Lamb (1985) Poster


Plot Keywords

soccer drinking
police radio
bed wetting praying
inheritance automatic door
faith discipline
neurology student
swimsuit mass
father son relationship flashback
vow of poverty london england
crucifix breakfast food
reading park
snow pillow over head
photograph beating
escalator policeman
wind nottingham england
kidnapping thief
drunkenness woodworking class
boys' dormitory dublin liverpool ferry
sadist classroom
suicide attempt fairy godmother
underwear dormitory
ireland pursuit
liverpool pub
teacher student relationship drug use
death beating a child
reference to god bar
stretcher dream
man boy relationship subway
mother son relationship epilepsy
teacher coca cola
bath ferry
book attempted murder
nightmare stoned
class child abuse
car rental antrim coast ireland
reference to icarus wedding ring
basketball irish
fugitive beach
adoption drowning
surrogate father watching tv
clothing fit
seizure wheelbarrow
swimming epileptic fit
uncle nephew relationship hotel
catholic church spirituality
lawyer druggist
belief robbery
epileptic seizure spiritual leader
bus on the run
lost pharmacy
card playing catholic
sand boys' bathroom
brother brother relationship park bench
construction worker pride
drink van
running away theft
urine murder
religion loss of faith
urination cigarette smoking
telephone call boys' school
dead child washing hair
portable radio dublin
scam pepsi cola
bench suicide attempt by drowning
airplane card scam
rain prescription
fight money
woodworking confession
headmaster runaway
thirty something prayer
galway murder by drowning
harmonica squatter
bathtub lost boy
wristwatch priest
underwater scene death of mother
death of child death of father
independent film based on novel

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