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Popular Mocky for good reason
Fritz Langlois5 November 2005
Here's one of Mocky stabs at religion and a good one too! Not that it's the first time he tackles the subject (remember Un Drôle de Paroissien in the 1960's) but this time he's really angry about it. His target: Lourdes and all the business and the money that's made out of people's credulity; the "religion shops" where you can buy plastic Jesuses and Holy Marys... He's greatly helped by a duo of actors on top of their game: Jean Poirte and Michel Serrault, both of which have made numerous other films with this director. And Jeanne Moreau, in one of her rare outrageous comedy roles. Very spiky dialogues, the usual Mocky freewheeling liberating feel about it all, and you get one of his most coherent and enjoyable films. One not to miss, and which (delightfully) shocked me as a kid...
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Le miraculé : A Jean-Pierre Mocky film which attacks the hypocrisy of church.
FilmCriticLalitRao13 August 2014
Most people who have watched good films are aware of attacks which Luis Buñuel had continually launched in his long as well as illustrious career as a filmmaker on organized religion. Most of his films were poignant assaults on the dishonesty,hypocrisy and sham of Christian church.The veteran French actor/director Jean-Pierre Mocky shares the unique distinction of belonging to this important club but due to distribution problems, his films have remained somewhat less known than those of his Spanish counterpart. This is one key reason why "Le Miraculé" must with watched with a lot of attention as Monsieur Mocky provides viewers with a completely different perspective of exposing the hypocrisy of Christian church. He has shot his film as a "Train movie" in order to describe a hilarious journey undertaken by oddball characters who travel from Paris until Lourdes to witness a miracle. The trouble is that the journey does not appear as an ordinary journey as most characters seem to lose their cool when Satan starts to tempt them. This leads to an absolutely unexpected climax where quasi bizarre events expose the gullibility of people believing in miracles. The film's comical effect has been created by three leading actors of french cinema : Michel Serrault who does does not speak much, Jean Poiret who shares maximum screen space and Jeanne Moreau who amazed even many of her loyal fans in a completely deglamorized role. Watching these three on DVD would be a great way to understand what Lourdes means to non believers.
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