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Valentijn: 'Kut met peren!'

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[At the office of the KPR, the Kinderprotectieraad, in the room of Dr. Ellis]

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: We don't just mediate between warring partners. We also check up the child itself psychologically. How does the child deal with the conflicts? Our advice is always binding.

John Gisberts: Hm...

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: Excuse me? I said...

John Gisberts: Never mind.

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: Don't take this the wrong way, but you left them. They didn't leave you. You left for another woman. For now, we see no reason to give you custody. And a young kid like Valentijn will be very attached to his mother. This could change for the better if you paid alimony.

John Gisberts: [excited] If I can never see the boys? No cure, no pay! I can't even explain to them why I'm no longer... at their breakfasts!

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: Because you claim them. Don't you understand she finds that threatening?

[Somebody's knocking on the door]

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: Yes?

[Men walking inside with a new lamp and tools]

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: They're replacing the lamp. We can continue in the room next door.

[opening the door to that room]

K.P.R. client: I never want to see that mongrel of a child again! Don't do that to me! Let him stay with his mother, for God's sake!

Thea K.P.R.: [to Ellis and John] Sorry, they're replacing the linoleum in my room.

[to the client]

Thea K.P.R.: Follow me. We'll find a room.

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: Yes, eh... well, yes.

Thea K.P.R.: [opens the door and she and her client walks away]

John Gisberts: [sees Valentijn in an opposite room] Valentijn...

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: [closes the door] Sit down, please. You have three daughters. The oldest one is Trudy.

John Gisberts: Daughters?

Dr. Ellis K.P.R.: Wrong file, excuse me.

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Jane Fongler: [walks to John and Danny's house, while she is ringing the doorbell]

Mary: [from an audible distance] I wouldn't do that.

Jane Fongler: I want to talk to her.

Mary: I don't think that will help. Too much has happened.

Jane Fongler: That's why. And I was born under a lucky star.

[she turns back to the door. The door is open and Danny stands there. Jane is totally scared and wheezes]

Danny Gisberts: Oh boy, La Traviata herself. I don't talk to young women who ruin marriages. Who steal the father of my children. Have fun with that bastard!

[she closes the door: BAM!]

Mary: Leave her alone. You're only making things worse.

Jane Fongler: [angrily walks away]

Danny Gisberts: [decides to open the door and hits Jahn with a tennis racket] DIRTY SLUT!

[tries to strangle Jane with the racket and screams]

Mary: Danny, control yourself!

[pulls Danny from Jane]

Danny Gisberts: Stupid woman! If I ever see you again...!

Mary: [pushes Danny towards her house]

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John Gisberts: [walks to the entrance of the Anke Bouma School. He impatiently rings the doorbell, hits on the door and on the window]

Anke Bouma: [talks through the mailbox] Mr. Gisberts, I am Anke Bouma, the principal. In case of divorce, our school only allows contact with the student after permission from the parent the child lives with. That means I can't help you.

[closes the mailbox]

John Gisberts: [kicks at the door] Shit! Valentijn!

Anke Bouma: [walks back but decides to open the door] How dare you kidnap an 8 year old? This is pointless. Try legal means instead. You know our view; you're disturbing the peace. Go away!

[closes the door with a slam]

John Gisberts: [tries to open it, but without luck]

John Gisberts: [steals a nearby bike and breaks a window with it] The Bouma School sucks!

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[while it is night... ]

Valentijn: [yelling from his sleeping room] Mommy, I can't sleep!

Danny Gisberts: [goes to his room]

Valentijn: Will daddy never come back?

Danny Gisberts: [emotional but controls herself pretty well] I don't know, darling. Daddy has been very mean to mommy. That's why mommy doesn't know if she wants him back. That's why mommy was mad. Now she's only sad, just like you.

Valentijn: Is it because I've been naughty?

Danny Gisberts: No, darling, definitely not.

[tries to make Valentijn stop worrying about his behaviour]

Danny Gisberts: It's because... because daddy...


Danny Gisberts: It's because of that bitch that's ruining my life!

Een buurman: [yelling] Shut up!

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Valentijn: [enters John and Danny's sleeping room]

John Gisberts: [to Valentijn] You should knock, kid!

Valentijn: [comes back with a breakfast, especially made for daddy and momma]

Danny GisbertsJohn Gisberts: Aaah

[showing appreciation]

John Gisberts: Breakfast...

[sees a drawing of a tiger]

John Gisberts: A tiger! Your such a darling. Don't you want anything?

John Gisberts: He already had breakfast, eh? Right, Valentijn?

Valentijn: I want a dog!

John Gisberts: No, they stink and shit everywhere.

Danny Gisberts: A telegram from your daughter.

[opens it and reads, partly Italian]

Danny Gisberts: Congratulazione, 20 years of marriage. Incredibile. Madelon, Dennis and little Gino.

John Gisberts: [gets an egg] An egg!

[tries to break the shell with a spoon. Then tries to hit the egg on a saucer. But the egg doesn't break, it is the saucer that does]

John Gisberts: [screaming] That fake egg again! Leave it in the chicken coop! I have told you that 100 times.

Valentijn: [angry] Jan-Julius got it, not me, dick!

Danny Gisberts: [condemning Valentijn's behaviour] Noh!

John Gisberts: Jan-Julius...

[stands up, hits the ceiling lamp with his head]

Danny Gisberts: John, control yourself!

John Gisberts: Shit!

[walks to Jan-Julius's room]

Danny Gisberts: John!

Jan-Julius Gisberts: [hiding a porn magazine]

John Gisberts: Good morning!

[got hit by that room's door]

John Gisberts: Happy anniversary, etc. etc. When you get the eggs, leave the stone egg in the chicken coop. Unless you do it on purpose. Put it back!

[throws the egg to Jan-Julius]

Jan-Julius Gisberts: [catches the egg] The chicken will be sitting on a stone, thinking it will become a chick. A bitch doesn't carry a big rock around for 9 months either.

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