Kim Basinger) works in a SoHo art gallery in the hustle and bustle of NYC. She is taken with confident Wall Street trader John Gray (Mickey Rourke). They begin a torrid sexual affair lasting nine and a half weeks. He's a commanding presence and she feels herself breaking new boundaries. Her best friend goes out with her ex.

At least, this is better than 50 Shades. Mickey Rourke is simply a superior actor especially at this time period. He exudes the over-confidence of his character. Kim Basinger is beautiful and also very enchanting. The movie develops the world of New York. It's fun, a little wild and very alluring. The cinematography is beautiful. The food eating lit by the fridge light looks sexy and beautiful. At the end of the day, this is a pretty thin story. Despite the nice acting, there is not much more here than an erotica. The montages are beautiful but shows the lack of drama. Also the controlling nature of John Gray can be taken as misogynistic and very off-putting.
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Nine Weeks of Pure Bliss.
Python Hyena29 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Nine ½ Weeks (1986): Dir: Adrian Lyne / Cast: Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, Margaret Whitton, Dwight Weist, Karen Young: Erotic fantasy that spans memories that linger pain and pleasure. Kim Basinger plays Elizabeth, a beautiful woman who works at an art gallery. Mickey Rourke plays the mysterious John whom she encounters at an outside market. Their chance encounter leads to some pretty steamy sexual activity that are stylized with well placed lighting, locations, and innovative sex. Elizabeth is open to romance but is open minded to John's sexual world of blindfolds, public sex, dressing up, and even a scene at the refrigerator to the tune of "Bread and Butter" that is both erotic and hysterical. Things tense up when sexual levels rise and John begins do demand activity that boarders on abuse and demeaning. Elizabeth is surrounded by an array of interesting personalities at work. Margaret Whitton plays her co-worker and roommate who confesses to be dating Elizabeth's ex-husband. David Margulies and Karen Young round out the art gallery personalities. Dwight Weist plays Farnsworth, an artist whom they are celebrating but whose existence is sheltered. Adrian Lyne previously made Foxes and Flashdance but here he creates a stylishly explicit view of the more adventures forms of sexual activity, and after the tears dry, it is those nine plus weeks that spark memories never forgotten. Score: 9 / 10
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A wistful story of yearning in beautiful cinematic detail
Lina Ko19 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
###This review may contain inadvertent spoilers###

This is one of my favourite films and I believe that it never received the credit it deserves. The story is mostly seen as titillation at best and abuse at worst.

Well, I think that this is one of the most beautiful films about wishful thinking that has ever been made. As far as I can see, it is the one good role that Mickey Rourke played. Kim Basinger - need I say more? Has a more dreamy woman ever walked this planet?

The film's appeal lies not only in wonderfully cast main actors, the soft focus cinematography, great soundtrack and beautiful erotic scenes. It is a story of loneliness, of a search for human connection, a yearning for thrill, excitement and love - and a hidden sadness behind it all, a tragedy of circumstances and self-destructive behaviour which prevents people from embracing the possibility of love when it comes their way.

I believe it to be a great depiction of the struggle between Eros and Tanatus that goes on in human psyche.

It could be so bleak - as most of such "erotic exploration" stories so often are - fortunately, it stands out from the crowd with its funny, charming and silly moments as well as simply being beautiful and stylish. Even if it has no happy-ever-after this film is so well made that it can be watched again and again.

The lack of dialogue is one of the main strengths of 9 and 1/2 weeks - the viewer can make of it what they will - a sensual erotica, a depiction of BDSM, a portrayal of exploitation or a tragic story of love that never was.
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Just visual teasing doesn't make a good film!
boyan-denizov14 August 2014
This film was rather a disappointment to me. It starts promisingly but fails to develop and becomes boring and unconvincing. I think that this plot should have been developed above all as a psychological drama. But it is exactly psychology that is missing here. Instead, it relies on visual teasing. But a film is more than mere photography. Rourke is totally inappropriate for this role. His sweet smile, being on his face time and again, starts looking idiotic as the plot develops. Elizabeth, who is the central character, is also unrealistic. What is it that drives her into this dangerous and humiliating relationship? Taste for danger and adventure? Loneliness? Greed to catch a Wall street man? Masochism? We are not told to the very end. This film is a very pretentious attempt to reveal female eroticism but I think it fails in this. I find this film very un-erotic, perhaps because of the hints of sadism and masochism presented.
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9 1/2 Winks
Matthew_Capitano5 June 2014
Mysterious man (read: weirdo) keeps bumping into blonde woman (read: bimbo) in greater New York City, so they decide to have an affair.

Mikey Rorke and Dim Bayfinger are the puppets this time around in another of director Adrian Linn's patented misfires. Linn's use of photography, sets, editing, music, and continuity falls under the 'you've-seen-it-all-before' school of film-making. Concludes with the inevitable unveiling of the mystery man's true neuroses and loneliness. Boring supporting characters don't help.

Unsophisticated rubbish trying to be sophisticated. Pass. Try a John Derek-directed film instead.
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Not nearly as bad as people make it out to be
yajji4 June 2014
If there is an 80s answer to The Last Tango in Paris, it's undoubtedly Adrian Lyne's stylish and engrossing erotic drama Nine 1/2 Weeks. Like its predecessor, critics and audiences were divided in regards to the films artistic value. Some saw it as exploitive, soft core pornography. Most audiences were evidently so distracted by the firestorm of controversy of both films, that they either side stepped around the artistic merit of Nine 1/2 Weeks, or they were simply distracted/repulsed by it and chose to dismiss its worth. Perhaps the most surprising aspect to me about this film was how tame it is. Perhaps our over stimulated, over sexualised, desensitised present day has numbed my inner prude, but I really fail to see how the sex in this film was such a big deal in 1986?

At the very centre of this film is a love story without the happy ending. It's also a sentiment on surfaces, and how the 80s were all about appearance. This could not be more relevant in 2014, a time when we seem to have taken a few steps backward rather than forward in regard to artificiality, greed and vanity. John and Elizabeth could very much exist in today's world... John, a man motivated purely by money and sex, and Elizabeth - a lonely woman probably looking for an exit from her superficial life. Her exit is provided by John and an exhausting, passionate and at times aloof and disturbing affair begins. It's a relatively simple story, but its execution and performances are where it succeeds.

One of the most amazing things about this film is its cinematography. New York City never looked so enticing with its fog shrouded, Canyon like rain swept streets, to its wet and misty alley ways, it really as important to the film as its central characters. Only in New York can a man meet a woman at a market in such a fleetingly brief encounter, fall in love, and have it all disintegrate in a matter of weeks.

Forget about Fifty Shades of Grey, Nine 1/2 Weeks did it much, much better.
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"…before I count to 50."
LeonLouisRicci31 May 2014
Misunderstood Movie that was Anticipated by the Skuttlebutt and Marketing Exploitation and was Received and Reviewed by Uptight Critics and Disappointed/Defensive Audiences. It is an Underrated Art Movie that is an American Film that has a Distinctive European Feel.

Americans are Much More Comfortable with Violence than Sex. The U.S.A. Audiences are a bit Squeamish with Sex Scenes and this has a Number of Them. But they are Mostly Fun Filled, Playful, Erotic Displays with a Silky not Sleazy Appeal.

This is a Beautiful Film Filled with Backlight Refractions and Penetrating Rays of Artificial and Natural Illuminations. This is Erotica and NOT PORN. Far from it. There is a Good Nature to the "Bad" Behavior as can be Witnessed by the Joy and Laughter from the "Falling in Love" Couple.

There is a Downbeat Ending that Many may find Unsatisfying but is True to the Nature of the Female Character. It is a Film about Control and Submission and Their Relationship is Built on that Foundation and while it is Relinquished it is Right, but when the Blindfold is Lifted and the Servitude is No Longer Welcomed the Result is Inevitable.

This Sleight of Hand from Director Adrian Lyne is Hypnotic and Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger do Well Managing the Difficult Roles. The Movie is a Visual Treat and is Recommended for those with Curiosity and Concern about how the Sex in a Relationship can be both Emancipating and Heart Breaking.
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poorly executed
jd_movie_luver29 April 2014
I just saw this movie for the first time without reading the book. I was familiar with the specifics of the story though so I knew what to expect. I was very disappointed in the movie though. I don't know if this is just the way 80s movies are or what, but there was so much potential for this to be a great movie but in my opinion fell way short.

For one, I was majorly confused throughout most of it. They had all these little weird scenes with or without conflict and then cut away to another time with no explanation on what they were doing and why, or how the conflict was resolved. And the multiple wordless scenes with blaring music did not help.----->also in relation to this, every plot point was so subtle and shown in such a lack of detail that if I hadn't read a detailed synopsis and multiple book reviews with spoilers, I would have had no idea what was happening or why.

Also, was I supposed to like John? Cause I didn't. I wanted to, but he was such an insensitive, insincere creep. I'm not sure if Mickey was trying to portray him this way or what....if he wasn't then I have serious doubts about his acting abilities. John always had that slimy fake smile on his face and never talked, and when he did it was so soft-spoken and hardly made sense. I don't know, I think the movie would've benefited with another actor, someone more charming and charismatic.

I was really disappointed because I feel like this has the potential to be a really great, thought provoking, almost painful and beautiful movie, but almost every aspect of it fell short, from the writing to the acting to the editing to the music. They need to do a remake. In the mean time, I'll read the book and try to get the picture of creepy movie John out of my head while I'm doing so.
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The Breasts Of Kim Basinger's Body-Double Aside.....
Dalbert Pringle5 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Yep. It's even worse than I thought.

Meet John Gray, the incessantly smirking prick of Wall Street. He may have picture-perfect hair, but he sure ain't no Romeo..... And meet Elizabeth McGraw, the ceaselessly pouting ho from Soho. She may have sexy, flyaway hair, but she sure ain't no Juliet.

And when John and Elizabeth get together for playtime in 9 1/2 Weeks - It has got to be some of the dreariest sexual-obsession soap opera that I've seen in a mighty long time.

If you can believe it - Back in 1986 this laughable, $17 million production, whose story was clearly 80% style over substance, was taken so seriously by its sexually-obsessed audience that it actually made back 6 times its initial costs at the box-office in no time flat.

On a side-note - I think it's really scary to see just how drastically Mickey Rourke's looks have deteriorated over the last 30 years. Seeing him now and seeing him back then, you'd never, ever guess that these 2 screen-images of Rourke are, in fact, one and the same person.
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Spend some really weird weeks with the powerful Rourke and lovely Basinger
videorama-759-85939114 January 2014
As 86 R rated flicks went, this was the most successful, and certainly a different kind of movie experience. Beautifully shot with style, the most weirdest, yet engrossing relationship between these two characters from two then hot stars, one of course whose looks have sunk, is truly something to behold. The enigmatic Rourke is way too weird for words, a bored stockbroker, who likes to play manipulative games, with his lovers, some which turn quite nasty. His new love Basinger, an assistant architect, truly bored with her job, like Rourke, just can't get him out of her head, her old lover, with who'm life was normal, but not exciting. Just wait til you see him, andR then you'll understand. Rourke makes the relationship, such a dizzying one, Basinger just can't think straight, so ultimately she has to let herself go. And that's alright for us to do that. Some scenes are so weirded out, one involving Rourke leaving Basinger on a ferris wheel while it's at it's peak and him and the operator go off for a coffee, whatever. One scene that stood out in my mind, okay, apart from the blindfolded one, involving all these condiments and fruits, whatever, was the one where she went out and saw that old artist in the country, an unnecessary yet beautiful scene, beautiful as how Basinger describes this old codger's work. Slave to love, a song I first heard in this, in the montage, was one I grew to love. We also have an adventurous scene with our two being chased by some drunken thugs. This sex drama, is well acted by everyone, a lot of the small players, particularly good, Rourke cool again in this role, as first coming across him in the electric action thriller, Year Of The Dragon, with Basinger, just as good, if a tad less. It's a film you wouldn't expect to be this well acted, especially if a first timer, seeing it today in it's near two hours running time. It's certainly something different, yet the same could of been said for Angel Heart. It's resolution caught me in a bit of downfall as to the expiration of the relationship, which in no way was ever normal anyhow. The film will affect you in many ways, as viewing relationships, or drawing on your own personal ones. Not as explicit as people have been led to believe. Haven't people heard of 1990's follow up, Wild Orchid. Followed by a totally pointless and terrible sequel.
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tiffany hillman24 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's interesting how both characters find themselves together, It's pure chance, you can see instantly that John is intrigued by Elizabeth, during the meeting stage you see that she is scared of him, because she doesn't know what to think. During there time together and there sexual games Elizabeth's desires entwine with John's and they head towards a disastrous ending... I was confused about the hooker part though... Was it about control? I don't know but you could see that Elizabeth definitely had enough I was gob-smacked about the ending, shocked really, It was only at the end that John tells Elizabeth about himself but she still leaves, I wanted her to go back so badly and I was stunned when she didn't... As I said wow great performances from both Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke this is definitely one of my favorites left me with a mix of feelings... Wow is all I can say thumbs up to Adrian Lyne for this movie about A women spending 9 1/2 weeks with the perfect stranger... Amazing !.
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Sexual Fantasy, Manipulation, and Karma?
bensgoodwin19 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Soft core porn that explores sexual fantasy, manipulation, and how there is always one person in any type of relationship that will be hurt even if you don't think that person is capable of being hurt.

Kim Basinger was hot , Mickey Rourke before his surgery gone bad days. My only issue is they wrote him as if he was the ultimate alpha male that is untouchable with the twist he is but Mickey Rourke is not compelling enough to make me as a 30 something male wish I was like him. If anything it teaches what a man should not be. A real man does not play with and use a woman for his own game. Sexual or otherwise. In the end it serves him right to be played by his own game when she walks out that door and doesn't come back. That has to sting. Those were the days Kim was stunning. What a body.
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hall89513 November 2012
A sadomasochism tale in which the most pain is inflicted on the audience. This is one truly awful movie. A woman meets a mysterious man who pushes her sexual boundaries. This mystery man is the dominant type and he leads the relationship into some dark places. He's manipulative, at times abusive. She goes along for the ride. Happily at first, less happily later. She gets emotional, he does some more stupid and bizarre things, and then the movie just fizzles out. Tension and drama are in very short supply. What little dialogue there is in the movie is mostly laughable. Basically the movie just careens aimlessly from one "daring" sex scene to the next. And while the film has achieved a somewhat notorious reputation it's really not that daring at all. Any of the really dark stuff is only hinted at, not seen. What's on the screen is not explicit at all, by today's standards it's downright tame. Watching people play with their food is not particularly erotic. Mickey Rourke turns in an atrocious performance, smirking his way through the whole thing. Kim Basinger comes off slightly better but she's not nearly good enough to save this dreck. How they ever stretched this movie to a length of nearly two hours is beyond me. There's not even enough story here to sustain a 30-minute TV show, much less a full-length feature film. On and on it goes with nothing interesting ever happening. This is about as bad as it gets.
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