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When talking with Salvatore, Brother William seems surprised to find that Salvatore eats the rats he catches. Rats were commonly eaten by the poor in the Middle Ages. Brother William would have been more surprised had someone catching rats not eaten them.
The near-full plate armor worn by the guards for the Inquisition is at least a century too early.
The statue of the Virgin Mary in the church is in Renaissance style but it should have been Romanesque or Gothic.
The "Secret Passage Door" is welded with a modern welding technique not used until the late 1800 or early 1900's.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When the monks proceed towards the final burning of their prisoners at the stake, they chant. You can see a few monks moving their lips totally unsynchronized.


When Brother Berangar took the book with Brother William's glasses inside, you can see traces of the glasses on the pages from a previous shot.
While William and Adso go to the library through the secret passageway at night, the establishing shot outside of the library shows the building in daylight.

Factual errors 

The secret message on the parchment is exposed three times. The translator heated it to reveal the location of the library, William of Baskerville heated it again when he was in the scriptorium and yet again to show the others the message. When a message is written in lemon juice, heating it will cause it to be exposed because the sugar in the juice is caramelized. It does not disappear again.
At several points in the film, individuals enter another's cell (room) rather freely. In ancient religious rules, entering another monk's cell without permission was normally forbidden, even punishable by excommunication.
The abbot greets Brother Cuthbert of Winchester as "Your Grace". This form of address would only be correct for a high level noble (who would not be a member of an order of poor monks) or in England for a high member of the Catholic Church. It would not be appropriate for a monk in Italy.


When the monks proceed towards the final burning of their prisoners at the stake, Brother Berangar is among them, though he's supposed to be dead.

Revealing mistakes 

As Brother William first enters the abbey he passes a blacksmith beating a piece of obviously cold metal. Such an action would be useless. The metal must be hot to be malleable.
(at around 52 mins) When the body of brother Berengar (who was found drowned in the bath) is lying on a table for examination, a shaft of light creeps over the actor's eye, causing him to blink.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


The first time in the library, Adso unravels his robe to help find the way out. Although Brother William and Adso are shown with only one robe each, Adso's robe is back to normal after exiting the library.

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