My Letter to George (1985) Poster

Plot Keywords

new zealand camera shot of feet
foot closeup stockings
female stockinged feet female protagonist
intercepted letter unlikely criminal
tension teenager
spouse spouse abuse
sex sexual abuse
scheme orphan
murder love triangle
investigation hypnosis
domestic abuse death
claustrophobia arranged marriage
abuse 19th century
voice over narration older man younger woman relationship
boy wheelchair
wedding wedding ring
voyeurism vermin
trance torn dress
told in flashback teenage girl
stuffed bird store room
snuffing out a candle sleeping
sleeping at a table sheep
servant secretly observing
secret from wife scissors
saint bernard dog rooster
revenge reference to georgie porgie
reference to franz mesmer reading to someone
rat rat poison
rain puppy
pulling tooth priest
pretending someone is dead pretending brother is dead
prescription pregnancy
preacher pouring wine
poisoning pitchfork
piano piano playing
photograph photo album
peeping tom peep hole
paddy wagon orchestra
nose hair noose
nightmare newlywed
narrated by character music box
murder of husband mourning one's wife
mourning for son miscarriage
mirror minister
mesmerism mercury
merchant matron
marriage marriage ceremony
male slaps female lying to one's wife
looking at one's self in a mirror lighting candle
letter lawyer
killing a rat killing an animal
kennel keeping a letter from someone
insect hypnotism
husband wife relationship housekeeper
horse horse drawn carriage
horse and buggy hit with a candlestick
hanging handkerchief
groom graveyard
gravestone grain
gift gift from husband
funeral foundling
foundling home flour
flashback female removes her dress
female removes her clothes fear of one's husband
father son relationship father in law daughter in law relationship
falsely believing self to be killer face slap
exterminator dream sequence
dog dinner
dictionary dentist
death of husband death of baby
dead rat dead man
courtroom courtroom sketch artist
coughing corpse
consoling hug concert
clipping nose hair cigarette smoking
cigar smoking church
chloroform childbirth
candle candlestick
camera butler
burial of child brother vs brother
brother brother relationship broken bottle
bride boat
bleeding gums baby
autopsy attempted strangulation
applause amulet
alcoholic drink 19 year old
1880s 18 year old
voyeur death of son
death of child based on true story

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